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Dowry elimination by ‘Ramaeni’


Marriage is very important part of life and it’s necessary to keep the lineage going and maintain the sustenance of human beings. In marriage there are many customs which are followed before and after wedding but with time these customs take shape which itself become problematic. One of them is dowry which means giving of precious and useful things along with money during the marriage of a girl by her family to the family of the groom. Because of this, marriage takes the shape of a deal, the expense of whose depends on the job and the family status of the groom which can vary from lakhs to crores of rupees. Dowry sometimes takes the ugly shape when the greediness of the groom takes over the piousness of the relationship of marriage. The severity of the problem can be understood from the fact that this problem lies from the interior rural areas to the fully advanced urban areas where the officers of the ranks of IAS, IPS, doctors, engineers demand this beggary shamelessly.

kill the dowry systemWhen the expectations are not met by the bride’s family, then starts the misery of the girl. She is tortured by the groom’s family which many times eventually leads to murder and rape of her. Twenty-one dowry deaths are reported across India every day, but the conviction rate is only 34.7 per cent. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) states that in 2015, as many as 7,634 women died in India due to dowry harassment. Either they were burnt alive or forced to commit suicide over dowry demand.

Not only this, the horror of the dowry leads to female foeticide as the family fears of the huge prize they would have to pay at the time of her marriage. We can’t imagine the agony of the parents whose daughter is murdered for dowry, who has given her daughter, who is no less than a treasure for him, to other’s family. We can’t understand the pain of a poor family who has to kill their baby girl in the womb even before coming in this world.

Government has taken many actions but unfortunately didn’t achieve much. But now Saint Rampalji Maharaj has started a new revolution to eliminate this evil custom. He has made the basic rule to not indulge in dowry for becoming his disciple. As a result of which lakhs of his followers are organising dowry free simple marriages which lasts for 17 minutes only known as ‘Ramaeni’. More than 30 thousand ramenis have been organised in India. The society is also praising him for this reforming step. An ideology or idea can’t be terminated by force but by an ideology itself as shown by Saint Rampalji Maharaj by starting a new spiritual revolution. A simple message by him is that, “Marriage is a sacred bond, do not make it a burden for the girl’s family”.

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SA News Channel is one of the most popular News channels on social media that provides Factual News updates. Tagline: Truth that you want to know


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