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Journalism Redefined: Know SA News Channel

Everyday various news stories capture the top headlines and circulate them into the newspapers and news channels to bring the truth to the people about the things happening around the globe. But are these news stories completely authentic? The answer is that it may or may not be authentic. While most of them are captured from the fake contents roaming around on social media. Here brings the need to bust these fake contents and deliver the exact facts that a common man should know. Hence arises the need to have alternate fact checking news websites that can reveal the reality to us. Along with this, most of these news stories are very negative and troublesome. While they may be of some use to some people, are they helping to uplift society? NO. To uplift society, we need some new way of journalism. SA News Channel is exactly here for that purpose.  


  • With around 306k likes and 450k followers on its Facebook page and 192k followers on twitter, SA News Channel, gaining richness in followers continuously for delivering the hidden facts and unseen conclusion out of daily news stories.
  • The website didn’t start as a myths busting website, rather started as a common website publishing news.
  • Upon witnessing the richness in fake contents involved in news, it started delivering the truth that people want to know.
  • For delivering the hidden stories and truth behind fake stories, SA News Channel studies the official statements revealed through the official accounts of people involved. And publishes articles and news accordingly.
  • It also uses some social media tools to filter misinformation roaming around on social media. It also releases videos to publish news and release articles/blogs in support of the same.
  • Documentaries to bring up the truth to clear common spiritual misconceptions are also the top highlights of the News channel.

Working Not for TRPs

The major drawback we have in our day to day daily news channels is that they are all working to attain TRP in the News industry. For this purpose they are not focussing on delivering the right news story to the people. Rather the channel is focussing on some famous people or targetting some people  or have some political inclination in their stories so as to maintain their TRP. And as a compulsion because every news channel is doing the same, people have no choice but to watch it. People need a substitute news channel that can deliver the unsung stories and actual truth behind news stories to keep a check on daily news bulletins.

SA News Channel has been continuously highlighting those social reforming acts through its News articles/blogs/documentaries/videos that are not shown on any news channel. Because these hidden social reforms are benefiting especially the weaker section of the society hence they lose their importance. As this news channel is not covering the lifestyle of any popular personality and does not have any political background, therefore it is less popular than the common popular news channels. Some social reforms are highlighted below.

Abolishing Curse of Dowry From India: Hidden Because of Less TRP

Dowry is a curse that is big on its own and has been manifested through the impact that it has given to the nation. Various death statistics come out daily but in spite of such awareness by various agencies the problem exists in society. The Dowry free marriage initiative called Ramaini compiled in just 17 minutes initiated by renowned Saint Rampal Ji has been the headline of their news many times since the day of its establishment. 

To brief up the event, the news channel has been giving information to make people aware by releasing bulletin videos and news articles of the marriages performed throughout the nation. Speaking more on this the information is also shared via its official twitter handle under specified trending hashtag such as #WarAgainstDowry. The tag has made a trend and people are adopting this new way of performing marriage with least rituals involved. Thus giving aid to the poor in terms of solutions to dowry problems.

Addiction to Drugs: On the Way of Extinction

The addiction to drugs especially in the youth is one of the drawbacks that society is entrapped into very badly. The ill effects of being a drug or alcohol consumer are known to all, still people are not able to get away from it. As a solution, SA News Channel is presenting the example of a drug-free society originating inside India. The news channel has also highlighted this via social media platforms many times under various hashtags. Following those, a large number of people posted for the same on social media.

A Logical Way to End Superstition: A Need of the Society

Be it on the spiritual side, the channel is highlighting the problems related to superstition based in society. Superstition as we all know has been settled into the roots of Indian society. Mistakenly considering superstition as part of the culture, people have failed to differentiate between the right and wrong way of worship, thus falling in the trap of superstitions. With the help of Holy Scriptures and discourses of Saint Rampal Ji the people have been given the solution to every sort of superstition. 

This sort of deep and time taking research has been an eye opener from this news channel as the proof from Holy Scriptures has been the major source of their input. The news channel has been highlighting these via its daily bulletin and social media platforms continuously worldwide. It has been revealed through the research, field work and interviews of renowned Saints conducted by SA News Channel that the ideology and the method of worship and spiritual knowledge presented via Holy Scriptures presently has been successful in answering all the questions in relation to what should be practiced and what should be not.

Highlighting Moral Acts Cannot Attain TRP 

As humanity almost ceases to exist now, and corruption has been into the roots of the society especially in India, news stories of this channel includes every such act which promotes humanity, honesty, integrity and things like these which can prove to be an example for the people and generations to come. 

The news channel has gathered the source of those acts from ground reports. It has been found that most of the people enquired revealed their trust in God to be the reason for showing such an act full of humanity. While most of the people were found to be the disciples of renowned Saints, primarily Saint Rampal Ji from Haryana.

Common Twitter Trends Not to Eat Meat

There is no denying the fact that eating someone else’s flesh is not what God advises us to do. Still contrary to the constitution of God, people are blindly eating non vegetarian foods all around the globe. Ground reports of the news channel have been highlighting this issue continuously in front of the globe. As this kind of act is against our Holy Scriptures, there is nothing mentioned about consumption of meat in them. And the same is presented by SA News Channel worldwide. The same has been made to popularize through twitter trending hashtags quite a few times under hashtags like #MeatEatersViolate_LawOfGod, #BeVegetarian and even more with its official Twitter handle. 

Blood Donation Camps: An Act of Kindness

Blood Donation is yet another thing the public should be aware about. It has been observed quite a few times that people have lost their lives because of the shortage of blood. And to bring in front of mankind the arrangements of blood donation camps for the needy is yet another work done in the interest of the people by the channel. Coverage has been more than proactive in covering various blood donation camps organized throughout the nation and in neighboring countries as well. 

About SA News Channel

The main aim of this news channel is to uplift the society by bringing up the truth and presenting it in front of the nation. For this purpose the SA News channel conducts various research programmes whether it is social, spiritual or of any sort and delivers the same in the form of news articles, blogs, weekly bulletin, research videos, related interviews and much more. Since the day of its establishment, SA News Channel has been working continuously to sort the truth out of all the stories and reveal what the people want to know.