Kabir Prakat Diwas 2022 (Kabir Jayanti): Untold Truth About God Kabir Sahib JI


Last Updated on 30 March 2022, 7:00 PM IST: Kabir Prakat Diwas or Kabir Jayanti 2022 is the day to celebrate God Kabir’s Incarnation on Earth nearly 600 years ago. In this article, we shall discuss with you the significance and celebrations of Kabir Saheb Prakat Diwas along with the life history (biography), death mystery, and Teachings of Kabir Sahib Ji.

Sant Guru Kabir Prakat Diwas 2022

Sant Guru Kabir Prakat Diwas is the most awaited day for the followers of Kabir Panth. On this day, God Kabir Ji descended on earth in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, India in an infant child’s Form on the full moon day of the Jyeshtha month of Hindu calendar in 1398 A.D. (Vikrami Samvat 1455). The Jyeshtha month falls in the May-June month of the Gregorian calendar.

Kabir Prakat Diwas (Kabir Jayanti) Date 2022

The date according to the Gregorian calendar differs every year because the exact date to celebrate Kabir Saheb Prakat Diwas is decided according to the Hindu Calendar. This year in 2022 Kabir Saheb Prakat Diwas falls on 14th June.

Kabir Prakat Diwas Holiday

Kabir Prakat Diwas is a holiday in certain states of India, including Punjab, Haryana, and Chhattisgarh.

Kabir Prakat Diwas (Kabir Jayanti) Significance

God Kabir Sahib appeared on the Lahartara lake on this day on a lotus flower in 1398 A.D. to spread His true Spiritual Knowledge to all His souls as mentioned in the Holy Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 17. From the lake, a Muslim couple Neeru-Neema took Him home and raised Him. His graceful poetic Speeches (Vanis) proved to be the true religious and societal reformer because of which They are also included in the curriculum of students. Kabir Prakat Diwas is hence celebrated to commemorate His incarnation here. Let’s know a brief life Story of Kabir Saheb Ji.

Kabir Prakat Diwas Kabir Jayanti: Kabir Sahib Life History

Neeru-Neema were childless Hindu Brahmin couple (Gaurishankar-Saraswati) in that birth but were forcibly converted to Islam later, so they started working as a weaver to earn their living. They used to daily go to the Lahartara lake to bathe in the morning. On the day when the Supreme God Kabir Ji appeared, while going to the lake, Neema was mourning that she was childless and Neeru was consoling her that one should stay happy in the Wish of God.

Kabir Sahib Life History

On reaching the lake, after she took a bath, Neema saw an infant Baby (God Kabir Ji in the child’s Form) on a lotus flower in the lake and asked her husband to take the Baby out else He might drown. Neeru took the Baby and gave Him to Neema, and started bathing again. They then took God Kabir Ji to their home. Neeru, however, had objected to this once but God Kabir Ji in the Child Form said, “Neeru, take Me home. No one would say anything to you. I came here from Satlok for you only.”

Kabir Sahib Biography

The entire Kashi was amazed to see such a beautiful Baby. They even didn’t pay heed to the statements of Neeru-Neema regarding where they found that Baby. Even the King visited to see the beautiful Baby. They all were guessing that the Baby might be an Incarnation of some demigod. The demigods (the residents of Heaven) were saying that the Baby seemed to be an Incarnation of one of the Brahma Ji, Vishnu Ji, or Shiv Ji. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv Ji were discussing that the Baby seemed to be an Incarnation of PaarBrahm (the Supreme God).

Brahmins went to the house of Neeru-Neema to assign a name to Baby. A little later, Qazis also came so Brahmins sat aside (at that time, Muslims were dominant in India). Qazis closed and opened their Book Quran to see the first letter on the opened page to put the name of the Baby. The first word came out to be “Kabir”.

They discussed among themselves that Kabir was a very good Name, it should not be given to a Baby of a weaver, since the weaver could not give them a good amount of money for that Name. Thinking this, they closed and opened the Book Quran again. The entire Quran had just one Word “Kabir”. God Kabir Ji in the child’s Form said to the Qazis, “Qazi, My Name will be Kabir only.”

Kabir Meaning

“Kabir” means “Great”. That’s the reason that the translators of all the holy Books (Vedas, Quran, Bible, and Guru Granth Sahib) have ignorantly translated the Name of God as “Great”, “Omnipotent”, “Omniscient”, etc. “Kabir” is the real name of the Supreme God. Qazis left that Quran there itself and went away. In this way, God Kabir Ji was named “Kabir Saheb”.

