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Kabir Saheb’s Dohe [English]: The Inspirational Couplets of God Kabir Saheb JI

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Last Updated on 11 June 2024 IST: Kabir Dohe in English: Kabir Saheb ji appeared in Kashi (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh) in Vikrami Samvat 1455 (year 1398) on a lotus flower in Lahartara pond. Kabir Saheb Ji is known as a famous poet/Saint but in reality He is the Almighty Who appears in all four Yugas (Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug). He is loved by people of every religion. In the present, His dohe or shlokas are part of academics. Every year, Kabir Prakat Diwas is celebrated by His followers with great fervour. His mission is to educate the people about one God.

Teachings of Kabir Saheb Ji | Kabir Dohe in English

Kabir Saheb Ji emphasized several things in order to remove the evils from the society. Some of them are as follows: –

  • He made people aware about the ultimate reality that God is in Form. Several words are used to worship God in different religions such as Allah, Khabira, Khuda, Ram.
  • He emphasized on Equality and did a lot to make Hindus and Muslims understand that they are equal.
  • He rejected idol worship as this is against our scriptures. He also gave evidence that Priests are only fooling people in the name of God.
  • He described the significance of Guru in order to get rid of 84 lakh life forms.

Kabir Saheb Ji uttered several couplets to make Hindus and Muslims understand that Kabir Saheb Ji Himself is the Supreme God. And, there is no difference between Hindus and Muslims. Through His Verses, He made it clear with evidence that No One can attain Moksha by doing fake and man-made practices.

Kabir Dohe in English: Kabir Saheb’s Dohe for Hindus

Pothi padh padh jag mua, Pandit bhaya na koye|

Dhai akshar prem ka, Padhe so pandit hoye||

Meaning:- Kabir Ji explained in order to teach Hindus that the Real Pandit is someone else. There are many who spent their lives learning books but none became wise. Only by learning a few letters of spiritual love can ensure Salvation (Moksha); one can become wise. 

Kabir, paatr kupaatr vichaar kar, bhiksha daan jo let।
Neech akarmi soon ka, daan maha duhkh det।।

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning: It is believed that a saint or Guru should only accept charity and alms from their disciples. Accepting wealth from wrongdoers or unrighteous people can bring them unhappiness.

Kabir, maarg chalai adho gati, chaar haath maanhi dekh।
Par tariya par dhan na chahai, samajh dharm ke lekh।।

Meaning: When walking on the path of devotion, it is advisable to keep the gaze downward. As a devotee walks, his focus should be fixed at a distance of four hands, which is about six feet ahead. While contemplating the knowledge of religious deeds, it is important not to cast covetous glances at other women or other people’s wealth.

Kabir, maan apaman sam kar janai, tajai jagat ki aash।
chaah rahit sansy rahit, harsh shok nahin taas।।

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning: It is essential to ignore any insults directed towards a devotee, regardless of who delivers them. Instead, we should have compassion for the person’s intellect and not let their words affect us. Similarly, we must avoid becoming attached to receiving respect from others, as it may interfere with our theology. It is crucial to remain content and view both profit and loss as blessings from God.

Kabir, bhakti daan kiya nahi, ab rah kaas ki ot।
Maar peet praan nikalahi, jam todenge hoth।।

Meaning: If you have not connected with a Guru, devoted yourself to a higher power, or given to charity, then under whose protection will you be saved? The messengers of Yama will fight and beat you without any regard, causing your lips to crack i.e. will beat you mercilessly.

Kabir, kshama saman na tap, sukh nahin santosh saman।
Trishna saman nahi byadhi koyi, dharm na daya samaan।।

Kabir Couplets in English:Meaning: According to Almighty God Kabir Ji, forgiving is the most significant form of penance. No other penance can match its importance. Similarly, contentment is the ultimate pleasure, and nothing can equal it. The suffering caused by the desire to acquire something is unparalleled, and no other suffering can match it. Finally, kindness is the most virtuous deed, and no other virtue can compare to it.

