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Last Updated on 26 December 2021, 11:45 PM IST: Dowry Free India by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj: The dowry is a terrible and unscrupulous practice that has grown into a torment of society. The dowry system devastates the blessed event of the wedding. It switches to merely a commercial arrangement. The situation of women is very wretched. Unless this system is eliminated, there is no scope of growth into Indian society. The government has enforced the Dowry Prohibition Act since 1961 but has had no encouraging impact on society.

Some Questions on Dowry 

The greed for name, fame and money has made people blind in terms of keeping humanity while practicing marriage affairs. The questions like: Is Dowry good or bad? What are the effects of dowry? What is the purpose of a dowry? Why is dowry illegal? Why do Indian brides pay dowry? What are the causes of dowry? What about a dowry death case study? What is the prevention of the dowry system? What is the solution for the dowry system? ―are required to be asked again and again from the people of society so as to make them raise this curse as a social issue by the power of media and journalism (as this is the fourth pillar of democracy). Let us highlight these topics and the solution of the problem.

Dowry System in India: Highlights

  • Before eliminating curses like dowry we need to understand a few concepts like: What is the purpose of dowry? What are the causes of dowry? What are the effects of dowry?
  • As dowry is a curse to most of the families and after understanding the concept of dowry, we should also be aware of the prevention of the dowry system so as to deroot this curse from society.
  • Going further along with preaching about prevention of the dowry system and to attain a dowry free marriage society, a solution of the dowry system is also necessary in order to prevent it. Because in the absence of it, we cannot eliminate dowry from our society.
  • Laws have been enacted by the government since 1961 but their implementation hasn’t been done. We require a strict implementation along with utmost discipline in following a dowry free culture to attain a dowry free marriage society.
  • One such culture is being led and taken forward with a cent percent success rate and has been preparing a dowry-free marriage society by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj (from Haryana). 
  • Anti Dowry movement with the initiative of Ramaini has saved the lives of many women and has given the sigh of relief to many families across the globe.

Why Do Indian Brides Pay Dowry?

The impact of dowry is known to everyone and still people practice it. Why? It is because of the fact that the growing greed for money and the show-off of the dowry taken/given has turned this curse into a ritual of an Indian marriage. People have believed that without dowry marriages cannot take place.

What Are the Causes of Dowry System?

Dowry is a term that is purely understandable to everyone as it is related to the exchange of money and people know it very well. The main cause of increase in the exchange of dowry is the greed of accepting money or expensive commodities as freebies. With people running after money like never before, no one wants to lose this opportunity to have a handsome amount of wealth for free.

What Are the Effects of Dowry System in India?

As the cause of the dowry is known to everyone, the effects are also not hidden to anyone. It is the family of the girl who has to bear the effects of dowry. Firstly arranging dowry or we can say that fulfilling the said demands of the groom’s family is not an easy task for every bride’s father. If the dowry is given according to the demands then there will be continuous such demands in the future and if the dowry is not given as per demands, the girl is tortured after the marriage for bringing less dowry which in turn tortures her parents and generates mental pressure on the mind of girl and her family. 

All these have resulted in an increase in the number of dowry deaths. Presently dowry death case study reveals that 20 women die per day because of dowry, that’s why this problem is a curse to the Indian society. 

What Is the Prevention of the Dowry System?

Under the name of Dowry, people are playing with the emotions and trust of people in a marriage affair, especially those on the girl’s side. Although the Government has enacted the Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 still the situation is getting worse day by day since the day of its establishment. There is no implementation of the law. To prevent exchange of Dowry, all we need is the strict implementation on termination of its exchange with utmost discipline. If not, then cases will continue to rise like this and ill effects will continue to rise. 

What Is the Solution to the Dowry System?

