18 June Father’s Day 2023: How to Reunite With Our Real Father?


Last Updated on 17 June 2023, 10:17 PM IST: Father’s day is celebrated to acknowledge the contribution of fathers in their families. In this blog, we’ll share with you information like when is Father’s day in 2023, its history, significance, best gift idea, and some Quotes for it. Let us identify our real father and take refuge in Him and save ourselves from every trouble.

Significance of Father’s Day

Parents play a vital role in the lives of children. Both mother and father become their role models. Earlier, only mothers were considered significant in the nurturing and upbringing of the child, but now the scenario has changed, and the role of fathers is also considered as vital as the role of mothers.

Father’s day is celebrated to acknowledge the contribution of fathers in their families. This day not only strengthens the bond between the father and his children but also makes them understand the importance of the father’s role in their lives. Children can express their love and respect for their fathers in several ways.

Where Did the Word ‘Father’ Come From?

The word father originated from the Proto-Indo-European word ‘pəter’ and in Old English from the word ‘fæder’. Its meaning is the one who gives life to a child. In different languages, fathers are called by different names. For example, Muslims say Abbu, Indians use the word Pitaji, papa, daddy, or dada, in Latin, it is Pater, in Sanskrit it is pitr. Though the words are different, they all reflect the same love and affection of the children for their fathers.

History of Father’s Day

The need for celebrating Father’s day was not immediately accepted and remained the topic of debate for long. It doesn’t mean that mothers were less appreciated than fathers. There are two stories describing the history of Father’s day. Let’s read them:

At very first, in 1908, a girl named Grace Golden Clayton proposed to celebrate Father’s day to honor all those men who lost their lives in the worst mining accident in US history. However, her proposal was not given any significance.

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Later in 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired after attending Mother’s day in the church. She along with her five brothers were raised only by her father after the death of her mother in 1898. With her efforts, she was able to convince the Spokane Ministerial Association to celebrate Father’s day worldwide.

When Is Father’s Day in 2023?

In different countries, Father’s day is celebrated on different dates. This year 2023, Father’s Day falls on 18th June. But there isn’t any public holiday on this day. Children everywhere, in order to make their father feel special, take some time off from their routine.They plan surprise parties and small get-togethers. Though, in reality, if one shows respect towards their fathers every day, no separate day to celebrate the same is actually required.

Theme For Father’s day 2023

This year there is no particular theme on father’s day. This day is known as ‘Special Person’s Day’ when youngsters all over the world give a special treatment to their Father’s through surprise gifts, and parties.

Why Is Father Considered Important as Head of the Family?

Fathers do have immense importance in any family. There are different traits that a child inherits from the father as well as a mother. From mothers, a child learns to love, affection, respect, understanding, sensitivity, kindness, creativity, giving unconditional love whereas from fathers he learns masculine traits like strength, courage, independence, leadership qualities, discipline, being active, and projective.

Father’s Day 2023: Father is the male parent who is generally the eldest or senior-most member of the family. Same as mothers, fathers too are the pillars of the family. They work hard and earn bread in order to fulfill the basic needs of all family members. Fathers are very protective towards their children. Even though they are not as good at expressing their emotions, still they do their best to fulfill the needs of the children.

Who Is the Father of the Entire Universe?

Contrary to popular belief, the Father of the whole world is neither the trinity, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, or Goddess Durga nor any other deities worshipped around the world. Rather, it is the Supreme God Kabir Who is the absolute true God, creator, and caretaker of the world. The father takes care of children, the family members, providing all the fundamental necessities to them. Lord Kabir Ji is the creator, caretaker and He alone is the father of all souls.

Even while worshiping other Gods and Goddesses, no one is happy in this Universe. People are dying daily due to personal challenges and natural calamities, numerous diseases have cropped up which are incurable, there is cut-throat competition, envy, and jealousy amongst each other. There is an overall sense of desperation and insecurity with the looming dangers. How can these Gods and Goddesses, thus, be given the title of a parent, as no real parent can hurt their children?

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And even after all the increasing deity worship and fake Gurus, people seem to be largely afraid and dissatisfied. On the contrary, those who understand this world’s actual reality, trust and follow God Kabir, get cured of any existing incurable diseases, find solutions to all their improbable problems, and remain happy in their lives. Such pious souls will not only get salvation / Moksh to reach Amarlok (immortal place), but God Kabir will also provide them all required comforts in this life as well.

Several deities are worshipped around the world but in reality, they also die, that is, they are not Eternal. It is also mentioned in our scriptures, like the Devi Puran, Chapter 5 skand 3, that even Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are not eternal, but avirbhav (birth) and tirobhav (death) occur of them. Kabir ji has also mentioned in His verses:-

Kabir, Chalti chakki dekh kar, Diya Kabira roye |

Do patan ke beech mein, Sabut bacha na koye ||

In another couplet, God Kabir ji has explained that even the deities are mortal.

Yah harhat ka kuan loi| Ya gal bandha hai sab koi||

Keedi kunjar aur avtara| Harhat dor bandhe kai bara||

How can these deities help the followers who worship them attain Salvation, if they themselves are supposed to take birth and die, as per their karma?

Father’s Day 2023: Best Gift Idea for Fathers

The father’s day 2023 best gift for your father is certainly the way to get his welfare done. Gift him the precious life-changing Sacred Book “Way of Living, which is filled with the Scripture-based Knowledge on how to get one’s welfare done. This Book has reformed the lives of millions of human beings. It is a must-read for all. So, kindly do get and gift the Sacred Book “Gyan Ganga to your father on this Father’s Day.

How Can We Have a Reunion With Our Real Father?

