Kanwar Yatra 2021 Banned by Order of Supreme Court of India


Kanwar Yatra News Update: As was the case last year, because of COVID19 disease and the possibility of a third wave, the Kanwar Yatra has been canceled in 2021. However, unlike last year, when the Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Delhi held a virtual brainstorming session to reach a voluntary decision, the states needed a strong nudge from the Supreme Court to cancel the Yatra.

Kanwar Yatra News 2021 Banned: Highlights

  • The Supreme Court ordered the cancellation of Kanwar Yatra 2021.
  • The police have already collected a fine of Rs 111600 from 1161 people.
  • Police have also fined 33 people for not wearing masks, a fine of Rs 15500 has been imposed.
  • Police have quarantined 15 kanwariyas carrying Gangajal in Uttarakhand.
  • Police returned over 1000 vehicles, 390 passengers from the train, and more than 1.2 lakh people from the borders.

Supreme Court Ordered to Cancel Kanwar Yatra 2021

Until the Supreme Court intervened, India’s most populous state maintained that the Kanwar Yatra would take place with all devotees adhering to Covid protocols. The pressure was mounting on Uttar Pradesh after Uttarakhand stated that the lives of the people are of the utmost importance. The Yatra was eventually canceled. 

Kanwar Yatra is banned due to the fear of the third wave of corona infection. To prevent Kanwariyas from coming to Dharma Nagari, checking is being done at 10 places bordering six police station areas in the district.  Strictness was increased on the border of the district from midnight on 24 July.  From July 25 to August 1, the police have sent back 15391 Kanwaris from these borders.

Kanwar Yatra News: Police Maintain Strict Actions on the Border

Despite Kanwar Yatra being prohibited, the police arrested four Kanwariyas, who went to Haridwar to collect Gangajal. The police recorded and sent Kanwariyas to the Quarantine Center in accordance with the Police Act and the Disaster management Act.  Along with this, their car has also been seized.

Kanwar Yatra News: Police were checking on the Narcan border late on Sunday evening. Meanwhile, when four people in a car reached the border, the police stopped them and requested them to go back.  After this, the Kanwariyas insisted on bringing Gangajal from Haridwar and forcibly tried to enter the border of the state. The Kotwali in-charge and Narcan outpost in charge, who reached the spot, took the Kanwariyas into custody and brought them to the Kotwali.

Here the police registered a case against the four under the Police Act and the Disaster Management Act and sent them to the Haridwar Quarantine Center. Kotwali in-charge Yashpal Singh Bisht said that a case has been registered against Naresh, Kamal Kishore, and Ankit, residents of Sonipat, Haryana, and Arun, resident of Delhi.

Police Sent Back One Thousand Vehicles

Even after the suspension of Kanwar Yatra, people from outside states are leaving for Haridwar.  Police are returning these people to Narcan, Jhabrera, Khanpur border after explaining them. However, on Monday, the number of passengers was less at the Narcan border than on Sunday. The police returned more than 640 vehicles. At the same time, 7300 passengers were registered, 1140 people were tested for Covid at the joint check post located on the Narcan border.

Kanwar Yatra Special

Three thousand people brought the RTPCR report. Police did intensive checking at Birpur and Gokulpur border in the Jhabrera area. SHO Ravindra Kumar said that 84 vehicles were returned from both borders. 25 drivers have been challaned. On the other hand, Khanpur SHO Abhinav Sharma said that vehicles are being returned after checking continuously at the border of the area. People are being provided Gangajal at the border itself.

Kanwar Yatra News Latest: 390 Passengers Sent Back From the Station

After the ban of Kanwar Mela, strict enforcement is being done 24 hours at the railway station.  People coming to take Gangajal are being sent back only by shuttle buses and trains. In this sequence, 390 passengers were sent back by the police from Haridwar railway station on Monday. 260 passengers were sent back by shuttle bus and 130 passengers by train with return tickets. 

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At Yog Nagari Rishikesh railway station, 64 persons were returned by buses, and 24 passengers were returned from Roorkee station. At the same time, the action was taken against 160 passengers at Haridwar railway station, 79 in Yoga Nagri Rishikesh, 25 in Laksar, and 45 in Roorkee under the Pandemic Act.

720 Passengers Coming to Haridwar Without Conducting a Corona Test 

At the same time, 720 passengers coming to Haridwar without conducting a corona test were tested for Covid at the railway station. Strictness continues on the border after the ban on Kanwar Yatra in Haridwar.  In the last seven days, due to strictness, 15391 kanwariyas have been returned by the police from the border. At the same time, 52 people have been accused of registering 29 FIRs in different police stations.

Senior Superintendent of Police Senthil Avudai Krishnaraj SK Statement

According to Senior Superintendent of Police Senthil Avudai Krishnaraj SK, 581 Kanwariyas, as well as 130 vehicles, were sent back from the Chidiyapur border in Shyampur till the night of August 1. 11139 Kanwariyas and 1901 vehicles have been returned from the Narcan Border of Mangalore.

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1398 Kanwaris and 298 vehicles have returned from the Mandawar border of Bhagwanpur. While 1436 Kanwarias and 141 vehicles have been returned from the Kali river border. 216 Kanwaris and 54 vehicles have been returned from Purkaji in Khanpur, 32 Kanwaris, four vehicles from Balawali, and 50 Kanwaris, and 11 vehicles from Dallawala. Sent 100 Kanwarias from the Gokulpur border of Jhabrera and 34 Kanwarias and two vehicles from Birpur.

Action on 1116 in Pandemic Act

Within seven days, the police have taken action under the Epidemic Act and imposed a fine of Rs 111600 on 1161 people for not following the rules of social distance. At the same time, taking action against 33 people for not wearing masks, a fine of Rs 15500 has been imposed.

Quarantine Is Done to 15 Kanwaris

Police have quarantined 15 kanwariyas carrying Gangajal. At the same time, another action was taken against 54 Kanwariyas. Along with this, a fine of Rs 1,27,100 has been collected in seven days. The strictness of the district police continues on the border. Action is being taken against those who do not follow the rules. Vehicles of Kanwariyas are also being sent back.

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