THE REALITY OF LIFE: What happens to a soul after death?


We are busy living in a world, where any second can turn our happiness into a trail of sorrow and repentance! A land where people are suffering; be it in terms of physical, mental or financial problems, is definitely not the eternal and affluent kingdom of God.

“God is kind”, were the words most commonly heard, but contradictory are the incidents we see every single day! People are found ailing in hospitals, drastic disasters take a toll on numerous lives, souls crib for a morsel of food and much more are the sufferings that can’t ever be penned down! Is this the meaning of kindness or is God a vague word or are we worshipping someone, who is not worthy of being so?!  We’ll be taking five questions, the answers of which will make the path of our life illuminated.

Question 1: Though people worship with their heart and soul, why do they suffer? Also, what is the need to worship if you have all the luxuries of life?

Answer: Starting with the biggest sin that all the living beings on this earth, be it as small as an ant or as big as an elephant, committed, due to which we are suffering since ages (yugas). We all resided in the ever happy abode (discussed later), where everything was granted free of cost. We had our own families there and lived a peaceful life. Then occurred an incident in which all of us got trapped.

Just like people get attracted towards actors and actresses, not realizing the fact that they are doing all that drama for earning their livelihood; we got deeply influenced by one of the souls, who was doing extreme meditation (Tapp) there. Our level of fascination towards him was at the highest peak, so much that we forgot our actual caretaker (God- discussed later) and started loving him from the very core! And this was the beginning of the unending miseries, that we are made to face.

The soul who did extreme meditation is named Kshar Purush (later on renamed as Kaal), who demanded 21 Brahmands (universes) from God. He then did more Tapp and demanded some souls from God. God completely refused for the same as he knew that Kaal will make us suffer badly. But, because of our intense desire to go with him, we landed on this mortal land and he succeeded in making us all, a complete fool! To know more read the creation of nature by Jagatguru Rampal JI in depth

The miseries we face today, the disasters that place, the diseases we suffer from, are all a curse from Kaal (also known as Brahm/Kshr Purush/Niranjan) because he feels immense pleasure in making God cry, seeing his souls suffer! All the worship that people do today, is restricted to the worship of Kaal, who is the real villain and Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv are his sons; Durga being his wife (the first soul to raise a hand for coming with Kaal). People do worship with their heart and soul but do not get a single benefit because they are worshipping the villain (who is a butcher and can make any soul die uncertainly anytime) and have no clue about who the Real God is!

The correct method of worship is mentioned in our holy books, be it of any religion. If we worship accordingly, the benefits of true worship will get showered upon us that can eradicate any deadly disease and can grant life extension. The ultimate authority to strike off the bad deeds of our account is someone else, that we were not made aware of!

Bitter Reality of Life

Even if you have all the comforts as well as luxuries of life, stress on the fact that not even a single penny will go with you after you die! this is the reality of human life. your body will also be left here in this mortal land, either in a buried state or will be converted into ashes. Time has now come, to recollect the fact that, there is a chronic disease we have been suffering from since time immemorial, which is the vicious trap of life and death. Today you are a human, you have all the comforts, but what after death? You got no address!

That is why, we need to worship correctly by taking our holy books as the base so that we can land back to our native abode, where happiness and equality prevail! The real benefit of true worship is salvation, by-products being the worldly benefits of physical, mental and financial well being! It is mentioned in

  • Yajurved- Section 8 (Adhyay), Mantra 13; that the power of God is seamless and he can erase all the bad deeds done unconsciously in the past and can grant life extension as well.

Having understood the need for true worship, let us take the second question to understand the reality of life.

■ Question 2: Where have we come from and where do we land after death?

Answer: It is a fact that nobody wants to face any problem, nobody likes getting old and all are afraid of dying. This is so because, we belong from a land where there is no sorrow, no old age and most importantly, no death!