Kabir, yog (bhakti) ke ang panch hai, sanyam manan ekaant।
Vishay tyag naam ratan, hoye moksh nishchint।।

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning: Devotion comprises four essential elements. The first element is abstinence, which requires exercising control in every action. A devotee must exercise control over sensual pleasures, collecting money, speaking, eating, and drinking. This involves speaking less, avoiding vices, and focusing on worshipping God while pondering on God’s teachings and discourses. By following these rules and obeying the principles of worship, a person can achieve salvation.

Kabir, raaj tajana sahaj hai, Sahaj triya ka neh।
Maan badayi irshya, durlabh tajana ye।।

Meaning: Due to a lack of spiritual knowledge, some fatal vices such as superiority and jealousy surround human beings. Superiority arises when an individual’s position or wealth leads to arrogance, causing them to demand respect. These two evils, arrogance due to superiority and jealousy, blind people and they find it hard to let go of them. One can renounce a kingdom or leave a relationship, but abandoning these vices is difficult.

Kabir, jaan boojh saachchi tajai, kare jhooth se neh।
taaki sangat he prabhu, svapan mein bhee na dey।।

Meaning: According to Supreme God Kabir, a person who sees evidence with his own eyes yet continues to accept lies is considered to be wicked. Such a person should not come to me in my dreams, as their behaviour is detestable. Trying to discuss true spiritual knowledge with such an individual would be futile.

Indra-kuber, eesh kee padavi, Brahma varun dharmaraya।
Vishnu Nath ke pur ko jakar, bahur aputha aaya।।

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning: Through the worship of Kaal Brahm, a seeker can attain the position of Indra, who is the king of heaven, also known as Devraj and Surpati. Indra also governs the Ministry of Rain or the irrigation department. The seeker who attains this position can enjoy the pleasures of being the king of heaven for 72 quartets or 72 chaturyugas. In one day of Brahma Ji, which consists of one thousand eight chaturyugas, 14 souls get to experience the position of Indra based on their virtues and deeds. However, it should be noted that enjoying the position of Indra ultimately results in the soul being reborn as a donkey.

Koti janm tu raja kinha, miti na man ki aasha।
Bhikshuk hokar dar-dar haandya, mila na nirgun raasa।।

Meaning:- Oh human! You have accomplished the most difficult worship of Kaal (Brahm). You left your house and lived in the forest, and then roamed from house to house in villages and towns. The devotees in the forest would travel to nearby villages to receive alms. If one household could not provide for them, they would seek food from other households and return to the forest. At times, the devotees would ask for alms one day and subsist for two or three days. They would wrap chapatis in thin cloth handkerchiefs called “chhalana” and tie them to tree branches. Once the chapatis dried up, they would soak them in water and consume them after they softened.

This way, they saved time that would have otherwise been wasted in searching for alms daily and dedicated it to the worship of Kaal Brahm. Their aim was to attain complete salvation by renouncing the cycle of birth and death through intense penance as described in the Vedas and folk tales. However, due to the absence of an enlightened saint, they were unaware of the secret knowledge known as Tatvgyan or Nirgun Rasa.

Man tu chal re sukh ke saagar, Jahan shabd sindhu ratnaagar।
Koti janm tohe bhramat hoge, kuchh nahin haath laga re।
Kukar shukar khar bhaya baure, kaua hans buga re।।

Meaning:- The Almighty God Kabir Ji explained the Sukhsham Vedas to Sant Garibdas Ji, a virtuous soul from Jhajjar district in the Haryana province. Through Sant Garib Das, God Kabir inspired people worldwide to embrace true scripture-based worship to attain eternal salvation. Sant Garib Das used his soul and mind as a medium to describe the suffering in Kaal Brahm’s domain and the bliss of Satlok to the masses.

Man tu chal re sukh ke saagar” is a phrase that signifies the journey towards the eternal supreme abode, where the “Shabad” or word of God is indestructible. Satlok is the mine of salvation, and it is an indus of eternity. Despite your devotion in the world of Kaal Brahm, you may have been wandering from one birth to another because you have yet to find an enlightened saint who can guide you towards scripture-based worship.

