The Exceptional Spiritual Knowledge of Kabir Saheb Ji: Revealed in Detail


Spiritual Knowledge of Kabir Saheb | Kabir Saheb Ji is renowned as a poet, Saint, Satguru but in actual He is the Supreme God. Kabir Saheb testified this fact by disclosing some of those facts which only God could know. He explained our process of taking birth and dying again and again, narrated the true creation of universe, raised logical questions against existing method of worship prevailing in the society, revealed how our soul is entrapped here by the devil, exposed the identity of devil Satan (Kaal Brahm) and His cage of 21 universes, He further revealed our soul’s native place or the secret region of immortality, Satlok (heaven of heavens). 

And that is the reason why Kabir Saheb’s Spiritual Knowledge is exceptional and is way above any other argument in spirituality. Let us unfold these revelations one by one. Kabir Saheb says:

Kabir, Aur gyan sab gyanadi, Kabir gyan so gyan|

Jaise gola toab ka, Karta chale maidan||

Kabir Saheb Disclosed the Secret of Satlok

Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji wakes our soul up by making us realise that we belong to Satlok- the heavenly abode where immortality exists. He revealed through His divine verses that Satlok is a place where a soul does not roam into the cycle of birth and death. Kabir Saheb disclosed that initially we all were living in Satlok as immortal. And Satan (Kaal Brahm) befooled us there to take us to his mortal 21 realms (that were granted to him by God Kabir in return for his physical asceticism). And we went with him by choice which proved to be our biggest mistake.

Spiritual Knowledge of Kabir Saheb | We in this mortal world cannot even think of a place like Satlok where immortality exists. But it does exist. And out of our grave ignorance we have ignored our holy texts which already contain this information. In Holy Geeta ji chapter 18 verse 62 the narrator of Holy Geeta ji tells Arjun to go in refuge of the Almighty God Kabir for attaining the everlasting place Satlok. Kabir Saheb says:

Santo ki vaani hai anmol, ise na samj sake anbol |

Sahib ne bhed diya sab khol, apni satlok rajdhani ka ||

Gita Adhyay no. 18 Shlok no. 62

Tamev sharnM gachchh sarvbhaven bharat |

Tatprsadatparam shantiM sthanM prapyasi shashvatam’ ||62||

Translation: Oh Descendent of Bharat, Arjun! You, in every respect, go in the refuge of only that Supreme God. By the grace of that Supreme God, you will attain supreme peace and will attain the eternal supreme state. The meaning of “in every respect” is to not do any other pooja and to have faith in only one God by mind-action-speech.

Kabir Saheb Exposed Satan (Kaal Brahm)

True Spiritual Knowledge revealed by Supreme God Kabir through His sacred verses clearly signifies that each and every soul here is entrapped under the disease of birth and death. Satan (Kaal Brahm) controls these actions under his 21 universes out of which we are entrapped in a part of its 1 universe. Our Earth is just a part of one universe where life exists. 

Spiritual Knowledge of Kabir Saheb | He controls the cycle of giving birth, taking care and killing through his three sons Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh respectively. Satan (Kaal Brahm) who is the narrator of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Holy Vedas, Holy Quran Shareef and Holy Bible, confirmed his identity in chapter 11 verse 32 of Holy Geeta ji. Also, he is the one who himself is doing all the mass destruction as he did during Mahabharata by entering into the body of Shri Krishna. 

Kabir, teen lok pinjra bhya paap punya do jaal |

Sabhi jeev bhojan bhaye ek khaane waala Kaal ||

The act of giving birth here and then killing us is being done by Satan (Kaal Brahm). Now the question arises why he does so? This is because he has been cursed to kill 1 lakh human souls every day and produce 1.25 lakh in return and we serve him as his food after our death. This curse was given to him by Gracious God Kabir after we opted to move into Kaal’s shelter in Satlok. 