God Kabir Ji started spreading His true spiritual Knowledge at the leelamay (to disguise as a common human) age of 5 only. He acquired Swami Ramanand His worldly Guru but real Disciple by performing a divine act. Throughout His stay here on earth, He delivered His spiritual Knowledge to all His beloved souls in the form of poems. He would stand anywhere and start singing the Hymns of God in His melodious Voice that would attract a number of God-loving souls. Then, He would deliver them spiritual Sermons.

In this way, 6.4 million people in India, including the King of Kashi Beer Singh Baghel, the King of Maghar Bijli Khan Pathan, and the Emperor of Delhi Sikandar Lodhi, took His refuge. Along with this, God Kabir Ji also met many other Saints like Respected Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Respected Dharamdas Ji, and told them His correct Scripture-based way of Worship. After that, they also started spreading His spiritual Knowledge.

Kabir Prakat Diwas Kabir Jayanti: Struggles of Kabir Saheb

God Kabir Ji’s spiritual Knowledge being true and Scripture-based, was unacceptable to many. Especially the Hindu and Muslim religious preachers who were themselves ignorant about their own Holy Books, used to oppose Him a lot and used to mislead the people saying that Kabir Ji was uneducated so He could not know about the Holy Books. In fact, there are proofs that those preachers had attempted a number of times to kill Him.

They put Him: in a Kadhai (deep-frying pot) filled with boiling oil; in an empty well then filled the well with thorny bushes, bricks, and debris; in the river tying a heavy stone around His neck; and, in front of a blood-thirsty elephant with tied Hands and Legs — but He, being God, didn’t die and never cursed anyone. None of us could recognize Him that He is our Supreme God.

Kabir Sahib Death Mystery

After spending 120 years with us, our Supreme Father God Kabir Saheb Ji decided to end His Leela of being a human and go back to His Kingdom Satlok. At that time, the ignorant Hindu Brahmins had spread a rumor that those who die in Maghar (a place in Uttar Pradesh) go to hell, and those who die in Kashi go straight to heaven.

Kabir Sahib Death Mystery

God Kabir Ji used to say:

“The soul who performs the Scripture-based way of Worship throughout its life attains salvation wherever it leaves its body. And, the soul who has always done bad deeds and never performed the correct way of Worship throughout its life is bound to suffer hell. It doesn’t matter where they die.”

To further prove this, He announced that He would perform His Leela of death in Maghar itself on the eleventh day (Ekadashi) of the bright lunar fortnight (Shukla Paksha) of the Magh month of Hindu Calendar in 1518 A.D. (Vikrami Samvat 1575).

On the specified date, God Kabir Saheb Ji reached Maghar along with many numbers of His followers from Kashi, and the Hindu Brahmins and Muslim Qazis so to show them that their aforesaid claim was wrong. God Kabir Saheb Ji first took a bath in the river, then He went to the place where His final resting bed was placed. Followers of God Kabir Ji out of reverence had put fragrant flowers over the sheet on which God Kabir Ji was to lie.

Both Hindu-Muslim Claimed Kabir Saheb’s Body

God Kabir Ji noticed that both the Kings (the Hindu King of Kashi Beer Singh Baghel and the Muslim King of Maghar Bijli Khan Pathan — both were His Disciples) were taking their army along. God Kabir Saheb Ji knew everything and asked them, “Beer Singh! Bijli Khan! Why did you bring your armies along?” Both of them hang their heads.

The other Hindus and Muslims said, “Kabir Saheb Ji, You are our Peer (Muslim spiritual Leader). We will not let these Kafirs take Your Body. We will perform Your last rites according to our Muslim religion.” “No Kabir Saheb Ji, You are our Guru. We will perform Your last rites according to our Hindu religion and will not let these Muslims take Your Body. And, if they don’t agree with this, we will have a war.” 

God Kabir Saheb Ji said, “Nalayako! (Unworthy!) Did I give this Knowledge for 120 years? Do you still consider Hindu and Muslim separate? Listen to Me. Although My Body is not like yours, this body is just sand. You burn it or bury it. It is of no use if not used for practicing the correct way of worship. You shall not fight. Beware of offending me. Whatever you find beneath the sheet I will use to cover Myself up, distribute among yourselves but do not fight children.”

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Being aware of the Power of God Kabir Saheb Ji, none dared to speak before Him but still were thinking, “Let Guru Ji leave His Body, then we will see what to do.” Omniscient God Kabir Ji knew what they were thinking.

