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International Day of Family: Only True Devotion Can Ensure the Well Being of a Family

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International Day of Family is an annual observance which aims at highlighting the hardships of the basic element of a society, a family. In a period of such uncertainties when anything can happen to anyone anytime, everyone wants to safeguard their families. But the question is what we can do? Because we are totally unaware about the answer to this question and that’s the reason why the answer will appear to be baseless to people but it is actually not.

For guaranteeing happiness and well being of a family, adopt the true method of worship and correct way of living to experience benefits one cannot even imagine. 

International Day of Family Key Points

  • International Day of Families is an international observance that is observed so as to highlight the challenges faced by a common family. 
  • Annually, this day is observed on 15th May. 
  • The need for the establishment of this day came into the decade of 1980s but it came into existence in the year 1993 by the United Nations. 
  • This year the theme of International Day of family focuses on the role of digital technologies for the betterment of the families. 
  • This day is observed by carrying out public workshops, seminars, exhibitions, etc to encourage people about the importance of family in one’s life. 
  • A correct way of living can guarantee mental stability and peace inside a family. 
  • True Way of Living can only be adopted by following the true path of worship as a devastated family can be stabilised by only adopting True Devotion. 

What Is International Day of Family? 

International Day of Family is an yearly observance founded by the UN in 1993. It aims at highlighting the need to have a clean and a healthy family for the wellbeing of its members and society. Today, everyone wants to have a good family and wants to provide their family with the best of the provisions, but facilities don’t come up by thinking, the initiative of international day of families is a step in that direction.

This day came into force to recognize the value and importance of family as a whole. However it is not a public holiday, yet people try to motivate other people to realize the importance of family especially in the youth. Because a positive family leaves a positive impact on the society and generations to come, hence developing this kind of society is the need of the hour now. 

When Is International Day of Family? 

Every year by default and as decided by the United Nations, International Day of families happens to be on 15th May. 

What Is the Background of International Day of Family?

In the starting phase of the decade of 1980s, the United Nations started considering and realizing the hardships of a family. As recommended by the Economic and the Social council, the Commission of Social Development requested the Secretary General via its resolution the role of family in the development process(1983/23) to generate awareness amongst the decision makers and public about the need and hardships of a family as a part of the society. 

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On 29th May 1985, in its resolution (1985/29), the council called up the General Assembly so as to consider the agenda of “Families in the development process” in their forty first session. And with the aim of requesting the Secretary General to generate awareness about the same. Later, the Assembly invited all the states to present their views and comments about the possible proclamation of the International year of family.

International Day of Families Date Selection 

The Council also requested the Secretary General to submit a report regarding the views, comments and proposals of the member states about the possible proclamation of such a year and awareness about other initiatives so as to generate global efforts onto the path of welfare of a family. By resolution 44/82, 9th December 1989, International Year of Family was successfully proclaimed by The General Assembly.

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However, by the year 1993, the General Assembly by its resolution A/RES/47/237 decided that 15th May is to be observed as the International Day of Families globally. It was implemented to lay its emphasis on all the social economic challenges faced by a general family so as to solve them on a bigger scale.

What Is the Theme of International Day of Family 2021? 

The Theme for the year 2021 of International Day of Family as decided by the United Nations is “Socially just transition towards sustainable development: the role of digital technologies on social development and well-being of all.” It concentrates on the digital method of communication and learning so as to combat various social and economic challenges. 

How Is the International Day of Family Celebrated?

International Day of Families is observed annually and following practices are observed:

  • People carry out Seminars, Exhibition and workshops highlighting the need of family in developing one and nation. 
  • Various events and plays including webinars are organised at national and international levels to generate awareness amongst youth. 
  • Even tool kits are given in some countries amongst the people so as to encourage people by organising some innovative celebrations to a particular group of people like in a school or college, etc. 
  • Every year a dedicated theme has been given to this day so as to bring the importance of family into the limelight. 
  • A dedicated hashtag #InternationalDayOfFamilies and #DayofFamilies is made to trend so as to highlight the day by social media platform twitter as many of us weren’t aware about the existence of the day. 
  • However, due to the pandemic, celebrations of this day will be limited to online ways of performing it.

What Are the Symbols of International Day of Families? 

This day has a special symbol that adds value to the importance of the day. The symbol consists of a green solid circle and in the middle of that circle there is a picture of a heart under a roof. This highlights the fact that every family, every home is central to the society and together makes up a stable society. And urging us to build such a peaceful family for the society to build. With this symbol, people have developed several other symbols as well so as to celebrate the course of the day.

Image Credit: United Nations

What Is the Importance of International Day of families?  

The success story of a well established family does not lie in the amount of money it has, rather it lies in the amount of satisfaction they have towards their life. And that satisfaction can only be obtained after having the correct WAY OF LIVING. Having a correct way of living is as necessary as oxygen in one’s life.

As we are witnessing around that people are losing their precious family members because of the increase in surge of the pandemic. Earlier, what seems to be happy is now gone in a flash? – is the case with many families today. It is because of the uncertainty of life here which arises the need to have a Spiritual Teacher or GURU to teach us the appropriate WAY OF LIVING so that we can acquire mental peace and stability inside our families. Currently, there are numerous Saints/Gurus present on this planet Earth and most of them are not connected with Almighty God Kabir and hence aren’t capable of giving you anything more than your destiny. 

Who Can Help Us? 

Money is not what a family needs for survival, its mental peace which can surely be achieved by going into the refuge of a True Spiritual Master and adopting the True Method of Worship. Currently amongst all the saints around, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from the holy land of Haryana, India is one and only representative of Almighty God Kabir present on this planet Earth. 

He has proved via His devotees that families who were once considered to be devastated by the effect of karmas now have their mental peace and stability back in place by adopting the method of worship given by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. He is currently the only one on the planet who is guaranteeing by His method of worship that bad karmas can be erased. So it is the right for us to go and take advantage of Him. Saint Garibdasji (from Haryana) says in His sacred speech:

Uttar dakshin purab pashchim, Firda daane daane nu |

Sarb kala Satguru Saheb ki, Hari aaye Hariyane nu ||

Everyone wants peace in this world of uncertainties and it seems impossible without the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. So don’t be late and take Naam Diksha (initiation) from Him to get your welfare done. 

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