Revolution of Salvation on 73rd Independence Day – 15th August 2019


Independence Day is a national festival of India. We celebrate the happiness of independence on the 15th of August every year. This was the end of the battle against slavery from British rule. This battle was fought by people of all religions with complete unity. Britain was ruling most of the countries of the world at that time. Each British ruled country celebrates Independence day at different dates and in different ways but all people feel the same happiness of freedom & unity.

Is this freedom real?

Since time immemorial, everyone is in search of supreme peace, happiness & complete salvation but in this world, nothing is permanent. Everything in this Universe is destructible and the king who is called Brahm (Kaal) who rules 21 such Universe, takes out the grime from the immaterial/subtle bodies of one lakh human beings and eats it daily.

From ant to elephant, from human to an angel everyone is in the jail of god Kaal. On this Independence Day, we must think about the real freedom of our souls from the cycle of 84 lakh births and deaths. Our souls are fighting this battle of freedom but never succeeded.
From 15th August 1947 onwards, we got the freedom of speech and freedom of education. Today, our generation is well educated and we have the ability to express & understand. For this real & eternal freedom, we must take a look at all our Holy Scriptures of all religions & have to search for a true spiritual master who can give us moralistic lectures from all scriptures in a simple way.

Way of real freedom(Salvation)

Everyone feels that there is a supreme power who removes sufferings & can give freedom from this trap. Now the question arises:-
Who is that power?
How does he look like?
Where is that supreme?
How can we attain him?

These doubts have been resolved completely by the efforts of Spiritual Leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj who has revolutionised true spiritual knowledge. Spiritual leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Avatar who has proved from the holy scriptures of every religion that Kabir Saheb is that supreme power (God) who gives sight to blind, voice to the dumb, child to childless, wealth to the poor & He is the giver of complete peace and salvation.
Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has proved that we are in the trap of Kaal (Satan). Supreme God Kabir comes in each millennium to give us salvation from this slavery, imparts complete spiritual knowledge, the right way of devotion & shows the path of freedom to reach the eternal place (Satlok).
Kabir Saheb says that : –

“Kabir, teen lok Pinjara bhaya,
Paap Punya do jaal,
Sabhi jeev Bojhan bhaye,
Ek khane wala Kaal”

Garib, Ek Papi Ek punyi aaya,
Ek hai soom dalel re

Bina bhajan koi kaam nahin aye
Sab hai jam ki jail are,

Kaal (Satan) has trapped all souls in the jail of three worlds by entangling us in karmic deeds in the form of virtues & sins.
He (Kaal) does not want any soul to escape from his jail. He has divided us into separate religions & mislead us through his charlatanism. Here, we all are dying, we all are distressed & disturbed. We came here willingly & got trapped in his jail.
Now, it’s our only duty to participate in this revolutionary mission of salvation to attain that place where we never die, where we have no boundaries, no worries, no sufferings, no diseases, infinite peace, we never get old. Today, God Kabir’s Avatar Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only saint in these 21 Universes who is taking guarantee of providing real freedom to devotees who will undertake real devotion within the boundaries of the worship. To know more, please visit the website.

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