We can meet our immortal father (Kabir Sahib Ji ) by following the practices mentioned in our religious books. For this, as mentioned in Bhagavad Geeta Shloka 4:34, we should take the refuge of a Tatvdarshi Sant, who is none other than Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji. He has shown and proven from our holy scriptures that Kabir Sahib Ji is the Supreme God and father of all souls.

The identity of Supreme God Kabir Dev is mentioned in Atharva Ved, Kaand No. 4, Anuvaak No.1, Mantra No.7

YaH – atharvanm’ – Pitram’ – Devbandhum’ – Brahspatim’ – namsa – av – ch –gachchhaat’ – tvam’ – vishwesham’ – janita – yatha – saH – KavirdevH – na – dabhaayat’ – swadhavan’ |

Translation: He, Who is unchanging i.e. eternal, Father of the universe, the real companion of the devotees i.e. the basis of the soul, Guru of the universe, and who takes a polite worshipper, i.e. worshipper who worships according to the scriptures, who has gone to Satlok, to Satlok with safety; the Creator of all the brahmands, Jagdamba i.e. who is also endowed with the qualities of a mother, who has the nature i.e. qualities of not betraying like Kaal, He is, as it is, Himself KavirDev i.e. in different language He is also called Kabir Parmeshwar. In this Mantra, it has also been made clear that the name of that God, who has done all the Creation, is KavirDev (God Kabir).

Father’s Day 2023 English Quotes

  • “A father is his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first love.”
  • “The love of a father in his child’s life is unmatched.”
  • “Father is a main pillar of the family, without whom no family is complete”.
  • “Fathers are like a huge strong tree whose every bit is for his family”.
  • “Father is a reflection of God who always loves and cares for his family”.
  • “The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams, and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family.” —Reed Markham
  • “No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a child.”—Abraham Lincoln
  • “Immortal father Kabir guides His children and helps them reach their real home and provides them salvation” .
  • “Our real father Kabir is the creator of this universe, recognize Him and depend on that caring father”.

Who Can Guide Us in Order to Meet Our Real Father?

To solve this puzzle or mystery, we need to take a look in the Bhagavad Gita, which clearly mentions the path:

Holy Gita Adhyay 17 Shlok 23 says,

“Om – Tat – Sat iti nirdeshH brhmnH trividhH smritH”

Explanation:- In order to attain that true/real Father and get rid of this cycle of life and birth, it is directed to find the Tatvdarshi Sant ( mentioned in Gita Adhyay 4 Shlok 34, and in Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 1 to 4 ) and obtain the three-pronged Jaap of OM – TAT – SAT. It is also said that the one who obtains true Tatvgyan from a Tatvdarshi Sant will get rid of the cycle of life and death.

How Can We Identify The True Saint (Tatvdarshi Sant)?

There are many traits of a True Saint mentioned in our holy scriptures. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

In Kabir Sagar Page no.1960 it is mentioned;

Guru ke lakshan char bakhana|

Pratham ved shastar ko gyana||

Dooje Hari Bhakti man karam bani|

Teeje samdrishti karr jani||

Chauthe ved vidhi sab karma|

yeh char guru gunn jano marma||

Explanation:- The True Saint will have complete and true knowledge about all religious books. He will not only teach the right path to his followers as mentioned in our scriptures but will Himself be following the same. For Him, all his devotees will be equal and He will provide the true bhakti according to the religious scriptures for attaining salvation.

Apart from this, in Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 15, Shlok 1, the speaker of Bhagwad Gita says, that the one who can explain all the parts of this upside-down world-like tree which has roots above and branches below, is the true Saint. He can prove his teachings from all Vedas and Shastras. After taking initiation from such a Saint, the devotee can get rid of the unending circle of 84 lakh births. Only in this way, can absolute salvation be achieved.

FAQ About Father’s Day

Why Is father’s day always celebrated on Sunday?

Lyndon B. Johnson made a declaration respecting fathers on the third Sunday in June 1966. Ultimately, in 1972, President Richard Nixon signed an ordinance assigning the 3rd Sunday in June as Father’s Day. It has officially been a permanent national holiday since then.

When and where did father’s day start?

The first Father’s day was observed On June 19, 1910, in the state of Washington. Until 1972, this day did not become a national holiday in the United States.

When is father’s day 2023?

Father’s Day is observed on the 3rd Sunday of June in most regions of the planet, including India. It falls on June 18 this year. Father’s Day is observed on August 8 in many countries, including Portugal and Spain.

Why is father’s day celebrated?

Father’s Day acknowledges and recognizes the contributions that fathers make to their families and society at large. Children can recognize their fathers and father figures, as well as anyone else who has played an important role in their lives, on this day.

Who started the father’s day celebration?

Father’s Day began in Spokane, Washington. Father’s Day was founded in 1910 by Spokane native Sonora Smart Dodd, whose father raised her and her five siblings after their mother died in childbirth. Sonora Smart Dodd, who created Father’s Day in Spokane, Washington, more than a century ago, is honored at the Dodd House.

Father’s Day 2023 Conclusion

From the above evidence, it is clear that Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is the only True Saint on Earth, as He is the only Saint who has made His followers aware of the secrets hidden in our holy scriptures and He is the only one who teaches the absolute path to achieve salvation. Also, slowly but surely, false practices in the name of worship and several evil activities in the society are being eradicated due to His teachings.

Through His teachings and guidelines on the Way of Living, He is helping build a better society for everybody, where everyone can feel secure and safe. On realizing the TRUTH of this world and the soul’s pathetic condition in this karmic prison, each one should take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Without wasting any more precious time of our precious and rare human birth, each of us should attempt to clear old karmic debts and attain Moksha. 

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