December 6, 2023

The Golden Age is Coming Under the leadership of Saint Rampal Ji

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Today the world is dealing with a lot of evils, a lot of hatred, racial and religious discrimination and all types of crimes that one even shudders to think of. In this black era of Kalyuga, when spirituality is on the decline and material things are all people want for, even at the cost of others’ life, is there any hope of peace in the future?
Yes, there is.

The Golden Age is Coming

Around 600 years ago Supreme God Kabir Sahib fixed the date at which a messiah will descend to bring the Golden age on earth.

Kabir, Panch sehsar aur panch sou, jab kaliyug beet jaaye,
Mahapurush pharmaan tab, Jag taaran ko aaye||

Hindu, turk aadik sabhe jete jeev jahan
Satyanam ki sakh geh, paave pad nirvana|| (Page 171, Swasamved bodh, Kabir Sagar)

Supreme God Kabir Ji said that when 5500 years of Kalyuga would get passed, a Great Saint will descend on the earth and that would be the beginning of a new era – the Golden Age. At that time people from all religions will get Satyanam (the true mantras of worship) from that Saint and attain the supreme peaceful place – Satyalok (Satlok).

In the Golden Age, there would be peace and prosperity on earth because the messiah will put a stop to all the evils and wars. Everyone will leave evil habits and take shelter of Supreme God Kabir Sahib through that Great Saint. There would be no atrocity on earth, no hatred, no conflicts between countries, no boundaries, and no wars for a thousand years to come. All people will be virtuous and would worship the Supreme God.

■ After the day and date were fixed by God, many seers and astrologers experienced visions of the golden age and made prophecies about that Great Spiritual leader who will change the course of history.

Predictions about The Great Chyren Selin

Most significant of them are the prophecies of Michel de Nostradamus, a famous French astrologer, and seer, about the Great Chyren Selin. While describing the identity of the Great Chyren Selin, Nostradamus said that:

  1.  The Chyren Selin will appear in Asia in the land surrounded by three oceans. i.e. India.
  2.  He will neither be a Christian nor a Muslim, he will certainly be a Hindu.
  3. The mother of the Chyren Selin would be three sisters and that he will have four children – 2 sons and 2 daughters.
  4. His wisdom and powers will be unlimited and the world will bow before him. He will be the most powerful spiritual leader who will bring the Golden age not only in India but on the entire earth.


■ Prophecies of Jeane Dixon: the American foreteller said in her prophecies that the Great Soul has already taken birth in a rural family in India and he will direct, control, and manage a Great Spiritual Revolution.

■ Prophecies of Lady Florence: foretold that the Great Saint from India will be fair-skinned, with white hair and without a beard/mustache. His spiritual thinking will be so revolutionary that its spark will turn into an inferno that will spread in every nook and corner of the globe and will eliminate the darkness from the world forever.

Prof. Cheiro, Mr. Vegilatin, Anderson from America, Lady Boriska from Hungry and many other astrologers have made predictions about the Great Spiritual Leader who will rise from India and bring the Golden Age in the world.

Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj – The Great Chyren Selin

Only one saint, Saint Rampal Ji fits all these prophecies:

  • Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was born on 8 September 1951 in village Dhanana, a rural area of Haryana state of India. According to the predictions – Saint Rampal Ji was born in the Hindu religion, his mother was three sisters and he also has four children, 2 daughters, and 2 sons.
  • On the day when Saint Rampal Ji turned 20 years old – Saint Tulsidas of Hathras declared that the Avatar(incarnation of God) for whom everyone is waiting for, has turned 20 and he will reveal his name at the right time. (Shakahari Patrika_07 September 1971).
  • In the year 1997 – Supreme God Kabir Sahib Ji ordered Saint Rampal Ji to reveal the secret of Satyanam(Satnam) and Sarnam, the true mantras of salvation, which were kept secret till now, thus making true his words that at the end of 5505th year of Kalyuga(1997) the Golden Age will begin and the Satnam would be given to everyone.

■ Even Holy Bhagavad Geeta (17:23) – states that only a Tattavdarshi Saint who will hold the complete spiritual knowledge will be able to reveal the secrets of the true mantras of worship and salvation, which are mentioned in the code words “Om Tat Sat” in this verse.

Saint Rampal Ji is the only saint on earth who knows the secret of these mantras and imparts these true mantras of worship to his devotees. He is also the one who revealed the spiritual knowledge hidden in our holy scriptures and declared that Kabir Sahib is the Supreme God.

The Golden Age is Coming – Under the leadership of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

The spiritual revolution that is started by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is spreading across the globe at a rate never before seen in history. Every day thousands of people are reading the spiritual books written by Saint Rampal Ji or listening to his discourses through television or the internet and getting from him the true mantras of worship. People from all over the world are coming to his shelter because no other saint on earth can match the knowledge and power of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. There is no doubt the golden era or age will come under the leadership of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Read in Hindi: कौन है वह महापुरुष जो कलयुग में लाएगा सतयुग!!

■ Power of true worship & Mantra: The true mantras given by Saint Rampal Ji have the power to heal any disease. Even the incurable diseases like AIDS and Cancer are curable with the power of true worship given by Saint Rampal Ji. Thousands of his devotees are cured of deadly diseases with his blessings.

■ Equality: Saint Rampal Ji does not discriminate based on race, color, caste or religion. He treats everyone equally as the children of the Supreme God. People from all sects, castes, and religions are his followers and everyone is treated equally.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj says:

_Our race is a living being, Humanity is our religion,
Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian, there is no other religion_

End of social evils-Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

As a result of his (Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj) teachings, his followers too, treat everyone equally:

  • do not take or give dowry,
  • do not give or receive a bribe
  • do not consume alcohol or any type of intoxicants
  • treat all women as their mother and sister, and are always ready to serve humanity

This is possible only by the teachings of Saint Rampal Ji.

India will become the World leader-Saint Rampal Ji

Under his guidance, India is becoming a dowry free, drugs free, corruption free and evil free country and as Nostradamus predicted India will also become the world spiritual leader under the leadership of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

And this is just the beginning; the best is yet to come. As Nostradamus said in his prophecy The Great Chyren will be the chief of the world Loved, feared and unchallenged even at the death His name and praise will reach beyond the skies And He will be content to be known only as a victor. (Century VI, Quatrain 70)

  • Nostradamus said that the Great Chyren will become the chief of the world. He will be loved as much as he would be feared i.e. no one would ever dare to do any wrong under his reign. The name and praise of that Great Saint will reach beyond the skies. Not only the humans on earth but even the gods in heaven would praise him.

Now is the time to make use of our life and attain God by coming to the shelter of the Great Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. This time, once lost, will never come again.

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