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National Science Day 2023: Know about the Knowledge that Connects Science and Spirituality


On 28th Feb, every year, National Science day is observed to promote the need and development of science. Since 1986, the day has been celebrated in the memory of Dr. C.V Raman. On this day every year, the discovery of the Raman effect by the great Indian physicist Dr. CV Raman is recalled. Let us know some facts about National Science day 2023.

National Science Day 2023 (NSD 2023): Highlights

  • National Science Day has been observed every year on the 28th of February since 1986.
  • Dr. CV Raman got the Nobel prize in 1930 for his work related to Raman Effect. 
  • On NCSTC’s proposal the Indian government nominated 28th Feb as National Science Day. 
  • Global science for global well-being” is the theme for this year’s National Science Day 2023.
  • Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is providing a link that connects science with spirituality.

Why is National Science Day (NSD) Celebrated?

Every year, Feb 28 is celebrated as National science day in honor of the discovery of the “Raman effect” by Indian scientist CV Raman. This day is celebrated as national science day to mark the invention done by CV Raman of the Raman effect. The day is celebrated to motivate youth to know and understand the aspects of science and creativity. The main goal behind this is to explain the need and importance of science among people and society. 

Why is 28th Feb Celebrated as National Science Day (NSD)?

28th February is celebrated as national science day because on this particular day, our great scientist Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman discovered and proved the Raman effect. Dr. CV Raman received a Nobel prize in 1930 for his work on the Discovery of the Raman effect and scattering of light. So to honor his work and creativity in the field of science, National science day is celebrated.

Aim of Celebrating National Science Day (NSD)

The item and objective of celebrating national science day are to spread awareness about the importance of science in our community, and how science has made human life easy in daily life. The main motive behind celebrating national science day is to motivate students all around the country to develop an interest in the field of science and technology. On this occasion, youths prepare and present various creative and innovative science projects in their academics. 

National Science Day 2023 Theme

National Science day 2023 theme is “Global science for global well-being.” Our Union Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Jitendra Singh had launched this year’s theme for National Science day. 

National Science Day Events & Celebrations

Every February 28th, India observes National Science Day. The celebration includes public speeches, radio and television broadcasts, scientific films, research exhibits based on topics and ideas, discussions, quiz contests, courses, science prototype displays, and many other activities. Today, educational institutions across India will mark National Science Day by hosting seminars and discussions on Nobel Laureate C V Raman’s scientific contributions.

History of National Science Day

The reason behind celebrating National science day is that in 1986, the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) brought a proposal in front of the Indian Government to nominate Feb 28 as national science day. Afterward, the day is celebrated all over India in schools, colleges, universities, and other academic institutions. While celebrating the First NSD (National science day), NCSTC announced the institution of the national science popularization awards for recognizing quality efforts in the field of science and communication. 

National Science Day Significance 

At the state and national levels, students from across the country present science-related projects and innovations. The day is observed to encourage young people to learn about science and develop an interest in it. The goal is to educate people about the importance of science. National Science Day is observed to raise awareness about the importance of science in people’s daily lives and to recognize all of the technological activities, projects, and achievements that benefit humanity. 

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It is marked by the implementation of new technologies for scientific growth, the provision of opportunities for scientifically inclined individuals in India, and the encouragement and popularization of technology and science.

What Is the Raman Effect? 

The Raman Effect is a theory about change in the wavelength of light that occurs when a beam of light is deflected by molecules. A small fraction of light that passes through a dust-free, transparent chemical compound emerges in directions other than the incoming beam. The wavelength of the majority of scattered light is the same. A small portion with wavelengths different from the incoming light, The presence of different wavelengths indicates the outcome of the Raman effect.

How Science Is Damaging Our Society?

If we see the current scenario, in the absence of spiritual knowledge, Science is taking us to negativity and hatred in between us. Its proof is the latest war update between Russia and Ukraine. Humans have created hydrogen bombs, nuclear bombs, missiles, rockets, etc. which is not healthy for society in any terms. We have to make use of science, education, and technology to make our lives better and for the upliftment of humanity. 

What Is the Biggest Science on National Science Day?

There is no doubt that Science has made our life easy and comfortable, but still, we are far away from real happiness. There are a lot of diseases that are not curable through science. Whereas spirituality is far ahead of the knowledge of science that can make your life happy, disease-free and comfortable. After getting the right spiritual knowledge, one can get rid of the cycle of death and birth forever

Tatvgyan is the supreme knowledge that exists. It connects science and spirituality in such a way that explains mysteries and answers every unanswered question. Tatvagyan is the knowledge written inside Sukshm Ved, which is currently being explained by Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Saint Rampal Ji Is the Biggest Scientist on This Earth Currently

Many Scientists and Saints have put their heart-out to finding the best way to make life happy, but in front of Sant Rampal Ji’s spiritual knowledge and work all looks dull. Scientists have confused us with their negative ideology and incomplete and uncertified knowledge. As through Sant Rampal Ji’s incredible spiritual knowledge, people’s diseases are getting cured as well as their sins are getting destroyed. By accepting this spiritual path, people are leading a healthy life and inching towards the path of salvation. Download ‘Saint Rampal Ji App’ from Google Play Store right away to know more. 

FAQs about National Science Day

Why is National Science Day celebrated?

Science Day, also known as National Science Day, is observed on February 28 each year in India to commemorate the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir CV Raman on that date in 1928.

When was the first National Science Day celebrated?

To honor Sir C.V.Raman’s scientific contributions, the Indian government designated February 28 as National Science Day in 1986.

Who is the father of science?

Galileo Galilei is considered to be the father of science. 

Who introduced Science Day?

The National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC)

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