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Cycle of Birth & death is very painful.


One should not accumulate bad karma (deeds) which is the root cause of human delusion, sufferings and lead to the vicious cycle of birth and death and continues till one does not meet the father of its soul.”

We think this body is ours but it is not. According to Gitaji, The soul changes bodies just like a human changes clothes. With this body and mind whatever Karmas we do that goes directly into the account of the soul.
Due to which we are forced to get rebirths. Life is a journey and we all are tourist here. We have come here with the counted breaths. Some people think we got lucky to have this birth so we must enjoy this. In order to get worldly pleasures, people engage themselves in smoking, drinking, partying and in travelling, because their narrow thinking never allows them to think beyond this.

Cycle of Birth & death is very Painful
Both life and death are full of sorrows. It is very important to get rid of these two. God can only be found while we are in the human form. By recognizing the true God we can perform good deeds. Most of the people never realise the motive of getting this human birth . But there are some people who are in continuous search of a God. They have the curiosity to know why they have got this life and who has created everything?

why our ancestors became ghosts

Don’t waste your life just collecting material things, invest your breaths in remembering and praising God.
He can liberate you from the cycle of birth and death. Kabir Saheb is the immortal God and creator of all gods and goddesses. Birth and death can end after going into the refuge of Lord Kabir.

God’s address: This earth

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