Whom did God Kabir meet?


In this article today, we shall tell you “whom did God Kabir meet”? Who are those great persons? How can you also meet God? And, what is the identity of a true Saint according to our Holy Books?

Who has attained the Supreme God?

God Kabir Ji met a number of pious souls, but we shall discuss with you only half-a-dozen of them. All the saintly Souls who have attained the Supreme Divine say that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme God who comes to tell His true Knowledge to His souls. God Kabir Ji says:

Chaaro yug mein Mere Sant pukaare, kuk kahaya Hum hel re|
Heere Maanik Moti barse, ye jag chughta dhel re||

Meaning: In all the four Yugas, God Kabir Ji and His true Saints uttered the correct spiritual Knowledge to all the world. But this world, not accepting Him and His Saints, keep practicing the useless way of worship.

Who are the witnesses of God Kabir?

Whom did God Kabir meet-The names of those pious Souls are as follows:

Dharam Das Saheb Ji

Shri Dharmadas Saheb Ji was in Mathura when God Kabir Ji met him. He was to visit all the sixty-eight Hindu pilgrims. God Kabir Ji taking the Form of a Jinda Mahatma came to Mathura to meet Dharam das Ji. After bathing in the river in Mathura, Dharamdas Ji started reciting Srimad Bhagavad Gita. God Kabir Ji came there and started having a spiritual Discussion with him. But the ignorant Dharmadas Ji did not listen to Him and started arguing that his worship was good. So, God Kabir Ji disappeared.

Dharam Das Saheb Ji

This made Dharamdas Ji desperate to meet Him again. In this way, God met him several times. God used to ask Dharmadas Ji to check the knowledge in the Holy Books that he used to recite daily. Then, Dharamdas Ji accepted His Knowledge and took His Shelter. A few days later, God Kabir Ji came to him and took him Satlok and Satpurush. After this, Dharamdas Ji became firm in His worship.

Immersed in the love of God Kabir Ji, Dharamdas Ji wrote the following nectar Speech: –

Aaj mohe darshan diyo jee Kabeer || Tek ||

Satalok se chalakar aaye, katan jam kee janjeer || 1

Thaare darshan se mhaare paap katat hain, nirmal ho ve shareer || 2

Amrt ​​bhojan mhaare Sataguru jeemein, Shabd doodh kee kheer || 3

Hindoo ke tum dev ne kahaye, Muslim ke peer || 4

Dharamdas ki araj Gosaayin, beda langhaaiyo parle teer || 5

Dadu Saheb Ji

At the age of 7, Dadu Saheb Ji was playing with children when God Kabir Ji came acquiring the Form of Jinda Baba Ji and gave him spiritual Knowledge.

Dadu Saheb JI

On hearing the Knowledge, Dadu Saheb Ji expressed his desire to take Naam Initiation. God Kabir Ji initiated him and took his soul to Satlok for 3 days. After 3 days, Dadu Sahib came back in his body and started singing the glory of God Kabir. He chanted the following Vani:

Jin mokoo nijee naam diya, soee Satguru hamaar|
Daadoo doosara koi nahin, Kabeer Sarjanhaar||

Dadu Saheb Ji

Malook Das Saheb Ji

Malook Das Ji was the Chaudhary (head) of his village Kada, Allahabad district, U. P. when he first encountered God Kabir. At that time, God Kabir disguised as a Saint used to do Satsang in the house of His devotees in the village. Malook Das Ji noticed for a few days that Halwa (a sweet Indian dish) was being prepared in different houses every day.

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He then finally decided to go there and ask the reason. The next time when he saw Halwa being prepared, He went to the house and asked the reason. The Disciples of God Kabir Ji who were holding the Path at their house because of which they were preparing Halwa Prasad, said:

“This is our Guru Ji. He delivers Satsang after which the halwa prasad is distributed to all the listeners.”