Shankhon lahar Mehar ki upajein, Kahar nahin jahan koi।
Das Garib achal avinashi, Sukh ka saagar soyi।।

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning: As an author, I sometimes experience a surge of excitement when I am alone, which makes me feel like everyone is a part of me. Despite being hurt by someone, I do not feel any hatred towards them; instead, I have compassion for everyone. This feeling only lasts for a few minutes and is known as a surge of mercy. In the eternal abode, also known as Satlok, every living being experiences immense joy.

The soul feels numerous surges of mercy there, but when it fades away, I go back to feeling sad, thinking about things like why someone said something hurtful or why someone isn’t good. This feeling is known as a surge of havoc or sorrow. In Satlok, there are countless surges of mercy, and there is no awful sorrow there.

Paani mein meen pyasi re| Mujhe sun sun aawe haasi||

Aatmagyan bina nar bhatke, Koi Kaaba koi Kaasi |

Kahat Kabir Suno bhai Saadho, Sahaj mile Avinasi ||

Kabir Couplets in English

Meaning:- Kabir Ji laughed at the folklore practices and explained that fish are dying of thirst in the ocean, I (Kabir Saheb Ji) laugh when I hear of this. Without knowing who they are, men are running from Kaba to Kashi. Kabir Ji says, O seekers, The indestructible one is to be found effortlessly.

kushtee ho sant bandagee keejie. je ho vaishya ko prabhu vishvaas, charan chit deejie ll

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning:- If a devotee has leprosy and he has started doing devotion then the devotee society should not hate him. They should greet him just like they greet other devotees. He should be respected. He should be encouraged.

His life will be successful by doing devotion, and the disease will be cured too. Similarly, if a prostitute (daughter-sister) is inspired to do devotion, attend spiritual sermons, then she has faith in God. If she listens to the spiritual sermons, then she will get rid of evil. Her welfare will be done. Vices would be eradicated from society. How will she realise her sinful deeds if she does not attend the spiritual sermon?

kabeer, maanush janm dularbh hai, mile na baaram-baar l

taravar se patta toot gire, bahur na laage daar ll

Meaning:- God Kabir has explained that “Oh human beings! This human birth (female/male) is obtained after ages with difficulty. One doesn’t get it often.” While living in this body, do good deeds and devotion to God. Otherwise, once this body dies you will not be able to achieve the same condition again that is obtain the human body. Just as a leaf plucked from a tree, it does not grow again on the same branch. Therefore, do not waste the opportunity of this human body.

kabeer, kaaya teree hai nahin, maaya kahaan se hoy l

bhakti kar dil paak se, jeevan hai din doy ll

bin upadesh achambh hai, kyon jivat hain praan l

bhakti bina kahaan thaur hai, ye nar naaheen paashaan ll

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning:- God Kabir Ji is saying that “O innocent human! I wonder with what hope you are alive without taking initiation from a guru? Neither this body is yours, it will also be left. Then how is the property yours?” Those who do not understand that without true worship there is no place for the soul anywhere, then they are not human i.e., they are stones. Their intellect is of no use.

kabeer, nau man soot ulajhiya, rishi rahe jhakh maar l

Satguru aisa sulajha de, ulajhe na doojee baar ll

Meaning:- Supreme God Kabir Ji has said that the nine maund (360 kg Approx) yarn of spiritual knowledge is entangled. It took weavers more than a day to untangle 1 kg tangled yarn. If the thread breaks while unraveling, the cloth would get knotted. No one used to buy knotted clothes. That is why God Kabir has given a perfect example of weavers and explained that no one used to unravel the heavily tangled yarn. Spiritual knowledge is like the same nine maunds i.e. 360 kg of tangled yarn, which the Satguru (enlightened saint) i.e. Tatvdarshi Sant will unravel in such a way that it will not get entangled again.

kabeer, maanush janm paay kar, nahin ratain hari naam l

jaise kua jal bina, banavaaya kya kaam ll

Meaning:- If one does not do devotion in human life, then that life is as if a beautiful well is dug. If there is no water or if the water in it is saline (not potable), even though its name may be well, the qualities are not those of the well. Similarly, if a person does not do devotion, he is also called a human, but he does not have the qualities of a human being.

