Cycle of Birth and Death: Let’s Know About the Worship to Get Rid of It


Cycle of Birth and Death: Life is unpredictable at every moment. No one knows what will happen in the next minute. It can be anything such as: a dream may come true which of course brings happiness; there can be the demise of any beloved one that is sorrowful; it can be the wrong choice of any decision that makes us regretful; and, many more which are uncertain. Thus, “Life is not a Bed of Roses” is true. And, we still believe that life must go on forgetting about how life should actually be. Only thing we are doing is following that way of worship which is against our Scriptures.

Concept of Rebirth 

As per the Law of Karma, we reap good and bad deeds and we are given birth as somebody’s daughter or son according to those deeds. After completing our life, we die and take rebirth based on those deeds. We can be given the next birth as an animal or as any other species in the next birth. This cycle goes on until we attain Moksha (Salvation). Salvation can be possible only by reciting the Mantras provided by an authorized Saint. In actuality, we are merely puppets and are born to play our specific roles in this world based on our Karma. 

According to Buddhism, it is not important where or when you die but rather when one is reborn, he/she is completely different in terms of physical body, region, religion and so on. This continuous cycle of life, death and rebirth for them is also termed as “Samsara”.

Concept of Death 

“Death” is the reality of life that no one can escape from. Even knowing that it is a fact, each and every person, even different species on planet earth do not want to die. Every single thing and person is mortal except the One Who created this Universe.

It’s universally accepted that one who is born is destined to death, be it in Hinduism, Sikhism, or Buddhism. According to Hindu mythology, the body is temporary and eventually dies, the soul, however, is eternal. 

Kabir Sahib Ji explained this cycle of karma, death, and rebirth in one of His verses:-

Ik leva ik deva dootam, Koi kisi ka pita na pootam।

Rinn sambandh juda ek thatha, Ant samay sab bara baata।।

What Is Samsara?

‘Samsara’ is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “World”. This means “wandering through” or “aimless wandering”. Although it is the concept of Rebirth of a continuous cycle of birth of a soul leaving one body to another, somewhere the soul is trapped in an endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Cycle of Samsara in Bhagavad Gita

According to Hinduism, Samsara means that physical bodies are perishable while the soul never dies. It is mentioned in Chapter 2 Verse 20 of Bhagavad Gita ji:

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 20

Na, jaayate, mriyate, va, kadaachit, na, ayam, bhootva, bhavita, va, na,

BhooyH, ajaH, nityaH, shaashvatH, ayam, puraanH, na, hanyate, hanyamaane, shareere ||20||

Translation:- Neither is it born at any time, nor does it die, and nor is it after having born going to come into existence again, because it is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. It is not even killed when the body is killed.

The good or bad deeds we did, we get birth according to them only. This is also mentioned Bhagavad Gita:

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 14 Verse 14-15

Yadaa, satve, prvriddhe, tu, prlaym’, Yaati, dehbhrit,

Tadaa, uttamvidaam’, lokaan’, amlaan’.prtipadhyate ||14||

Rajsi, prlaym’, gatva, karmsangishu, jaayate,

Tatha, prleenH, tamsi, moodyonishu, jaayate ||15||

Translation:- When one meets death while Satvgun is predominant, then he attains the pure and divine heaven-like loks/worlds of those who perform good deeds. When an individual dies with the predominance of Rajogun, he is born among those who are attached to actions, and an individual who dies with the predominance of Tamogun is born in the ignorant yonis (wombs/births) of insect, animals etc.

Cycle of Samsara in Buddhism 

Buddhists’ belief is similar to that of Hindus. They also believe in Rebirth. This is what they call the ‘Wheel of Life’ means Samsara, which is filled with so much pain and sorrow according to Karma, a volitional act including bad or good deeds we do throughout our lives. As a moral consequence, people get birth as a fruit called Vipaka. 

Six Cycles According to Budhhists

According to Buddhists, there are six levels that make up the possible existence of Rebirth. People are given birth according to their past Karmas in different bodies.These are the realms of the gods (Deva), the demi-gods (Asura), humans (Manush), animals (Tiryak), hungry ghosts (Preta), and hell denizens (Naraka).

