World Predictions for 2024: 10 Most Important Revelations About 2024 | Prophecies Decoded


Last Update on 29 December 2023 IST | World Predictions for 2024: The coming of the new year brings in some of the exciting predictions with itself that can prove to be very fruitful to the entire mankind. Some of those foretellings about the year 2024 are listed below such as Nostradamus Prediction, which are all centered about how to face the adverse circumstances coming our way in the near future. All the foretellings have some common indications for us to follow. Let us know about some of the decoded astrologies from renowned foretellers.

Prophecies of French Foreteller Nostradamus for World Predictions 2024

Nostradamus Prediction 2024: Nostradamus is one of the most reliable foretellers that the world has witnessed. Prophecies of incidents made by him in coded words have come true many times which indicates the accuracy of his foretellings. Below mentioned are some of Nostradamus predictions about immortal ruler ‘Chyren’ who is believed to uplift the falling levels of humanity and change everything for good in the near future: 

  • He predicts that the Chyren will be from a nation that is surrounded by water from three sides and the name of the nation will be on an ocean, which is none other than India.
  • He further reveals that the Chyren will belong to the land where 5 rivers meet, which is none other than the state of Punjab of India.
  • He reveals that the mother of that Chyren will be 3 sisters and He will have 2 sons and 2 daughters. 
  • In 1555 AD, he makes the prophecies and says that after 450 years from now i.e. in the year 2006 that Chyren will be talked about in the entire globe. He will not be muslim nor Christian, He will be definately be a Hindu. 
  • He mentions that He will make spiritual enlightenment and commence the golden era by giving His way of worship in 3 stages. 

The year 2022 was full of ups and downs. Many significant events occurred this year, causing major upheaval on the global scene. These events include Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the resignation of Sri Lanka’s president which was facing an economic crisis, Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter to create upheavel in the political corridors of the United States, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s population crossing 8 billion, the death of Lata Mangeshkar, the protests over hijab in Karnataka and Iran, the Morbi bridge accident, and the possibility of the return of the pandemic. These top ten major events of 2022 shook not only the country but also the politics and economies worldwide.

2023 has been a year of sorrow and success. On the one hand, Chandrayaan-3 was a success, while India’s dream of winning the World Cup remained unfulfilled. The Aditya L-1 mission made India proud, but the violence in Manipur once again tarnished the country’s image, and the Coromandel Express train accident shocked everyone. Whether it is the inauguration of the new Parliament building in India, or the return of the corona from which we were just recovering, or the earthquake that wreaked havoc in Syria and Turkey. Moreover India becoming the most populous country in the world at the beginning of this year is also a special thing of this year. In addition, the war between Israel and Hamas also made headlines this year. The impact of these major events of 2023 will remain in people’s hearts and minds for many years as it was a year of great ups and downs

World Predictions for 2024 | Prophecies of American Foreteller Florence 

Nostradamus Prediction 2024: After Nostradamus, Florence is known for her precise foretellings. As mentioned by him, Florence has also given indications about a great Saint in her writings. She revealed in her book ‘Golden Light of New Era’ that at the time of her meditation she used to witness a mystic saint originating from India by the end of 20th century having matchless capabilities. “His way of worship will commence a golden era into the entire globe.”

Predictions of England’s Astrologer Chiero

World Predictions for 2024: Famous foreteller Chiero from England has mentioned about a shift in the culture and the beginning of a Golden era by the end of 20th century. In the leadership of that great man there would be a revolution and discovery of a new sort of spiritual knowledge.

World Predictions for 2024 | Foretellings of Mr. Vegiletin

Mr. Vegiletin has predicted that “there will be an acute shortage of humanity, brotherhood amongst people by the end of the 20th century. People will run after money and will forget oneness.” But as a solution to it he also witnessed the birth of civilization under a great saint which will again establish peace among the people and society. 

Baba Vanga 2024 Predictions

Baba Vanga who is gifted with extraordinary talent of predicting stuffs predicted some devastating predictions about the year 2024 like water scarcity, natural calamities, birth of deadly virus from siberia and much more. But the common thing which can be extracted with all these prophecies and the situation witnessed by Baba Vanga is golden era which is to be started by that Great Saint to end the problems he witnessed. Because the world predictions for 2024 of all the renowned foretellers converge to a single point. We should not wait for the situation to get worse and look for the refuge of that great saint as soon as possible.

