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Krishna Janmashtami: What does our Holy Geeta Ji say?


Krishna Janmashtami is the celebration of the birth of Shri Krishna Ji, the eighth Avatar of Shri Vishnu Ji. The common observances of the festival include praying, fasting, and the recitation of the Holy Books. The importance of Shri Krishna Ji is considered to be the miracles he performed throughout his life and the knowledge given in the Holy Geeta Ji. But, does this Krishna Janmashtami celebration really comply with Holy Geeta Ji?

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration

On Krishna Janmashtami, people keep fast throughout the day and break it after midnight, since it is believed that Shri Krishna Ji was born in the midnight hour. But, the irony is that fasting is forbidden in Holy Geeta Ji:

Na, ati, ashnatH, tu, yogH, asti, na, ch, ekaantam, anashnatH,
Na, ch, ati, swapnsheelasya, jaagrtH, na, ev, ch, Arjun ||16||

Translation: Oh Arjun, the (yogH) bhakti for attaining that Purna Parmatma is (na ekaantam) neither successful by sitting in a solitary place on a special seat or posture, nor of a person who eats too much, and nor of a person who does not eat at all, i.e., keep fasts, nor of a person who sleeps too much, and nor of a person who forcefully keeps awake.
~Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 6 Shloka 16

Wonder why the scholars of Geeta Ji still recommend keeping fast, then? Lord Kabir Ji has said on this,

Kabir, guru bin kahu na paya gyana, jyon thotha bhus chhade mudh kisana|
Guru bin bed padhe jo prani, samjhe na saar rahe agyani||

Nobody can gain knowledge of the Holy Books without the shelter of a True Guru.

The recitation of the Holy Geeta Ji is a different thing but understanding its conclusion and following it is absolutely different thing.

Those scholars learnt the Shlokas of the Geeta Ji by heart but could not get the essence of the Holy Book  because they didn’t get the shelter of a True Enlightened Guru as instructed in the Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 4 Shloka 34:

The gist of the Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 4 Shloka 25 to 30 is that whichever religious practice—Hawan Yagya, Hathyog, recitation of the Holy Books—the devotees perform, they do it considering it the destroyer of the sins. If they get to know that these religious practices don’t destroy their sins, they’ll immediately relinquish them. Shloka 32 says,

Evam, bahuvidhaH, yagyaH, vitataaH, brahmanH, mukhe,
Karmjaan, viddhi, taan, sarvaan, evam, gyaatva, vimokshyase ||32||

Translation: There are various types of religious activities like this. You may know them all as yagyas being performed through actions. In this way they have been elaborately explained in the fifth Ved i.e. Swasam Ved by the Supreme God through His lotus-mouth. Knowing this you will become completely liberated.

It tells that the fifth Ved, i.e., Swasam Ved, narrated by the Supreme God alone, elaborates these and various other types of religious practices —this is Tatvgyan. Shloka 34 says,

Tat, viddhi, prnipaaten, pariprshnen, sevya,
Updekshyanti, te, gyaanm, gyaaninH, tattavdarshinH ||34||

Translation: Understand that Tatvgyan. By properly prostrating before those saints who know the true knowledge and solution of the Supreme God, by serving them, and by giving up deceit, asking questions with simplicity, they, who know the Supreme God in essence i.e. Tatvdarshi, knowledgeable Mahatmas, will instruct you in Tatvgyan/True Spiritual Knowledge.

In this Shloka, we are directed to take the shelter of a knowledgeable Tatvdarshi Saint, who will tell us about the Tatvgyan. This proves that performing any religious practice—recitation of Holy Geeta Ji, Prayers, Hawan Yagya, and others—without taking the shelter of a Tatvdarshi Saint is opposite to the injunctions of Holy Geeta Ji.

Readers may please read on further to know about the Tatvdarshi Saint.

Let’s discuss the state of Shri Krishna Ji according to the Holy Geeta Ji.

The state of Shri Krishna Ji as per Geeta Ji

First of all, there is a misconception among the devotee society that Shri Krishna Ji delievered the knowledge of Holy Geeta Ji. The truth, however, is that it was Kaal, not Shri Krishna Ji. Shri Krishna Ji has no role in the narration of Holy Geeta Ji. Like, in Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 11 Shloka 32, the Geeta knowledge-giver is saying that he was Kaal, and he had appeared then. Just think, Shri Krishna Ji was already with Shri Arjuna; he would not have said that he had appeared then. Also, by having the real sight of the Kaal, even the braveheart Shri Arjuna started trembling. It wasn’t Shri Krishna Ji. For details, please see Click Here.

Let’s now know the state of Shri Krishna Ji according to the Holy Geeta Ji. We know Shri Krishna Ji is an Avatar of Shri Vishnu Ji. We also know that Shri Vishnu Ji is Satogun . Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 14 Shloka 3 to 5 prove that the three Gunas are born of Prakriti (Durga) and Brahm (Kaal).

