Kabir Couplets in English Inspirational Dohe of Kabir with Meaning

Kabir Saheb’s Dohe [English]: The Inspirational Couplets of God Kabir Saheb JI

Last Updated on 30 November 2021, 4:59 PM IST: Kabir Couplets in English: Kabir Saheb ji appeared in Kashi (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh) in Vikrami Samvat 1455 (year 1398) on a lotus flower in Lahartara pond. Kabir Saheb Ji is known as a famous poet/Saint but in reality He is the Almighty Who appears in all […]

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International Daughters Day 2021 date, images, history, quotes, theme

International Daughters Day 2021: How Can We Attain Gender Neutral Society?

On September 26, 2021, every year, International Daughters Day is observed. Every year on the last Sunday of September, a special day for daughters is seen. This is a unique day that commemorates the birth of a girl and is observed around the world to eradicate the stigma associated with having a girl child by honoring daughters. Daughters have fewer privileges in this patriarchal society than sons. Daughters are an important element of any family, acting as a glue, a caring force that holds the family together. 

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CBSE 10th Exam Cancelled, 12th Exam Postponed: Know About the Biggest Exam to Clear in Human Life

On Wednesday, in a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Modi, the central government took a strong decision to cancel the CBSE 10th exams and postpone 12th exams which were scheduled to be conducted in the month of May and June. The biggest exam is to achieve the goal of human life and attain salvation. […]

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Central Excise Day is celebrated on 24th Feb by Government of India

Central Excise Day: Sat Bhakti Is the Tax to Make Our Souls Immortal and Attain Salvation

Central Excise Day is celebrated annually so as to honour the immense contribution of The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) in the nation’s revenue as a whole. Along with this, it is a day which is being celebrated to acknowledge and thus encourage the officers of the agency to work with maximum sincerity. […]

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Google Has Expressed Respect for James Naismith by Creating a Doodle

Dr. James Naismith was the inventor of the Basketball game. He was a famous Canadian – American physical Education professor. The real game is to win over life and death by following the right devotional path and obeying its rules. Google’s Doodle for James Naismith The doodle showcased the efforts done by Dr Naismith to […]

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Sean Connery Dies At 90 What is the Main Purpose of Human Life

Sean Connery Dies At 90: One Thing He Missed in Life!

Sean Connery: World fame actor Sean Connery known for playing James Bond died at 90 in the Bahamas. He is known as the original James Bond. He played role in seven films. The readers would know that precious human birth should be utilized for Salvation. Human birth is not merely for entertaining the public for […]

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Russia approves World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine: What will be the safest vaccine to consider?

Russian Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: The world’s first Russian vaccine: Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the approval of the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine for use on Tuesday. The vaccine dubbed Sputnik on the name of the world’s first satellite, read in detail. World’s First Registered Covid-19 Vaccine Highlights Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the […]

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CBSE-Reduced-Syllabus-CBSE Syllabus-2020-21-PDF

Impact of COVID-19 on Education: CBSE Syllabus reduced by 30%

CBSE Reduced Syllabus News Update: CBSE Revised Syllabus 2020-21: The Central Board of Secondary Education in a notification said that the syllabus was being restructured while preserving the core concepts as classroom teaching had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The CBSE has decided to cut the syllabus of secondary education by 30 percent from […]

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Bubonic-Plague-2020 China-History-Symptoms-Vaccine-Treatment

Bubonic Plague 2020: Symptoms, Historical and Current Facts about Bubonic Plague (Black Death)

Bubonic Plague 2020: Panic mode on The readers will know the current scenario and historical facts about the bubonic plague outbreak in China that led to the return of the “Black Death”. The year 2020 has been an overly critical year for the entire planet. Civilization has seen a lot of disastrous calamities in the […]

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