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World Senior Citizens’ Day 2023: Why is it important to Serve Elderly People?


The 21st of August is recognised as World Senior Citizens’ Day each year. In the US, it is sometimes referred to as National Senior Citizens’ Day (US). The purpose of the day is to honour elderly people and bring attention to their contributions to human civilization. The day is also observed to draw attention to a number of problems that older people face, including health problems and exploitation by younger people, members of their own family or strangers. Ronald Reagan, a former president of the United States, established World Senior Citizens Day in 1988.

World Senior Citizens’ Day 2023: Highlights

  • World Senior Citizens’ Day was first proclaimed by Ronald Reagan on August 19, 1988.
  • This year 32nd World Senior Citizens’ Day was observed.
  • According to the UN, by 2050, there will be more than 1.5B elderly people worldwide.
  • One can Call the Elder Helpline at 1800-180-1253 regarding any issues related to elderly people. 
  • Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji tells us about the importance of serving elderly people in His nectar speech. 

World Senior Citizens’ Day: History

The first proclamation of World Senior Citizens’ Day was made by Ronald Reagan, the American president at the time, on August 19, 1988. Reagan emphasised the accomplishments of senior citizens in American families, communities, and the country in the 5847th proclamation. The third Sunday in August was designated as “National Senior Citizens Day” by Reagan after the United States Congress passed House Joint Resolution 138.

On August 21, the inaugural National Senior Citizens Day was formally observed. The United Nations General Assembly declared it a worldwide holiday in 1990. This year 33nd World Senior Citizens’ Day was observed on August 21, 2023. 

World Senior Citizens’ Day: Significance

According to the United Nations (UN), by 2050, there will be more than 1.5 billion elderly people worldwide. East Asia and South-East Asia will be the regions most affected by this rise. By 2050, less developed countries will be home to more than two thirds of the world’s senior population. It is crucial that a strong system exists to promote the overall wellbeing of the ageing population.

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Many elderly persons claim that their offspring have mistreated them. Numerous others are neglected. Many people see their aging parents as a burden. Some injure them for their property or abandon them in nursing homes. Such crimes must be eradicated. The World Senior Citizens’ Day is a crucial occasion that aids in bringing these challenges to light and addressing them for social healing.

World Senior Citizens’ Day 2023: Celebrations

Spending time with your parents and grandparents is the finest way to mark this special day. A great method to show them appreciation and make them feel special is to pay visits to people who have been abandoned by their relatives and are living in retirement communities and homes for the poor. Any healthy society’s social structure must include senior citizens. Call the Elder Helpline at 1800-180-1253 if you or someone you know is an elderly person dealing with abuse or other problems.

It is Our Duty to Serve Our Parents

It is the wish of every parent that my child should be worthy of living a good life, be of good character, be obedient and serve us in old age. Our daughter-in-law should be obedient as well, who keep our respect in society, Serve us in old age and treat us with love and care. Till Satya Yuga, Treta, and Dwapar, everyone lived a happy life in a family. It was fine for some time in Kali Yuga as well, but at present the situation is getting worse. It is the responsibility of children to serve their parents throughout their life. Leaving parents in old-age homes and getting rid of them during their old age is not ideal. 

Teachings of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj 

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj ji tells that one who does service and devotion will get all the benefits of Bhakti. If I eat food then my stomach will be full.  If you eat, your stomach will be full. All living beings are children of God. You should serve your childrens as the children of God like for a rich girl who was 8 to 9 years old a maid was hired to look after her. When she used to drop that girl to school in summer, she herself used to bear the sun and walk with an umbrella over that girl. 

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The owner was happy with this service and used to pay the maid for her work. All of us consider this and should take care of your loved ones just like this. Service of parents, mother-in-law, father-in-law, elder and younger, respecting everyone is the ultimate duty of everyone. If we serve our mother-in-law, father-in-law, parents or other dependents, then God will arrange for our service when the time comes. 

Message of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj 

Children should be taken to Satsang at a very small age so that they inculcate the values of serving elders and youngsters. Those children will grow up and serve us when we become old in the same way. Just as a daughter leaves a father-mother and comes to a new mother in the form of mother-in-law and a new father in the form of father-in-law. Now the birth parents were just some temporary companions. They raised up and handed their children over to the new parents. It is the duty of the mother-in-law to give love to the coming daughter like her own and not discriminate between her daughter and daughter in law. The daughter-in-law should mold herself according to the circumstances of the new house.  

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World Senior Citizens’ Day: FAQS

Q. Why Do We Celebrate World Senior Citizens’ Day?

The purpose of the day is to honor our seniors for their contributions and sacrifices in creating the world we live in. In addition, it emphasizes the government’s and the younger generation’s obligations to provide a high standard of living for them.

Q. Who are the Senior Citizens in India?

For income tax reasons, a resident is deemed to be a senior citizen if they were 60 or older but under 80 at any point in the prior year. An individual resident who was 80 years of age or older at any point in the previous year is referred to as a super senior citizen.

Q. What age is a female Senior Citizen?

According to the guidelines, elderly citizens must be at least 60 years old for men and 58 years old for women.

Q. When is World Senior Citizens’ Day?

World Senior Citizens’ Day is observed on the 21st of August every year. 

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