Know The Right Way of Living To Burn Your Bad Habits on This Lohri 2024


Last Updated on 13 January 2024 IST: Dear readers, before saying “Happy Lohri Festival 2024″ go through this blog in which we will be throwing some light on the festival of Lohri. Also, this blog will clear all your misbeliefs regarding the Almighty so that you can easily obtain benefits from Him. So to know all, kindly read the blog thoroughly. 

What Is the Lohri Festival Celebrated For?

Lohri is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by the people of North India, and is celebrated with great fervor especially by the Hindu and Sikh communities. It marks the end of the winter season around this time of the year. Along with this, the festival also marks the harvesting season for rabi crops. 

This festival also lays its emphasis on the remembrance of Sun god and thanking him for providing heat and assistance for sustaining life. Let us find out later in the blog if this practice is supported by holy scriptures or not. 

Meaning of Lohri

The word Lohri came up from the word ‘Loh’ which means a big iron griddle or tawa helpful in cooking roti (Indian bread) for community gatherings. 

Lohri Festival 2024 Date in India

By default, every year Lohri happens to be on the same date, almost every year, as per the Gregorian calendar. This year it falls on 14th January. It is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti

Lohri Festival 2024 Celebrations

People celebrate the Lohri 2024 Festival by doing various sorts of rituals. They are as follows:-

  • People exchange Lohri messages, wear new traditional dresses on this day. 
  • Lohri is famous for its food also. That’s why people prefer to eat Gajak, Sarson da saag with Makki di roti, radish, ground nuts and jaggery.
  • Various schools and colleges arrange local events like Lohri festival essays. 

Is Celebrating Lohri in Accordance With Our Holy Scriptures?

The significance of any such festival like Lohri which is not in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and thus are being followed blindly is nothing. Although farmers worship the Sun on this occasion for their well-being, in reality, this is not what our Holy Scriptures suggest to do for attaining any sort of benefits. Our Holy Scriptures indicate towards making our human life successful by worshiping the Supreme Almighty God Kabir Ji.

Kabir Saheb says in His verses:

Kabir, Manush janam durlabh hai, Mile na baaram bar |

Taruvar se pata tut gire, Bahur na lage daar ||

Is Sun God Really the One to Be Worshiped in Lohri 2024?

Lohri Festival 2024: As per the rituals, farmers offer prayers to the Sun and seek his blessings in the form of betterment of their crops and their well-being. But every year, there is a huge percentage of farmers who suffer a great loss in their crops because of natural calamities like less rainfall, hailstones, unpredictable weather etc. despite worshiping the Sun and other deities on every Lohri.

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Can praying to the Sun help farmers or anybody? The answer is NO. The Sun is not the one to be worshiped as it’s only capable of giving us what is already there in our destinies. He himself is relying on the Supreme Almighty for living and attaining benefits, then how can he give us what we want? Therefore, worshiping it is pointless. Sant Garibdas ji Maharaj (from Haryana) says in His God given spiritual knowledge:-

Chand sur paani pavan, Dharni dhaul aakash |

Paanch tatv hazir khade, Khijamtidar khwas ||

God Is One

Along with the devotees of Hindu and Sikh religion, every person in one way or another in the whole world believes that God is one. But we don’t know Who is that God and where does He live

  • Firstly, in Hindu religion, they worship 33 crore deities in one way or another. 
  • Secondly, disciples of Sikh religion consider Guru Nanak Dev ji as God. However, Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji indicates some other Guru whom Guru Nanak Dev ji worshiped for attaining salvation. 

It is just because of the false priests and sages who are trying to make money out of innocent devotees, they seem to have neglected the unique identity of Supreme Invincible Power. This will soon turn us into atheists. Worshiping these demigods and expecting returns from them is like watering the leaves of the plant instead of its roots and expecting it to grow into a tree.

Kabir Saheb Says:

Kabir, Bed padhe par bhed na jane, Banche puran atharah |

Jad ko andha pann khilave, Bhule Sirjanhara ||

Every soul including Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv and other deities are trapped here in this world (Kaal Lok) whose Master is Satan and we are bound to go through the cycle of 8.4 million life forms. They are not eternal whereas the Supreme Power is immortal. 

In Holy Devi Puran (from Geeta Press Gorakhpur), 3rd Skand, chapter 5, page number 123, lord Vishnu clearly states to his mother goddess Durga that we three Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv are into the cycle of birth and death and perform our respective duties under her by every means.

Along with this in Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7:12-15, worshippers of these three gunas or Tridev and Durga are designated as demons in the form of humans. Hence, worshipping these gods is not in accordance with our Holy Scriptures. Saint Garibdas ji (from Haryana) in His God given spiritual knowledge says:-

Teeno deva kaal hai, Brahma vishnu mahesh |

Bhule chuke samjhio, Sab kahu Aadesh ||

It is just because we have neglected Almighty and started worshipping His courtiers that we remained untouched from the benefits God gives to His devotees. Therefore in this brutal world, it has become the need of the hour now to recognize the Supreme God so as to experience the benefits from Him that we have only heard uptill now. 


Kabir Saheb or Lord Kabir is the Supreme Indestructible Everlasting Power Who is worthy of being worshipped irrespective of the occasion. It has become very hard for a devotee to digest this truth due to the misconceptions given to us by Kaal Brahm (Satan). But, as a matter of fact, all our Holy Scriptures irrespective of the religion together shout and say that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme God.

