Hidden and Unheard Teachings of Kabir Saheb Ji (Revealed)


Sage Kabir is a name everyone recognizes as we all have studied His couplets also known as “Dohe” at least once as a part of our curriculum. His couplets impacted the bhakti movement. In this blog, we will delve into the teachings of Kabir Saheb.

Introduction about Teachings of Kabir Saheb Ji

Kabir Saheb lived on earth from AD 1398 to AD 1518. There are no proper records regarding His birth in the documented history. However, the followers of Kabir Panth believe that Kabir Sahib descended on earth in the form of an infant on a lotus flower in a pond named Lahartara in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh. It is also believed by them that He ascended back to His eternal abode “Satlok” in His physical form from Maghar. He strongly opposed the practices followed by the people of Hinduism and Islam.

He preached about one God and enlightened people through His couplets. His literary work was documented in book called Kabir Sagar and was also included in the holy book of Sikhisim “Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji”. Let us take a look at few of His teachings to mankind.

Kabir Saheb’s Teaching for Hindu-Muslim Unity

Kabir saheb strongly critiqued the practices adopted by Hindus and Muslims under the guidance of their religious preachers. Kabir Saheb mentioned through His verses that these practices are opposed to the holy scriptures and hence they are futile. While growing up, from the age of 5 years old, Kabir Saheb started pointing out wrong practices undertaken by the preachers of both Hindu and Muslim sects.

Teachings of Kabir Saheb Ji | His couplets are very straightforward and questions the validity of wrong practices undertaken by the followers of Hinduism and Islam. He questioned the practice of idol worship. He even raised objections to the namaz and roza observed by the muslim community. His literary work educated people of the fact that the way of worship opposed to the holy scriptures will not lead to happiness and salvation.

Present Worship of Hindus and Muslims is Wrong

Teachings of Kabir Saheb Ji | He used to educate people about how to attain the true Almighty and that worshipping  the Hindu gods and goddesses cannot lead to salvation. He always preached that we all are children of one Supreme Almighty. We are not separate and hence we should live in harmony with each other.

For instance, take a look at this couplet

Kabir, alakh ilaahi ek hai, naam dharaya doye l

Kahe Kabir do naam sun, bharam pado mat koye ll

Kabir, Ram-Rahima ek hai, naam dharaya doye l

Kahe Kabir do naam sun, bharam pado mat koye ll

Kabir Saheb Prohibited Consumption of Meat

God Kabir strongly condemned the consumption of meat by both Hindus and Muslims. His couplets reject the customs of killing innocent animals and consuming their flesh. He taught people of that era that consuming meat is a heinous sin.

Kabir, til bhar machhli khaaye ke, koti gau de daan l

Kaashi karaunt le marey, to bhi narak nidaan ll

Kabir, gala kaati kalmaa bharey, kiya kaahe halaal l

Sahib lekha maangsi, tab hosi kaun hawaal ll

Another such couplet is

Kabir Hindu ke Daya nahin, Mehr Turk ke nahin l

kahe Kabir donon Gaya, lakh chaurasi Mahi ll

Kabir Musalman mare kard se, Hindu mare Talwar l

kah Kabir donon mile, Jay yam ke dwar ll

Sant Garibdas Ji, a disciple of Kabir Saheb says: 

Je ya rooh tu bhisht pathayi, to kar tadbir kabila bhai ll

Meaning: By following the practice of halal, if you are sure that the soul of this animal will definitely go to heaven then send your family over there first. Why are you sending animals to heaven??

Kabir Saheb’s Teaching for Behavior of Mankind

Kabir Saheb always propagated brotherhood and peace amongst people irrespective of their religion and caste. He opposed the practices of untouchability. He advocated that if the Almighty wanted to discriminate He would have not created everyone alike. He would have created people with those differences. If everyone looks the same from inside out then Almighty never differentiated between His children. Mankind is divided between religions due to the ulterior motives of the religious preachers. He taught people that out of rage, jealousy people end up fighting with one another which is wrong. 

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He educated people to refrain from any form of intoxication such as alcohol or hookah (tobacco) as their consumption is a grave sin. He preached that people should not be adapting unethical ways to acquire wealth as it will not benefit them in any form whatsoever. He also emphasized the fact that whether you have a girl child or a boy child both are Almighty’s children and should be treated equally. He strongly criticized the social evils prevalent in the society like dowry, bribery, intoxication.

Qualities of a Noble Human are Must in a Devotee

Kabir Saheb stressed on courteous behaviour, politeness, humbleness and merciful way of living. Kabir Saheb even condemned the oppression of the weak. 

Kabir durbal ko na satae ja ki moti haay l

Bina jeev ke shwas se Loha bhasam ho jaaye ll

The verses of Kabir Saheb clearly point as to how one should live. 

Kabir aisi Vani boliye, man ka aapa khoe |

aurunko Shital Karen, aap bhi Shital hoe ||

kabeer, aavat gaaree ek hai, ulatat hoe anek |

kahain kabeer na ulatiyo, rah ek kee ek ll ||

kabir, gaalee hee se upajain, kalah, kasht aur meech |

haar chalain so saadhu hai, laagi marai so neech ll ||

Kabir Saheb Shown Correct Way of Worship

Teachings of Kabir Saheb Ji | Kabir Saheb preached about one Supreme Almighty. He taught people that the Almighty never created different religions. Everyone is one Supreme Almighty’s children. He enlightened people that who they were worshipping as gods and messengers cannot give them more than their destiny. Those gods and messengers cannot increase their life by averting death. He was the only sage in His time to give information about the master of this world “Satan (Kaal-Brahm)“.

