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God is not formless | Who is God |

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Who is God? | What is God? | Formless Meaning & Definition | Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

  • Today we will resolve mysterious questions like who is God, What is God, Is God Formless or in form, what is the meaning & definition of formless. Let’s start.

■ Real Meaning & Definition of Forlmess.

The true meaning and definition of the formless ” which we cannot see with our own eyes” “Nirakar “. According to Google results: clear or without definite shape or structure.

  • What & who is God?: the word indicates a supreme being, the creator and the ruler of the universes. A being perfect in all regards via; power, wisdom, love, mercy and is worthy of being God is generally believed to be omnipotent, omnipresent and benevolent. All religions give him different names such as Allah, God, Parmatma, Dieu, Jumal, Gott, so on and so forth. All mankind believes that God is the one who can grant us unconditional love, eternity, contentment and that feeling of eternal bliss. Kabir is Supreme & Almighty God.

Do we yearn for God?

This one is a tricky question because a large proportion of the human population truly yearns for God whereas few from the remaining population seek God only when in distress and few others don’t believe in his existence while the remaining population believes in Satan.

Can God be attained?

This question is more trickier than the previous one because even though people seek him whether in good times or in distress, they aren’t sure if God can be attained or how to attain him, if attaining him is possible. I often used to wonder who is God, what is his name and how does he look like? I often raised my queries to our religious preachers. However, all I got from them was “He cannot be seen because God is formless“.

Is God really formless?

We cannot deny the fact that the prayers we do are undertaken with a view point of attaining blessings from him and to unite with him. But, what I fail to understand is how could you move towards something and unite with it when it cannot be seen??? To be able to unite with something, it has to have a visible structure. It is like agreeing to the fact that the sun gives light but believing that the sun is formless. Does it make any sense?? When spoken about God, the word “He” is used for him. This means God is believed to be a male. Then how can people say for sure that God is formless?

God is not formless, what does God look like?

Let’s shrug off what people’s belief system is? Some sages got the golden chance of meeting the Almighty and they even saw the place where he lives. These sages took birth during different time periods yet the account of their experience with the Supreme Almighty is exactly the same.

The names of those sages are:

  1. Respected: Guru Nanak ji.
  2. Respected Dharamdas ji of Bandhavgarh,Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Respected Dadu das Sahib ji.
  4. Respected Malook Das Sahib ji.
  5. Respected Garibdas Sahib ji village chhudani, jhajjar Haryana.
  6. Respected Gheesa das Sahib ji.

Let us look at what the experiences of these sages have to say in this regard.
All these sages talk about meeting a priest having appearance like Muslim fakir often referred to as “Jinda”. That Jinda sage took them up to a place called Satlok beyond the great heaven. All of them tell that they saw a big beautiful throne bedazzled with precious stones with a dome above it. They saw effulgent Almighty seated on that throne and a flabellum swaying on it’s own over Almighty’s head. When they saw Almighty seated on the throne, they all thought that the sage who brought them here would be a servant of the Almighty.

Upon this, the Almighty seated on the throne stood up and made way for the Jinda sage to sit and effulgent Almighty swayed the flabellum on Jinda sage’s head. This occurrence confused each one of them. While they tried to relate what exactly happened; the Almighty who held the flabellum converged with the body of the Jinda sage and the flabellum swayed on it’s own. Now only Jinda sage with an effulgent appearance remained seated on the throne of the overall controller.

These witnesses have given a detailed account of how Almighty looks, what that place “Satlok” looks like and how is it different from the heavens and the great heavens. And to our surprise even these descriptions match exactly with each other.

Now the point to be noted here is that these sages took birth in different time periods and there was no scope that they could have had access to life accounts of other sages as they were distances apart. Travel during that period was still undertaken through bullock carts and there was no scope for libraries to exist. Yet their books talk about same intricate details. Can this be a coincidence?? Apparently not. Because there is repetition of events plus the duration of the visits of these sages in Satlok varies which rules out coincidence. This proves that God is not formless.

Holy Scriptures and formless God. Let us examine what holy books have to say.

  • Hinduism and formless God

    : The scriptures regarded as holy by Hindus; Bhagwad Gita and the Vedas; clearly state that Almighty God is not formless. He has a form and looks like a king. There are writings in many places in the Vedas that Almighty God is not formless, about his name and where he lives. To quote a few, Yajurved adhyay 5 mantra 1, Atharva Ved, Kaand no. 4 Anuvaad no.1 Mantra no. 7, Rig ved, Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18, Yajur Ved Adhyay 5 Mantra 32

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Formless God in Islam

: All Muslims praise Allah as “La ilaha illallah” meaning there is no other deity but God. They believe that Allah is formless and he cannot be seen. But to the contrary, the book considered sacred by them; Holy Quran Sharif tells a different story about God. According to the creation of the universe,

  • God created everything between the earth and the sky in six days and enthroned on the seventh day. Give it a thought, how can someone who is formless “sit” on the throne??? Also in Holy Quran Sharif – Surat Al Furqan 25: 52 – 59, it is clearly mentioned that the giver of knowledge of holy Quran is asking the followers to look for an enlightened saint (bakhabar) who can guide them to meet Allah Kabir.


  • Formless God in Bible:

    Just like Holy Quran Sharif, even Holy Bible clearly indicates that God is not formless in Genesis A 1:20 – 2:5. Holy Bible also narrated an

incident where Adam and Eve hid in the garden of Eden as they were naked when God was taking a walk in the evening. God questioned them if they ate the fruit of wisdom to which they both replied yes. God then made them clothes. This shows that God could be seen, He was walking and he spoke with them as well. In the church, Catholics say that God created mankind in his own image, then by looking at ourselves can’t we think; if we look like this, how would God look like; in whose image we have been created? God is in form and he looks like us. However, his body is made up of different and only one element “Light”. Hence, it is proved that God is not formless.


  • Sikhism and formless God:

    Sikh community too, believe that God is formless. However, there is evidence in Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji that God is not formless and Shri Guru Nanak ji witnessed Almighty and his grandeur.

  • In Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji in Malhar Mehla 1 on page no 1257, Guru Nanak ji has described what God wears, how beautiful God’s nose is, how sweetly he speaks.
  • One more verse by Guru Nanak ji on page 567 describes how God looks like. Again in Rag Siri Mehla 1 page 24 shabad 29 indicates that God is in visible & human form and he has descended on earth as a weaver.
  • Rag Tilang Mehla 1, on page 721 clearly says that Kabir Saheb is the true Almighty and he has a visible form like us and is our true companion.

Conclusion: From the above details from all the Holy Scriptures of all religions it has been clarified that Supreme God is not formless. He has a human like visible form. Today, only one saint in this whole world is giving this true Spiritual knowledge and his name is Sant Rampal ji Maharaj.

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