Republic Day 2021: Know About the Constitution of Almighty God

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26th January 2021 is the 72nd Republic Day of India. This year, 26th January falls on Tuesday. This day is celebrated as a National holiday because on this day the constitution of India came into effect. This Day is celebrated with great joy, secularism, and socialism in the country. Along with our Indian Constitution, we need to be aware of the Constitution of God as that time is nearing when the whole world will be following only the Constitution of God. With this Blog, know about this day’s importance, celebration (Parade), history, and the Constitution of the Supreme God

Republic Day 2021 Parade

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Republic Day 2021 Parade will be shorter this year with fewer spectators and small marching contingents. The Parade will begin from Vijay Chowk as usual but it will culminate at the National Stadium. The other years, the Republic Day Parade used to end at the Red Fort. Republic Day Parade for 2021 will cover a distance of 3.3 km. This year, the government had decided to scale down the number of visitors on the Republic Day Parade 2021 to avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing amid the COVID-19 outbreaks and concerns over the new virus strains.

Republic Day 2021 History

26th January 1950, the day is historically significant. It was the last step to becoming an independent republic. Independence of India was declared on 15th August 1947 but India did not have its constitution then. Now the need of having a Constitution arose. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was appointed as the chairman of the drafting committee. And finally, on 26th January 1950, the Indian constitution came into effect. 

Republic Day 2021 Chief Guest 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was invited to be the Chief Guest on the 72nd Republic Day. But, he canceled his visit to India due to the COVID-19 crisis in Britain.

Later, it was announced that there will be no foreign chief guest for this Republic Day celebration on January 26, 2021. 

How Do We Celebrate Republic Day? 

On this day, the Indian Army, Air Force, Police, and paramilitary forces parades, Beating Retreat, Awards distribution, etc activities are held at New Delhi, India. Through parades, the beauty and rich cultural heritage of all the states as well as the latest missiles, aircraft, and weapons are represented. In the entire India, this day is celebrated in schools, colleges, hospitals, and all types of private as well as government organizations.

Republic Day Importance

Republic Day Importance is that we are celebrating this day every year to remember the constitution of India. But the main purpose of human life is to not forget the constitution of the Supreme Almighty so that we can do good deeds as well as practice true worship and be saved from sins.

Constitution of Supreme Almighty 

 Following are some of the Laws in the Constitution of the Supreme God: 

  1. The constitution of God is that a three-year-old child should take initiation from an Enlightened Saint, which is the first duty of human life.
  2. Humanity is our religion and we should always keep in mind that all living beings are equal, and we are children of one Supreme Father.
  3. Those who commit theft, robbery, giving/taking dowry, cheating, rape, harassment, prostitution, or molestation are great criminals. They will be punished hard.
  4. Eating meat or taking intoxicants is strictly prohibited in the path of devotion. Those who do so waste theirs’ and others’ lives too.

Currently, these Laws might seem difficult to be followed by the whole humanity, but the Supreme God Kabir Ji has said that such time will definitely come when everyone will be worshipping the Supreme God by following all the boundaries of Worship, and a clean crime-free society will be built, which will remain as such for thousands of years. Several renowned Foretellers also favour this Statement by the Supreme God in their predictions.  

Predictions About the New Constitution

Stated below are some of the Prophecies by famous foretellers, who favour the above-mentioned statement by the Supreme Almighty Kabir Ji. 

The Famous French Foreteller Nostradamus’s Predictions 

The Golden Age is coming. A middle-aged noble, matchless, great-power-holder will bring golden age not only in India but on the whole Earth and reawakening His Eternal religion and by telling the true path of worship will form the greatest Hindu nation. He only will be the universal religious leader. He will have authority over those authoritative groups of people who fulfil their selfish objectives by deceiving common people. That leader (Chyren) will suddenly become known to the world. “Making everyone follow the same rule, regulation and discipline, He will bring them on the true path. I (Nostradamus) prove one thing indisputably that, that Chyren (religious leader) will discover a new knowledge. The Saviour, who will take birth in that country (India) in Asian region which has an ocean by its name (Indian Ocean).

“He will neither be a Christian, nor a Muslim, nor a Jew; He will definitely be a Hindu. He will be more intelligent than the former religious leaders and will be invincible. Everybody will love Him. He will be highly renowned. He will be unfeared and unchallenged. Nobody will think of committing any wrongdoing. His name and fame will reverberate beyond the sky in the three worlds. He will awaken the society deeply asleep until now in the slumber of ignorance with the light of True Spiritual Knowledge. The entire mankind will wake up in alarm and will do true worship based on His true spiritual knowledge.”

