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Know the Quranic Verses That Testify Rebirth

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Concept of Rebirth in Islam (Evidence in Quran): Rebirth in Sanskrit means punarāvṛtti, punarutpatti, punarjanman (पुनर्जन्म), or punarjīvātu. This means new or next birth. Some religions believe in rebirth or reincarnation. It is said that the soul takes birth in 84 lakh life forms. This includes death and a new life or beginning (be it as a human being or an animal) that depends on the karmic results. In other words, Rebirth or Reincarnation is governed by Karma. The cycle of Rebirth continues until one does not attain Salvation (Moksha). There are some questions that arise in our mind: Is it possible to get rid of Rebirth? Who are the people or souls who do not take birth again? How can one attain Salvation? In this article, we will try to answer these questions.

What Happens to the Soul After Death?

Death is a mystery for those who never read & understand their own scriptures. Different people hold different viewpoints. Many people from all across the world have recounted their stories of resurrecting after death. Spiritualism also includes the concepts of hell and heaven. It is said that the soul never dies but the physical body does. Thus, the souls are sent to Hell or Heaven according to the Karmic results. 

Rebirth in Islam (Evidence in Quran): As per Islamic chimera, the ‘Aakhirat’ word is used for the life after death. Muslims believe that life on earth is just a test given by God and after death Azrail (Angel of death) takes the soul. If the soul answers God’s questions, the souls are sent to heaven. While those who cannot answer correctly are then tormented by the angels and punished in graves (Must read book Gyan Ganga to know everything about life and death and how to end Rebirth).

Delusion on Rebirth in Islam

Almost every religion believes in Rebirth. But, as per Islamic scholars, there is nothing like Rebirth, there is only Hell and Heaven. No one comes in the cycle of rebirth. They have a firm faith that Muslims would never be in the cycle of Rebirth. They believe that Muslims will remain in graves until Judgment day or Doomsday approaches. On this day, God will judge all of them and according to the good and bad deeds, they will be given a place in hell and heaven. After this the order of creation will stop forever. Read more About Concept of Rebirth in Islam (Quran Sharif)

Figment of Hell and Heaven in Islam

Rebirth in Islam: In Islam, Heaven is known as Jannat and Hell is known as Jahannum or Dojakh. They have a belief that heaven is completely a blissful place where there is peace, happiness and freedom from all worries. Hell is believed to be a place of eternal misery and has fire everywhere. 

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Muslims believe that there is a Judgment Day on which (Hisab of Good and Bad deeds of souls) everyone will be accounted by God. Those who have performed good deeds will be sent to heaven (Jannat) and those who performed bad deeds will be sent to Heaven (Jahannum). However, everyone knows that Hazrat Muhammad ji saw Baba Adam, Hazrat Musa ji, Hazrat Isa ji, Hazrat Dawood ji, etc. during his visit to sky, while according to their “theory” they should have also stayed in the grave! 

Rebirth in Islam: The Soul Is Sent to Dharam Raj for Its Account

While the body remains in the grave in a defunct state after death, the spirit does not! The soul is sent to Dharam Raj, who is the chief justice in God’s court, where he takes the account of good and bad deeds. The virtuous deeds can be utilised for a limited stay in heaven while the evil deeds make a person get locked in hell till the time decided by its Karmas, where the soul is tortured in ways that can’t be summed up.

Rebirt in Islam: Evidence of the Cycle of Birth and Death in the Quran

Rebirth happens and evidence is there in the Quran. 

Quran Majeed, Surah Al Bakra 2 verse 28 : Allah has given you life. Then it will take your life there. Then he will give you life again. 

Rebirth in Islam (Evidence in Quran ): It is clear from this that after birth and death, there is birth again, that is, there is rebirth. But Muslims do not believe in rebirth. They say there is no rebirth and once you are born, then whichever way your death is decided by GOD you would die. However, they did not understand exactly the knowledge of the Quran Sharif. 

For understanding a particular religion and its spiritual discourse, an intelligent person will not look at the behavior and practices of the people belonging to that religion, instead he / she will have a peek inside the Holy Books of the religion (Must read the book ‘Musalman nahi samjhe Gyan Quran‘ written by “Illamwala” Sant Rampal ji Maharaj ji).

Here, we will be looking at some other evidences of Islam, that had earlier been misinterpreted. Muslims rely on the concept that once only they take birth then they will die and be buried in graves. When there will be destruction of the whole world, Aakhirat, then Allah-Hu-Akbar with His word power will bring everyone (Muslims in the graves) to life. Then everyone would go to either heaven or hell. This is the end, then nothing will happen to them.

