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Jamat ul Vida (Jumu’ah Al Widaa) 2022 | Can Keeping Fast in Ramadan Makes One Reach Jannat?


Last Updated on 28 April 2022, 05:10 PM IST | Jamat-Ul-Vida 2022 | According to Muslim scholars Ramadan is considered a holy month for muslims in which muslims keep roja (fast) and perform namaj. This year the last Namaj of jumma is going to be performed on 29th April. It’s also known as Jamat- Ul-Vida. This festival is celebrated on the last Friday in the month of Ramadan. On this day muslims specially pray to Allah. After this, Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated.

Jamat ul Vida 2022 Key Highlights 

  • Meaning of Jummu’ah Al Widaa
  • Why is Jummu’ah Al Widaa celebrated?
  • When is Jummu’ah Al Widaa in 2022?
  • How is Jummu’ah Al Widaa celebrated?
  • Can fasting lead to salvation?
  • Is attainment of God possible?
  • Who is Almighty and how can we go to our Eternal home?

Meaning of Jummu’ah Al Widaa

Jamat ul Vida is authentically written as Jumu’atul Widaa or al-Jumu’ahal-Yateemah in Arabic. The festival gets its name from Arabic words “Jumu’ah” which has two meanings “gathering as well as Friday” and “Widaa” which means “farewell or adieu”. This holiday is optional according to the government. 

Why Is Jumu’ah Al Widaa (Jamat ul Vida 2022) Celebrated?

Jumu’ah Al Widaa is the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan. Muslims consider this as one of the holiest days of the year. Many Muslim men spend this day by offering prayers to Allah (doing ibadaah). The evidence for this comes from the Holy Quran verse 9 chapter 62. This day also symbolises the beginning of the festival of Eid-al-Fitr.

When Is Jumu’ah Al Widaa in 2022?

This year Jumu’ah Al Widaa will be celebrated on April 29 2022.

How Is Jumu’ah Al Widaa (Jamat ul Vida) Celebrated?

  • Muslims consider this day as very auspicious as prophet Muhammad offered special prayers to Allah on this day.
  • Muslims begin this day by taking a bath, visiting the mosques to offer prayers.
  • Women are not obligated to visit the mosque though.
  • Feasts are organised by families at their homes.
  • People visit their families and friends.
  • People give charity to the deprived on this day as it is believed that by doing virtuous deeds on this day they receive special blessings from Allah.
  • People pay their visit to places of religious importance and shrines on this day to seek Allah’s blessings.

Muslims fast during the whole month of Ramadan. This festival marks the breaking of their fasts and beginning of Eid Ul Fitr. The Holy Quran is read many times as it is believed that Allah protects and forgives the sins of all those who recites the Holy Quran on this day.  Everything mentioned above is being followed religiously by the Muslim community around the world. Let’s take a look to find out if by following these practices one can really attain Almighty.

Can Fasting Lead to Attainment of Salvation?

Fasting for a day or two does have a couple of health benefits. However to your dismay, it does not provide any spiritual benefits. People from all religious faiths observe fasts with a sole aim of attaining Almighty and a permanent place in Heaven (Jannat/Swarg). As Matter of fact, the Holy Quran in verse 2:183 specifically mentions that not only Muslims but the communities that existed before Muslims were too ordered to observe fasting.

It indicates that fasting predates the Muslim beliefs. However, fasting is opposed to the Holy Scriptures. Yes, I do not deny the fact that it has a mention in the Holy Quran and considered as one of the pillars of Islam. But the place where it is mentioned, those orders weren’t given by Almighty who created the universe but instead given by angel Gabriel to prophet Mohammed in 610 AD. Hence, one can never be certain if Almighty really wanted His children to fast or was it the ideology of angel Gabriel. 

Jamat ul Vida 2022 Special Video

Also, fasting is basically observed in three sets comprising ten days each. The first ten days are for seeking mercy from the Almighty, the second set of ten days are meant for asking for forgiveness for the sins committed by them and the third set of ten days are meant to undertake devotional activities to make them safe from the fire of hell. Considering this Muslims should refrain from any activity that goes against the constitution of God or would be considered cruel or inhuman.