“I (Nostradamus) am astounded. Neither do I know His country, nor Him; I am even seeing Him in front of me. No one can illustrate his glory in words. I only call Him Great Chyren (Great Religious Leader). I am also feeling sad, because of the world not being aware of Him, My Chyren is becoming a subject of contempt. Do not disdain my (Nostradamus’s) soul-piercing prophecy, and that Universal lion-man. On his manifestation and the rise of his brilliant sun of True Spiritual knowledge, there will be resurrection of idealistic eminent persons and the dawn of the Golden Age will begin in the 6th century i.e. in 2006, after 450 years from today. I (Nostradamus) am being the spectator of this successful beginning.”

Predictions of the Renowned American Foreteller Florence

“Around the year 2000 A.D., the balance of nature will deteriorate in a fearsome manner. There will be a strong feeling of resentment in people. Misconduct will reach its peak. Those who lead a luxurious life in western countries will have disappointment, restlessness and unrest. Unfulfilled desires will escalate.

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There will be such an environment that there will be an outcry everywhere. But a new ideology emerging from India will end this deadly atmosphere. That ideology will explain the importance of harmony and brotherhood with a scientific viewpoint. It will also explain this: that there is no mutual conflict between religion and science. It will bring to light the supremacy of spirituality and the hollowness of materialism in front of everyone. The middle class will be influenced by that ideology. This group will inspire all the groups of the society towards the development of a good society. This ideology will bring a miraculous change in the entire world.”

 “I am perceiving with my sixth sense that the Great Saint who will give rise to this viewpoint has taken birth in India. The influence of the brilliant personality of that Saint will amaze everyone. His ideology will again give a new vigour to the decreasing influence of spirituality.  There will be a spiritual atmosphere everywhere.”

“An intellectual revolution will occur from the ideology of that Great Saint. The beliefs of the intellectual people will change. Shoots of devotion and faith towards God will sprout in them.”

Predictions by Other Foretellers 

England’s astrologer, Chiero: “Only a Saint born in the latter half of the 20th century i.e. 2000  A.D. (after year 1950) would bring ‘a new civilisation’ in the world, which would spread in the entire world. That one person of India would bring a revolution of knowledge in the whole world.”

Mr Vegiletin: “In the latter half of the 20th century, the absence of mutual love, degradation of humanity, a race to collect wealth, loot and the unjust politicians etc various disasters would be seen. But a new civilisation based on peace and brotherhood originating from India breaking the boundaries of country, state and race would give rise to peace and contentment in the entire world.”

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Mr Anderson of America: “Before the close of the 20th century or in the first decade of the 21st century, there would be nude dance of uncivilisation in the world. In between, a religious rural Indian, preparing a constitution on the principles of one human race, one language and one flag, would give the lesson of morality, generosity, service to mankind and love. By 1999, this Messiah will impregnate the entire world with religion, happiness and peace for the forthcoming thousands of years.”

And, there are many other prophecies about Saint Rampal Ji. These evidently don’t fit anyone except Saint Rampal Ji. His millions of followers are an example of how that Great Knowledge and the way of worship that Saint Rampal Ji gives, are reforming their lives, leading them to live a peaceful life.

Republic Day 2021 Quotes

  • Every human should now forget that he is a Hindu, Muslim, Christain, or Sikh. He must remember that he is a human, and he has every right in his living but with certain limits and duties~ Saint Rampal Ji
  • Let the new India arise with dowry-free marriages. Let us build a clean society in the whole world starting with a corruption-free, Drug-Free, Hypocrisy free India.
  • No country is perfect. Its citizens make it perfect. Our country needs citizens who follow the Teachings of True Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.
  • Every Human being born in this great land has only one motive — to attain complete Salvation.
  • No nation is perfect. It needs to be made perfect. Contribute towards the perfection of our country by following the constitution of God.


We get the human life for doing true worship according to the Holy Scriptures and attain Salvation.  In the current scenario in the whole world, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is imparting the true spiritual knowledge according to the Holy Books and the true scripture-based worship, which leads us to attain complete salvation.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj aims to build a clean society in the whole world, which is dowry-free, drug-free, corruption-free, and hypocrisy-free so that all the God-loving souls of the whole world can peacefully perform true worship and attain complete Salvation.

In India, today corruption, crime, rape, etc. are increasing in a great swing. On this Republic Day, we should work together to make a new India, in which there is no sign of any kind of crime. All this will happen only when the thinking of all people becomes spiritual. And, right now only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is telling the true spiritual knowledge all over the world. His disciples are following this knowledge and are working towards making a new cleaner India. Therefore, it is a humble request to you that please come and listen to the spiritual knowledge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on Satlok Ashram Youtube and work together in making a new India.

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