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73rd Avataran Diwas (Incarnation Day) of Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj: The Dawn of the Golden Era


Last Updated on 26 August 2023 IST | On 73rd Avataran Diwas (the day of Incarnation), let us know why Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is considered to be The World Victorious Saint and The Last Messenger who can bring in the Golden Era as told in the prophecies of famous foretellers. To know about The Saviour & The Liberator of all the living souls just go through the article completely.

Brief Life History of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Saint Rampal Ji (born on 8th September 1951 in Sonipat, Haryana) was working on the post of Junior Engineer in the Irrigation Department, Haryana before He started giving Naam Diksha to His devotees. Like other common Indian men, earlier He was a devotee of different deities in Hindu mythology but after obtaining the True spiritual Knowledge from Supreme Saint Ramdevanand Ji, He dedicated His life in doing true Worship after taking Initiation on 17th February 1988.

Avataran Diwas 2023: In 1994, His Guru Ji Ramdevanand Ji selected Him his Successor with a statement that: “There will be no other Saint like you in this whole world” and ordered Him to give Naam-Deeksha to disciples. He left His job and dedicated Himself completely in spreading this True Spiritual Knowledge by visiting homes, villages, cities and delivering spiritual Discourses.

With increasing followers, it made a big concern for the false religious leaders and they attacked Satlok Ashram Karontha in 2006 and Saint Rampal Ji Despite being completely innocent, was framed in false cases and sent to jail, it happened in Barwala in 2014. Saint Rampal Ji being innocent is fighting against all the odds so that this true spiritual Knowledge can reach every home in which He has succeeded. This is a huge inspiration for all His devotees that truth will eventually come up and win. Same is said in Lord Kabir’s Verses:-

Jo Mam Sant Sat Shabd Dridaave, Vake sang sab rad bhadave|

Aise sant mehant ki karni, Dharamdas Main Tose Varni||

Avataran Diwas 2023: Special Program

Uttar Dakshin Purav Pashchim phirta Dane Dane nu। 

Sarv kalan Satguru Saheb ki Hari aaye Hariyane nu||

On the auspicious occasion of Avataran Diwas of Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, various plans have been made. A huge Bhandara (Community meal), free Naam Diksha (Initiation) and 3-day Akhand Path (Continuous Recitation) of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj nectar scripture will be the main programs from September 6 to 8. All God-loving souls are invited with families and friends to the commemoration. The event will be held simultaneously at several locations such as 9 Ashrams: Satlok Ashram Dhanana Dhaam, Sonipat (Haryana); Satlok Ashram Bhiwani (Haryana); Satlok Ashram Kurukshetra (Haryana); Satlok Ashram Shamli (Uttar Pradesh); Satlok Ashram Khamano (Punjab); Satlok Ashram Dhuri (Punjab); Satlok Ashram Baitul (Madhya Pradesh); Satlok Ashram Sojat (Rajasthan); Satlok Ashram Dhanusha (Nepal).

The Direct Telecast of this grand event will take place on September 8th, 2023, at 9:15 AM on Sadhna TV and 9:30 AM on Popular TV. Additionally, you can also watch the direct broadcast of this Special Program on our Social Media platforms:

Facebook page: Spiritual Leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj
Youtube: Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj
Twitter: @SaintRampalJiM

Laddu and Bundi prasad is being made for the disciples of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Free blood donation camps are being organized at various places all around the country.

The Sole Aim of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

To make us understand the real aim of a human life and give us the true Worship, is the real aim of Saint Rampal Ji and His Discourses. Same is told in Kabir Saheb Verses:-

Manush janam durlabh hai, Ye mile na baram baar|

Jo taruwar se pataa tut gire, Bahur na lagta daar||

We all believe that God is one and Ram, Allah, God, Parmeshwar, Paygambar, Rab, etc are all synonyms of a single word God, then why are we divided into religions? The answer is being given by Saint Rampal Ji through His true spiritual Knowledge (with proofs from Holy Scriptures) that Lord Kabir is the Almighty God who is the sole Father of all the souls existing and humanity is our religion which is above all other religions, caste etc.