Constitution of God

But this doesn’t seem to happen as during all the 30 days of Ramzan including last Friday (Jammu’ah Al Widaa) they indulge in killing animals and consuming their flesh during the Iftar parties. Doesn’t it sound hypocritical that during the day you ask for forgiveness, mercy and then commit such heinous acts during the night? Do you really think this makes Allah happy?

Think logically, Allah, who is supposed to be all loving, benevolent becomes happy with so much killing going around. Doesn’t it sound absurd? Let me ask you this, if Allah becomes happy with the sacrifice of the innocent — His children — then What makes Satan happy?? Be it a Hindu, Christian or a Muslim, killing innocent animals for their flesh will never make Allah or Almighty happy. Everyone who commits this sin will be destined to hell irrespective of their faith.

God’s Orders

During the creation of the universe, Almighty gave instructions to every living being with respect to what they should be eating for food and He never allowed even the animals and reptiles to consume the flesh of other animals, then ordering mankind to consume flesh is a distant question. When angel Gabriel revealed the Quran to prophet Muhammad it was at that time consuming flesh was mentioned.

In fact prophet Muhammed himself and his 180,000 disciples were vegetarians. Also, why is only Friday considered important? Just because Adam was created on a Friday doesn’t make other days of the week less important. All the other creations made by Almighty are of equal importance as they help the creation made on Friday to live and survive. Giving importance to only one day of the week mankind is telling God that we certainly don’t value your efforts on those other days as only our creation was Super Important. How do you think God would feel about this? Every day of the week is good and important.

Is Attainment of God Possible?

Yes, the attainment of Almighty God is very easy and even possible but only by following the true way to worship Him. What mankind is doing under different religions and faith is arbitrary worship and will never lead to His attainment.

First of all, mankind needs to know, understand and believe the fact that Almighty God is not formless. He has a body just like us but as against five elements which make up our physical bodies, Almighty’s body is made up of only one element “Light”. And this is why even the Holy Quran mentions that Almighty created Adam in His image. download the book Gyan Ganga for more information

Secondly, mankind needs to understand that all mankind is created exactly identical when it comes to the body. Skin colour, facial features differ due to topographical locations but overall structure and functions remain the same. There is a specific reason for that. Since Almighty is one, mankind will have to follow one single way to worship Him to unite with Him. The truly enlightened sage will impart a way of worship in three stages. The first stage towards attaining Him begins with opening of the 7 chakras in your physical body and helping your soul to exit this realm ruled by Satan.

True Worship

The second stage of worship frees your soul from this realm and helps you to cross the distance between this realm of Satan and our Eternal home and the third stage of worship finally unites your soul (you) with Almighty and helps you gain access to His realm and our Eternal home (Satlok). A place where we all have our families, our home. That Eternal Home is Jannat in the true sense which doesn’t get destroyed during Qayamat. The various “Jannats” made by Satan in this realm all get destroyed in qayamat. Our Eternal home; the real Jannat is far beyond the Jannat in which Prophet Mohammed saw Adam, Moses and Jesus.

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We are sure you must haven’t heard about this information at all from the Kaaji and Maulana Sahab. The reason for the same being, they themselves aren’t aware that there is a real Jannat beyond this Satanic realm and that is where we need to go.

Who Is Almighty and How Can We Go to Our Eternal Home?

By far in the discussion above, it has been made clear that nothing that we had been following in the name of rituals and religion can lead us to Almighty. By the way, the name of Almighty is Allah Kabir. Mankind needs to find a truly enlightened sage who has seen Allah, His eternal realm and is aware of how He can be attained. Earth always in every millenia has one such sage. Today, that enlightened sage is present in Hisar; Haryana, India and His name is Saint Rampal ji Maharaj. He is the only one who is giving way of worship in three stages as mentioned above. To know more about the way of worship kindly listen to His spiritual sermons on Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel. To take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj please click here to fill the Naam Diksha (Initiation) Form.

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