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World Malaria Day 2021: Humans Seeks Disease Free World

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World Malaria Day 2021: Special support and guidance is provided from WHO to the countries towards the target of Zero malaria. In a report published on 21st April, WHO reported the success rate of controlling malaria in 2020. It is revealed that in spite of the Covid -19 pandemic, the cases of malaria in most of the countries were zero. As per the initiative of E-2020 that was launched in 2017, WHO has supported 21 countries in their efforts to get to zero malaria cases within the 2020 timeline.

World Malaria Day 2021: Key Points

  • World Malaria Day aims to eliminate Malaria from the entire world.
  • It is celebrated on 25th April annually.
  • This day highlights the success of countries in the malaria fight.
  • WHO launched E-2020 aiming to eradicate malaria by 2020.
  • A recent launch of a new initiative aims to halt transmission of the disease in 25 more countries by 2025.
  • Supreme God Kabir can make this earth disease free.

Why Do People Have to Suffer From Diseases?

There is no doubt that we are given birth according to our Karmas. The fact is we became attracted towards the Kaal (Brahm) and turned away from our happiness giving God. We didn’t remain loyal towards the Supreme God (Kabir Sahib Ji, Our eternal Father). Since that time our suffering started. This is the reason, everywhere no one is happy. Be it rich, poor or someone from the middle class. 

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Looking at us suffering from deadly diseases, Our Father (Kabir Sahib Ji) cries a lot as parents cannot see their children in pain. We left our home (Satlok) for Kaal and started following the fake practices told by him (Kaal) which are against our Father’s wish. Kabir Sahib Ji mentioned in His verse that He cries for His children, and they are crying for Me. No one can understand this love and affection. The lines are as follows:

Main rowat hu srishti ko, Ye srishti rowe Mohe |

Garibdas is viyog ko, Samjh na skta koye ||

In other verses God Kabir Ji says – 

Kabir, Teen lok pinjra bhya paap punya do jaal |

Sabhi jeev bhojan bhaye ek khaane waala Kaal ||

Garib, Ek paapi ek punyi aaya, Ek hai soom dalel re |

 Bina bhajan koi kaam nahin aavae, Sab hai yam ki jail re ||

This means that Kaal has captured all the living beings in the cage of the three Lokas by entangling them in the net of karm-bharm and sins-virtues. And only by taking Naam Diksha (Initiation) from a True Guru one gets rid of this trap.

Which Is the True Devotion?

As India is a diverse country. Here only, people worship several deities thinking that they are reciting the True Naam. Also, in other parts of the world, people do bhakti (devotion) against the scriptures. 

The method of true Bhakti is mentioned in our Holy Books. It is mentioned in Gita JI also that The Supreme God is, however, someone else, who by entering into the three Lokas sustains everyone and is called as Eternal Supreme God.

  • Gita Ji Adhyay no. 15 Shlok no. 16 

Dwau, imau, purushau, loke, ksharH, ch, aksharH, ev, ch,

KsharH, sarvani, bhootani, kootasthH, aksharH, uchyate

Kabir Saheb Ji said in this verse that the Supreme Power never takes birth from the womb of a mother. This is the identity of God.

Kabir, Ram krishna avatar hain, Inka naahi sansaar |

Jin Sahib sansaar kiya, So kinhu na janmya naari ||

At present only Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the True Spiritual Saint Who provides true devotion from the scriptures. So, one should not waste time in order to get rid of deadly diseases because Only a True Saint has the power to change destiny even if it is death. He can increase the life of His devotees.

Masa ghte na til bdhe, Bidhna likhe jo lekh |

Saacha Satguru metkar, Upar maarde mekh ||

It is requested from the people of the world to please identify the Supreme God as He only has the power to eradicate all the deadliest diseases which are created by Kaal to kill the humans as he got the hint that God is present on earth to take us back Home. For more in-depth information about Supreme God and His powers please watch discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on YouTube’s Satlok Ashram 

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