The Real Reasons Why Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Has Been Imprisoned (Jailed)


Through this article, we will have more awareness about the facts about Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and will answer you such as: Where is Sant Rampal Ji Now?

  • What is the actual story behind the imprisonment of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj? 
  • When will Sant Rampal Ji be released? 
  • Why is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj in Jail?
  • Prophecies About Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj
  • Facts about Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

We prompt you to read till the end of the article and decide yourself, between what is right and what is wrong in all the controversy that surrounds Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

A Brief Biography of Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Credit: Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj

One should take a look at the biography of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to understand what are the real scenarios / reasons behind His current situation. Jagatguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is, in actuality, the only “Supreme Guru” and also the only “Tatvdarshi Saint” (Tatvdarshi meaning knower of subtle truths of Creation) in the world, at this point of time. He was born on 8 September 1951 in village Dhanana, District Sonipat, Haryana Province. In 1988, at the age of 37, Sant Rampal Ji took initiation from Sant Ramdevanand Ji, who belonged to the Garibdas Panth. In the spiritual echelons, Naam Upadesh Diwas (Initiation day) is considered to be a spiritual rebirth. 

Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji henceforth received orders from His Gurudev Swami Ramdevanand Ji in 1993, for carrying out Satsang (spiritual congregations), and also the orders to give Naam Diksha (initiation) in 1994. He was then working on the post of Junior Engineer with the Haryana Government. Sant Rampal Ji later resigned from His job in 1995 (approved by Haryana Government on 16 May 2000, letter no. 3492-3500, dated 16 May 2000), due to His increasing commitments in the spiritual path and for doing more Satsangs. 

The Spiritual Life of Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji

Let’s take a look at the spiritual journey of Sant Rampal Ji. On the orders of His Guru Swami Ramdevanand Ji, Sant Rampal Ji carried on His preaching, going from village to village and city to city. The preaching involved making people aware of Tatvagyan – the subtle knowledge about the Universe and many unknown secrets of the Creation process. He explained the truths straight from Vedas, Gita, Quran, and Bible, pointing out the wrong translations from Sanskrit Scriptures.

He helped the common man, who had till now believed in the misguided truths about the Supreme, truly understand the hard-hitting facts which all the Holy Scriptures reveal. Those people who had gone astray and became faithless were made aware of the real facts about who the Supreme God is and how His protection and grace helps resolve any problems faced by humans. 

Saint Rampal Ji Teaches Right Way of Worship

He also told what is the only path to finally reach the Eternal abode all the scriptures talk about, that is, attain Moksha. Fierce protests began by innumerable fake saints (who are ignorant of the true Creation process), when their followers, after understanding the revealed truths and subtle knowledge, started coming to Sant Rampal Ji for initiation. These saints, totally ignorant of higher truths and fearing that their shops selling those bags of lies will be shut, started pointing fingers at Sant Rampal Ji, by saying that His knowledge is a sham and is baseless.

Credit: Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Official Website

On the contrary, the real fact is that even after all the finger-pointing, the truthful and pious mission carried forward by Sant Rampal Ji never stopped. Day by day, His followers kept on increasing in number, after being enlightened by the ultimate truths that He is here to grace us souls with. The method of attaining the Supreme is mentioned in Gita Chapter 17 Shlok 23, “om tat sat iti nirdeso brahmana tri-vidhah smrtah” According to this revelation, only Saint Rampal Ji (who is authorized by the Supreme), gives the complete tri-vidhah process of Naamdiksha/ Initiation, that is, in three times (Pratham or first naam, the Satnaam and the Saarnaam) to attain the Supreme. 

By this true path of worship, souls can cut through the life-death cycles, stop the constant returning into 84 lakh yonis, and ultimately attain Moksha/ live forever in the Eternal Abode. From 1994 to 2000, He roamed around, held innumerable divine discourses (satsangs) and explained this knowledge, which lay hidden away in all Holy scriptures and not quite understood by even the most learned of Guru-Swamis. The followers came in throngs after hearing and understanding this true knowledge. On the other hand, due to their sheer ignorance, the hostility and opposition of the Acharyas and so-called sages and pundits also kept on increasing. 