Jo Mam Sant Sat Upadesh drdhaavai (bataavai), Vaake sang sabhi raad badhaavai |

Ya sab sant mahantan kee karanee, Dhamardaas main to se varnee ||

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning: Kabir Saheb is explaining to His dear disciple Dharamdas in this speech, that all the saints and religious preachers will quarrel with My Saint who will guide the path of true worship. This will be his identity.

Raam kahai Mere Saadh ko, Duhkh na deejo koe |

Saadh dukhaay Main duhkhee, Mera aapa bhee duhkhee hoy || 

Hiranyak shipu udar (pet) vidaariya, Main hee maarya kansh | 

Jo Mere Saadhu ko sataavai, Vaaka kho-doon vansh || 

Saadh sataavan koti paap hai, Anagin hatya aparaadham | 

Durvaasa kee kalp kaal se, Pralay ho gae yaadav ||

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning: In the above speech, Satguru Garibdas Ji Saheb is giving proof that God says that― Don’t torment My saint. One who causes grief to My saint, consider him causing grief to Me. When my devotee Prahlad was tormented, I tore apart Hiranyakashipu’s stomach and I only killed Kansha and he, who will torment my saint, I will destroy his lineage. That’s why it incurs crores of sins to harass a saint. Just like having committed countless (infinite) murders.

Kabeer, Aur gyaan sab gyaanadee, Kabeer Gyaan so Gyaan |

 Jaise gola tob ka, Karata chale maidaan ||

Meaning: This true spiritual knowledge is so powerful that in front of it the knowledge of other saints and sages will not stand. Like wherever the cannon machine fires the ball, it creates a clear ground by demolishing all the forts that fall in its path.

Aachchhe din paachhai gae, Satguru se kiya na het |

Ab pachhataava kya kare, Jab chidiya chug gaee khet ||

Meaning: Even after getting the proof, you don’t follow the true way of worship according to the instructions of a truly enlightened saint, then this precious human body and the Era of worship of this middle generation will slip out of your hand. Then you will cry remembering this time and repent a lot. Then, nothing could be done.

Jo tu brahman, brahmni ka jaya| 

Aan baat kaahe nhi aaya||

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning:- Kabir Saheb Ji did a lot to remove discrimination, casteism among Hindus and Muslims. He pointed out to the egotist Brahmins that you all take birth in a similar way as others do. In this way, all are equal.

Baid mua rogi mua, Mua sakal sansaar| 

Ek Kabira na mua, Jehi ke Ram adhaar||

Meaning:-  Kabir Ji clarified in this verse that the entire world is destructible whereas the Supreme God (Kabir Saheb Ji) is immortal. He explained that a physician has to die. A patient has to die. Kabir won’t die as He has offered Himself to Ram (hiding Himself as an ordinary man) who is the all-pervading consciousness.

Nhaaye dhoye kya hua, Jo mann ka mail na jaye|

Meen sda jal me rhe, Dhoye baans na jaye||

Meaning:- Kabir Saheb Ji lamented the fake practices of Hindus as they take holy dip in the Ganga but don’t stop doing the evil activities. He (Kabir Saheb Ji) further clarifies this by taking an example of a fish that forever remains in water, but still its bad smell prevails. 

Jyon naino me putli, Tyon Malik ghat mahin|

Moorkh log na janhin, Bahar dhundan jahin||

Kabir Couplets in English for Hindu

Meaning:-  In this couplet, Kabir Saheb Ji portrays the reality of people who are involved in wrong practices. Everyone is showing off that they are great admirers of God and are building temples and mosques everywhere. While in actuality, God lies within them just as the pupil lies within the eyes. But these ignorant people don’t know this and keep on searching for God everywhere outside.

