God Has Descended on Earth as Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on 8 September 1951: The Prophecies Revealed


Last Updated on 4 September 2023 IST: 8 September, 73rd Avataran Diwas (Incarnation Day) Special:  As we all know that the future is unpredictable but still prophecies or astrology have always been one of the most interesting topics of mankind. And when it is about the commencement of that golden era which can uplift the decreasing levels of humanity amongst people, it becomes a feast for the eyes of those who are eagerly waiting for it to arrive. Let us explore some of those Prophecies of world-renowned Foretellers such as Nostradamus, Florence, England’s astrologer, Chiero, Mr. Anderson, etc. about a great Saint (Chyren) under whose guidance the golden era will commence who can be no less than the incarnation of Supreme God Kabir Himself. 

Prophecies About 8 September Avataran Diwas (Incarnation Day): God Has Descended on Earth

Upon witnessing the emergence of such pandemics and falling levels of humanity it might appear a joke that God has descended on the earth and you might not believe it. Some would get surprised, some would jump out of curiosity to know about Him or most of them would say, “it is not possible.” Someone’s instant reaction would be “I think you are crazy.” All these untrusted expressions and comments would come only when one isn’t aware about the True Spiritual Knowledge about the creation of the universe created by God Kabir, the Identity and the Constitution of the Almighty God Kabir and what He does for mankind every now and then. We are currently living in a cage of Satan (Kaal Brahm) and are experiencing the agony of birth and death into different bodies. 

Only God Kabir comes to our rescue when He descends Himself from His eternal abode Satlok to this planet Earth so as to wipe out our biggest curse of birth and death through His Complete Saint. And He consequently provide us with Salvation. 

Identification of a Complete Saint from Holy Scriptures

There is evidence in Holy Scriptures ― Holy Vedas, Holy Gita ji, etc. ― that whenever there is decline of virtues and an uprise of sins and true worship is distorted by the contemporary saints, preachers, and gurus, at that time, God either by coming Himself or by sending His most knowledgeable Complete Saint, again establishes the virtues by means of His True Spiritual Knowledge or Tatvgyan. With the help of it, He explains the path of true worship according to the Holy Scriptures.

His identification lies in the fact that the contemporary religious gurus stand in His opposition, and by misleading the king and the people, inflict atrocities on Him. But a True saint is a complete knower of all the religious texts, hence stands tall above all those oppositions by the power of His True Spiritual Knowledge. Kabir Saheb says:

Kabir, Or gyan sab gyanadi, Kabir Gyan so Gyan|

Jaise gola tobb ka, Karta chale maidan||

It is written in Holy Yajurveda Adhyay 19 Mantra 25, 26 that a True Guru will elaborate the incomplete sentences of the Vedas i.e. the coded words and one-fourth shlokas by completing them, and will impart the complete course of worship by providing devotion three times a day: in the morning, worship of the Supreme God called Nitya Niyam; in the afternoon, by paying homage to all the deities and sages present in this place of Satan through the afternoon prayer called Asur Nikandan Rameni, and will tell Sandhya Aarti (evening prayer) separately. Apart from these, the recitation of mantras is given in three stages with their unique method of recitation ―this is one of the identities of a Complete Saint used by Nostradamus. 

The famous French Foreteller Nostradamus in 1555 A.D. has written the true predictions of the future in coded language in one thousand quatrains. He has made ten centuries of each hundred quatrains. Among those prophecies, many have come true. Let us look into it. 

The Prophecies of Nostradamus Regarding Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

At the end of Century 5 of his prophecy and at the beginning of Century 6, Nostradamus has written that from today i.e. 1555 A.D., exactly 450 years later i.e. in the year 2006, a Hindu Saint (Chyren) will appear i.e. He will be talked of in the whole world. At that time, the age of that Hindu religious Saint (Chyren) will be between 50 and 60 years. Supreme God showed the middle-aged body of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to Nostradamus and showed and explained all the events like a film.

Nostradamus has called the 16th century as the first century. In this way, the fifth century would be the 20th century. Nostradamus has said in his prophecy that religious Hindu leader i.e. Saint (Chyren) in the last year of the Fifth Century i.e. in 1999 A.D., abandoning doing Satsang from home to home i.e. stepping over the thresholds will come out and will guide the true way of worshipping. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj established Satlok Ashram in the year 1999 and started delivering His spiritual discourses on a bigger scale in the Ashram. 

■ Note: Nostradamus has called the world-religious-leader Hindu Saint as ‘Chyren’ in his Spiritual prophecies. It is pronounced as ‘Shyrun’.