Social Reforms by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has initiated and led a strong movement against all sorts of social evils. The social evils are barriers in the path of spiritual elevation and hindrances for humanity. He warns the people to prohibit themselves from sins by indulging in vices knowingly or unknowingly, malpractices like intoxication, female feticide & infanticide, adultery and even meat consumption. Through His satsang He teaches that  

Dowry System is a Curse For Society

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is strictly against the act of dowry. He says that the worst societal evil which has snatched peace and happiness from the lives of numerous girls and their parents is undoubtedly the self-imposed curse, dowry. It works like a termite with a never-ending greed for materialistic possessions and wealth from the side of families-in-law, which hollows the lives of so many girls. Through the relentless efforts of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, His disciples have abandoned this custom, understanding that this is a poisonous seed that people sow for themselves. Sant Rampal Ji has devised a new system of performing the wedding ceremony completed in just 17 minutes by reciting the ‘Ramaini.

Intoxication Makes A Human Like An Animal

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj tells in His sermons that a wise person should understand the value of this human body, should in no case, consume intoxicants. It is because intoxication makes a human like that of an animal. A person should realize the importance of every single breath, and should comprehend that it’s never too late to walk on the correct path.

“Kabir, avgunn kahu sharaab ka, Gyaanvant sunn ley|

Maanush so pashuva kare, Dravya gaanth ka dey||”

End Untouchability And Discrimination

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj says that untouchability is a form of social system that enforces discriminatory, degrading, exclusionary and exploitative practices towards people belonging to certain social groups. There is no place for a caste system in humanity.

Hypocrisy is Due to Ignorance

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj says that hypocrisy is the characteristic of a person who pretends to have good qualities, morals and principles but does not possess them. The hypocrisy is deception. In hypocrisy, a person misleads the society for his personal happiness. The main reason for hypocrisy is ignorance of people. If man does not give prominence to knowledge but to material things, he will remain in the trap of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy misaligns the society’s behavior and causes a steep decline in society. It is the mother of all evils and damages devotion and faith in God and the balance of the society deteriorates.

There should be no Discrimination Between Poor And Rich

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj never allows His disciples to treat anyone differently on the basis of economic prosperity.  He says that only those people in this world are wealthy who understand the true purpose of human life, learn Sat-Gyan, take Initiation (Naam Diksha) from SatGuru, practice Sat-Bhakti and attain Salvation (Moksh), otherwise all others are poor. He describes Himself as the dog of the divine Kabir who never tends to be victorious in worldly affairs.

Mankind is our Religion

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj created the concept of Mankind Religion. He reminds the people that around five thousand years ago there was no religion or any other religious community. There were no Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians. The only religion was Mankind. It is in Kalyug in which out of ignorance, we have developed several religions and religious sects. The people forget that they are pious souls created by the same Supreme Almighty Kabir. SatGuru Rampal Ji reveals the truth with proofs from scriptures of all major religions.

“Our Race is Living being, Mankind is our Religion |

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, there is no separate Religion ||”

By listening to the divine spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, people leave their ill habits which in turn removes the burden of bad deeds from their life’s account. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is restoring the lost zest in humanity.

Avataran Diwas 2023: Objectives of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj At A Glance