Satvam’, rajH, tamH, iti, gunaH, prkritisambhvaaH,
Nibadhanti, mahabaho, dehe, dehinm’, avyyam’

Translation: Oh Arjun! Satogun, Rajogun and Tamogun, these three gunas born of Prakriti bind the eternal soul to body.
~Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 14 Shloka 5

Thus, Shri Vishnu Ji (Shri Krishna Ji) is not the Supreme God. And, for the worship of Shri Vishnu Ji (Shri Krishna Ji), the Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 7 Shloka 12 to 15 forbids it, saying:

Ye, ch, ev, saatvikaH, bhavaH, rajsaH, tamsaH, ch, ye,
MattH, ev, iti, taan’, viddhi, na, tu, aham’, teshu, te, mayi

Translation: And also the characteristics of preservation from Satogun Vishnu Ji and that of creation from Rajogun Brahma Ji and destruction from Tamogun Shiv Ji, consider all of them to be happening from me alone in a well-planned manner and according to the rules, but, in reality, neither am I in them, nor are they in me.
~Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 7 Shloka 12

TribhiH, gunmayaeH, bhaavaeH, ebhiH, sarvam’, idam’, jagat’,
Mohitam’, na, abhijaanaati, mam’, ebhyaH, param’, avyyam’

Translation: As a result of these Gunas, by the effect of Satvik Shri Vishnu Ji, by the effect of Rajas Shri Brahma Ji, and by the effect of Tamas Shri Shiv Ji – by the three types of characteristics, this whole world (all the living beings) is being enamoured to i.e is trapped only in my, Kaal’s web; therefore, does not know the Supreme Eternal God.
~Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 7 Shloka 13

Daivi, hi, esha, gunmayi, mm, Maya, duratyya, mam’,
Ev, ye, prpadhyante, mayam’, etaam’, taranti, te

Translation: Because this supernatural i.e. very extraordinary Trigunmayi Maya of mine is very dangerous/difficult to overcome, but those who always only worship me, they violate/cross over this Maya i.e. rising above the three Gunas – Rajgun-Brahma Ji, Satgun-Vishnu Ji, and Tamgun-Shiv Ji, get engaged in the worship of Kaal-Brahm.
~Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 7 Shloka 14

Na, mam’, dushkrtinH, moodaH, prpadhyante, naraadhmaH,
Mayya, aphrtgyaanaH, aasuram’, bhaavam’, aashritaH

Translation: Those whose knowledge has been stolen away by this Trigunmayi Maya i.e. by being dependent on the short-lived benefits obtained from the sadhna of Rajgun-Brahma, Satgun-Vishnu, Tamgun-Shiv ji, who do not even do my i.e. Brahm-worship, who are only limited to these three gods, such individuals who have demoniac nature, who are lowest among men, the evil-doers, fools, do not worship me i.e. they keep doing worship of the three Gunas (Rajgun-Brahma, Satgun-Vishnu, Tamgun-Shiv).
~Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 7 Shloka 15

These Shlokas prove that the worship of Shri Krishna Ji alias Shri Vishnu Ji is forbidden in Holy Geeta Ji. Holy Geeta Ji has even called the worshippers of the three Gunas as having demoniac nature, are the lowest among men, evil-doers, and fools. But, why? To know this, please see( Click Here ).

The way of worship prescribed in Holy Geeta Ji

Now, Kaal, who delivered the knowledge of Holy Geeta Ji is saying in Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 15 Shloka 16, 17 that there are two gods:- Kshar (perishable) and Akshar (imperishable). All the living beings in their Lokas are also perishable. But, the soul is imperishable. ~Shloka 16
The Uttam Purush (Supreme God), however, is someone else. He only is known as “Parameshwar”. He, by entering into the three Worlds, nurtures everyone. He is Eternal in reality. ~Shloka 17

That Supreme God is other than the giver of Geeta’s knowledge or Shri Krishna Ji. The same thing is written in Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 18 Shloka 62 and 66:

Tam, ev, sharnm, gachchh, sarvbhaaven, bharat,
Tatprsaadaat, paraam, shaantim, sthaanm, praapsyasi, shaashvatam

Translation: Oh Bharat! You, in every respect, go in the refuge of only that Supreme God. By the grace of that Supreme God only, you will attain the supreme peace and the everlasting place (dhaam/lok) i.e. Satlok.
~Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 18 Shloka 62

Sarvdharmaan, parityajya, maam, ekam, sharnam, vraj,
Aham, tva, sarvpaapebhyaH, mokshyishyaami, ma, shuchH

Translation: Relinquishing all my religious practices in me, you (vraj) go in the refuge of only that one unique i.e. Complete God. I will release you from all the sins. You do not grieve.
~Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 18 Shloka 66

These Shlokas prove that the Supreme God is other than Shri Krishna Ji or Kaal. Who is He?—we’ll discuss shortly.

