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Female Foeticide & its Spiritual Remedy

Dowry Free India
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Daughters, in a country like India are viewed as “BURDEN”, because people feel that financial liability of raising a daughter is too high. When thought in terms of financial liability, it becomes clear that this liability does not arise from fulfilling a girl child’s nutritional needs and education, but from her marriage especially dowry and other post marital rituals and also from the violence like ‘RAPE’ and ‘Molestation’ inflicted upon women, maintenance of family reputation and so on.

How can we imagine a world without women?

There are so many examples where women have overpowered men, in almost all the fields. For example the eloquence of sage Gargi was astonishing, the devotion and sacrifice of Meera bai, the achievements of Kalpana Chawla who was the first Indian astronaut in space, the ICICI Bank CEO, Chanda Kochhar who has recently made it to the Fortune list of 25 most powerful women in the Asia-Pacific region and many more . The list is never exhausting.

In our country, people look upon a son as an “Asset” and a daughter as a “Liability” for various reasons such as
1) A son can carry forward the family lineage.
2) A son can earn a living for a family
3) A son can take care of the parents in old age
4) A son can undertake the cremation and final rites of the deceased family members and the list goes on.

By the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, technological advancements in medical science made it easier to identify any medical issues and Gender of the unborn child. This advancement called as (Ultrasound Sonography) was supposed to be used to protect the child and parents from sufferings that would fall upon them after child would be born with major illnesses. When this technology came to India, the ‘Demonic Daughter Killers’ used it to identify the gender of the unborn child and kill it, if it is a female.

dowry free india
It is really a sorry state for our country because daughters are killed even before they could open their eyes in this world. People find it “Convenient” to spend Rupees 500 in the present than Rs 5 Lakh in the future.
In India, government has declared identifying and disclosing the gender of the unborn child as illegal and it invites punishment under Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 2004. Government has tried to implement a lot of policies such as Integrated Child Development scheme, National Nutritional policy (1993), the Mid-Day Meal scheme and so on. However, the success rate is very low.

On a spiritual level, according to the knowledge in Vedas, Bhagwad Geeta, Garud Puraan and holy books of other religions, killing any living being is a heinous sin and the culprit soul encounters grave punishment for this. If people could be made aware about the way a soul is tormented in hell, this crime can be controlled.
With the help of spiritual knowledge, the wedding ceremony can be made simple by eliminating unnecessary rituals and making the entire activity affordable to even a common man. Also complete elimination of dowry could be of great help to get the society rid of this evil crime. In India, Sant Rampalji Maharaj has been making efforts in this regard since last two decades and the result is astonishing.

He has laid certain rules and norms to become his disciple and these have to be followed strictly. His disciples don’t differentiate between the genders, treat all genders equally. He has restricted his disciples from any give and take of ‘Dowry’ completely. He has also laid restrictions on unnecessary rituals before, during and post wedding. Sant Rampalji Maharaj has taught his disciples that whatever you do becomes your Karma and no one would bear the fruits of it, but you. He shows the path of true way of worshipping the Supreme God which leads to contentment and finally Salvation. Because of this, many poor families have been able to get their daughters married without any worries of dowry and other financial burdens that a wedding generally lays upon a girl’s parents. To know how the people give up the thought of marital rituals and dowry altogether, one will have to listen to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampalji Maharaj which are aired on many international T.V. channels.
Truly, Spiritual knowledge imparted by Sant Rampalji Maharaj has been doing a wondrous job in this regard as it is helping to bring up the survival rates of a girl child and has given her “Right to Live”.

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  1. यत्र यत्र नारी पूज्यनते,तत्र तत्र देवता रमयन्ते। नारी तू नारायणी। Half of the population do deserves their right. Saavitri,Sita and Anusuya are the ideal of women who single handedly defeated the entire husk of evil with their cosmic energy. Long live Ardhanarishwar,Long live Mother India

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