Rejection of the Theory of Living in the Graves Till Doomsday

  1. Surah-Ar-Rum 30-11: – The way Allah has created the creation (Khilkit) in the past, he will repeat it again.

This evidence in Quran Sharif itself denies the belief of Muslims that there is nothing like Rebirth.

  1. In Surah-Kahf-18 Aayat 47-48, it is evident that in any catastrophe, the earth will not be destroyed. 

This clears that there will be rebirth even in the holocaust. 

  1. In Surah-Mullaki-67, Aayat 1 and 2, it is mentioned that Allah has made a rule of life and death. 

This clears that the cycle of Rebirth is there.

  1. In Surah-Al-Anbiya, Aayat 21-104, it is clearly mentioned that Rebirth happens

Yawma natwis samaaa’a kataiyis sijilli lilkutub; kamaa badaanaa awwala khalqin nu’eeduh; wa’dan ‘alainaa; innaa kunna faa’ileen

The above verse states that the day we roll up the sky means the end of the world, like a scroll, rolls up the writings. Similarly, I created the world, I will bring it back again, it is my promise. I surely will do it.

This line also stands contrary to the belief of Muslims, wherein it is clearly mentioned that rebirth does exist and there is a cycle of life and death that goes on. 

  1. In Surah-Al-Mulk, Aayat 67:30

Allathee khalaqa almawta waalhayata liyabluwakum ayyukum ahsanu AAamalan wahuwa alAAazeezu alghafooru 

This means that Who invented death and life, He may test the people to see who would do better deeds. He is All-Powerful as well as Forgiving. 

But the above-mentioned lines in the verse clears that in Islam also, people are in the circle of death and life.Thus, this evidence from the Holy Quran denies the fantasy of Muslims that there is no Rebirth. This shows that Kazis and Muslims themselves are not aware of the reality of 84 lakh births.

  1. In Surah-Al-Furkan, Aayat 25:59

“He who created the heavens and the earth and what is between Sky and Earth in six days and then established Himself above the Throne – the Most Merciful [Kabir], so ask about Him one well informed.” 

Then, the soul gets landed again on this mortal land in the form of eighty-four lakh life forms that exist. In addition, heaven and hell are themselves mortal and they too get vanished on the doomsday! And as far as the theory of a human body is concerned, what about the animals that live on this planet? Where have they landed from? The fact is that there are rebirths and every soul remains deadly trapped in the cycle of life and death till it attains salvation, by going under the refuge of the “Illamwala” Saint.

  1. In Surah Al Mulk, Aayat 67:2

“[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed- and He is the Exalted in Might- the Forgiving”

Allah / God created life as well as death to know who amongst the people are pious souls, who do good deeds. In this very line, it is made clear that the theory of karma does prevail, because of which some people are rich while others are poor, some are healthy while others aren’t and so on. 

Rebirth in Islam: How to Get Rid of the Cycles of Death and Birth?

Only a true Saint (Bakhabr) Who believes in Humanity and not in any religion can help us to stop the cycle of rebirth by attaining an Eternal Place (Satlok). 

Surah Ashura-42 in verse 1-2, the code words are mentioned (three words Ain-Seen-Qaaf). But they are incomplete. These are salvation mantras and are disclosed during the time of initiation. Hazrat Muhammad ji had no knowledge of them even till date no Qazi or Mulla knows about it. 

Muslim brothers are demented by not understanding the secrets of Quran Sharif, it is not their fault. The fault lies with those Mullas and Qazis who did not understand the knowledge-giver of Quran Sharif and its secret message. They have finalized that after death they would be buried in the grave till doomsday. Whereas the truth is that the cycle of birth and death does not end until the soul is completely liberated. Evidence from Quran Sharif clearly explains that the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif provides knowledge of his level and in the end leaves an option to ask information about that ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ (Greater God) from a ‘Bakhabar / Illamwala’.

Who Is Baakhbar/Illamwala or AllahTala?

The knowledge-giver of Quran Sharif is not the complete GOD. He cannot do mercy. If one has done good deeds, he will get happiness and if one is to get trouble due to sinful deeds, he will surely get. He cannot change it. Only complete GOD can change it, who is called AllahTala.

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At present that True Saint, Bakhabar, Tatvdarshi Sant, Illamwala or AllahTala is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj ji. He provides the True devotion that is mentioned in our scriptures. Only by reciting the true Mantras provided by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, one can get rid of Rebirth or else no one can be free from death and will continuously be taking birth according to the Good and Bad Karmas. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj does not promote any Religion. He believes in mankind and imparting the true spiritual knowledge. Must know about which God Taurat, Jaboor, Injil and Quran Sharif are referring to. For more information on the Quran you can download our Official App “Sant Rampal ji Maharaj“.

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