December 7, 2023

Why did Muslims Fail to Understand Knowledge of the Holy Quran?

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Islam is the world’s second-largest religion and its followers are known as Muslims. The Holy Quran is their sacred book which they recite and their children read to attain heaven (Jannat)


The Muslim community believes in two forces God and Satan (Shaitaan). Today through this blog we intend to help you identify the following: 

  • The segments of the Holy Quran point to the Almighty and Satan.
  • Resolve myths that have clasped not only the Muslim community but the whole of mankind.
  • The giver of the knowledge of the Holy Quran, Holy Bible, Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas is the same entity.

Myth # 1: God Is Formless

Every religion of this world including Islam believes that God is formless. However, to your disdain, your religious preachers have given you wrong teachings. God is very much in form, and He appears like a human being. The Holy Quran mentions that God created mankind in His image. On the seventh day after completing all the work, He sat on His throne and rested. 

Give it a thought, God sits on a throne, talks to Adam, makes them garments, and walks in the garden. Can a formless entity do any of these actions? God has a human-like appearance. However, His body is not made up of five elements. His body is made up of only one element: “Light”. Therefore, His body is effulgent.

Myth# 2: The Giver of the Knowledge of the Holy Quran Is God

As mentioned above the giver of the knowledge of all holy scriptures is the same entity, and he is not God. Even in the Holy Quran, he mentions some other Supreme Power in Surah-As-Sajdah 32 ayat 4 that it is Allah who created everything and you have no guardian other than Him. 

Also in Surah Baqarah 2 ayat 255, he says that everything in this world and heaven belongs to Allah. He has dominion over everything that exists between heaven and earth. Give it a thought, if the speaker of the Holy Quran is Allah then why did he refer to some other entity as Allah, and used “Him” in his statement instead of “me”? This indicates that Allah is someone else.

Myth #3: God Ordered Mankind to Consume Animals For Food

Both the Muslims and the Christians firmly believe that God ordered them to consume animals for food. However, this is not true. The holy books of both these religions mention that mankind was supposed to consume seed-bearing plants, fruits as their food. For evidence please see 

Holy Bible Genesis 1 verse 27-29.

According to the autobiography of the Prophet Muhammad, he and his 180000 disciples did not consume animal flesh. The couplets of Saint Garibdas Ji and Saint Jambheshwar verify this. The order to consume animals for food is given by the speaker of the Holy Quran. So this order in Surah-Al-Maidah 5 ayat 1, 3 and Surah-Al-Mu’min 40 ayat 79 comes from him, not God.

Myth #4: There Is No Birth and Death

The Muslim community strongly believes that there is no birth and death. Once a person dies his soul remains in the grave. On Judgment Day (Qayamat) all souls will either go to heaven or hell based on their deeds during their lifetime and will remain there forever. 

However, there are a lot of shreds of evidence in the sacred books of all religions including Islam, that everyone irrespective of their religious faith is trapped in the cycle of birth and death. Prophet Muhammad was a very pious soul and Muslims consider his experiences sacred.

The Meeting of Muhammad and Adam

According to his memoir, one night, angel Gabriel took him to the heavens. Prophet Muhammad saw one man sitting between heaven and hell. He smiled when he looked in heaven and cried when he looked in hell. Upon asking angel Gabriel, Prophet Muhammad came to know that he was Baba Adam. He felt happy for all his children enjoying heaven and sad for all his children suffering in hell. 

After this Angel Gabriel took Prophet Muhammad forward where he saw a whole community of Prophets including Prophet Dawood, Prophet Moosa, Prophet Isa. Plus Prophet Muhammad saw his grandfather in hell as well.

The points to consider here are: 

  • As per Islamic belief, all souls will be in their graves until Qayamat. Then how did Prophet Muhammad see these souls in heaven and his grandfather in hell??? 
  • Heaven and hell should have been empty as the judgement day hasn’t occurred yet. 
  • This proves their belief system doesn’t correlate with the experience of Prophet Muhammad.

The Holy Quran Majid mentions creation, destruction along with the cycle of birth and death. 