He enlightened people about the true meaning of salvation and that mere going to heaven doesn’t mean salvation. Because souls who go to heaven are again bound to be born on earth in various forms of life. Hence, attaining salvation is not going to heaven. Salvation means freedom from birth and death forever and all gods and messengers are themselves entangled in this cycle. So, they cannot grant salvation to anyone.

Kabir Saheb Emphasized the Importance of Having a True Guru

He emphasized the importance of having a true enlightened guru. This is because a guru is a mediator between the Almighty and the soul and will guide a soul on the true way of worship to attain Almighty Supreme. Many of His couplets sing the glory and grandeur of an enlightened guru. For instance,

Guru Gobind dono khade, kaake laagu paaye l

Balihaari guru aapna, Jin Gobind dio milaye ll

Je satguru milte nahi jaata narak dwar, narak dwar mein doot sab fir karte kheencha taan

Unte kabhu na chhutta fir firta chaaro khaan l

Kabir, saat samandar ki masi karu, likhni karun banraai,l

Dharti ka kaagaj karun guru gun likha na jaaye ll

Is Kabir a Sage?

The answers are a Yes and a No. Confused…? 

Let’s first see how the Answer is a No. 

Kabir Saheb is Himself the Supreme Almighty. He descended on this earth in the effulgent body of an infant in the Lahartara pond in Kashi in 1398. There was a sage named Ashtanand; a disciple of Swami Ramanand Ji who witnessed this entire divine spectacle. This day is celebrated as Kabir Prakat Diwas (Kabir Jayanti) which is going to be celebrated throughout India on June 14, 2022 Kabir Saheb was nurtured by the milk of maiden cows and He ascended back to Satlok in His physical form. There is much evidence in all holy scriptures which prove that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme Almighty.

  • In Holy Srimad Bhagavad Geeta chapter 2:17, 7:29, 8:1, 8:3, 8:8-10, 8:21-22 15:4, 15:17, 18:62, 64, 66
  • In Holy RigVeda, Mandal no 9: Sukt 20 Mantra 1, Sukt 82 Mantra 1-2, Sukt 86 Mantra 26-27, Sukt 94 Mantra 1, Sukt 96 Mantra 16-20
  • In Holy YajurVeda in Chapter 29 Verse 25 and in various other verses, the name of Kabir Saheb is clearly mentioned as Kavir Dev along with His other names such as Aadi Purush, Param Akshar Purush are mentioned too.
  • Iyov 36:5 – Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB) See, El is Kabir, and despiseth, not any; He is Kabir in ko’ach lev (strength of understanding).
  • Holy Quran Sharif Surah Furqan 25 Aayat 52 to Aayat 58, clearly indicates that one should seek guidance from an enlightened saint (Baakhabar) to attain Almighty Kabira
  • Holy Guru Granth Sahib page no. 721 Guru Nanak said in his sacred speech, Mehla 1, that –

“Hakka Kabir kareem tu, beaeb Parvardigaar l Nanak bugoyad janu tura, tere chaakraan paakhaak ll”

Let’s see how the Answer is a Yes

Almighty Supreme Kabir Saheb comes in all the four yugas and plays the role of an enlightened sage to impart true spiritual knowledge.

Satyug mein Satsukrit kah Tera

Treta naam Munindar mera l

Dwapar mein Karunamayi kahaya

Kalyuga naam Kabir dharaya ll

So, to conclude we can say that Kabir Saheb was both an enlightened sage as well as the Supreme Almighty.

Is there an Enlightened Sage in the Present Time?

Yes, there is one enlightened sage present on earth in every millennium. Today, that sage is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Barwala-Hisar, Haryana, India. He is the only in this universe who can grant the path to mankind to attain salvation. To know more please visit Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj YouTube channel or download Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj App from Google Play store. To attain true worship and know how to attain true Almighty, kindly listen to the Spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal ji Maharaj . To take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj please click here to fill the initiation form.One Can download the sacred book Gyan Ganga for more information.

FAQ about Teachings of Kabir Saheb Ji

1 What was the religion of Kabir?

Ans: Kabir Saheb doesn’t have a religion as He is the Supreme Almighty. However, a Muslim weaver couple found Him in a pond named Lahartara and raised Him.

2 Is Kabir a God?

Ans: Yes, Kabir is God and the evidence of this fact is written in our spiritual texts.

3 Is Kabir married?

Ans: No, He was not married. There are folklores that say He was married and His wife’s name was Loi but this is completely false.

4. What does Kabir mean?

Ans: Kabir means “The Great” and it is the name of the Supreme Almighty.

5 How many years did Kabir live?

Ans: Kabir Saheb lived for 120 years from 1398 to 1518 in Kashi present known as Varanasi.

6 Who was the mentor of Kabir?

Ans: Although Kabir Saheb is the Supreme Almighty, He acquired Swami Ramanand Ji as His mentor to keep the tradition of Guru-disciple.

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