Kabir Sahib Prakat Diwas from 1st June to 7th June 1999

On Kabir Saheb Prakatotsav, from 1st June 1999 to 7th June 1999, Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji undertook the operational activities at the Karontha Ashram by conducting a huge seven-day Satsang, and a large number of followers started coming to take advantage of these satsangs/ congregations. 

The Facts About Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Sant Rampal Ji has never considered it right to put any kind of pressure or take government favours to compromise with the truth. This is one of the characteristics of saints, that they remain impartial. Hearing the awe-inspiring truths brought to light by Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji, lakhs of followers kept flooding the doors of the Ashram. The fake saints, seeing that their shops – because of which they were misleading gullible devotees – were on the verge of shutting down, became sworn enemies of Sant Rampal ji. The heads of spiritual organisations can come together for an open discussion and decide if spiritual knowledge is baseless and sift the truth from false. Sant Rampal Ji had invited everyone for an open discussion. But as these fake saints did not know any answers, they started spreading false propaganda against Sant Rampal Ji.

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Sant Rampal Ji helped blow away the ignorance of the general public, He one by one opened and read facts from all the Holy scriptures and books, laying out thread-bare all the truths and falsities. Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji, who has the indomitable courage of “calling a spade a spade”, revealed the harsh truths hidden in Holy Scriptures, and also falsities of another book, all of which are kept and read with respect in almost every household. The revelations by Sant Rampal ji struck the false Gurus and peddlers of lies like a thunderbolt and became the very reason why He was falsely put behind bars. This book of false facts is called “Satyarth Prakash” and its author was Maharishi Dayanand, the founder of Arya Samaj.

What Is Wrong With Satyarth Prakash?

It is necessary to mention here that Maharishi Dayanand is the same person who gave the slogan “Go back to Vedas” But unfortunately, it has to be said with great regret, that he ruined the meaning of the slogan. This infamous book is called Satyarth Prakash, written by Maharishi Dayanand: Publisher – Vedic Yatimandal Dayanand Math, Dinanagar, Punjab and Printer is Acharya Printing Press, Dayanand Math, Gohana Road, Rohtak, Haryana. We are giving only a few points here to underline the false facts, please give them your full attention to understand the evident lack of logic.

Maharishi-Dayanand-Saraswati-Jayanti-Arya-Samaj-Satyarth Prakash
Maharishi-Dayanand-Saraswati-Jayanti-Arya-Samaj-Satyarth Prakash
  • There is life on the Sun and men and women live there, like on Earth. (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 8, pages 197-198)
  • Remarriage breaks a woman’s chastity vow towards her husband (page 97) Therefore, at the place of marriage, a widow can perform niyoga (relations without marriage for having a child) with 11 men. A widower can also do niyoga with 11 widows. (page 101)
  • If a woman’s husband is chronically ill, she can produce children from another man. (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 4, p. 102)
  • Do not marry a girl who has long hair on her body. (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 4, p. 70)
  • Do not marry a girl whose eyes are brown and if anyone in the whole family has asthma, tuberculosis, leprosy, piles or stomach problems. (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 4, p. 70, p. 71)
  • Marriage of a 24-year-old girl is best with a 48-year-old man. (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 4, p. 71)
  • If the husband has gone away, then watch out for 8 years, and one can give birth to children by another man (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 4, page 102)
  • Guru Nanak, the originator of Sikhism, is a fool, a hypocrite and arrogant. (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 11, pages 307-309)
  • Kabir Ji used to sing with a tambura and the foolish lowly weavers got caught up in his words. (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 11, p. 306)
  • Do not eat food made by the hands of the lower caste, Bhangi, Chamar. (Satyarth Prakash p. 154)
  • Hazrat Muhammad and his followers are described as foolish and wild. The God of Muslims is described as unjust and ignorant. (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 14, p. 455, 477, 480, 483, 485, 467) Hazrat Muhammad has implicated the ignorant (p. 470). Pages 492, 493, 498, 499 Muhammad ji was called vishayi i.e. the one who enjoys sensual pleasures.
  • If the God of the Muslims is deceitful, then the Muslims are also deceitful because of this. (page 470)
  • In Satyarth Prakash Samullas he wrote indecent things about Christianity in 13. Said on page 429 that it’s a lie that Jesus Christ used to cure diseases with his blessings.
  • In Satyarth Prakash Samullas 13, page 436, Dayanand Saraswati wrote that it’s better to hang oneself than to die in terrible pain like Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus did not serve his parents and did not allow his followers to do so, so he died early. (Satyarth Prakash Samullas 13, p. 426, 430)