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Approximately 600 years ago, He came onto the holy land of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Initially, He was recognized as a weaver, but He was actually the Supreme Power who came to meet His pious souls by doing a divine play in the form of an enlightened (Tatvadarshi) Saint. Sant Garibdas ji (from Haryana) says in His God given spiritual knowledge:-

Garib, Sat Purush Saheb Dhani, Hai So Akal Aaman |

Puran Brahm Kabir Ka, Paya Hum Asthan ||

He plays this sort of divine act in all four ages and comes from our native place Satyalok with His real name Kabir in Kalyuga so as to reveal the true spiritual knowledge or Tatvagyan. And thus, making it very easy for a devotee to differentiate between right and wrong. Therefore, it becomes easy for a devout soul to find the path to return to our real home Satyalok and thus attain salvation. 

Evidence of Supreme God Kabir in Holy Scriptures

He is the only Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient God Who is also mentioned in all the Holy Scriptures of each and every religion which firmly prove that God is One and is Kabir Saheb. Some of the proofs are mentioned below:-

  • He is mentioned in Holy Geeta ji’s chapter 2:17, 7:29, 8:1, 8:3, 8:8-10, 8:21-22 15:4, 15:17, 18:62,64,66 with the name as Param Akshar Purush and Kavir Dev.
  • And in Holy RigVeda, Mandal no 9: Sukt 20 Mantra 1, Sukt 82 Mantra 1-2, Sukt 86 Mantra 26-27, Sukt 94 Mantra 1, Sukt 96 Mantra 16-20 and in Holy YajurVeda in Chapter 29 Verse 25 and in various other verses, Lord Kabir is mentioned as Kavir Dev.
  • In Holy Guru Granth Sahib, on page no. 721 in his sacred speech, Mehla 1, Shri Nanak ji has stated that :-

Hakka Kabir kareem tu, Beaeb Parvardigaar |

Nanak bugoyad janu tura, Tere chaakraan paakhaak ||

Here, “Hakka Kabir” translates to “Immortal God Kabir” that Guru Nanak worshipped. 

  • Another evidence is also in Guru Granth Sahib, Raag ‘Siri’ Mehla 1,on Page no. 24, Shabd no. 29:-

Faahi surat malooki ves, Uh thagvaada thaggi des |

Kharaa siaana bahuta bhaar, Dhaanak roop raha Kartaar ||

Main keeta na jaata haraamkhor, Uh kia muh desa dusht chor|

Nanak neech kah bichaar, Dhaanak roop raha Kartaar ||

Here dhanak roop refers to the weaver form of Kabir Saheb when Guru Nanak Dev ji saw the same Supreme controller of all universes in the form of a weaver.

  • Sant Garibdas ji (from Haryana) says in His God given spiritual knowledge:-

Garib, Karta Aap Kabir Hai, Avinashi Badh Allah |

Ram Rahim Kareem Hai, Kijo surti nigah ||

How Can We Attain SUPREME GOD on Lohri Festival 2024?

After recognizing the Supreme God Kabir, the task of attaining Him is the simplest of all tasks on this planet earth. He can be attained by doing the scripture based worship in accordance with Holy Srimad Bhagavad Geeta chapter 17 verse 23 which has a mantra of OM-TAT-SAT- Om is the mantra of Brahm, Tat – this is indicative mantra of ParBrahm, Sat – this is indicative mantra of Supreme Almighty (Purna Brahm), in this way, this is said to be direction of recitation of three types of mantras for attaining Supreme God. Thus, it advises us to do recitation of OM-TAT-SAT to be disclosed by a truly enlightened (Tatvadarshi) Saint (Holy Srimad Bhagavad Geeta chapter 4:34) to the capable devotee. 

Who Can Help Us Attain Salvation?

Attainment of Supreme God Kabir and salvation can only be possible by going into the refuge of a truly enlightened (Tatvadarshi) Saint. And, presently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana, India is the one Who is giving us worship of Supreme God Kabir as per our Holy Scriptures as He is the only true representative of the Supreme God right now. Saint Garibdas ji (from Haryana) says in His God given spiritual knowledge:-

Garib, Sai Sarikhe Sadhu Hai, In samtul nahi or |

Sant kare so haut hai, Saheb apni thaur ||

As the rule of God says that He favours His righteous soul. And the same is being proved by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj through His disciples that True worship can be the remedy of any sort of problem. 

Know the right Way of Living on this Lohri 2024

It is said that a word to the wise is sufficient. So upon seeing so much proof it is very easy for an individual to adopt the right path of worship and walk on the road that leads to our original home Satyalok. To attain true worship and to know how to attain true Almighty, kindly listen to the Spiritual Discourses of Sant Rampal ji Maharaj on the Sant RampalJi Maharaj App. To take the Naam Diksha (Initiation) from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj please click here to fill the initiation form. One Can download or order a free book Way of Living written by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. This book will help burn your bad habits and can give you a new life ahead.

Lohri Festival 2024 Quotes

  • A festival is only meant to be complete when it is used to spread peace and brotherhood.
  • With the bonfire of Lohri, one should burn down all his bad habits into ashes.
  • Pour the sweetness of Gunn and Revri into your nature to celebrate this Lohri 2024.
  • We should seek the blessings of Almighty God Kabir on every other day so as to stay happy. 

FAQ on Lohri 2024

Question: Which God is worshiped on Lohri?

Answer: Sun God

Question: What is the meaning of Lohri?

Answer: Beginning of new year in Punjab. 

Question: What are the main three sweets offered during Lohri?

Answer: Revri, Gajak, Pinni

Question: Is Lohri religious or cultural?

Answer: Cultural

Question: What is the symbol of Lohri?

Answer: A bonfire

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