For evidence please see:

  • Surah kahf 18 ayat 47, 48 
  • Surah Mulk 67 ayat 2 
  • Surah-Ar-Rum 30 ayat 11 
  • Surah Anbiya 21 ayat 104 
  • Surah-Al-Baqarah 2 ayat 25, 28, 29

Evidence of Rebirth in Quran:

  • Surah-Al-Baqarah 2 ayat 243

Evidence that contradicts the belief that souls will remain in graves till Qayamat:

  • Surah-Al-Mudsir 75 ayat 26, 27

Also, according to the book of Jainism (Jain Religion)Aao Jain Dharam ko Jaane,” it is mentioned that the soul of Rishabh Dev; also called Aadinath by Jains incarnated as Baba Adam. Baba Adam came from the Loka of Lord Brahma, and he was Brahma’s avatar. To get a detailed explanation about the above-mentioned verses from the Holy Quran please read the book “Musalman Nahi Samjhe Gyan Quran

Did Prophet Muhammed Meet Allah?

The answer is Yes and every Muslim believes it. It is mentioned in the memoir of Prophet Muhammad that Supreme Almighty met Prophet Muhammad as a Jinda sage in Mecca and took him to the Great Heaven (Satlok). Almighty made Prophet Muhammad aware of true spiritual knowledge. But Prophet Muhammad desired to return to earth as he had a lot of followers here who treated him equivalent to God. He believed the knowledge of the Holy Quran to be the Supreme. Prophet Muhammad did not accept the teachings of Almighty Allah in Satlok. Nobody revealed this fact. Saint Garibdas and Saint Jambheshwar mention this in their respective writings.

Can One Be Liberated From the Cycle of Birth and Death?

The answer to this question is a definite YES!! A soul can get liberated only after following the instructions of an enlightened saint and walking on the path of worship guided by Him. Just like all other holy scriptures, even the Holy Quran indicates these deep spiritual secrets which none of your religious preachers taught you. The only reason is they aren’t aware of the Supreme Almighty Allah.

In the Holy Quran, why did its speaker not explain the meaning of the words in the chapter Surah-As-Shura 42 ayat 1 and 2? Why did he mention that only Allah knows about their meaning? This is another indication that he is not Allah. The correct meaning of both those verses is that the true way of worshiping Allah is Ain Sheen Qaaf. These are the indicative code words. These are the first letters of the true mantra that one should chant after acquiring an enlightened sage to attain liberation. 

Isn’t it strange that even Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita 17:23 suggests only three indicative words “Om Tat Sat” as a way to attain liberation and even fails to define these three words? Also, Samveda Mantra 822 talks about these three mantras too.

What Is the Name of The Supreme Almighty Allah?

All Holy Scriptures of all religions mention only one name and that is Kabir. Fazail-E-Amaal is the second most sacred book for the Muslim community. In this sacred book, there is a chapter named Fazail-E-Zikr. In this chapter, Almighty Supreme Kabir Saheb has been referred to as Allah in ayat no 1, 2, 3,6 and 7. Even in the Holy Quran, in Surah Al Furqan surah 25 ayat 52-59 uses Kabir Saheb’s name.

Religious books from all religions such as the Vedas, Holy Bible, Sri Guru Granth Sahib mention Kabir Saheb’s name. Only a truly enlightened sage can help awaken mankind from this slumber of ignorance. He can help mankind to identify Allah Kabir.

Who Is Baakhabar?

Baakhabar means the one who knows Allah and the way to attain Him. In simple terms, it means an enlightened sage. There’s only one enlightened sage on earth at a time. An enlightened sage is either a messenger of Allah or Allah Himself. Today, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only enlightened sage on earth and He is Allah Himself. Humankind irrespective of their religious faith can attain salvation by following His guidelines and true way of worship.

To seek His refuge, please listen to His spiritual sermons on Sadhana TV channel from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm or download Sant RampalJi Maharaj app from Google Play Store. To know more, you must visit the Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel. If you wish to take the Naam Initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji, kindly fill this Naam-Diksha Form.

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