Gita- Section 15 (Adhyay), Verse 4 (Shlok);

The giver of Gita’s knowledge (Kaal), is talking about a place, which when attained by a disciple after coming under the refuge of the Tatavdarshi Saint, will end the vicious cycle of life and death. That place is eternal and pious! Kaal himself says that he also worships the Eternal God and only he should be worshipped by all.

We, therefore hail from the eternal land of “SATLOK”, wherein we lived a happy and peaceful life, as there is plenty of abundance in everything. No bad attributes are found in any soul. Placed above heaven (which is mortal), Satlok is devoid of any pain and disease. Clearly is our native abode mentioned in Shri Guru Granth Sahib as well, named “Sachkhand” that was visited by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, with the blessings of God.

Kabir Sagar:

Dharamdas ye jag baurana,

Koi na jaane padd nirvana.

Yhi kaaran mai katha pasara,

Jagg se khiye ek ram nyara!

■ Meaning: Dharamdas Ji was also taken to Satlok and sent back on earth, when he told, that the entire world is living a fake life, not knowing anything about the immortal and peaceful land. He said that God is someone else, whom he met in Satlok!

In the words of Garibdas Ji,

Sankhon lehar mehar ki upje,

Kehar nahi jaha koi.

Das Garib achal avinashi,

Sukh ka sagar soi!

Meaning: The perennial source of happiness is Satlok, where positive and radiant vibes sow seeds of piousness in every soul. There are no evils and disasters in the immortal land. The process of attaining this place is called salvation!

What happens to a soul after death?

Gita- Section 9 (Adhyay), Verse 25 (Shlok);

As you sow, so shall you reap are the words that stand true in case of worship too! It is written in Gita, that those who worship ghosts will become ghosts, those who worship their ancestors will become spirits and those who worship gods and goddesses will reach their lands, but all will remain trapped in the cycle of life and death. Even the worshippers of Kaal (Brahm), remain chained in this mortal land.

Gita- Section 7 (Adhyay), Verse 20 and 15 (Shlok);

Also, it is written that those who worship the Three Gunas; Rajgunn Brahma, Satgunn Vishnu, and Tamgunn Shiv, they are the most inferior of all humans, do bad deeds like demons and are fools as they do not even worship the giver of Gita’s knowledge (who is Kaal himself).

Aaye hai so jaenge,
Raja rank fakeer.

Ek singhasan chad chale,
Ek bandhe jae zanzeer!

Meaning: Each and every person will die in this mortal land, but there would be a difference in the way of dying. Those who take refuge of the Real Saint will be seated on a throne and will be taken back to the eternal land while those who do not worship or worship incorrectly will be chained and carried, by the demons of Yamraj! There will be a full account of their good and bad deeds. A person will end his stay in heaven by using the currency of his good deeds and then, hell is ready to set the soul on fire by torturing it in numerous ways. Then, the soul will be thrown back on earth, in the cover of any of the eighty-four lakh life forms, chaining him/her in this mortal land!

Those people who ignorantly say that, “who has seen what happens after death?”, should take notice of the animals, who face endless problems and eat the leftovers, with the dirt getting inside along with! They too were humans once and boldly proclaimed that nothing happens after death. Now, they get landed into a situation where they suffer and weep but have no alternative. But, same is not the case with humans! We all have a golden opportunity because we have been blessed with the precious human body.

What is the biggest truth of life?

Realizing the bitter truth of life that any of us can die uncertainly anytime and hell, as well as heaven, are mortal, we need to get insurance from God and initiate the much imperative task of true worship so as to attain salvation.

Let’s come to the most pondered question that was not known by anybody.

Question 3: Is God in form or formless?

Answer: Many saints destroyed their body by going to jungles and mountains, with the sole motive of attaining God! While numerous fake gurus misled the devotee community by telling that God is formless, let us see the proofs from our own Holy Books that clearly state the fact that, “GOD IS IN FORM”.

■ Rigved- Mandal 9, Sukt 82, Mantra 1,2 & 3;

God, who has divine brightness and is the destroyer of sins, is worthy of being viewed just like a king. This line stresses two important facts. Firstly, God has unbound power to strike off any bad deeds of his disciple and secondly, God is in form just like a king!