For His way of Worship, Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 8 Shloka 22 says the Supreme God is attainable by undivided devotion only:

PurushH, saH, parH, paarth, bhaktya, labhyaH, tu, ananyyaa,
Yasya, antHsthaani, bhootaani, yen, sarvam, idam, tatam

Translation: Oh Paarth! The Supreme God under whom are all the living beings, and the Sachchidanandghan God (True Happiness-giving Supreme God) from whom this whole universe has pervaded i.e. is complete that Supreme God is only attainable by undivided devotion.

And, Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 17 Shloka 23 states that for the worship of Supreme God, there is a Mantra of three Naams that are to be chanted in three different ways. But, the three different ways are not given in the Holy Geeta Ji, instead in Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 4 Shloka 34, it directs towards the shelter of a Tatvdarshi Saint who will tell the Tatvgyan, as discussed above.

The Tatvdarshi Saint and the Supreme God

Now, who is that Tatvdarshi Saint according to Holy Geeta Ji?

Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 15 Shloka 1 states the identification of a Tatvdarshi Saint:

Oordhvmoolam’, adhHshaakham’, ashvttham’, praahuH, avyyam’,
Chhandaasi, yasya, parnaani, yaH, tam’, ved, saH, vedvit’

Translation: With the roots above in the form of Purna Parmatma Aadi Purush Parmeshwar and the branches below in the form of the three Gunas i.e. Rajgun-Brahma, Satgun-Vishnu and Tamgun-Shiv, it is an imperishable, extensive Pipal tree, whose divisions, small-small parts, just as there are verses in Vedas, are said to be twigs and leaves. One, who knows that tree of the world in detail, is completely knowledgeable i.e. is Tatvdarshi.

It says that the Saint who explains every part of the upside-down World-like tree is the Tatvdarshi Saint.

Nearly 600 years ago, Supreme God Kabir Ji has described this in His couplet,

Kabir, Akshar Purush ek ped hai, Niranjan vaki daar|
Teenu deva sakha hain, ye paat roop sansaar||

Akshar Purush is the trunk visible outside the Earth. Jyot Niranjan is its branch. Three demigods (Brahma-Vishnu-Shiv) are the smaller branches. And, the twigs and the leaves indicates this World.

Currently, only Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj tells this:

Spiritual Leader

It shows that at present, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Tatvdarshi Saint mentioned in the Holy Geeta Ji. He has been explaining this knowledge since 1994. Even before He studied these Holy Books, He used to impart this same knowledge on the basis of the Eternal Speech of Respected Saint Garibdas Ji and Supreme God Kabir Sahib Ji. You may listen to His audio recordings of 1997 Satsang

Yes, there are some other fake gurus who talk about something similar to what Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj tells, but it’s evident they’re just plagiarizing. Nobody knew this knowledge before Him. He has been struggling to impart this knowledge to the whole world from the day He was ordered to do Satsang by His Venerable Guru Ji Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj in 1993.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj tells that Lord Kabir Ji who appeared in Kashi nearly 600 years ago, is the Supreme God. He has confirmed this from The Holy Vedas, The Holy Quran, and The Holy Bible.

Some points listed below show that Lord Kabir Ji was the Supreme God mentioned in Holy Geeta Ji Adhyay 8 Shloka 3 and 9, Adhyay 15 Shloka 4 and 17, and Adhyay 18 Shloka 62 and 66:-
▪Kabir God appeared Himself in Kashi in a child’s form on a lake, unlike Shri Krishna Ji who took birth from a mother’s womb.
▪Shri Krishna Ji died and left his body of 5 elements while Lord Kabir Ji went away along with His body. In place of His corpse, aromatic flowers were found—it’s evidence is available in Maghar, Uttar Pradesh.
▪Also, He didn’t kill anyone to end unrighteousness like Shri Krishna Ji. Rather, He revived back several deads including Kamal and Kamali, who then stayed with Him as His children, and ended unrighteousness with His concrete knowledge.
▪In Dwaparyug, Shri Krishna Ji couldn’t make the Ashwamegh Yagya of Pandava successful. While, Supach Sudarshan, the devotee of Karunamay Sahib (God Kabir in Dwaparyug), did blow the Panchajanya Shankha.

Evidently, Kabir God is that Supreme God who created and nurtures all living beings, whose glory all the Holy Books sing; methodically taking whose shelter, the sins of His worshippers get destroyed. And, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Authorised Saint on the Earth who tells the concrete and conclusive Scripture-based spiritual knowledge. With His unmatched knowledge, He is ending the evils like intoxication, corruption, dowry, and Scripture-opposed way of worship from the society. He has undertaken the mission of transforming the Earth into Heaven. Identify Him! And, learn the Scripture-based Spiritual knowledge He tells by visiting:- www.Jagatgururampalji.org

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