  • All human beings should recognise the value of human existence, which is both precious and fleeting, and worship the One Supreme God Kabir Ji in order to return to our original Eternal dwelling, Satlok.
  • Creating a world free of societal problems such as the dowry system, foeticide, and untouchability, among other things.
  • Creating a society free of corruption and drugs, where everyone lives in peace and fraternity.
  • To reunite everyone, as we all are sons & daughters of one almighty.
  • To free us from the vicious cycle of birth & death.
  • To eliminate the distinction between Daughter & Son. 
  • To eliminate the distinctions between religion, race, caste, creed, color, etc.
  • Making India a Vishwa Guru and bringing about a moral and spiritual awakening among the youth; bringing peace to the entire world and putting an end to turmoil and conflicts.
  • Ending all hypocrisy and establishing a pathway of true worship of Supreme God Kabir Saheb as one real method of devotion to obtain salvation.
  • To make India again a ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ and make Earth like Heaven.
  • Creating a corruption-free, drug-free, society.
  • Creating a world free of societal problems such as the dowry system, foeticide, and untouchability, among other things.
  • To establish a peaceful community in which everyone lives with a sense of brotherhood.
  • To put an end to the never-ending chase to get richer and richer.
  • To put an end to all living souls’ afflictions and sorrows.
  • To free us from the clutches of Satan (Kaal Brahm), to spare us from the agony in the lives of 8.4 million types of creatures, and to rescue us from the torment of hell and Tapat Shila. 

Why Is Saint Rampal the Only World Victorious Saint?

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is not only the World Victorious Saint but He is the Incarnation of Lord Kabir as well who has descended Himself onto this planet Earth so as to impart True Spiritual Knowledge to His pious souls.

There are various sorts of evidence and prophecies which clearly indicate that in the starting of 21st Century, there will be an emergence of a Supreme Controller from India with mammoth potential, under whose Guidance the world will become peaceful, all religions will be united, there will be discussion of Tatvgyan in every home, and everyone will do Worship as per the Holy Scriptures. These are:-

Declaration by God Kabir Ji

  • In Holy Kabir Sagar, Bodh Sagar on Page 134 and on Page 171, Lord Kabir Himself mentioned about the time when His Descendant will come and bring peace by eradicating all the false knowledge and practices. He mentioned that after 5505 years of Kalyug, My 13th Descendant will come and impart true spiritual Knowledge.
  • In the year 1997, Kalyug completed its 5505 years and in the same year, Lord Kabir met Sant Rampal Ji and ordered Him to grant the mantras of salvation among His pious souls. Same is revealed in Lord Kabir’s Verses:-

Paanch sehs aru paanchsoo, Jab kalyug beet jaye|

Mahapurush Farman Tab, Jag Taran ko Aaye||

Prediction by Nostradamus

The famous French Foreteller Nostradamus in 1555 AD has made following prophecies about a Great Chyren:-

  • He has mentioned that the mother of Great Chyren will be 3 sisters. He will neither be a muslim nor Christian, he will definitely be a Hindu and will be from a land where 5 rivers meet (i.e. Punjab in India). He will have 2 sons and 2 daughters.
  • He mentioned in the beginning of Century 6 that after 450 years from now (i.e. in 2006) a Hindu Saint will be talked about in the whole world.
  • He has mentioned in century 1 verse 50 that the Great Chyren will be from a country which is surrounded by water from 3 sides, and its name is derived from an ocean.
  • He has mentioned in century 6 verse 70 that he will make his disciples worship in 3 stages.
  • He will commence a golden age on the basis of spiritual knowledge discovered by him.

All the above said prophecies perfectly fit on Saint Rampal Ji as He is the only one who has challenged every religious leader. But none of them are able to question His Knowledge. He is the only one who is giving worship in 3 stages. He was the one who was talked about around the globe in 2006.

Avataran Diwas 2023: Prediction by Shri Tulsidas Ji

Prediction by Other Foretellers

  • There is evidence from Bhai Baale Wali Janam Sakhi that the Supreme will be from Punjab, will be from a Jaat caste, and will perform his spiritual sermons from Barwala. As per life history, these prophecies fit exactly only on Saint Rampal Ji.
  • Along with this, there are some prophecies from Chiero (England), Jean Dixon(America), Mr. Anderson(America), etc. in support of the above prophecies.