Attack on Satlok Ashram, Karontha

As cited above, these and more such objectionable and impractical things are written in this book. Sant Rampal ji opposed all these wrongly convoluted things, with solid facts and proof. In 2003, Arya Samajis were frenzied when Satyarth Prakash was busted in a Satsang on Aastha channel. From 2003 onwards, Arya Samajis undertook the abominable task of obstructing the truth from spreading, by hampering satsangs and spreading false propaganda against Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. What was the crime of Sant Rampal ji? Is speaking the truth a crime? When Arya Samajis saw that even all of their wrongdoings won’t serve their purpose, they started instigating the Chief Minister and other government channels. During the monthly Satsang, many times Arya Samajis tried to attack the ashram in an illegal and inhumane way.

Why Is Sant Rampal Ji Imprisoned?

During a Satsang on July 12, 2006, Arya Samajis got their awaited opportunity and heinously attacked Karontha Ashram in thousands, and also made many uncouth and false allegations against Sant Rampal Ji, registering a case against Him. Security officials remained silent spectators at the time of the attack. Keeping the safety of small children, the elderly and women present in the ashram as a priority, the security squad of the ashram air fired (with licensed weapons) to ward off the miscreants. But they had come with their well-planned conspiracy. The next day, Section 144 was imposed and Sant Rampal Ji was arrested along with all the followers present there. The miscreant spread false propaganda about the ashram and Sant Rampal Ji. The details of the Karontha scandal can be understood below.

The Truth of the Karontha Scandal

This is the incident of 2006, the same year about which the famous foreteller Nostradamus had said that a saint who will make India the world leader would get famous in 2006. As soon as Sant Rampal Ji came from jail after 21 months, He got back on His mission and started organising satsangs again. Arya Samajis continued their absurdity from time to time, but the followers kept on increasing day by day, as the truth and precious knowledge given by Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji is based on scriptures, and cannot be negated once logically understood. 

Why the Barwala Scandal and Why Did Sant Rampal Ji Go to Jail Again in 2014?

Similar was the case of the appalling attack on Barwala Ashram in 2014, when Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was advised bed rest by a team of government hospital doctors but high court insisted for the personal presence in the hearing and after that the CM of Haryana made 40 thousand police personnel land on the ashram premises. After the completion of the duration of bed rest, Sant Rampal Ji surrendered on 19 November 2014. What was the crime of Sant Rampal Ji this time? Nothing. Telling the truth is certainly no crime! On the National news, unverified, untrue allegations about Sant Rampal Ji were shown by news channels and anchors without checking their veracity. But at the same time, when the court asked the police to supply all the objectionable material in the court, the police naturally failed, and all the accusations proved to be baseless. 

As per the report of DG Police Haryana and Intelligence Bureau (IB), no illegal activity was found in the ashram. According to the IB report, a matter of injustice by some judges towards Sant Rampal Ji and His followers came to the fore. But justice is still being delayed because that was why the whole conspiracy was created and various legal sections were blindly imposed without thinking, else how could a case of treason be made against Sant Rampal Ji and His followers from India and other countries?

Media Has Mislead About Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

They tried to tarnish Sant Rampal ji not only with false accusations but furthermore, news channels spread false propaganda with a lot of exaggerated facts. Many media channels and newspapers later on apologized to Sant Rampal ji. However, the apologies didn’t come through with the same energy with which the misinformation was propagated initially.

The truth of the matter is, that this is an opportunity for the government, and all involved officials to rectify their mistakes, within a reasonable time. Else the whole country will, unfortunately, suffer the wrongdoings of some people, because the punishment for persecuting Saints is always very bad, never ends well. Hiranyakashipu to Kansa, when mighty demons like them weren’t spared, then what of the unjust judges and officers! They are no angels, that their skin will be saved. Kabir Saheb says, make the mistake of persecuting Saints only if you are willing to lose all three: splendour, strength and lineage. Many went the same way, from Kansa to the likes of Ravana. Sant Rampal Ji will be proved innocent and released from jail. It is only with the grace and benevolence of Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal ji that India can become a Vishvaguru.