Yajurved- Section 5 (Adhyay), Mantra 1;

Agne TanuH Asi | Vishnve Tva Somasya Tanur’ Asi ||

Meaning: Clearly is it mentioned in this mantra, that God has a body and He nurtures each and everyone, with the main aim of letting his souls know the true spiritual knowledge. He reduces his effulgence when he descends on this mortal land, while in reality the brightness in one hair follicle of his, is equal to the light of crore suns and moons put together!

A similar description of God is given in Yajurved- Adhyay 1, Mantra 15 where it is written that God has a body and is in form.

■ Quran Sharif – Surat Al Furqan

Verse 25:59: God created nature in 6 days and sat on his throne on the 7th, putting emphasis on the fact that God is in form.

Bible- Genesis, Sixth Day of Creation;

1:26- Then God said, “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small.”

1:27- So God created human beings, making them be like himself. He created them male and female.
Conclusion: In the Genesis section of the Holy Bible, it is written that God created humans in the same form as he is, reinstating the fact that God is in form. He categorized them into two categories, male and female.

■ Guru Granth Sahib- Page 1257, Malaar Mehla 1, Ghar 2;

Baage kaapad bole bain,

Lamba nakk kaale tere nain.

Kabhu Saheb dekheya bhaind,

Uda ud Chda Asmaan,

Saheb Samath tere tain!

■ Meaning: Guru Nanak Dev Ji met God, who was his Guru himself! He wore white clothes and had a long nose. His eyeballs were black and he is in form. He goes to his native land with extremely fast speed and he is the Real God, who should be worshipped by all!

As there can be no sunlight without the sun, similar is the case with the power of God too. Without God being existent, the power won’t exist! Therefore, all Holy Books state one fact transparently, that “GOD IS IN FORM AND HAS A HUMAN LIKE BODY”.

Realizing that God is in form, we need to have a peek into the next and most important question.

Question 4: Who is God?

Answer: Since childhood, all have heard a sentence, “GOD IS ONE” and then, we are told a tsunami of names of gods and goddesses! This sentence is absolutely true but we were not made aware of the fact, making us take things as they were being carried on by society.

The Attributes of God

It is written in the Vedas that God doesn’t take birth from a mother’s womb and doesn’t die. He descends on earth seeing his souls suffer and delivers his spiritual knowledge in the childhood itself in the form of an extraordinarily intelligent child. He consumes the milk of a maiden (untouched and unmarried) cow. His power knows no bounds and he is the only one who makes people aware of the prime motive of human life, which is to land back to our native land, Satlok!

All holy books, be it of any religion, sing the praise of one God and clearly mention His name as well!

■ Rigved- Mandal 10, Sukt 4, Mantra 3;

“Shishum n Twa jenyam vardhayanti mata vibharti sachansyamaanaa|
dhanoH adhi pravata yaasi haryan jigishase pashuriv avsrishtH” ||

Meaning: Supreme God doesn’t take birth from a mother. He created himself with the power of the word and he himself descends on earth to wipe off all pain, from the lives of his children and lets them know the prime motive of getting a human life!

■ Rigved- Mandal 9, Sukt 1, Mantra 9;

“Abhi imM adhnya ut shreenanti dhenavH shishum′|
Sommindray paatve” ||

Meaning: God is nurtured by the milk of maiden cows, whenever he comes on this mortal land in the form of a child, to deliver true spiritual knowledge.

Rigved- Mandal 10, Sukt 4, Mantra 4;

“Mura amur n vayam chikitvo mahitvamgne tvamag vitse|
vashye vricharati jihnayaadtrorihyate yuvatim vishpatiH san” ||

Meaning: God doesn’t get married and has no wife! He is the creator, the father as well as mother of all souls.

■ Rigved- Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18;

“Rishimna ya rishikrit swarshaH sahastraneethH padviH kavinam|
Trteeyam dhaam mahishH sisha sant somH viraajmaanu rajti stup” ||

Meaning: God delivers true spiritual knowledge by the use of poems and proverbs, due to which he gets recognized as a renowned poet!