Nostradamus Prophecies About a Hindu Saint

Numerous religious leaders came and went but they aren’t able to explain the gist of every Holy Scripture by connecting them together to give a unique method of worship. Nostradamus had an inner view of that Chyren. The Hindu saint of Hindustan, provider of a new light to the imminent benighted (blind because of the lack of knowledge of true devotion), inhuman (out of selfishness, a brother is killing a brother, a son has turned away from the father, a Hindu is enemy of a Hindu, a Muslim has become enemy of a Muslim) and gloomy (the impatient blind society in the race for wealth) society. 

Nostradamus believed that the greatest world-conqueror religious world-leader will have no desire apart from the fulfilment of the salvation of mankind, neither will He have any self-interest, nor will He have arrogance. It will be a matter of pride for my prophecy that in reality, that enlightened sage will definitely become famous in the world. The selfless approach is shown in the discipline shown by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj in His spiritual discourses and actions performed thereafter which prove that His sole aim is providing salvation to the willing devotees and nothing else. 

He further believed and stated that the knowledge imparted by Him will prevail for centuries. That saint will dazzle in the eyes of the modern scientists as He will perform such spiritual miracles. All His knowledge will be evident in the scriptures. I (Nostradamus) say that a wise man should not disdain Him; He should not be underestimated in terms of anything, especially Spiritual Knowledge. Establishing (making Him sit on a seat) that great man (Chyren) on a throne, worshipping Him as a worshipped God will benefit mankind. Because the method of worship of Aadi Purush (SatPurush) or Supreme God Kabir being told by the Chyren Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the method to attain salvation and ultimate peace and every sort of comfort that one desires.

God Has Descended on Earth as Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj 

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is currently the only one who is giving us the correct path of worship as per our Holy Scriptures. As presently He is the only Avatar of the Supreme God Kabir present among us, the method of worship being given by Him can surely remove any problem and thus will also provide salvation. Regarding Saint Rampal Ji, the famous foreteller Nostradamus of France has also said in this way: –

The Great Chyren will be chief of the world,

Loved feared and unchallenged Even at the death,

His name and praise will reach beyond the skies.

And he will be content to be known only as Victor.

He will make peace by making people follow humanity above any sort of religion and by that will establish the eternal religion. After that His philosophy will spread in the whole world, no one will be able to match the knowledge of that great saint.

The followers will obtain unparalleled spiritual and physical benefits from the path directed by that great saint. On understanding the scripture-certified true spiritual knowledge given by that Truly Enlightened Hindu Saint, the God-desiring devouts will become so astounded as if someone has woken them up from a deep sleep.

The spiritual revolution started by that Truly Enlightened Hindu Saint in 1999 will go on until 2006. By then, a large number of God-desiring devotees, after understanding the true spiritual knowledge and by becoming His followers, would have experienced unmatched benefits. After that, he will be known throughout the entire globe from His True Spiritual Knowledge. Thereafter from 2006 onwards, the golden age will begin.

■Note: Dear Readers please read the following Prophecies which the French Foreteller Nostradamus had made. About which an Astrologer of Madras K.S. Krishnamurti has stated – “The true translation of the prophecies written by Nostradamus in 1555 will be done by an astrologer from Maharashtra in the year 1998. That astrologer, by clarifying the coded language in the prophecies of Nostradamus and by giving meaning to the future events mentioned in it, will publish his future book.”

Nostradamus’s True Prophecies about the Great About Chyren

Read in the words of the translator from the book translated authentically by the same astrologer. Some of his prophecies are mentioned below with reference from the translations:-

1. (On Page 32, 33): – Wait, the Golden Age (Ram Rajya) is coming. A middle-aged noble, matchless, great-power-holder will bring golden age not only in India but on the whole Earth and reawakening His Sanatan Dharm (eternal religion) and by showing the true way of worship will form the great Hindu nation. Thereafter, in the other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Malaya (Malaysia), etc, He only will be the universal religious leader. He will have authority over those authoritative groups of people who fulfill their selfish objectives by deceiving common people. That leader (Chyren) will suddenly become known to the world; just keep watching. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is every day trying His best to wake up the people around the globe about the nature of karmas so that eternal religion can be established so as to make them identify this cage of Satan(Kaal Brahm) which is full of problems. 

2. (Then on Page 40, it is written): – Wait, Ram Rajya (the Golden Age) is coming. In the special revolution from June 1999A.D. to 2006 A.D., there will be an ascent of the Golden Age. The Taaranhaar (Saviour) Chyren Who will appear in Hindustan (India) will grant happiness, prosperity, and peace to the world. Nostradamus has said with certainty that the Chyren, Who will appear, is not known yet, but He is definitely neither a Christian nor a Muslim. He will only be a Hindu and even now I, Nostradamus, am wholeheartedly proud of Him because as soon as that divine, independent, sun; Chyren will rise, all the former great leaders who are considered to be educated in terms of spiritual knowledge and spirituality will have to bow down in front of Him.