Sant Rampal Ji has always been in support of the law and the government. He is opposed to going against the law, otherwise, His crore plus followers could certainly give a befitting reply to the ignorant Arya Samajis. But Sant Rampal ji has always asked His followers to have patience and trust, believe in the constitution and also keep faith in Parameshwar Kabir Saheb, the Supreme God. But till now, justice has only been dreadfully delayed, the court dates for Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj’s have kept ticking ahead like an ominous clock, and this plot of disgrace, of grave injustice against a true Saint, has only thickened.

When Will Sant Rampal Ji Be Released From Jail?

So now the question is when will our true saint, Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji be released from jail? It is a proven fact about Tatvdarshi saints that they are part of the Supreme Soul or are the Supreme Soul Himself (as Parameshwar Kabir ji descends in every Yuga). In an incident in Mahabharata, Shri Krishna himself bowed down in front of the Tatvagyan of Saint Sudarshan Supach. Similarly, the saint whose Tatvgyan makes dowry-free marriages possible, whose knowledge and initiation rids the seeker from all previous debilities caused by intoxicants and bad habits, whose way of worship is proven by scriptures and who propagates such staunch faith in the Supreme that prolongs lives of the dying, such a mighty saint can never be considered ordinary. 

The Bhandaras organized by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj are also a wonder in themselves. All the people including family, relatives and friends are invited to these Bhandaras, which are held on a global scale. All Bhandaras are prepared in pure desi ghee and held on such a large scale that cannot be compared to any others at present. Plus seeing the discipline of His followers, we wonder who could call Him a traitor?

The Predictions That Came True About Sant Rampal ji

Prophecies About 8 September Avataran Diwas God Has Descended

A lot has been told about Sant Rampal Ji in many prophecies. Nostradamus, who made many accurate predictions on personalities like Indira Gandhi, has written in his prediction that in the country surrounded by sea on three sides, in the state where five rivers flow there will come forth a great man from the Jaat caste. He will bring a spiritual revolution all over the world. People will fiercely oppose him in the beginning.

He might also have to go into imprisonment, but after the initial hiccups, He will get immense love and respect from everyone. You can learn about the predictions of Nostradamus in detail here: Predictions of Nostradamus about Saint Rampal Ji. Apart from this, you can learn about all the predictions given by many other world prophets and soothsayers, like Jean Dixon, Keiro, Anandacharya, Professor Harar, Vegelatin etc. All their predictions come true only on one person – Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Playing Leela as Kabir Saheb Done

It is not for us to decide when Sant Rampal Ji will be released from jail. The Leela of the saints cannot be estimated and history has witnessed that we have, unfortunately, always treated pious saints wrongly, be it Guru Arjun Dev, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, Meera Bai, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Jesus Christ or Muhammad. And in the end, all one is left with is remorse. If we talk about the priceless, subtle and true knowledge about the Creator and Creation process, then there is only one Tatvdarshi Saint in the whole world at one point of time who imparts such knowledge. 

Saint Rampal Ji Is the Only One Tatvadarshi in Present

At this time, there is only one such great saint – Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj – who tells us about the true essence of spirituality from all scriptures of all religions. His knowledge is based on the evidence given in all religious texts, and is certainly not a concoction! His mission has neither hindered nor have the followers decreased – day by day the congregation is only on the increase, despite all opposition. As they say, the truth can only be disturbed, not defeated. For the discerning mind, all these facts are enough to perceive that true knowledge being imparted by Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is priceless, and one should take the fastest road possible to the loving and everlasting shelter of a pious Tatvdarshi Saint. 

Saint Rampal Ji Is the Only One Tatvadarshi in Present

Supreme God Kabir states in Kabir Sagar that I will myself descend on earth when 5505 years of Kalyug would have passed. {“Hari (हरि)” means ‘The Destroyer of All Sufferings’.} That “Hari”, “Greatman”, “Mahapurush”, The Incarnation of Supreme God Kabir is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. He has come to remove all the sufferings of His Children.

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