Rebirth in Islam

Many religions believe in Rebirth. But, as per Islamic scholars, there is nothing like Rebirth, there is only Hell and Heaven. No one comes in the cycle of rebirth. They have a firm faith that Muslims would never be in the cycle of Rebirth. They believe that Muslims will remain in graves until the Judgment day or Doomsday approaches. On this day, God will judge all of them and according to the good and bad deeds, they will be given a place in hell and heaven. After this the order of creation will stop forever. However, there is much evidence that Rebirth happens in the Quran itself.

Evidence of Rebirth in the Holy Quran 

Quran Majeed, Surah Al Bakra 2 verse 28 : Allah has given you life. Then it will take your life there. Then, he will give you life again. 

In Surah-Kahf-18 Aayat 47-48, it is evident that in any catastrophe, the earth will not be destroyed. This clears that there will be rebirth even in the holocaust. 

In Surah-Mullaki-67, Aayat 1 and 2, it is mentioned that Allah has made a rule of life and death. 

In Surah-Al-Anbiya, Aayat 21-104, it is clearly mentioned that Rebirth happens,

Yawma natwis samaaa’a kataiyis sijilli lilkutub; kamaa badaanaa awwala khalqin nu’eeduh; wa’dan ‘alainaa; innaa kunna faa’ileen

Meaning: The Day when We will fold the heaven like the folding of a [written] sheet for the records. As We began the first creation, We will repeat it. [That is] a promise binding upon Us. Indeed, We will do it.

In Surah-Al-Mulk, Aayat 67:30,

Allathee khalaqa almawta waalhayata liyabluwakum ayyukum ahsanu AAamalan wahuwa alAAazeezu alghafooru 

This means that Who invented death and life, He may test the people to see who would do better deeds. He is All-Powerful as well as Forgiving. 

Thus, the above mentioned evidence clearly shows that the Quran proves that people are in the circle of death and life.

How Can One Get Rid of This Continuous Cycle of Birth and Death?

In all our holy books, the way to get rid of births in 84 lakh life forms is mentioned. The only way out is to recite True Mantras given by an authorized Saint. 

In Gita ji, it is mentioned that those saints who know the true knowledge and solution of the Supreme God, by serving them, and by giving up deceit, asking questions with simplicity, they will instruct you in that Tatvagyan/True spiritual knowledge.

Gita Adhyay no. 4 Shlok no. 34

Tat, viddhi, prnipaaten, pariprshnen, sevya,

Updekshyanti, te, gyaanm, gyaaninH, tattavdarshinH ||34||

In the Holy book Quran Sharif- 25:59, there is an indication to find a Saint, a Bakhabar who can tell the correct method of worship. He only can help to attain moksha.

Who Is the True Saint at Present?

At present, Saint Rampal JI Maharaj is the True Saint whole over the World. He only cleared what Tatvagyan is. He provides the authentic true mantras for worship that guarantee attaining Salvation (Moksha). Above all, the Mantras are mentioned in our Scriptures as well but, these will not work at all unless they are provided by an authorized Saint (Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj). Thus, Don’t waste your life just collecting materialistic things. Invest your breaths in remembering and praising God.

He can liberate you from the cycle of birth and death. Kabir Saheb is the immortal God and Creator of all gods and goddesses. Birth and death can end after going into the refuge of Lord Kabir by taking initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

FAQs Cycle of Birth and Death

Q.1. Is there any place where nobody dies? 

Answer: Yes. SATLOK is the everlasting place of the immortal Supreme God Kabir. There is no old age, no birth and death, no unrest in Satlok. Soul attains the ultimate salvation there forever. 

Q.2. After how many births, the Soul gets Human Life?

Answer: The Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 22 proves that one attains human life taking innumerable births in 84 lakhs life forms.

Q.3. What is the biggest truth of life?

Answer:  The bitter truth of life is that one who comes on the Earth has to die. Death is inevitable. Only a true Saint who is at present Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj can escape the soul from this vicious cycle.

Q 4. What is the reality of Rebirth in Islam?

Answer: Muslims disregards the concept of reincarnation of souls. Though “their own” holy book the Quran Sharif proves that Rebirth happens. Surah-Ar-Rum 30-11: The way Allah has created the creation in the past, he will repeat it again.

Q.5. How to get rid of the cycles of Birth and Death?

Answer: The Soul can be liberated by performing the worship mentioned in our scriptures. Today, Saint Rampal Ji is the only Tatvadarshi Saint in the whole universe providing true Spiritual knowledge of Immortal God Kabir.

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