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Spiritual Awakening and the doors of Salvation

Today in kalyug, average human expectancy is 65 years approximately. From which we spend 25 years in sleeping. we go daily to bed to wake up in the morning but we never think, since how long our soul has been through this cycle of birth and death? That soul is sleeping from infinite yugas ( Eras ) , yearning to wake up. According to the law of God, human life is obtained for achieving salvation and last quest for both men and women is salvation.

  • Ultimate Awareness

Awareness or Spiritual awakening is the stage to enlighten one’s soul. It means that we have got the answer of following questions. What is our ultimate goal in human body? Why we get entangled into the cycle of birth and death? Why the soul suffers a lot in the whole phenomenon of birth and death? Is there any possibility to see God with human eyes? Can God come to earth and heal us? Why one need to get special mantra from a true guru?

  • Awakening of a soul

Awakening of a soul

We are trying to satisfy ourselves but our soul has become fed up of the worldly pleasures because of which many of us are searching happiness in temples, mosques , pilgrims & on mountains but our sufferings are not decreasing. The reason behind this is, awakening is not related to body. It is when your soul meets it’s father (real God) through a real Guru, who is the creator of it. It means that the soul identifies absolute God and start worshiping him and reach its real place (Satlok), where it belongs to.

  • Scriptures are the key to find God

Devotee, a God loving soul searches for
True knowledge and information regarding the existence of God in scriptures. We may find answers in our holy scriptures such as the existence of Almighty on earth is in human form and he can eliminate the pain and crisis of his devotees. His name is Kavirdev i.e. Supreme God ( Kabir ). He meets virtuous souls here. He explains the Tatvgyan ( Real Spiritual Knowledge ) to them by uttering from his lotus-mouth. His residence is in Satlok . ( Rigved Mandal No. 9 Sukt 86 Mantra 26-27, Mandal no. 9 Sukt 82 Mantra 1-2, and Mandal No. 9 Sukt 20 Mantra. Kavirdev God acts like poetic saint and blesses the devotees with the fragrance of bhakti (Rigved Mandal No. 9 Sukt 94 Mantra 1 ) .
God enchants the hidden mantras to enhance the beauty of Bhakti. ( Rigved Mandal No. 9 Sukt 95 Mantra 2 )

  • Need of Tatavdarshi Saint

Need of Tatavdarshi Saint

A Tatvdarshi Saint is one who explains the coded words of the Vedas in detail as a result of which salvation is attained. He is said to have a grasp of the Vedas (Yajurved Adhyay 19 Mantra 26). The Tatavdarshi Saint is a complete guru and he explains everything from scriptures as spirituality is something which should be learnt and taught according to scriptures. God himself comes in the form of a tatavdarshi Saint to teach them. So everyone should search for Tatavdarshi Saint till the last breath. After finding a guru , one must take initiation from him and start worshipping. Guru reveals the secret mantra to his disciple. The real saint awakens and motivates his devotees to follow the path of righteousness.

  • Religious division leads to darkness.

Souls who are divided in religions are unaware of the presence of God, of pleasing Him and attaining the eternal place, satlok. Unknowingly, most are wasting their precious life in darkness. Today, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj ji is giving true knowledge of that Supreme God from holy books of every religion. He is the only tatvadarshi saint in the whole world & he is explaining the devotion of supreme God, Kabir. Only Saint, Satguru Rampal ji can help the soul to move in the path of salvation by imparting true knowledge, mentioned in scriptures. Saint Rampal ji maharaj explains through his discourses that the human body is rarely attained and it is meant for devotion. A person who never worships or follow supreme God can easily get entangled into 84 lakhs of different births in various species and later in those mortal bodies where a soul has no option but to bear lots of pain and sufferings.
Like, once the leaf falls from the tree, it can’t grow back on tree. Therefore, do not waste the opportunity given to you. Enlighten your soul when God is here in the form of Sant Rampàl ji. For spiritual awakening watch Sant Rampàl ji Maharaj’s discourses everyday.

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