Mala ferat jug bhya, Fira na mann ka fer|

Kar ka man ka daar de, Mann ka manka fer||

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning:-  Kabir Ji said that a person counts the beads of a rosary for a long time as if he is doing great worship, but still his actions do not change. Kabir Ji advises such a person that instead of counting the beads, he should change the pearls of mind. And this can only be possible by attaining True Devotion from a True Saint.  

Moond mundaya Hari milen, Sab koe lee mundaay|

Baar baar ke mundate, Bhedan na baikunth jaay||

Meaning:-  As there is a tradition of tonsuring which is called Mundan in Hindu religion. Some priests also follow this practice thinking that they will attain moksha. So, Kabir Ji said that these fake practices are told by pandits in order to earn money. By shaving one’s head, one cannot attain God. If it could be possible to attain Moksha (Salvation) through this, then the sheeps would attain heaven first as their hairs are frequently shaved off to make wool from their fur.

Ek boond eke mal mutar, Ek chaam ek guda|

Ek jyoti mein se sab utpanna, Kaun baaman kaun suda||

Meaning:-  Kabir Saheb Ji emphasized on Equality. He made people aware that the actual religion is Humanity. Through this couplet, He wanted to make it clear that we all have the same skin and bone. Everyone has similar waste matter and has similar blood. We all are born from one drop (One God) so, why there is discrimination on the basis of caste and creed. If everything is same then how one can be brahmin and the other is Shudra.

Read in Hindi: कबीर साहेब के प्रसिद्ध दोहे अर्थ सहित (Kabir Saheb Ke Dohe in Hindi) 

Faila hai paakhnd ka andhkaar sab aur |

Paapi krte jaagran mcha mcha kr shor ||

Meaning:- Kabir Saheb Ji cleared the picture of liars using Religion to hide their real face. Kabir Ji said that there is hypocrisy all around. People are fake everywhere particularly those who sing lyrics of deities in the Jagran, they themselves are ignorant about the True Devotion and are creating nuisance only. And the devotees in ignorance believe these hypocrites.

Pehn mukhauta dharm ka, Karte din bhr paap|

Bhandare krte fire, Ghar me bhookha baap||

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning:- In this couplet, Kabir Saheb Ji talked about those who wear the mask of a helpful and kind hearted person in front of people. And, they are involved in good deeds such as serving food for others or in some community meal. About these kinds of people, Kabir Ji mentioned that they are pretending to be nice in the good books of others, leaving their starving father in their homes. They are rude to their parents but pretend to be good in front of others.

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, Aaps me sab bhai bhai|

Arya, Jaini aur Bishnoi, Ek Prabhu ke bache soi||

Meaning:- In this couplet, Kabir Saheb Ji said that you people are divided in different religions but in reality all are the same and are the children of One God only.

Maanush janam durlabh hai, Ye mile na barambaar |

Taruvar se patta toot gire, Woh phir na lagta daar ||

Meaning:- Kabir Saheb Ji mentioned the importance of human birth in this couplet. He said that a leaf cannot be the same after it is separated from the branch. Similarly, once one dies, it is not possible to get human life again without passing through the cycles of death and birth.

Teerth gye ek fal, Sant mile fal chaar |

Satguru mile anek fal, Kahe Kabir vichar ||

Meaning:- Visiting a pilgrimage gives one a virtue, but with the company of saints one attains more virtues. And by attaining the True Guru, many more virtues are attained in life.

Jab mein tha tab Hari nahi, Ab Hari hai main nahi|

Sab andhiyara mit gaya, Jab deepak dekhya mahin||

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning:- Kabir Ji always emphasized that God is One. But this is the root cause only that people think there are many Gods.  It is just like two blind persons are dancing but both of them are unaware of who dances well. Similarly, different religions have different Gods thinking their God is Superior which is their ignorance. They themselves are not aware of the Real God. 

