National Constitution Day 2023: Know The Importance Of Constitution in Our Daily Lives


Last Updated on 24 November 2023 IST: National Constitution Day: Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the first Law Minister of India, was appointed as the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee in 1947 and was given the responsibility of writing the new Constitution of the country. On 26 November 1949, the constitution of India was completed. A Constitution (either legal or spiritual) is something which cannot be understood without its true knower. However, one can study law and can get familiar with the Constitution of Nation but to understand the Constitution of God, one needs God’s grace.

National Constitution Day 2023 Key Points

  • The Indian Constitution came into effect on 26 January 1950, which is observed as ‘Republic Day in India.  
  • Many parts of it were taken from the constitutions of other nations, including the United Kingdom, America, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Canada and Japan. 
  • The constitution describes the fundamental rights, duties, role of the government, powers of the Prime Minister, President, Governor, Chief Minister and of the citizens of the nation. 
  • It also describes, what is the work of the legislature, executive and judiciary, and what is their role in running the country.
  • It took 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to prepare the Indian constitution. It was completed on November 26, 1949. This Constitution of the Republic of India came into force on 26 January 1950.
  • The original copies of the Indian Constitution were written in two languages: Hindi and English. They are kept safe in the helium filled boxes in the Parliament of India even today.
  • The original hand-written constitution of India was signed by 284 members, that included 15 women, of the Constituent Assembly on January 24, 1950. Two days later, from January 26, this constitution came into force in the country.
  • The assembly that wrote the Indian Constitution had 299 members. The first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the President of the Constituent Assembly.
  • One must get oneself aware about God’s Constitution through its Complete Saint so as to know the right way to lead one’s life.

What is National Constitution Day?

National Constitution Day or National Law Day or Samvidhan Diwas is the day to remember the Constitution and its values as an Indian Citizen. A Constitution is a written set of laws that describes the duties and responsibilities of Government and citizens upon one another. A Constitution and a governing system are the two basic things required to govern a nation. The Indian Constitution came into force on 26th January 1950.

When is National Constitution Day 2023?

Every year National Constitution Day is celebrated on 26th of November by default. 

What is the Theme of National Constitution Day 2023?

National Constitution Day 2023 Theme is not Updated yet.

The Constitution of India Is the Largest Written Constitution 

Divided into 25 parts, 470 articles and 12 lists, the Indian Constitution is the largest written constitution in the world. Its original copy was 251 pages long and there were a total of 395 articles (divided into 22 parts) and 8 schedules in the Indian Constitution, but as a result of various amendments, it currently has a total of 470 Articles (divided into 25 parts) and 12 Schedules. The third part of the constitution describes the fundamental rights of the citizens.

National Constitution Day: History 

  • 9th December 1946, the Constituent Assembly met for the first time regarding the Constitution Draft headed by Sachchidananda Sinha.
  • On 29th August 1947, a drafting committee headed by Dr. BR Ambedkar was formed to draft the Constitution.
  • On 26th November, 1949 the drafting of the Constitution was finished.
  • On 24th January, 1950 two handwritten copies of the Constitution in Hindi and English were signed by 284 members of the Constituent Assembly to complete the process of drafting.
  • On 26th January, 1950 The Constitution of India came into force and is into effect till date. Since then this day is also celebrated as Republic Day of India.
  • Between 9th December 1946 and 24th January 1950, 11 sessions were organized and the committee met for 166 days. 

Some Unknown Facts About the Constitution

  • The Constituent Assembly’s first meeting was held on 9 December 1946. After which the country was divided into two parts – India and Pakistan. Then, the Constituent Assembly also divided into two parts. Which later became the Constituent Assembly of India and the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan.
  • Borders of the pages of the Indian Constitution were designed by Sh. Nand Lal Bose, a pioneer of modern Indian Art from Shantiniketan.
  • The original copy of the Indian Constitution was handwritten by Prem Bihari Narayan Raizada. It is written in italics through calligraphy. 
  • It took him 6 months to do the task yet he did it for free and charged no money.
  • The Indian Constitution is written on Parchment Sheets having dimensions 16×22 inches and weighing 3.75kgs. It has a lifespan of a thousand years.

Why Do We Celebrate National Constitution Day?