That Indian Great Truly Enlightened Saint will grant an unprecedented state to everyone. He will form equal rules, equal regulations and will not discriminate between men-women, rich-poor and castes and creeds; He will not let injustice happen to anyone. All the people will show special respect to that enlightened saint. Mother and father are indeed respectable, but on the basis of spiritualism and holiness that Chyren (Tatvdarshi Saint) will hold a special devotional place as the Supreme God, distinct from the mother and father. Nostradamus himself was a Jew and a citizen of France. He had adopted Christianity. Even then Nostradamus has said without a doubt that the Chyren, who will appear, will only be a Hindu. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj stands completely on all the prophecies revealed by Nostradamus. 

  • On Page 41, it is written that the Great Chyren will belong to a country which is surrounded by oceans from three sides and the name of the country will be on one of the oceans. And India is the only nation whose name is related with a Ocean i.e. Indian ocean. Within India He will be from a place where 5 rivers meet. That State is known as Punjab. At the time of birth of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Haryana was a part of Punjab, in the year 1966 Haryana became a separate state. 
  • On page 46,47 Nostradamus says that every word of my foretelling will stand true upon the coming of the year 2006. He further said that various ministers and top tycoons will try to fit my prophecies onto them but it will be just a waste of time as matching the qualities of the Great Chyren will be considered an act of foolishness. After 2006, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj’s True Spiritual Knowledge went around every corner of the globe. With True spiritual knowledge being opposite to the knowledge given by the false priests and sages, still nobody has been able to challenge the knowledge given by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj as it is in accordance with all Holy Scriptures. 
  • On page 74, Nostradamus says that the Great Chyren will take control of the proceedings around the globe with the help of His true spiritual knowledge. He will do such spiritual wonders that even science will be speechless and will eventually have to bow down in front of His matchless powers. According to the rule of God Kabir, He favours His righteous soul, hence the worship given by Him is demonstrating to the entire globe that even the deadliest diseases can be cured and science seems to have no answers at all. 
  • All the above said prophecies stand true on Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj as He is the only one currently preaching about Humanity, above any sort of religion. He is from India, He is imparting the True Spiritual Knowledge as revealed by Supreme God Kabir 600 years ago due to which He had to face dissent from the various fake religious leaders. Krontha Kaand in 2006 is one of those examples of the protest. After 2006 His True Spiritual Knowledge went global and reached various parts of the globe as predicted by Nostradamus. 

Prophecies of Other Foretellers in the Support of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

  1. England’s astrologer, Chiero: had predicted in a book written in 1925 – Only a saint born in the latter half of the 20th century i.e. 2000 A.D. (after the year 1950) would bring ‘a new civilization’ in the world, which would spread in the entire world. That one person in India would bring a revolution of Spiritual knowledge in the whole world.
  2. According to the foreteller “Mr. Vegiletin”: in the latter half of the 20th century, the absence of mutual love, degradation of humanity, a race to collect wealth, loot and the unjust politicians, etc various disasters would be seen. But a new civilization based on peace and brotherhood originating from India breaking the boundaries of the country, state and race would give rise to peace and contentment in the entire world.
  3. According to the woman astrologer from America, “Jean Dixon”: before the close of the 20th century, there would be a great massacre and destruction of mankind in the world. After the ideological war, a new civilization based on spiritualism would probably originate under the leadership of an Indian man from a rural family and would send off the wars from the world forever.
  4. According to “Mr. Anderson” of America: before the close of the 20th century or in the first decade of the 21st century, there would be nude dance of uncivilization in the world. In between, a religious rural Indian, preparing a constitution on the principles of one human race, one language and one flag, would give the lesson of morality, generosity, service to mankind and love. By 1999, this Messiah will impregnate the entire world with religion, happiness, and peace for the forthcoming thousands of years.
  5. According to an astrologer from Holland “Mr. Gerard Crise”: Before the close of the 20th century or in the first decade of the 21st century, as a result of a terrible war, the existence of several countries would be erased from the face of the world. But a great man from India would tie the whole world in a single bond of humanity and would forever eradicate violence, schism-misconduct, and fraud, etc from the world.
  6. According to “Mr.Charles Clarke”, an astrologer from America: Before the end of 20th century, one country, India, would overcome all other countries in the field of science, but the fame of India would be specifically from her religion and philosophy, which the entire world would adopt. This religious revolution would influence the entire world in the first decade of the 21st century and would force man towards spirituality.
  7. According to a woman astrologer from Hungary “Boriska” : Before the year 2000 in between fierce circumstances – murders and plundering, human virtues would be developed into an everlasting form by an Indian prophet as a result of His successful struggle against materialism. This spiritual person would have a very large following of the common people, who would convert materialism into spiritualism.
  8. According to Dr. Zulvoron of France: After the 1990 A.D., the European countries would quickly lean towards the religious civilization of India. By the year 2000, the population of the world would be around 640 crores. The religious revolution of knowledge emanating from India, after destroying atheism, would cover the entire world like a tempestuous storm. The followers of that great spiritual man will soon in the form of an organization by ‘self-power’ have an influence upon the entire world.
  9. According to prophecies of the Nostradamus: after the army revolutions in the entire world, only a small number of people will make the world better, whose great religious world-renowned leader at the end of 20th century and at the beginning of 21st century, taking birth in an eastern country will tie the whole world with the bond of unity through brotherhood and courtesy.