Kabir Couplets in English: Kabir Saheb’s Dohe for Muslims

Kabir Saheb's Dohe for Muslims in english

Hindu turk ke beech mein, Mera naam Kabir, Jeev muktaavan kaarney, Avigat dhara sharir| |

Meaning:- Kabir Ji here described Himself to be present between the two major religions (Hinduism and Islam) at the time prevalent in Indian subcontinent where He says that I have acquired this body to liberate the souls irrespective of their religions. Kabir Saheb Ji indeed is The Supreme God who appeared as a Saint, which meant He was above the shackles of religion, caste etc.

Ram Raheem Ek Hain, Naam dharaaya doy|

Kahai Kabeera do naam suni, Bharam parau mati koy||

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning:- In this couplet, Kabir Saheb Ji cleared that the Supreme Power is one and only. He is remembered and worshipped everywhere with different names. He further mentioned that one should not be dubious by listening to distinct names of God. He (Supreme Power) is none other than Kabir Saheb Ji.

Kankar paathr jor k, Masjid lai bnaye | 

Ta chdh mulla bang de, Kya behra hua Khudaye ||

Kabir Couplets in English with Meaning for Muslims

Meaning:- Throughout His (Kabir Ji’s) stay, He tried to give everyone the right way of worship. Kabir Saheb Ji said that Muslims made mosques with sandstone where the Mulla loudly gives Azaan. He (Kabir Saheb Ji) further asked a question: Is Allah a deaf? Because The Supreme God listens to even the most minute sound. So, there is no need to give a loud Azaan.

Hindu kahe mohe Ram pyara, Turk kahe Rehmana|

Aapas me dou lad lad muye, Marm na kou jana||

Meaning:- In this couplet, Kabir Saheb ji taught both Hindus and Muslims that both fight for their religion. Hindus believe in their Ram whereas Muslims have firm faith in their Rehman.  Many have lost their lives in fighting in the name of GOD. But no one was able to know who the Real God actually is.

Kabir, Hajj kaabe ko jaun tha, Aage milya Khudaaye|

Sai mujh siu larr parya, Tujhe kinni farmayi  gaaye||

Meaning:-  In this couplet, Kabir Saheb Ji clears that going to Hajj or to some other pilgrimage is worthless. He mentioned that I left on a pilgrimage to Mecca and God met me along the way. He (God) scolded and asked me, “Who told you that I am only there?” Thus, He teaches Muslims that one cannot attain Salvation (Moksha) by going to Hajj.

Garib, Jam jaura jaase daren, Mite karam ke lekh|

Adli Asal Kabir hain, Ye kul ke Satguru Ek||

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning:-Garib Das Ji Maharaj mentioned in His verses that Kabir Saheb Ji is the Supreme Power above all as Kabir Saheb Ji is the creator of the Universe. Even Kaal (Brahm) fears from Kabir Saheb Ji. He (Kabir Ji) only can change the destiny of the devotees.

Udar beej kahan tha kalma, Kahan sunnat ik taana|

Baap turk maa hindwani, So kyun kar muslmana||

Kabir Couplets in English with Meaning for Muslims

Meaning:- In these lines, Kabir Saheb Ji asked Muslims how they became different as in the womb of their mother, they were Hindu. There were no Sunnat or other traditions in the womb. So, why are Muslims following wrong practises on the basis of folklore?

Hum hi Alakh Allah hain, Kutub gaus aur Peer,

Garibdas khalik dhani, Hmra naam Kabir||

Meaning:- Garib Das Ji mentioned the secret through His verses that Kabir Saheb Ji Is the God known in different names as Khalik, Peer, Allah. He is the only Supreme God Who is the Creator of the Universe and is sitting on His Throne in Satlok.

Kabir, Hum hi Alakh Allah hain, Mool roop sansaar|

Anant koti brahmando ka, Main hi Sirjanhaar||

Meaning:- In this couplet, Kabir Ji explained that He is the Supreme God and Allah and He (Kabir Ji) only created the infinite universes. He is the Allah in form but in ignorance, Muslims consider Allah formless.

Je koi maane kaha Hmara| Raaj kare Kabul Kandhara||

Meaning:- Kabir Ji mentioned here that those who will follow Him by taking Naam Diksha (Initiation) from Him will not only rule India but also will rule Arab countries like Kabul, Kandhaar which means that He will rule over a very vast land.