Dowry Free India: The solution of the Dowry system seems to be out of the reach of every government and organizations or religious sects except the renowned Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana. Saint Rampal Ji has demonstrated a spectacular dowry free marriage initiative called Ramaini that doesn’t accept any exchange of dowry. The success story of this anti dowry movement is based on the discipline maintained by the disciples of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj in His leadership in prohibiting the exchange of Dowry. This is unique in itself. This kind of anti dowry movement can be fruitful in abolishing such a curse from society that has taken the lives of many innocent women. 

Dowry Quotes

  • Either Dowry in Hinduism or Dowry in Islam or Dowry in Christianity or Dowry in Sikhism, Dowry is curse for the society and for upcoming generations. 
  • It is a misconception that marriage will work only with a good dowry. Dowry is just a man-made criteria of judging a girl’s family which is completely wrong in itself. 
  • Dowry is similar to the pack of cigarettes, it is killing people and still people are practicing it.
  • Dowry, settled into the roots of Indian society, can be eliminated by awareness about true spiritual knowledge given by a Complete Saint.
  • Dowry Free marriages by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has demonstrated that honesty still exists in people, the only need is to understand the difference between right and wrong by understanding His True Spiritual Knowledge. 

Anti Dowry Movement (Dowry Free India): What Is Rameni?

Jagatguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj preaches in His sermons to adopt the noble virtues like Eternal Knowledge, Conscience, Contentment, Love, Endurance, Kindness, Forgiveness, Modesty, Renunciation, Disinterest, Peace, Religion, Devotion, Equanimity. The great saint has taken effective steps against social evils. He has devised an innovative method of the dowry free marriage ceremony, popularly known as Ramaini, that happens in seventeen minutes without any exchange of money and commodities as dowry. There is no pomp and show, and this way His devotees not only save money but also valuable time.

Ramaini (Dowry Free Marriages) in Haryana

Dowry Free India: Following Sant Rampal’s spiritual guidance, society has now come forward to eliminate the demon of dowry. In just 17 minutes, one such pageant-free wedding was organized by Rohtak resident the groom Vikas who has completed M. Tech. and the bride Pinky who has done M. Com. at Jhajjar district of Haryana.

ramaini in jhajjar (Haryana)

The special feature of the ceremony was its simplicity, with no decoration and dowry. The attire of the groom and the bride were quite simple. The pair explained that they were devotees of revolutionary Saint Rampal Ji and they followed the learnings from their Satguru to eradicate the evil dowry system and therefore they performed an exceptionally simple ceremony.

Ramaini in Rajasthan 

Similarly, two more Dowry Free Marriage (Ramaini) ceremonies were performed in district Barmer. The father of the two brides was very thankful to Saint Rampal Ji because of Him, he could perform his daughters’ weddings without the burden of dowry.

There are thousands of examples in various parts of India where such dowry free weddings saved girls from the curse of dowry. Every year on the occasion of Kabir Prakat Diwas by Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj performs a hundred weddings in the Mega Bhandara. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only saint on the planet earth who bestows True Devotion to all devotees irrespective of caste, religion, and economic status at free of cost. The devotees who follow vigorously enjoy all worldly pleasures as well as achieve salvation with His blessings.

Abhishek Das Rajawat
Abhishek Das Rajawat
Name: Abhishek Das | Editor, SA News Channel (2015 - present) A dedicated journalist providing trustworthy news, Abhishek believes in ethical journalism and enjoys writing. He is self starter, very focused, creative thinker, and has teamwork skills. Abhishek has a strong knowledge of all social media platforms. He has an intense desire to know the truth behind any matter. He is God-fearing, very spiritual person, pure vegetarian, and a kind hearted soul. He has immense faith in the Almighty.


  1. This is a very impressive news about Dowry free marriages, the best bit here to see is marriages are done without pomp & show which will be a very big savings on both marriage parties part, no dowry will help the daughter’s family alot they will be stress free & carefree too & happily give away their daughters. Bravo Sant Rampal ji Maharaj Bravo & his followers Bravo 👍🏼👍🏼👌👌👏👏👏


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