Avataran Diwas 2023: Proofs from Holy Scriptures

  • In Holy Geeta, chapter 4 verse 32, 34 and Chapter 15 verse 1-4, the narrator of Geeta Ji is telling to go in refuge of a Tatvdarshi Sant who will give the true spiritual knowledge. The same Tatvdarshi Sant is mentioned as a Bakhabar or Illamvala in Holy Quran Sharif in Surat Furqan 25:59.
  • The practice of giving mantras in 3 stages for salvation as per chapter 17 verse 23(Om-Tat-Sat) from Holy Geeta and chapter 3 khand 5 verse 8 from Serial no 822 of Holy Samveda is the true method of worship. Same is mentioned in the Holy Quran Sharif in Surat Furqani 42:1(Aun-Sen-Kaf).

Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the one and only Tatvdarshi Saint or Bakhabar or Satguru in this whole world who has appropriately explained the meaning of the chapter 15 verse 1-4 of Holy Geeta in relevance with creation of universe and is also giving recitation of mantras in accordance with Holy Scriptures. And, He is the only one who has demonstrated the gist of all the Holy Scriptures with logical meanings.

Satguru ke Lakshan Kahu, Madhure bain vinod|

Char ved shat shastra, Kahe atharah bodh||

Avataran Diwas 2023: Golden Era by Saint Rampal ji Maharaj

Through His true spiritual Discourses, Saint Rampal Ji has managed to build such a society that is free from all the social evils existing today. He is delivering this by setting demonstrations through His disciples that True Spiritual Knowledge can be the basis of a clean and healthy life as after knowing it one cannot even think of committing a bad deed.

He has managed to eradicate curses like intoxication, dowry, corruption, female infanticide, etc from its roots with the help of His spiritual Sermons. Thus, He stands tall on His promise of commencing a Golden Era as revealed in the prophecies listed above.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj ji is the ‘Satguru’

Sarv Kala Satguru Saheb ki, Hari Aaye Hariyane nu||

It has been clearly demonstrated through various facts and examples that Saint Rampal Ji is the only one the world is waiting for. He has stupendous capabilities to bring changes for the good and it’s impossible to describe what He has done for mankind. So, on examining all this, a pious soul should not waste his time and take refuge under a Saint who is already extending His support to save humanity.

Garib, Samjha hai to sir dhar paav| Bahur nahi re aisa daav||

On the occasion of this auspicious day, every living soul should take the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj as He is the Savior of all the living souls, He is the liberator of everyone.

FAQ Regarding Avataran Diwas

When is the Avataran Diwas in 2023?

73rd Avataran Diwas of Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji is on September 8, 2023. 

How will Avataran Diwas be celebrated?

On the auspicious occasion of 73rd Avataran Diwas of Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, a huge Bhandara (Community meal), free Naam Diksha (Initiation) and 3-day Akhand Path (Continuous Recitation) of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj nectar scripture will be main programs from September 6 to 8 in 9 Satlok Ashrams.

Where will Avataran Diwas be commemorated?

73rd Avataran Diwas of Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj will be held simultaneously at several locations such as Satlok Ashram Rohtak, Satlok Ashram Bhiwani and Satlok Ashram Kurukshetra all three in Haryana, Satlok Ashram Dhuri and Satlok Ashram Khamano both in Punjab, Satlok Ashram Mundka in Delhi, Satlok Ashram Shamli in Uttar Pradesh, Satlok Ashram Sojat in Rajasthan, and Satlok Ashram Kithoda Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

How can someone participate in 73rd Avataran Diwas of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj?

73rd Avataran Diwas of Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj will be held simultaneously at 9 Ashrams: Satlok Ashram Dhanana Dhaam, Sonipat (Haryana); Satlok Ashram Bhiwani (Haryana); Satlok Ashram Kurukshetra (Haryana); Satlok Ashram Shamli (Uttar Pradesh); Satlok Ashram Khamano (Punjab); Satlok Ashram Dhuri (Punjab); Satlok Ashram Baitul (Madhya Pradesh); Satlok Ashram Sojat (Rajasthan); Satlok Ashram Dhanusha (Nepal).

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  1. This is truly a novel thought of Sant RampalJi Maharaj to give the society the true spiritual knowledge. In today’s scanario, when all Dharma Guru’s, other public charitable trust or religious organization/institution have become commercial, he is standing tall and has done the wonderful works for the social causes.


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