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Appearence of Kabir Saheb in Kalyug


Kabir saheb (Sant Kabir), known as the famous saint from the 15th century, is in true sense the Supreme God. He resides in the eternal place satlok and bears body in 3 ways as written in Rigved mandal 9 sukt 1 mantra 8. In one form he resides in satlok on a throne as mentioned in the ‘Genesis’ chapter of Bible. In other way he comes and meets good souls in the form of a sage as written in the Rigved mandal 9 sukt 86 mantra 26, like he met Guru Nanak, Hazarat Mohammad, Sultan Ibrahim Adham in Balkh in Iraq. In third way Kabir Saheb comes in this world in the form of an infant once in all the four yugas as told by the Rigved mandal 9 sukt 1 mantra 9 and Rigved mandal 9 sukt 96 mantra 17 . He directly descends from Satlok (the place where God Kabir resides and we all came from) i.e. he does not take birth from the womb of a mother. Sant Rampalji Maharaj gave an insight into his appearance in Kalyuga.

In this era of Kalyug too, he performed the same spectacle. In 1398, during the time between May and June, during early morning hours, on a full moon night, Kabir Saheb appeared in a child’s form on a lotus in a pond named Lahar Tara in Kashi, India. When he was descending from Satlok, Ashtanand, a disciple of Ramanand was meditating at the same time near the pond. While Ashtanand was meditating, he saw a bright ball of light descend from the sky and disappeared at the corner of the lake. Since the ball of light was too bright to look upon, Ashtanand closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he saw the form of a human child. On the other hand, a childless couple named Noor Ali (Neeru) and Niyamat (Neema), used to visit the pond every morning to have a bath. They were Brahmins by birth, but Muslims had converted them forcefully to Islam. Because of their conversion, they were banned from taking a bath in the holy river Ganga. This forced them to take bath in the Lahar Tara pond every morning.

That morning, after taking bath, Niyamat noticed a movement at a distance on the lotus flower. Thinking that it must be snake, she cautioned her husband who was having a bath at some distance in the pond. When she carefully gazed at the lotus flower, she noticed an infant lying on the lotus flower. Afraid that the child might drown, she urged her husband to go see if the child was fine and picked the child up from there but Noor Ali did not take her request seriously. When he noticed that Neema has become quite restless and looked deeply worried, he turned towards that lotus flower and saw a small baby boy lying on it. He hurriedly rushed towards the flower and safely picked the baby up from the flower. He handed over the baby to his wife and returned to the pond to take bath. When he finished his bathing, he thought that they are not quite popular with Muslims and Hindus are also not fond of them.

If they take the child home, people will raise questions regarding the child and if they said they found the child on a lotus flower, no one will believe them. Thinking all this, he came out of the pond and asked his wife to leave the child there itself. Neema refused to leave the child alone at that place. Listening to this, Neeru got angry and told his wife that if she doesn’t listen to him, he will slap her. When Neeru raised his hand to slap Neema, Supreme God Kabir Saheb, in the form of a child, told Neeru, that he has descended for them and no one will ask them anything. Kabir Saheb asked Neeru to take him to their home. Seeing the infant talk, Neeru got scared and silently took the child to their home.

When they reached home, everyone in Kashi including the king, came to see the child. The child had a beautiful shimmery snow white coloured body. Everyone was trying to guess, whether the infant was God or a messenger of him. Qazis came to name the child. They opened the Quran to find a suitable name for the little boy. The word on the page was “Kabir”. They thought that this name was not suitable for a poor weaver’s son. This name would suit more to a king’s son. Hence they closed the Quran and opened it again to find another name. This time, the only word they could see in the whole Quran was “Kabir”. Disturbed with these events, the Qazis left Neeru’s house and the infant boy was named “Kabir”.

25 days had passed since Neeru & Neema had found the little boy. Neema had placed the child on a cot. However, the child was lying 1 inch above the cot. The child had not consumed anything since the time he was brought home. This worried Neema and she started praying to Lord Shiva saying “if you wanted to take away the child you shouldn’t have given him to me in the first place”. If the child dies, I too will die with him. Listening to these cries, Kabir Saheb cautioned Lord Shiva to come and handle the situation. Lord Shiva came to Neeru’s house in the form of a sage and asked Neema why she was crying? She explained the entire situation to him. She brought the child and wanted to put him at the feet of the sage, so that the child would get some blessings. Just as she kept the child near his feet, the child rose up till the head of the sage. Seeing this, Neema thought that the sage is quite miraculous and will surely be able to help her.

Meanwhile, the infant and Lord Shiva spoke to each other. When the sage (Lord Shiva) noticed that the child is not just any normal child but a superior power, he greeted the child. The child instructed him to ask Neeru to get a heifer (virgin cow) and a new earthen pot from a potter. Neeru did as asked by the sage. When the heifer arrived, Neeru kept the earthen pot beneath her udder. The sage patted the cow’s back (as per the Child’s instructions). Immediately her udder grew longer and got filled with milk. The milk started flowing down to fill the earthen pot. The moment, the earthen pot filled with milk, the milk stopped flowing from the cow’s udder. This milk was then fed to the infant.

Vedas support the above mentioned spectacle performed by Lord Kabir. Rigved Mandal 9, sukt 96, mantra 17 proves that God never takes birth from a mother and he descends from Satlok in human form. Vedas also support that God comes to earth in the form of a baby and is nurtured by maiden cows – Rigved Mandal 9, sukt 1, mantra 9.
This is how Kabir Saheb – The Supreme Lord appeared on this earth in Kalyug and performed many such spectacles later in his time on earth which kept all named sages, kings and priests of that era stunned.

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