Rigved- Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 17;

“Shishum jagyaanm hry tam mrjanti shumbhanti vahin marutH ganen||
Kavirgeerbhi kavyena Kavir sant somH pavitrm atyeti rebhan||

Meaning: Supreme God, for delivering his true knowledge, himself appears on this mortal land in the form of a child. He stands anywhere and starts reciting the ultimate knowledge in the form of verses having a poetic touch, known as Kavir (Kabir) Vaani! Because of the melodious and poetic insight, people start calling him a poet (Kavi), while the fact is that he is God himself and his name is Kavir Dev!

Quran: In holy Quran, numerous are the places where the name Kabir is found!

Verse 25:52: “Fala-Tutiyal-Kafiran-ve-Jahidhum-Bihi-Jihadan-Kabiran”

Meaning: Lord Kabir has been mentioned in Quran as ‘Kabir’ or Kabira’ or ‘ Kabiran’ or ‘Khabira’ or ‘Khabiran. It is written that people should not listen to the disbelievers of Lord Kabir, because he is the ultimate God.

Verse 25:58:  Va tavakkal’ alal’- harulliji la yamutu va sabbih’ bihm’dihi va kafaa bihi bijunoobi ibadihi Khabira (Kabira)

Meaning: The knowledge giver of the Quran is talking about Allah Tala, who comes in the form of a Zinda Baba. He is immortal and should be trusted upon. That God is someone other than the giver of the Quran’s knowledge. His name is Kabir!

Verse 25:59: All’ji khalakassmaavaati val’arj va ma bainhuma fi sittati ayyaamin’ summastwa alal’arshi arrh’maanu fs’al’ bihi Khabiran’ (Kabiran’) |

Meaning: The God who narrated Quran Sharif told Prophet Muhammad that, the one who created the nature in six days and sat on his throne on the seventh day, is Lord Kabir himself.

■ Iyov 36:5 – Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

See, El is Kabir, and despiseth, not any;

Meaning: Supreme God is Kabir, but despises no one. He is firm in his purpose and descends on earth to take his souls back to the ever happy abode.

■ Guru Granth Sahib, Page 24, Raag Siri- Mehla 1, Shabad 29;

Faahi soorat malukki ves, eh thagvaara thaggi des ||
Kharaa syaana bahuta bhaar, dhaanak roop raha kartaar ||3||

Meaning: The weaver (dhaanak) of Kashi, who has an innocent face and simple outfit is disguising us all, by playing this role, while in reality he is God himself! He is omniscient and the most intelligent of all.

Guru Granth Sahib, Page 721 – Rag Tilang- Mehla 1;

Yak arj guftam pesh to dar gosh Kun Kartaar l

Hakka Kabir kareem tu beaib Parvardagaar ll

Meaning: Guru Nanak Dev Ji is praying in front of the creator of all universes, that you are the one who holds supremacy on all souls and you are free from any sort of evil and wrongdoing. You are Lord Kabir and you alone, are the truth, we have been searching for!

■ Bhai Baale Saakhi- Hindi translation, Page 189;

Khaalak Aadam Sirjiya, Aalam Bada Kabir l
Kayam Daiam Kudarti, Sir peeran de peer ll

Meaning: Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, that the one who gave birth to Adam, is none other than Supreme God Kabir! Worship him as, he himself, is the Guru and creator of all other gurus and saints.

Lord Kabir descends on this mortal land every now and then, in every yuga, to impart true spiritual knowledge to his beloved souls.

Satyug me Sat Sukrit ke tera,

Treta naam Muninder mera.

Dwapar me Karunamay kahaya,

Kalyug naam Kabir dhraya!

Meaning: In the first yuga named Satyug, God Kabir comes with the name of Sat Sukrit. He is known by the name Rishi Muninder and Karunamay in Treta and Dwapar, respectively. In the last yuga, Kalyug, he is known by his real name, that is, Kabir!

