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Sant RampalJi Maharaj App Launched to Learn All Aspects of Eternal Truth


Download Sant RampalJi Maharaj App: Many spirituality lovers are happy with the launch of the Sant RampalJi Maharaj App. This app contains all the information given by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj with simple explanations of all holy scriptures. Read this article to take the best advantage of the App.

Sant RampalJi Maharaj App: Highlights

  • Spirituality lovers are happy with the launch of the Sant RampalJi Maharaj App
  • This app contains all the information given by Sant RampalJi Maharaj 
  • App has a full treasury of audios, videos, books, articles, news, blogs, and programs
  • It has simple explanations of all holy scriptures
  • Use this App to search all kinds of spiritual appetite
  • Sant RampalJi Maharaj App is available on Google Play Store

Sant RampalJi Maharaj App Has Complete Info About Supreme God

This app contains all the information given by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj with simple explanations of various verses from Vedas and Gita, passages from Puranas, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Bible and Quran. Sant Rampal Ji has made it easy to gain knowledge from these scriptures. He has written various books which are also free to download. Moreover everyone is able to listen and download the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji free of cost

Everything Is One Click Far

It is one place where all about Spirituality is available from one click for the olds or the children too without hiccups. Thousands of Spiritual oriented people are visiting the App to download and finding it easy to fulfill their thirst by searching for their needs in the Sant RampalJi Maharaj App.

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How to Download the Free App

  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • Search Sant RampalJi Maharaj Mobile App
  • Install App
  • Open App
  • Use by clicking at specific features

■ Here is the direct link to Download Sant RampalJi Maharaj Mobile App

Features of the App

  • Customizable- One can select the language according to its choice or comfort easily. One can also add his/her phone number and mail I’d.
  • Blood Donation- This app gives you a platform to donate blood. Furthermore, you can find a donor from this application. Blood donation camp is a very good movement which has solved a very big problem of finding an appropriate donor. This Is appropriate because followers of Rampal Ji are away from intoxication.
  • Anytime Anywhere app- This app is easy to use. You can use it from anywhere. This app is not only easy to use but also it is enlightening. You can gain information about your religion and holy scriptures.
  • Listen to the divine audios– You can always listen to the relaxing audios which turns mental pressure down. You can listen to these audios anywhere and charge yourself.
  • Watch Videos- Videos that will make you discover the truths of spirituality and religion. You don’t have to make time and read the holy scriptures, as in today’s world no one has time to sit and read huge scriptures and browse through every line, so here you go! You can watch the videos where you can acknowledge your beliefs, Religion and what your scriptures are saying about. You can also check out your actions based on scripture.
  • Download ebooks- You can download ebooks in various languages, and enjoy reading them which lead to a motivated version of you.
  • Order free book- You can always order a free book for you at your doorstep to make yourself aware of religion and spirituality.
  • Browse news- This app allows you to browse and read news which is happening around the world. Keep yourself updated with dowry free marriages happening in India, intoxication free world.
  • Read FAQsOne can find the answers of the questions which are common but difficult to answer. The question can be related to Spirituality, religion or personal grudges.
  • Media-  One can enjoy media for example, audios, videos, photo gallery and blogs. Blogs are related to popular and widespread topics.
  • Best for all aged people – This app is best for all aged people so that they can hear spiritual and religious content without any complication.
  • Campaigns –  Some amazing campaigns like dowry free India, religious hypocrisy, eliminating social evils, feeding the hungry, intoxication free world are inaugurated through this app.
  • Prophecies- Many famous fortune tellers like Chiero, Nostradamus, Boriska, Jean Dixon, Dr. Zelvoron, Gerard Crise have predicted about the Chyren of India.
  • Naam Diksha Inquiry- If one is curious then he can get all the information regarding Naam Deeksha by inquiring about it. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj gives free Naam Diksha to all. He also tells the rules of worship to attain salvation. One can find the nearest Naam Diksha Ashram in India or abroad. A seeker Can apply for Naam Diksha online through this app or just call for assistance.
  • Miracles- Are You fascinated by miracles and wonders? Go and watch out for the actual happenings from the people themselves.
  • Let your children be introduced to Religion- Start your children educating about religion and Spiritual life so that they can balance their emotions between sorrow and happiness. So that they can protect themselves from bad habits like corruption, intoxication and indulge themselves in spirituality and salvation.
  • Watch debates- It is hard to decide which Guru or preacher is saying right so here you can watch debates between different Religious Gurus which are organised in a very peaceful and authentic manner.
  • Irrespective of religion- One can always find interesting topics irrespective of its religion. Supreme God is one and who is He according to all religions? It is defined in a super incredible way.
  • Holy Books- one can download holy books and read them to get enlightened.
  • Watch Live- One can enjoy live sermons and always get educated from them.
  • Call for assistance- One can always get assisted for queries and questions in just one tap for 24×7
  • Bhaktibodh- One can read, listen or watch according to his/her preference and either to graft the knowledge or to perform three-time devotion.

But this application is not just limited to these features only. It is much more than these. So to enjoy them all you need is to download the app on your phone and relish its features.

SatGuru Rampal Ji Maharaj Is The Incredible Saint of This Era

Supreme Saint Jagat Guru Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Enlightened Saint in the whole universe to bestow Naam Diksha (Initiation) for attaining Salvation. He has given the most valuable and intricate knowledge about Supreme God Kabir with evidence from all the religious scriptures viz Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Puranas, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Bible, Quran, Speech of God Kabir, Garib Das Ji Maharaj etc. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has imparted the most authentic and correct way of worship to His devotees with an aim to attain liberation. 

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