Golden Light Of New Era

A Gigantic Super Revolution shall usher

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The world-renowned American female Foreteller Florence has mentioned India several times in her prophecies.
In her book ‘Golden light of a new era’
she wrote about an Indian Saint:

“When I enter great flights of meditation I visualize such a great saint who is fair skinned, with white hair and without a beard/moustache. His face shines with a brilliant divine aura”

This Prophecy is clearly about
Spiritual Leader Saint RampalJi MaharajJi.

She wrote:
“I can clearly see that sacred region of North India where a saint with terrific efforts immersing himself in ceaseless spiritual practices is radiating such a divinely spiritual flow which shall be capable of ushering in Era Transformation in future in the entire world. His spiritual thinking shall be so revolutionary that people in a mind boggled manner shall witness its spark getting converted into a blazing inferno which in turn shall spread in every nook and corner of the globe. People shall realize that only in imbibing this great saint’s powerful, progressive thinking that troubleshoots all world problems, dwells the well being of the entire world. In this way slowly but surely people will get directed towards spirituality and shall totally be rendered spiritual. This shall in turn help people the world over experience heavenly happiness on earth”.

She also wrote about the Saint as Avatar of God in her book :

“Due to the rise of this new thinking once again spirituality shall get re-established the world over. At that time everyone will think of one religion and that is human religion along with the concept of one world nation. In the entire world shall boom, the great thought flow of this great saint. Various followers of various religious shall look upon this saint as their true guide. Amongst Muslims he shall be looked upon as Prophet Mohammad. Christians shall look upon him as another form of Lord Jesus Christ whereas Hindus shall call him the 10th Avatar of Almighty God. His energy shall be so extraordinary and mind blowing that for him it will be a matter of ease to imbue new inspiration in the consciousness of world public and shall help control/balance the deteriorating balance of Prakriti or nature. His child like innocent behavior and radiant divine personality shall perforce attract people to himself in such a way by and by a gigantic army like organization will be born and its creative soldiers shall play an important role in the Saint’s sacred mission”.

In her book named
‘The Fall of Sensational culture’, she has written that around the
year 2000 A.D., the balance of nature will deteriorate in a fearsome

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