Therefore, acting as a weaver some 600 years back, he came in the pious place of Kashi, “LORD KABIR IS GOD”, whose status was restricted to that of a poet! He landed on a Lotus flower in the Lehar tara pond, when he was taken by a childless couple, Neeru and Neema to their place. He is the only one who came with his own power and didn’t take birth from a mother’s womb.

He was nurtured by the milk of maiden cows, which came from Satlok with his grace only. He then delivered his spiritual knowledge and because of his boundless power and the benefits that people received, sixty-four lakh people became his disciples. Also, while ending his stay in Kashi, Lord Kabir went to his native land with his body and flowers were found at the place where he lied down. All of this, in itself stresses importance on the fact that Lord Kabir is the Real God, the creator of the entire universes and beyond and he is worthy of being worshipped.

Question 5: Why do we need a Guru in our life and who is the Real Saint?

Answer: Importance of a Guru: We reside in a society which does teach us, all the tantrums which are to be done for earning our livelihood and grasping the worldly knowledge. But, only a True Guru lets us know, the main motive of getting a human body, which would have otherwise, got wasted! He is one who makes us aware of our existence (where have we come from and where do we land after death) and stands as a connection between us and God! Without a Guru, we would have left this body, without attaining anything.

■ Take a note of the below-mentioned words

Ram Krishan se kaun bda,

Unhu bhi Guru keen.

Teen lok ke ve dhani,

Guru aage aadheen!

Meaning: Even Ram and Krishna had their spiritual gurus, where do we stand in front of them? Absolutely, nowhere. This, in itself, stresses the importance of having a guru in your life.

■ The attributes of a Real Saint:

Satguru ke lakshan kahu,

Madhure bain vinod.

Char ved chatt shashtr,

Vo khe athara bodh!

Meaning: The words and speech of the Real Saint are divine and pious. He delivers the spiritual knowledge, taking our Holy books and scriptures as the base!

Also, take an insight into these lines which are written on Page 1960 of Kabir Sagar, Chapter- Jeev Dharam Bodh regarding the Real Guru;

Guru ke lakshan chaar bakhana,
Pratham ved shastra ko gyana |
Dooje Hari bhakti man karm baani,
Teesre samdrishti kar jaani |
Chauthe ved vidhi sab karma,
Ye chaar guru gun jano marma |

Meaning: A Real Saint (Tatavdarshi Guru) is characterized by four main attributes; He has complete knowledge of Vedas and all other Holy books. He himself acts as a real and mindful devotee of God. There is absolutely no difference in his words and actions. He treats all his disciples at par, no matter a person lives in rags or riches. Equality, thus prevails, in his actions and speech. He worships according to the Holy books and scriptures and makes his disciples do the same. Arbitrary worship is, therefore, banned.

Taking all these points into consideration, Saint Rampal Ji is the only Guru who lets people know the correct way of worship, taking the Holy books of all religions as the base. He is the only one who provides true spiritual knowledge, free of cost and guarantees salvation. His speech is pious and divine are the teachings, which have transformed the lives of his disciples towards the best.

Gita- Chapter 15, Verse 1;

Oordhav moolam adhH shaakhm ashvattham praahuH avyyam |
Chhandasi yasya prnaani yaH tam ved saH vedvit ||

Meaning: Tatavdarshi Saint is the one, who lets us know all the parts of the inverted worldly peepal tree, beginning with the roots and going on till the leaves, taking our holy books as the base for delivering the spiritual knowledge.

This has been done by Saint Rampal Ji only, putting light on the fact that He is the Tatavdarshi Saint, all holy books talk about! He told us that,

Kabir, Akshar Purush ek ped hai, Kshar Purush vaaki daar |
Teeno deva shaakha hain, paat roop sansaar ||

Meaning: The trunk of the peepal tree is to be considered as Akshar Purush (who is mortal). Many thick branches arise from the trunk. Consider one of those thick branches, to be Kshar Purush. Three more branches arise from the main branch. These are to be considered as the three gods (Rajgun Brahma, Satgun Vishnu, and Tamgun Shiv); the leaves coming out of these branches are to be considered as the people who reside in this mortal land. The roots of the tree being Lord Kabir himself, who is indestructible!