Jaati na pucho sadhu ki, Puch lijiye gyan |

Mol kro talwar ka, Pda rehn do myaan||

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning:-  In this couplet Kabir Ji mentioned that the importance of knowledge is higher than religion, so any sage’s caste should be kept aside and his knowledge should be valued. Taking an example, Kabir Saheb says that – just as the sword is used in trouble and not the sheath that covers it. Similarly, a sage’s knowledge is useful, not his caste or religion.

Duja hai to boliye, Duja jhgda sohe| 

Do andho ke naach me, Ka pe kaako mohe||

Meaning:- Kabir Ji always emphasized that God is One. But this is the root cause only that people think there are many Gods.  It is just like two blind persons are dancing but both of them are unaware of who dances well. Similarly, different religions have different Gods thinking their God is Superior which is their ignorance. They themselves are not aware of the Real God. 

Kabir, Soi peer hai, Jo jane par peer| 

Jo par peer na jaanei, So kafir bepeer||

Meaning:- Kabir Ji said that the real saint is the one who is empathetic and understands the pain of others but those who do not understand are unrepentant.

Jiv mat maro bapura, Sab mein ekai pran|

Hatya kabahun na chhuti hai, Kotin suno puran||

Meaning: Kabir Ji mentioned that one should not consume meat as the same life force pervades all. You will be punished for taking the life of other creatures.  And the sin of your actions will never leave you, even if you listen to millions of scriptures. 

Jaise pir apan ang jana| 

Taise sab jiv men mana||

Meaning: Kabir Sahib Ji instructed Muslims to not consume meat. He mentioned the pain you feel in your own self. Similarly, other living beings feel pain in the same way.

Maari gau shabad ke teeram, Aise the mohammad peeram|

Shabde phr jiwai, Hansa rakhya maans nhi bhakhya, Aise peer mohammad bhai||

Meaning: In this couplet Garib Das from the spiritual knowledge given by Kabir Ji described that Mohammad Ji never ordered Muslims to consume meat. Mohammad Ji once killed a cow with his word power and then restored it back to life in front of everyone. He did not eat the meat of the cow. 

Kabir, Paapi puja baith k, Bhkhe maans mad doi|

Tinki diksha mukti nahi, Koti nark fal hoi||

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning: In this verse, Kabir Ji mentioned those who take Initiation (Naam) from Gurus and consume meat and alcohol. They never achieve Salvation (Moksha), instead are destined to deep hell.

Kabir Couplets in English: Kabir Saheb’s Dohe For Honour Women

Kabir Dohe in English

Nari narak na janiye, Sab santan ki khaan|

Jaame harijan upjay, Soyee ratan ki khaan||

Meaning: In this couplet, Kabir Ji mentioned that every woman should be respected. No one should think of women as hell as she is the goldmine of all Saints. It is women only who give birth to the men of God. The women are the mine of jewels.    

Nari ninda na karo, Nari ratan ki khaan|

Nari se nar hot hai, Dhruv Prahlad samaan||

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning: Kabir Ji, in respect of women, said that never defame a woman, she is the mine of jewels. All famous, religious men or Saints come out of women, like Dhruva and Prahlad.

Sati ko kaun sikhawataa hai, Sang swami ke tan jarna ji|

Prem ko kaun sikhawataa hai, Tyaag maanhi bhog ka paawna ji||

Kabir Couplets in English For Honour Women

Meaning: Kabir Sahib Ji mentioned the love, respect and courage of a wife for her husband in this couplet. He said that no one teaches a widowed wife to sit in the pyre of her dead husband. Likewise, no one teaches the love to find bliss in renunciation.

Jaise sati chadhe agni par, Prem vachan na taara ho|

Aap jare auran ko jaare, Raakhe prem-marjada ho||

Meaning: In this verse, Kabir Sahib Ji told the significance of love of appeasement of a Devotee (Bhagat) towards his Guru through an example of a courageous woman.  As a widowed wife enters the fire at the bidding of love. She burns and lets others grieve, yet never dishonours love. She is the Purest example of love and Modesty.