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Astrologies of American Astrologer Jean Dixon

Astrologer Jean Dixon cleared from his foretelling that by the end of 20th century a divine leader would emerge from India belonging to a rural family. The power of spirituality will be the basis of that leader and by His power all the chaos will settle down and will again establish harmony among the people. 

Foretellings of Renowned Shri Anandacharya From Norway

He indicated in his foretellings about a strong religious organization coming out of India after 1998 under the leadership of a religious leader. He further stated that the “Constitution of living stated by Him will be acceptable to all and will be followed throughout the entire globe. As a result of it India will emerge as a global leader and would lead the world on the basis of Spiritual Knowledge given by the divine man.”

Prophecy of Tulsi Sahib Ji From Jaigurudev Sect, Mathura, India


World Predictions for 2024: Tulsi Sahib Ji from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India has stated in his fortellings published in Shakahari Patrika of the year 1971 about a great man emerging out of India. As proof of his foretelling published on 7th September 1971 he revealed the exact age of that divine man to be 20 years as on 7th September 1971 (Avataran Diwas). He further mentions that the divine man will bring a new culture and called Him an Avatar. He further said that He will initiate a sect with humanity as a religion which will have one flag and will establish brotherhood. 

World Predictions for 2024: Astrologer Mr. Gerard Crise From Holland

Astrologer Crise predicted that either by the end of the 20th century or in the first decade of the 21st century, there would be a situation of chaos and humanity would be wiped out from society. In that scenario, a great man “will emerge from India and will tie the entire world by his power of word and again establish humanity into the entire globe. “

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Apart from him Dr. Zulvoron from France, Mr. Charles Clarke from America, Mr. Anderson from America also predicted about that great Saint.

Astrologer Boriska predicted that a divine man from India would emerge by the year 2000 in front of the entire globe; she called Him the Indian Prophet. Materialism will be in the minds of the people before the arrival of that prophet. Upon His arrival He will successfully convert all the materialism into spiritualism. Society will again become simple and trust will be again established into the people. 

World Predictions for 2024: Declaration by Supreme God Kabir

Approximately 600 years ago when God Kabir appeared by Himself on earth (Prakat Diwas) on the holy land of Varanasi (Kashi), Uttar Pradesh, India, He declared the arrival of His 13th descendant in Garibdas’ Sect of Haryana. He wrote in His holy verses that after 5505 years of Kalyug, there would be the arrival of a Great Saint who will give the ideal method of salvation to the entire globe as given by Him at that time. They are mentioned in Holy Kabir Sagar page 134 and page 171, Bodhsagar. He says: 

Paanch sehs aru paanchsoo, Jab kalyug beet jaye|

Mahapurush Farman Tab, Jag Taran ko Aaye||

Conclusion From All the Prophecies

Nostradamus Prediction 2024: As per the above-said prophecies the divine leader who will lead the entire globe is amongst us and we have failed to identify Him. On clubbing all the decoded foretellings, we come to the conclusion that it stands true on Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana. 

  • As said by Nostradamus, Saint Rampal Ji was born in district Sonipat (now Haryana) in the year 1951 which was a part of Punjab at that time. Further His mother are 3 sisters. Secondly, He provides worship to His devotees in 3 stages. Thirdly, by the year 2006 He was talked into the entire globe. Karontha Kaand was initiated to let Him down by the people of Arya Samaji in the year 2006 ―is not hidden anymore to anyone. Lastly, He is all set to commence the golden era by the power of His True Spiritual Knowledge.
  • As said by Tulsi Sahib ji of Jaigurudev Sect, Saint Rampal Ji completed His 20 years on 7th September 1971 as He was born on 8th September 1951. 
  • All other foretellers predicted that by the end of the 20th century a divine man would emerge from India. Saint Rampal Ji started giving initiation to His devotees in the year 1994 and established Satlok Ashram in 1999.
  • As declared by Supreme God Kabir, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the 13th descendant who came out from Garibdasji Sect (Haryana). As declared by Him after 5505 years of Kalyug, Supreme God Kabir met Saint Rampal ji and ordered Him to give Saarnaam (mantra of salvation) to the entire globe.

Therefore the above said prophecies have made it crystal clear that Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only one the world can rely on. People may believe this or not but the reality is that to establish peace, the world needs a leader like Him. Foretellers supported the statement with their foretellings; otherwise it was already declared by Supreme God Kabir 600 years ago. Fore More information download “Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj App” or Visit our website Jagatgururampalji. org and You can also listening to the Spiritual Discourses on Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on Youtube Channel “Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

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