Saint Rampal Ji told us, that in order for a tree to bear fruit, important is the fact that the roots need to be watered. Similarly, for getting all the benefits in this mortal land, we need to worship the roots, that is, Lord Kabir and all the parts of branches of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv will ultimately bear fruit, that is, provide us with the benefits they are entitled to give! Till now, we were watering the leaves and wanted fruit, which is practically impossible. This tree was till now inverted, but, Saint Rampal Ji has told the secret behind the inverted tree and set it straight, by providing the complete and authentic course of worship that guarantees salvation!

Gita- Chapter 15, Verse 3;

The giver of Gita’s knowledge (Kaal) is telling Arjun to go under the refuge of the Tatavdarshi Saint, who is worthy of telling the secret behind the inverted worldly tree. Kaal himself proclaims that God is someone else, other than him, who can be attained only by taking shelter of the Real Guru as, he is himself, unaware of the same.

Gita- Adhyay 17, Shlok 23:

For attaining the native abode, Satlok, there is a direction and emphasis on three mantras, “Om Tatt Satt”. These three words can be decoded only by the Tatavdarshi Saint. The speaker of Gita has no knowledge about the same.

Quran Sharif- Surat Al Furqan;

25:59: He who created the heavens and the earth and what is between Sky and Earth in six days and then established Himself above the Throne – the Most Merciful [Kabir], so ask about Him from one well informed.
Conclusion: Quran also talks about the “Baakhabar” or the enlightened saint who has complete knowledge about the holy books and scriptures. He is Lord Kabir, who descends himself, to deliver the true facts about spirituality!

Gita- Chapter 4, Verse 32;

It is stated that Param Akshar Brahm (Lord Kabir), himself descends on earth and delivers the Tatavgyan (true and complete spiritual knowledge) with his divine and pious words!

Take a peek into these words,

Kabir, Guru bin maala ferte,
Guru bin dete daan.
Guru bin dono nishfall hai,
Chahe pucho ved puraan!

Meaning: Those who worship without taking initiation from the Complete Guru and give charity, both stand nullified and fruitless.

Guru bde govind se,
Mann me dekh vichaar.
Hari sumre vo rehgye ,
Guru sumre hoe paar!

Meaning: The status of a Guru stands above God because he is the one who made us know the reality of life and connected us with God. Those who worship without attaining initiation from the True Guru, stay stuck in the vicious circle of life and death.

Kabira ye tan jaega
Ske to thaahar la
Ek sewa kar Satguru ki
Aur Govind ke gunn ga!

Meaning: With all this, the heart and mind of humans should realise the dire need of the hour is to begin the most important task of true worship, as any second could be your last one! After taking initiation from the Complete Saint, who is none other than Saint Rampal Ji, people get blessed with life extensions till they complete their spiritual discourse.

Kabira vo din yaad kro,
Upar pag tle sheesh.
Is mritmandal me aake,
Tu bhoolgya jagdish!

Meaning: Recollect the time when you were in your mother’s womb, your body was placed upside down and when you dedicatedly prayed to come out of the painful situation that every child has to face. As soon as we pop out, we completely forget our main motive and a new worldly lesson is taught to us. The sole purpose that earlier was to end the cycle of life and death by searching for the Real Saint, whose divinity has been glorified in our scriptures, now gets converted to something very narrow.

Lastly, take note of the words;


Meaning: Only the Real Saint can act as our lawyer in the court of God, where lies are not acceptable and justice surely prevails! Numerous are the bad deeds in our account, the ultimate power to strike them off, lies in the hands of the Real Saint.

Come under the shelter of Saint Rampal Ji, who is the Chyren, all great astrologers have predicted about. Make the most of your human life by landing back to the immortal and plentiful land. GOD IS HERE ON EARTH!

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