On 26 November 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted its Constitution. Although it was implemented on January 26 (Republic Day), 1950. National Constitution Day is celebrated every year on 26 November to make the citizens of India aware of the Constitution and remind them of the constitutional values and their rights. This day is observed to promote the sense of respect among the citizens of the nation for the constitutional values.

When and Why Was the Decision to Celebrate National Constitution Day Taken?

In 2015, as the 125th birth anniversary year of Dr. Ambedkar, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment announced to celebrate this day as ‘National Constitution Day‘ on 26 November.

What Is the Current Relevance of the National Constitution of India?

A constitution of any country provides the basis for its governance, which is essential to ensure that the interests and needs of all citizens are taken into account. The constitution gives equal rights to every citizen of the country and also binds them in the same rules. It is the constitution that lets citizens realize the feeling of a free country. 

How Do People Celebrate National Constitution Day?

There are many ways in which people celebrate National Constitution Day. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Participate in Quiz/Essay Competitions: On the occasion of National Law Day or National Constitution Day 2023, there are many quiz and essay competitions organized in various schools and colleges. One such online quiz is being organized by the Government of India as well through its Department of Legal Affairs and Ministry of Law and Justice through MyGov platform. 

The Quiz started from 21st November and will last upto 4th December 2023. One has to login and has to answer 10 questions in 300 seconds. A Participation Certificate will be given to every participant.

  1. Read the Preamble: Now the Preamble which is available in various languages. Hence it has become very easy for every citizen of the nation to read the preamble. As a citizen of the Nation one must know the Preamble.
  1. Read about the Constitution and Dr. BR Ambedkar: The Constitution of India is the most lengthy Constitution among other nations. It is not possible to remember the entire Constitution. But one can remember some important sections which are vital in day to day lives for knowledge purposes. And one should also have information about Dr. BR Ambedkar who was considered as the Chief Architect of the Constitution of India. 
  1. Attend/Organize lectures on the theme of National Constitution Day: A dedicated theme of India: The Mother of Democracy was enhanced by UGC for the year 2023. And it has been requested to arrange lectures on the same topic in various schools and colleges. Hence one should attend those to update the knowledge on the same.
  1. Post on Social Media: People can post on social media under hashtags #nationalconstitutionday or #nationalconstitutionday2023 to show their support for the day and Government of India. 

Holy Scriptures are the God’s Constitution 

In terms of spirituality one should follow the teachings of Holy Scriptures to lead one’s life. But like the Constitution of India is lengthy and complex, the same is our Holy Scriptures. A devotee needs a Complete Saint to understand those. And in the middle of thousands of Saints it is difficult to identify the right one. 

For this it is given in our Holy Geeta ji chapter 15 verse 1-4 that the one who will explain the hierarchy of this universe as of an upside down tree in accordance with its creation will be the Complete Saint. And by following the way of worship as given by a Complete Saint one can attain the prime goal of his human life which is salvation.

A Complete Saint is the Knower of The Constitution of God

A Complete Sant/Guru who imparts worship (bhakti) according to the scriptures and makes his followers i.e disciples do it, only He is a Complete Saint. Holy Books like – speech of Kabir Sahib, speech of Shri Nanak Sahib Ji, speech of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj, speech of Sant Dharmdas Ji Sahib, Vedas, Gita, Puran, Quran, Holy Bible etc are the constitution of God. The saint who tells the way of worship to the devotees according to the scriptures, is a Complete Saint.

Currently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana, India is the only Saint who has explained the appropriate creation of the universe. And is also giving the path of true worship by giving Naam Diksha(initiation). If one wishes to do SatBhakti (True Worship) according to the scriptures given by Complete Saint, one can take Initiation / Naam Diksha and can fill an online form or contact us on 08222880541 – 545.

National Constitution Day 2023 FAQ

Question: Who and when created National Constitution Day?

Answer: Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi in the year 2015.

Question: Who was the First President of India?

Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Question: Who is the only President to be elected twice?

Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1952 and 1957.

Question: How many words are there in the English version of the Indian Constitution?

Answer: 1,17,369 words

Question: Who is the Father of Indian Constitution?

Answer: Dr. BR Ambedkar

Question: What was the 42nd amendment act of 1976?

Answer: The word Socialist was added in the Preamble during Emergency in 1976 under 42nd Amendment Act.

Question: What is God’s Constitution?

Answer: Holy Scriptures like Holy Geeta ji and Holy Vedas.

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