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Teachers are the most influential people in our lives. Every year Teachers’ Day is celebrated on September 5th 2019 in India. The day is celebrated on the Birth Anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (5th Sep 1888 – 17th April 1975) who was the first Vice-President of India and the second President of India. The Teachers’ day is dedicated to our teachers, mentors, and Gurus who guide us on certain topics and help us in becoming a better human being. There are so many teachers who can teach us about acquiring wealth. But, the Spiritual Teacher is the one who teaches us the way to make good use of our human breaths.

The Role of a Spiritual Teacher in The Human Life

Only a Spiritual Teacher can give the real meaning and purpose to human life. He not only teaches us the spiritual path but also reforms society. A true guru affects all areas of life: spirituality, society, profession, and morals by his knowledge. A true guru is the ocean of happiness and the companion of the soul. In the spiritual path, the first step is to choose a true spiritual teacher.

Kabir Saheb Ji says,

Kabir, Ram Krishna se kaun bade,
unho bhi Guru kin|
tin lok ke vhe dhani,
Guru aage Aadhin||

Means:- Kabir Saheb Ji says, the owner of the three lokas are Rama and Krishna (Shri Vishnu), when they came on the earth they had also taken initiation from a Guru (Spiritual Teacher).

We also need a Spiritual Teacher. It is the prime duty of mankind to find a true Spiritual teacher (Enlightened saint) who will help them unite with the true Almighty.

There are some sacred speeches of Kabir Saheb Ji on this,

SatGuru ke Updesh ka, laya ek vichar| je Satguru milte nahi, toh jate Narak Dwar||
Narak Dwar me dut sab, karte khecha tan|
unse kabhu na chhuthe, fir firthe charo khan||
Kabir, char khani me bharmta, kabhu na lagta paar|
so fera sab mit gaya, mere Satguru ke Upkaar||

On contemplating the knowledge imparted by SatGuru (True Spiritual Teacher), we realized that had we not met him, we would have to go to hell. There the servants (doot) of Yam (the Death god) would have tortured us a lot. After this, we would have to revolve in the four forms of births too and would never get liberated. The glory of my Satguru is infinite as we are saved from suffering all that.

A spiritual teacher helps us to become a good human being in society. Spiritual teacher imparts spiritual knowledge, teaches the way of living, and tells us the main aim of human life. A spiritual teacher imparts the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures to the disciples and let them analyze it. Analyzing a katha is the most important thing that we learn from a spiritual teacher.

The sacred speech of Kabir God says,

Kabir, Saat samundr ki masi karoon, lekhni karun baniraay|
Dharti ka kaagaj karoon, to Guru gun likha na jaay||

Even if I make the ink of all the seven oceans, a pen of all the trees of the forests, and the paper of the whole Earth, still it is not possible to get all the qualities of a guru written.

A spiritual teacher is more important than our parents in our life. In Indian culture, Guru is treated with respect equivalent to God. A spiritual teacher teaches us the importance of life and puts us on the right track to ensure that we are capable enough to go to Satlok (get liberated from the cycle of birth and death) and thus, attain complete salvation. Spiritual Leader is the one who helps the souls to pass through the bridge from the physical realm to the spiritual realm, meet the almighty, and be with him in his eternal abode.

Who is the Spiritual Teacher?

Even among the spiritual teachers, the worshipable and the most respectable is the one who teaches us the way to attain Salvation.

Saint Gareebdas Ji has said,

Garib, guru guru mein bhed hai, guru guru mein bhaav|
Soe Guru sarahiye, jo shabd lakhaave daav||

There is a difference in every Guru. The appreciable is the one who has the true mantras for attaining salvation.

Do you know there is only one true spiritual teacher in one yuga, and it is very difficult to find him? Spiritual knowledge is important in everyone’s life.

Telling the identity of a true guru, Lord Kabir Saheb Ji says in his scared speech that

SatGuru ke lakshan kahoon, madhure baen vinod|
Chaar ved shat shastr, kahae athaara bodh||

Means:- The identity of a Complete Saint is that he will be the complete knower of all the four Vedas, six Shastras, and eighteen Bodhs.

A Spiritual Teacher is well-versed with all the holy scriptures: Geeta, Vedas, and Puranas. He is the one who has met Almighty too. He is the one who helps the masses to understand the deep secrets hidden in the holy scriptures and thereby identify the almighty. It’s important that people realize the importance of that spiritual teacher in their lives. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is that “True Spiritual Teacher”.

The Holy Gita Ji Chapter 4 Verse 34 says that for the complete true spiritual knowledge (TattvaGyan) go to the Enlightened saint (Tattvadarshi saint).

In today’s scenario, there is only one true enlightened saint who is imparting the true spiritual knowledge from all the holy scriptures and who provides initiation in three stages as described in the Holy Geeta Ji and the Holy Vedas. His name is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. The spiritual knowledge given by him has no match to what we all have been hearing so far. Only a complete Saint can give the knowledge of complete God. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only saint on earth who has been authorized by Almighty Kabir Saheb to give initiation to mankind and help us attain salvation. Spiritual Teacher Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is a great teacher and he is always in the heart of his disciples.

How Spiritual Teacher Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj can make a big change in the Society?

The followers of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj follow these rules in order to take initiation:

  • Dowry free marriages:- Thousands of couples (Follower of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj) had married without dowry. They are not giving or taking dowry.
  •  Intoxication free society:- The Followers of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj are totally free from intoxication.
  •  Corruption free society:- Followers of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj do not give or accept bribe.
  •  Blood donation camps are being organised.
  •  Female foeticide prohibited.
  •  Killing innocent animals prohibited:- The followers of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj neither consume meat nor kill innocent animals.

To learn more, must visit: www.supremegod.org

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