Kabir Saheb’s Departure to Satlok

God Kabir Ji lied on the sheet and covered Himself up with another. After a while, God Kabir Ji said through an Ethervoice, “Look Brahmins, Pundits! I’m departing with My Body from Maghar. Check your books to figure out where I am going — if I’m going in hell or even above heaven?” The Brahmins checked their books and said, “Really. All the Sanskaar changed. He is going above heaven.” And, God Kabir said, “Look, children, lift the sheet. You will not find My Body but fragrant flowers. You divide them equally between Hindus and Muslims but please don’t fight.”

When they lifted the sheet, they found fragrant flowers in place and in Form of God Kabir’s Body. On seeing this, both Hindus and Muslims cried hugging each other as children cry on the death of their father, saying that they were so bad that they troubled their God in the end time as well — when they were about to fight with each other a little while ago. The astrologers of that time used to tell that there was about to commence a terrible war in India; more terrible than the Mahabharata. The Supreme God Kabir Ji changed the Samskara.

Kabir Sahib Teachings

Kabir Sahib’s Teachings are centered on spirituality. Although in the school curriculum, we see His Banis on mostly general behavior or regarding once behavior towards a teacher. Let us write here some of the significant Teachings that He had delivered during His Incarnation 600 years ago in the Form of Amritbanis and Dohas.

Kabir Amritbani

Here is the most significant Amritbani that describes Him perfectly. In this Vani, He tells Gorakhnath that He is the Eternal Supreme God.

Avdhu Avigat se chal aaya| Mera koi bhed maram na paya||Tek||

Na Mera janam na garbh basera, Baalak ban dikhlaya|

Kashipuri jal kamal par dera, Tahan julaahe ne paya||

Maat-Pita Mere kachu naahin, Na Mere ghar dasi|

Julha ka sut aan kahaya, Jagat kare Meri haansi||

Paanch tatv ka dhadh na Mere, Jaanu Gyan apara|

Sat Saroopi Naam Sahib ka, Vohe Naam Humara||

Adhar deep gagan gufa mein, Tahan neej vastu sara|

Jyot swaroopi alakh niranjan bhi, Dharta dhyaan Humara||

Haad chaam lahu na Mere, Jaane satnaam upasi|

Taaran taran abhe pad Data, Main hoon Kabir Avinaashi||

Kabir Amritbani

Prakat Diwas (Kabir Jayanti): Kabir Sahib Dohe

Here are some of the Dohas of Kabir Saheb Ji:

Kabir, Mout bhul gaya baavre, Achraj kiya kon|

Tan maati mil jaga, Jyon aate mein lon||

Kabir, Ye tan jaayega, Sake to thaahar la|

EK Sewa kar Satguru ki, Or Gobind ke Gun ga||

Kabir, Guru Gobind kar jaaniyo, Rahiyo shabd smaaye|

Mile to Dandvat bandagi, Nahin pal pal dhyaan lagaave||

Kabir, Guru bade Gobind se, Man mein dekh vichaar|

Hari sumire so reh gaye, Guru sumire huve paar||

Kabir, Ye tan vish ki beladi, Guru amrit ki khaan|

Sheesh diye jo Guru mile, To bhi sasta jaan||

Kabir Panth

The followers of God Kabir Ji are known as Kabir Panthis (the seekers following the Path of Kabir Saheb). There are a number of different sects in India who all claim to be a Kabir Panth. Even the other sects (almost every Indian sect) follow the teachings of God Kabir Saheb Ji. All the sects either revere Him as a Satguru or just a Saint. Out of them, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj tells Kabir Saheb to be the Supreme God.

Kabir Prakat Diwas (Kabir Jayanti) Celebration

On every Kabir Prakat Diwas, the followers of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj celebrate Kabir Prakat Diwas. Their Kabir Prakat Diwas celebration includes holding 3 to 5-day long Paath and a grand Bhandara on the last day of the celebration, i.e., on Kabir Prakat Diwas. The last year 2020 and this year 2022, the celebration is done electronically by telecasting a special 3-hour-long SatSang on TV. This year in 2022, the special SatSang will be telecasted on Sadhna TV at 9:20 am – 12:20 pm. You all are invited to watch that precious SatSang. 

Kabir Prakat Diwas? or Kabir Jayanti? 

Many people get confused with the terminologies. The fact is that God Kabir didn’t take birth (Janam) from any mother when He appeared in Kashi more than 600 years ago — this shows that celebrating His Jayanti (Birth anniversary) is incorrect. He appeared (Prakat) Himself on Earth. Therefore, His Prakat Diwas is celebrated rather.      

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  1. Totally Amazing to know that Kabir is the only real God .Since now thinking that he’s just a poet and now realising how wrong I was .The another amazing thing is that Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only true Saint who giving all the proofs to our Religious books.This web page is really helpful and presents all the hidden truth.


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