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Central Excise Day: Sat Bhakti Is the Tax to Make Our Souls Immortal and Attain Salvation


Central Excise Day is celebrated annually so as to honour the immense contribution of The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) in the nation’s revenue as a whole. Along with this, it is a day which is being celebrated to acknowledge and thus encourage the officers of the agency to work with maximum sincerity.

Central Excise Day Key Points

  • Central Excise Day is annually celebrated on 24th February by Government of India.
  • This day is celebrated so as to acknowledge the efforts of the officers of concerned department and motivating them to work with great honesty.
  • This day highlights and aims to commemorate the Central Excise and Salts Act, 1944.
  • So as to celebrate the day, various cultural and educational programmes like seminars are organised so as to generate awareness amongst public.
  • Our souls are entrapped here in the cycle of birth and death because we are not able to pay the taxes (deposit of recitation of true mantras) to the master of these kingdoms here, the Satan (Kaal Brahm).
  • Adopt Sat Bhakti (recitation of true mantras) being given by only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj (an incarnation of Supreme Lord Kabir) to pay the taxes to the Satan (Kaal Brahm) and end the brutal cycle of birth and death into 84 Lakh species of animals. 

What Is Central Excise Day? 

Central Excise Day is observed by the GoI annually on 24th February. This day aims at admiring the efforts of the department of Customs and Excise in strengthening the revenue of the nation. And encouraging the individuals of the department to work with utmost honesty and sincerity. 

The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) comes in the Department of Revenue under the Ministry of Finance. The concerned department is very vital as far as development of the nation is concerned as it involves the collection of indirect taxes imposed by GoI in manufacturing businesses and formulation of new policies for carrying out the same. 

CBEC, includes and covers the function of various other organization that includes Custom Houses, Central Excise and Service Tax Commissionerates and the Central Revenues Control Laboratory.

What Is Done on Central Excise Day? 

For celebrating the day and making awareness amongst the public, various sorts of social and cultural events are being organised by GoI every year. These programmes includes seminars, workshops, events, competitions and award ceremonies, etc. 

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Additionally, the Board also conducts awareness events at various institutes so as to generate knowledge and thus making people aware about the roles and responsibilities of CBEC and its employees.

What Is the Background of Central Excise Day?

The Central Excise Day aims at commemorating the Central Excise and Salt Act, which first came into existence on 24th February 1944. 

However, as per the responsibility of the Board, it deals with some other acts too i.e, Customs Act, 1962, Customs Tarriff Act, 1975, Central Excise Act, 1944 and Service Tax Act. But after the enactment of Goods and Services Tax (GST), the working of the Board is concerned with GST related acts now. 

What Are the Taxes for a Soul? 

The place or Lok where we are living in is perishable and belongs to the Satan Kaal Brahm who is the master of 21 universes. And has been cursed to eat 1 lakh humans every day, and produce the same 1.25 lakh in quantity. And that is the reason we are rotating into the cycle of birth and death as we are the food for Satan after our deaths. 

Because this place belongs to Satan, he demands rent/taxes in the form of a deposit of Sat Bhakti from us. And in the absence of the same we are forced to move into the brutal cycle of birth and death into 84 lakh species and experience the pain everytime again and again. 

The Supreme Almighty God Kabir comes down from our eternal abode Satyalok (where we used to reside earlier) to provide us Sat Bhakti and take our souls back by preaching His True Spiritual Knowledge or Tatvagyan to end our continuous agony in birth and death. 

What Is Sat Bhakti and Who Is giving It?

Sat Bhakti or True devotion is the recitation of true mantras as per our Holy Scriptures i.e. Holy Geeta ji chapter 17 verse 23 which is OM-TAT-SAT, TAT and SAT are the indicative words, exact words are to be revealed by a Tatvadarshi Saint along with their method of recitation (Holy Geeta ji chaper 4:34). 

In a world where the Satan exists in all directions, Supreme God Kabir comes Himself in the form of Tatvadarshi Saint and highlights the true path of worship. And thus exposing all the false religious sects and sages who are misleading innocent devotees from attaining salvation and making their human life successful. Kabir Saheb says:

Manush janam paye kar jo nahi rate Hari Naam |

Jaise kuua jal bina fir banwaya kya kaam ||

Currently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has been sent by the Supreme God Kabir on the Holy land of Haryana for His pious souls to gain the True Spiritual Knowledge and recognize the Supreme Almighty Kabir and thus make them do Sat Bhakti to let their souls become free from this cruel world and become immortal forever.

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