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CBSE 10th Exam Cancelled, 12th Exam Postponed: Know About the Biggest Exam to Clear in Human Life


On Wednesday, in a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Modi, the central government took a strong decision to cancel the CBSE 10th exams and postpone 12th exams which were scheduled to be conducted in the month of May and June. The biggest exam is to achieve the goal of human life and attain salvation. And Supreme Saint Rampal Ji has been helping us achieve the same. 

Key Points

  • On Wednesday, 14th April Central Government in association with the Ministry of Education took a decision to cancel CBSE examinations of class 10th and to postpone the exams for class 12th.
  • Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, School and Higher Education Secretaries and other top officials attended the meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 
  • The decision was taken keeping in mind the sudden increase in the cases of Covid 19.
  • Various political parties and quarters demanded the cancellation of the exams from the central government. 
  • Approximately 21 Lakh students are estimated to be affected by the decision. 
  • While we are still untouched with the biggest exam of our lifetime which is to worship Lord Kabir and make our lives successful. 

What Is the Decision Taken by the Government for the Board Examination? 

On Wednesday, 14th April 2021, taking into consideration the rapid increase in the cases of coronavirus around the country, the Central Government has decided to cancel the Board examination for class 10th and will postpone the examination of class 12th. The decision is affecting the careers of approximately 21 lakh students but it was taken keeping the health of the students on top priority.

The meeting was held in the presence of Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, School and Higher Education Secretaries with other top officials being chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. 

How Will the Students Proceed Now? 

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has released official notification directing students how to proceed further. The following notifications are released:-

  • The CBSE Board examinations of class 10th which were scheduled to be held between may 4th to June 7th are cancelled while the result of the students will be prepared on the basis of objective criterion to be developed by the Board. 
  • Students not satisfied with the marks allocated by the Board will be given a chance to sit for an exam when the conditions will become suitable to conduct the same. 
  • The CBSE Board examinations of class 12th are hereby postponed till further notice which were scheduled to be held between may 4th to june 14th 2021. The situation will be again reviewed on 1st June and further details regarding the schedule will be shared thereafter. A notice with a time period of 15 days will be given prior to the examinations. 

Various Political Parties and Quarters Demanded the Same

Although this decision is affecting the careers of approximately 21 lakh students, taking their health to be the foremost priority, this decision was taken. Various other political parties and quarters urged the Central Government well in advance to cancel the examinations. 

  • Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal along with Manish Sisodia from Delhi on Tuesday had urged the Central Government to cancel the upcoming exams as it will prove to be a big source of increased cases. 
  • Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi last week urged Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal to replan the examinations schedule keeping in mind the rapid growing cases of Covid-19.
  • Priyanka Gandhi on Wednesday demanded to cancel the examinations of class 12th as the students will feel the pressure of exams till June. 
  • Shiv Sena from Maharashtra also urged the Ministry of Education (MoE) to investigate the issue around the country and possibly reschedule the Board examinations. 
  • There is a petition filed by approximately 2 Lakh students to cancel the upcoming examinations. A dedicated hashtag #cancelboardexams was also made to trend for the entire last week. 

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Know About the Biggest Exam of Our Lives

Although, in a surrounding of people running after careers and eventually money, it seems quite uncommon that the biggest exam of a human life is the process to make ourselves immortal by achieving salvation and attaining Supreme God Kabir. In the absence of the same our life is like an animal who is running after his food for all his life. Just imagine and think we take birth and spend our lives to earn money and a better living and die one day, isn’t this similar to an animal? Saint Garibdasji from Haryana says in His sacred verses:-

Bhakti bina nar khar ek hai, Jini Hari Padh nahi janya |

ParBrahm ki parakh nahi re, Puji muye pashanam ||

We have been entangled in the web of problems and pleasures by Satan (Kaal Brahm) so as to keep us away from the worship of Supreme God Kabir. It is because he has been cursed to eat 1 lakh human bodies daily and produce 1.25 lakh in return and that is the same reason why we are taking birth and dying. 

Although we don’t recognize but a human life is obtained by a soul after experiencing the agony of birth and death into 84 lakh species of animals. So we should understand the value of the same and try to end the brutal cycle of birth and death by exploring for a Complete Saint. Kabir Saheb says:-

Manush janam paye kar jo nahi rate Hari Naam |

Jaise kuua jal bina fir banwaya kya kaam ||

Who Can Help Us? 

Currently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana is the one who stands on all the identifications of a Complete Saint, and has been giving us the recitation of mantras as per Holy Scriptures (as per Holy Geeta ji chapter 17 verse 23) so as to worship God Kabir and attain salvation.

Because Salvation should be the prime goal of a human life as the other required comforts will automatically reach us on running after salvation. Chasing the target of accumulating money and comforts, we are almost on the verge of forgetting that we are devoiding ourselves from the main task of achieving salvation. Examine and take refuge under Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to clear the biggest exam of your lifetime. 

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