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After we opted to move with him, this curse made sure that Satan is now bound to give us one human birth after going through the lives of 84 lakh species for the attainment of God. So consider this human life to be the last chance to get to God. Because after it you never know in which form and place you will take birth. Saint Garibdas ji Maharaj from Haryana said in His sacred verses about Satan (Kaal Brahm):

Sva lakh upjye nit hansa | Ek lakh vinshe nit ansa ||

Utpatti khapti pralay pheri | Harshr shok jaura jam jeri ||

Revealed Confidential Mantra of Satnaam

In this world of uncertainties everybody wants happiness but nobody knows how to attain it. Kabir Saheb disclosed that happiness can only be attained by accumulation of good deeds and clearing off past sins. Now the question arises that how can our sins be destroyed? The answer to it is also disclosed by Kabir Saheb through His sacred verses that upon recitation of Satnaam mantra when taken from a Tatvdarshi Saint, our past sins can be cleared off. Kabir Saheb says: 

Kabir, Jab hi satnaam hridya dharyo, Bhayo paap ko naas |

Mano chingari agni ki, Paadi purane ghaas ||

Spiritual Knowledge of Kabir Saheb | Further He revealed that only one recitation of Satnam Mantra is more valuable than 14 realms present inside one universe of Satan (Kaal Brahm). Moreover our Holy Scriptures also testifies that Supreme God Kabir by giving appropriate mantras (Satnam & Sarnam) can destroy the sins of His devotees. Holy Yajurveda chapter 5 verse 32, chapter 8 verse 13 are the proofs from our Holy texts. It is after the successful recitation of Satnaam one moves ahead on to the path of attaining Supreme God Kabir.

Imparted necessity of a Satguru

Presently in this era of Kalyuga when there are so many self made Satgurus around, it becomes very important for us to understand whether we need a Satguru or not and if we need a Satguru to attain God then how to identify Him? Kabir Saheb solved these mysteries by the help of His divine spiritual knowledge. 

He clearly told in His sacred verses that without a Satguru one cannot attain God. Satguru is like a teacher for us who can decode the Holy texts from Holy Scriptures to us so that we can easily understand them. Moreover He said that any religious task done without the shelter of a Satguru is useless. Kabir Saheb says: 

Kabir, Guru binn mala ferte, Guru binn dete dann |

Guru binn dono nishfal hai, chahe pucho ved puran ||

Presented the Identifications of a Satguru

In between thousands of fake priests and sages, Kabir Saheb gave us the correct identifications to identify a Satguru. According to Kabir Saheb, a Satguru is the representative of God or He is the God Himself. And that’s why a Satguru is given a position equal to God. In Kabir Sagar adhyay Jeev Dharam Bodh page 1960, Kabir Saheb says:

Guru ke Lakshan chaar bakhana, pratham ved shastra ko gyana ||

Duje Hari Bhakti Mann Karam Bani, Teeje samdrishti kari jani ||

Chauthe ved vidhi sab karma, Ye chaar Guru gunn jaano marma ||

According to Kabir Saheb the identifications of a Satguru are:

  1. A Satguru should be the knower of all the religious texts and Holy Scriptures. And should be able to present the gist out of those Holy texts.
  2. Secondly, a Satguru should also worship and abide by its rules with His mind, words and deeds. There should not be a difference between His words and deeds.
  3. Thirdly, everybody should be equal in the eyes of a Satguru, there should be no partiality on any grounds.
  4. Lastly, a Satguru should present a correct method of worship in accordance with Holy Scriptures to all His devotees.

The divine verses and couplets of Kabir Saheb JI Saheb are recognized by every other sect throughout the globe but they fail to do its correct translation and that’s why the identity of Kabir Saheb wasn’t able to reach us. Revealing secrets like these cannot be a man made act, it is indeed an act of God. Only God can correctly reveal the universe created by Him. And so this act is either done by Supreme God Kabir Himself or His any representative (called Satguru). Let us know about Him further.

Who is the True Satguru?

Presently, Kabir Saheb has facilitated us with Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from the state of Haryana, India as His representative in the form of a Complete Saint or the True Satguru. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj stands completely on all the identifications of it. He has appropriately decoded the creation of the universe from the verses of Kabir Saheb and testified the same from all the Holy Scriptures. 

  • Firstly, He is the knower of every Holy Scripture irrespective of the religion. And has been able to prove that we all souls belong to a Supreme Almighty none other than Kabir Saheb.
  • Secondly, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj in His thoughts, words and deeds is Himself following the same path of worship as He is enlightening others.
  • Thirdly, unlike in other sects and religions He does not practice VIP culture, everybody is equal under His eyes.
  • Lastly, the method of worship given by Him is completely in accordance with our Holy Scriptures like Holy Vedas and Holy Geeta ji.

The wealth of knowledge equipped with Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj indeed proves that He is the True Satguru a devotee is looking for. It has also been observed that people are relieved from deadly diseases by the method of worship given by Him. Therefore it is the opportunity of a lifetime to get into the shelter of a man who is already extending support to save humanity from Satan (Kaal Brahm).

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