  • Malook Das Ji asked God Kabir Ji, “Why don’t you work hard yourself and earn your living?
  • Why are you misleading these poor and innocent families?” God Kabir Ji said, “Seth Ji, God is giving me without doing work.”
  • Malook Das Ji said, “Why does God not give me without doing any work, then?”
  • God Kabir Ji said, “Because you don’t believe in God. God can do everything”
  • Malook Das Ji said, “Alright. So today I’ll believe your God, and see if your God can feed me food without doing anything. If He does, then I will also become your disciple. Else, you’ll have to give up this and start doing work.”
  • God Kabir Ji said, “Fine.”

Malook Das Saheb Story

Malook Das Ji sat silently on a tree in a farm far away from his village and started thinking – Now I will get down from this tree tomorrow. That day, some Gadariyas came to the same farm as Malook Das Ji. They had some festival that day due to which they started making Kheer (rice pudding) below the tree where Malook Das Ji was sitting. After some time, some dacoits came. All the Gadariyas fled from there due to fear.

Read in Hindi: कलयुग में किस किस को मिले कबीर परमेश्वर? 

The dacoits saw that Kheer was being prepared. One of them said that it could be a conspiracy to catch or kill them by mixing something in Kheer, so before eating, they should test the Kheer on someone. One of them saw that there was someone on the tree. The head of the dacoits said,

“Take him down and feed the Kheer. If there is really some poison in it, he will die. If he wouldn’t die then we will eat this Kheer.

Malook Das Ji was taken down but he refused to eat Kheer because of which the dacoits started beating him. Fearing them, Malook Das Ji had to eat Kheer. The dacoits asked Malook Das Ji to sit aside and observed him. Malook Das Ji got scared and started praying to God Kabir Ji that, “Oh Guru Ji of such and such! Please save my life. If my life is saved today, I will become Your disciple. After some time the dacoits noticed that he was still alive and, hence, Malook Das Ji was released.

  • Malook Das Ji ran straight to God Kabir Ji and fell at His feet. God said, “Seth Ji, now tell us did God serve you or not?”
  • Malook Das Ji said, “Sant Ji, Aapka Bhagwan to maar maar Kheer khilata hai (Oh Saint, Your God beats to feed us Kheer.)” In this way, Malook Das Ji got Initiated
  • After some time, God took Malook Das Ji to Satlok and made his body unconscious for two days.
  • After becoming conscious, Malook Das Ji sang the Glory of God Kabir like this:

Daas malook salok kahat hai khojo Khasam Kabeer ||
Japo re man Sataguru naam Kabeer ||
Japo re man Sahib naam Kabeer ||

Malook Das Saheb

Sant Garib Das Ji

Saint Garibdas Ji was 10 years old when Kabir Paramatma met him in the Jinda Baba Form. At that time, Garib Das Ji was grazing his cows along with other Pali (cowherds) of the village. They all requested God Kabir Ji to eat food, but God said that I have taken food from my village Satlok. They requested Him to drink milk.

  • God said, “I drink the milk of maiden cows.”
  • Garib Das Ji brought a maiden cow and said, “Mahatma Ji, now she is a child, how will she give milk?”
  • God Kabir Ji blessed it, and the maiden cow started giving milk.
  • God drank that milk and asked other Palis to drink that. All the Palis, except Saint Garibdas Ji, went away getting offended from this.
  • Saint Garibdas Ji drank that milk. God Kabir Ji told him His spiritual Knowledge.
  • Garibdas Ji showed interest in getting Initiated.
  • God Kabir Ji initiated him and took him to Satlok, and left him in the evening. After getting acquainted with the Satlok.