(Nostradamus is proving in Century 1 Quatrain 50) – That great saint would be born on the island surrounded by ocean from three sides. At that time, because of the absence of Tatvgyan (complete spiritual knowledge), there would be complete darkness in terms of spiritual knowledge. There would be tumult after the decline of morality. That Chyren (Religious Leader) would be worshipped as Guruvar i.e. regarding Guru as ‘Var’ (most honorable) and would make others do the same. 

That religious leader (Tatvdarshi saint) with the power of His religion i.e. with the power of the true way of worship and through true spiritual knowledge would overpower all the nations. Stopping Him in Asia i.e. obstructing His propagation will be madness (Century 1 Quatrain 50).

  • According to Professor Harare of Israel: a divine great man of India with humanitarian thoughts would make the roots of spiritual revolution strong before the year 2000, and the entire world would be bound to listen to His thoughts. There would be the presidential rule in most states of India, but later on, the leadership would be on brave devout people, who would be dependent on a religious organization.
  • According to the prophecies of Shri Anandacharya of Norway: After 1998, a powerful religious organization would come to light in India, whose master’s, a householder’s, code of conduct would be followed by the entire world. Gradually, India would lead the world in industrial, religious and economic terms and only its science (True spiritual knowledge) would be acceptable to the whole world.
  • According to Famous Foreteller Florence from America : The accuracy in the level of predictions of the astrologer Florence is matchless. She is considered to be one of the most accurate Astrologers. And she has also stated about that Saint in her book ‘Golden Light of New Era’. 

When she used to meditate she used to witness a Saint who will bring a spiritual transformation into the entire globe with His divine ideology by the end of 20th century, she said. He always mentioned India as the place of birth of that Saint. She further said the Supreme Saint will bring the Golden era into the society. 

  • Prophecy by Tulsi Saheb ji from Jaigurudev Sect, Mathura: He had also made predictions about a great social reformer which were published in Sahakari Patrika of 7th September 1971 in which he revealed that the Great Leader is between us and is now of 20 years of age. And as per the birth date of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on 8th September 1951 it fits exactly on Him as being that Supreme Leader. 

Declaration by God Kabir Saheb ji

In Holy Kabir Sagar, Bodhsagar on Page 134 and on Page 171, Kabir Saheb Himself declared in His sacred verses about the interval of time when one of His descendants will come and wipe out all the false practices and false knowledge from the society and will establish True Worship within the society. He mentioned that after 5505 years of Kalyug, my 13th descendant will come and impart the true spiritual knowledge. 5505 years of Kalyug were completed in the year 1997 and in the same year Lord Kabir met Sant Rampal ji and ordered Him to grant the mantras of salvation to His pious souls. Kabir Saheb says:

Paanch sehs aru paanchsoo, Jab kalyug beet jaye|

Mahapurush Farman tab, Jag Taran ko Aaye||

■ Source: Most readable & downloaded spiritual book Gyan Ganga and prophecies of famous astrologers have been picked up from Google.

All the famous foretellers are clearly depicting and shouting that the world needs a leader to govern so as to uplift Humanity. And Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the one. Dear readers and God-loving souls, one should also look for the refuge by taking Naam Diksha (Initiation) from that Complete Saint who is also none other than Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj as the only Avatar of Almighty God Kabir who is equipped with complete spiritual knowledge because after acquiring His refuge there would be an environment of goodwill, mutual brotherhood, compassion and true (bhakti) devotion in the whole world.

Our human race is intelligent enough to differentiate between right and wrong; therefore, would definitely accept Saint Rampal Ji’s viewpoints to get their welfare done from Him. For spiritual information, you should listen to the auspicious discourse of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji at 7: 30–8.30 pm daily on Sadhana Channel. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is the only complete saint in this world. A humble request to all of you, take free initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji and make your life successful. You can also order the sacred book Gyan Ganga free of cost.

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