Kabeer, rekh sindoor ki, Kaajal diya na jaye|

Naino pritam rami raha, Dooja kahaan samaaye||

Kabir Couplets in English: Meaning: In this couplet, Kabir Sahib Ji said that as a wife does not apply kajal because she loves her husband so much and the cosmetics do not attract her any more. Likewise, for a devotee, his Satguru should be everything. There is no space for anything neither in the heart nor in the eyes.

Jaag piyari ab ka sowe, Raen gayi din kaahe ko khowe |

Jin jaaga tin maanik paaya, Tain bauri sab soye ganwaya ||

Kabir Couplets in English For Honour Women

Meaning: In this verse, Kabir Ji awakens the soul of a devotee by relating it to a virtuous wife. He mentioned that O friend, awake, and sleep no more. Because the night is over and gone, thus you would not lose your day. The ones who have awakened have received jewels.

Nar naari mein ek viraaje, Do duniya mein dise kyun||

Meaning: Kabir sahib Ji mentioned that the Supreme God is only One Who is seated in every human being. Be it a man or a woman. Thus, what is the point of constructing two worlds?

Nari purush sabhi suno, Yeh Satguru ki saakh|

Vish fal fale anek hai, Mat dekho koi chaakh||

Meaning:- In this couplet, Kabir Sahib Ji instructed both men and women about the teachings of the True Satguru to not to be involved in evil activities. These are poisonous to the devotees and it increases to infinity, so remain loyal as a wife remains to her husband. Garib Das Ji also defines in His verses about a righteous woman who remains loyal to her husband in every thick and thin situation.

Garib, Patibrata suheladi, Sevan adhik apaar|

Patibrata bhave nahi, Choom chatak singaar||

Meaning: – Garib Das Ji Maharaj praised the simplicity of a virtuous wife that even though she has numerous cosmetic items or other makeup stuff still she is not interested in applying anything to beautify her body. In her simple looks also, she looks different in the crowd.

Garib, Patibrata so jaaniye, Nahin aan upaav|

Eke mann eke disa, Chadhe bhagti na bhaav||

In this verse, it is clearly described that a lady remains determined to the promise she made with her husband and did not think of any other man. Just like her, devotees should have firm faith in their True Satguru.

Garib Patibrata chuke nahi, Tan man javo sees|

Mordhawaj arpan kiya, Sir saate Jagdish||

Kabir Couplets in English For Honour Women

Kabir Dohe in English: Meaning: By taking the example of Mordhwaj who offered his head to his Guru, Garib Das Ji said that one should be that much affirmed. Such a devotee is called Patibarta. As a faithful wife never misses to make her husband happy and does not care about any loss even.

Garib, Patibrata ke sang hai, Parbrahm Jagdish|

Niraakar nijj nirmla, Hai so biswe bees||

Meaning: In this verse, Garib Das Ji mentioned that The Supreme Power (Kabir Sahib Ji) always remains with the faithful wife. He is not far from her. As she lives the way her Kant (Supreme Power) wants.    

Garib, Nari nari kya kren, Nari sargun bel|

Naari seti upje, Daadu bhagt hamel||

Meaning: – Garib Das Ji Maharaj glorified women. He said they should be respected as Dadu Sahib Ji who described the glory of Supreme God Kabir Sahib Ji, took birth from a woman.

Kabir Sahib’s Dohe in English: Message of Kabir Saheb

Kabir ji’s teachings have knowledge, advice and learning, which is aimed at public welfare. Through the above couplets, Kabir Saheb Ji has explained to both Hindus and Muslims that God is in form and has no religion and at the same time explains that both man and woman are equal and everyone should try to get salvation irrespective of their gender, caste, and religion.

For Him (GOD) all are equal. And, at present, the incarnation of God Kabir Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj can help us to understand God & attain Salvation. It is a request to everyone follow this-

Our race is living being, Humanity is our religion |

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh Christian, There is no separate religion ||

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