Garib Das Ji uttered the Glory of God Kabir in such Amritvanis:

Garib, ajab nagar mein le gaya, hamako Satguru aan|
Jhilake bimb agaadh gati, ham sute chaadar taan||

Garib, anant koti brahmaand ka, ek rati nahin bhaar|
Sataguru Purush Kabeer hain, kul ke Sarjanhaar||

Garib, hum sultani nanak tare, dadu ko updesh diya|
Jat julaha bhed na paya, kashi mahe Kabir hua||

Guru Nanak Ji

Shri Nanak Dev Ji was bathing in the Bei river flowing past Sultanpur city where he was living. After bathing, he sat on the shore for some time. Kabir Paramatma went there in Jinda Baba Form and discussed spiritual Knowledge with him. Nanak Ji didn’t accept His Knowledge then but regretted it later. Till 6 months, after he prayed to God to send that Saint again. After 6 months, God Kabir Ji came again.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji biography hindi
  • Nanak Ji said, “I will hide in this river. If you found me, I’ll accept your Knowledge.” Nanak Ji dived in the river and acquired the form of a fish.
  • God Kabir Ji went in, held the fish, and made him Guru Nanak Dev Ji again. Then, He took Nanak Dev Ji to Satlok from there and hid his body in upstream.
  • God Kabir told him His real spiritual Knowledge and showed him that He only is the Supreme God Kabir mentioned in all the Holy Books. Then, God sent Nanak Ji back to his body.
  • Nanak Ji started uttering the true Glory of God Kabir Ji.

On page number 24, the raga “Siri” Mahla-1 of Guru Granth Sahib, it is written:

Phaee soorat mulakqee ves| Ye Thagavaada thagee des||
Khara siyaana bahuta bhaar| Yah Dhaanak roop raha Karataar||

Then, on page 721, it is written:

Hakka Kabeer kareem too, beyab Paravaradigaar|
Naanak bugoyad janu tura, Tere chaakara pakhaak||

Swami Ramanand Ji

When God Kabir Ji descended in Kashi nearly 600 years ago, He acquired Swami Ramanand Ji His worldly Guru. In reality, Swami Ramanand Ji was His disciple. God Kabir Ji performed a Leela following Swami Ramanand Ji acquired God Kabir Ji his Guru. Swami Ramanand Ji used to reach up to Trikuti (a Chakra in the body).

God Kabir Ji took Swami Ramanand Ji from there to Satlok, showed him that He is the Supreme God, and left him again in his body. 104 years old Swami Ramanand Ji fell at the Feet of God Kabir Ji and got his welfare done. Swami Ramanand Ji uttered following Words regarding God Kabir Ji:

Garib, bolat Ramanand Ji, suno Kabir Kartaar|
Garibdas sab roop mein, Tum hi bolanhaar||

All these saintly Souls met Kabir God. Their Amritvanis describe the view of the Satlok same as described in our Holy Books. He is the Absolute God Kabir residing in the third Muktidham, Satlok. A Guru is needed to tell the real Knowledge and way of Worship of God Kabir Ji just like all these great men have. There are many gurus at present, but who is that true spiritual Teacher who knows the correct Knowledge about God? How to identify Him? Let’s know who He is currently.

Identifying the True Saint

The Holy Books tell the identity of a true Saint that the saint who will be well-versed with all the holy Scriptures of all Religions is the True Saint. In Verse 1 of Shri Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15, the identity of a Tatvadarshi Saint is given: The Saint who describes all the parts of the world-like tree hanging upside down is the Tatvadarshi Saint.

Identity-of-the-True Spiritual-Master-Satguru

The only saint in the world today who describes the parts of the upside-down tree is Jagat Guru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. He gives information about the complete God based on our holy Books. He explains about this verse that:

Kabir, Akshar Purush ek per hai, Niranjan vaki daar|
Teeno deva shakha hain, paat roop sansar||

(Akshar Purush is the tree. Niranjan is its branch. The Hindu Trinity is the twigs of the branch. Leaves represent the world.)

Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17, Verse 23 states that the way of attainment of the Supreme Divine is by chanting three Mantras in three ways. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj gives Initiation in three times. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj fulfills all these identities. This proves that He is the true Saint today.

How you can meet God?

Taking Initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, you can also attain the Almighty by following His Scripture-based way of Worship. God Kabir Ji also met Him. To take Initiation from Him, kindly fill the form.

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