This Ramadan Festival 2021 Know About the Allahu Akbar Who Met Prophet Muhammad

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Ramadan Festival 2021: Ramadan, also spelled Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan or Ramathan, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. The word Ramadan is derived from an Arabic word root “ar-ramad,” which means scorching heat. Muslims keep fast during Ramadan in order to seek rewards from Allah and also perform prayers ( Namaz) five times a day.

History of Ramadan (Ramzan)

It is recognised as the holy month of fasting. Most of the people don’t know why is Ramadan celebrated or who started Ramadan and why? The significance of Ramadan lies in the fact that it’s celebrated in the remembrance of their Prophet believing that in A.D. 610, the angel Gabriel appeared to Prophet Muhammad and revealed to him the Quran, the Islamic holy book. So, this day is celebrated with the belief that God first revealed the words of the Quran to Mohammad.

Ramadan Festival 2021 Date & Time?

This year, Ramadan 2021 in India starts from 12th April 2021 and lasts for 30 days. It will end on 12th May, 2021. The last day of Ramadan is marked as Eid-ul-Fitr which Muslims celebrate with a huge gathering with friends and family.

Ramadan Festival 2021: Who Was Prophet Mohammad?

Prophet Mohammad, at the age of forty, was in search of God and to get the answer of the questions which usually disturbed him.  For this, he started spending time in solitude in a cave within a mountain called Al-Hira.  But after one year, Gabriel forced him to read with his hold on Mohammad Ji. Mohammad Ji was so terrified that he refused twice but then he (Mohamad Ji) was replied by the Gabriel:

“Proclaim! in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who

Created man, out of a clot of congealed blood:

Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful,–

Who taught by the pen–

Taught a man that which he knew not.”

Ramadan Festival 2021: What Was the Reason That Mohammed Had to Start Muslim Religion?

After listening to Gabriel, Mohammad Ji ran from there in fear of thinking it was an evil spirit. He was then told by his family that he had been chosen as a prophet of God.

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It was Kaal (Brahm) under whose influence Mohammad Ji started Muslim religion. At the time, the ongoing religious practices were full of hypocrisies. Kaal Brahm sent his messenger to enlighten the real path of his Bhakti. It was not a religion then. It later took the form of a religion by the inspiration of Kaal. In Gita Ji 11:32, Kaal himself mentioned that I am the enlarged Kaal, the destroyer of the worlds. This time I have appeared to destroy these worlds.

Apart from that, there is an evidence in Suksham Veda also that Mohammad Ji started the Muslim religion.

It is mentioned in Suksham veda :

Muslmaan bistar billa ka| Nauj udar ghar sanjam ja ka||

Jake bhog mohammad aaya| Jisne yeh dharm chalaya||

As per Muslim belief, God is not in form but formless which is nowhere mentioned in the scriptures. While, in Suksham Veda, it is mentioned that God (Kabir Sahib Ji) Himself took Mohammad Ji to Satlok but he refused to live there. Again, it is evident from here that Kabir Ji is that Allah-hu-Akbar Akbar Himself. 

Mohammad ji didn’t agree to stay in Satlok

Hum mohammad ko wahan le gayo| 

Icchaa roopi wahan nahee rahyo||

Ult mohammad mahal pathaya| 

Guj Biraj Ek kalma le aaya||

 Roza bung namaz dayee re| 

Bismil ki nahee baat kahee re||

He (Kabir Ji) tried to make Hazrat Mohammad understand but he had a lot of followers and glory (Lordship) by then on earth, therefore Hazrat Mohammad did not agree to live there in Satlok. Moreover, it is also mentioned in the verse that Mohammad Ji did not order slaughter and to eat meat. 

Evidence of God Is in Form in Bible

Quran Sharif has around 40 percent of the same knowledge of the Bible. It is mentioned in the Bible – Genesis – Sixth day of Creation, that God has made human beings just like Him. 

  • 1:26 – Then God said, “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small.”
  • 1:27 – So God created human beings, making them be like Himself. He created them male and female.

These verses of the Holy Bible prove that God is not Formless. That Supreme Power (Kabir Sahib ji) created the universe in six days and on the seventh day, He sat on His Throne. 

Proof of Allah Kabir in Quran Sharif 

The Supreme Power is none other than Kabir Saheb Ji. Muslims call Him Kabir, Kabira, Khabiran and Allahu Kabir which clears that Allah is Kabir Saheb.

In Holy Quran Sharif, Surat Furkani 25, verse no. 52-59, Prophet Muhammad’s God is saying that Oh Prophet! Do not listen to the Kafir who instead of worshipping one God, worship other gods–goddesses and idols since those people do not consider Kabir as the Supreme God. You may remain firm on the basis of the knowledge of Quran given by me that Kabir only is the Supreme God. 

The lines are as follows:

  • Verse 25:52


In the above verses, it is clearly written ‘Kabiran’ which means The Supreme Power is Kabir Saheb Ji.

In almost every holy book, one can find that the One (God) whom everyone should follow is Kabir Saheb Ji and He is in Form and not Formless (bechoon) who created the universe and made Humans just like Him. In the Holy book Fazal-E-Amal, it is mentioned that Allah is Kabir. He only is the Supreme Power, The Almighty, Who is above all. He is the complete God.

Ramadan Festival 2021: Proof of Allah Kabir in Fazal- E-Zikr

  • Fazal- E-Zikr, Aayat 1

‘Wallat Kabir Bullah Aala Maha dakoobwala Allah kumdar guru’

The above line clears that one should glorify The Almighty Kabir Allah Who is Omnipotent. That Kabir is Royal Who saves from sins. As it is evident in the Bible that the entire universe had been created in six days by The God (Kabir Sahib Ji), the same is mentioned in Quran Sharif. 

  • Verse 25:59

All’ji khalakassmaavaati val’arj va ma bainhuma fi sittati ayyaamin’ summastwa alal’arshi arrh’maanu fs’al’ bihi Khabiran’ (Kabiran’) 

It is mentioned in the above lines that Allahu Akbar (Kabir Saheb Ji) created the entire universe between the Earth and the Sky in six days and sat on the throne in Satlok on the seventh day. Ask about That Supreme God from a Baakhabar/ Tatvdarshi Saint to know how He (Kabir Ji) can be attained.

Here, it gets clear that no one but the authorised Saint can help the devotees to get rid from the trap of 84 lakh births. It is further explained that only Baakhabar has the complete knowledge of all holy scriptures. He would be the Enlightened Saint/ Illamwala Who is fully aware about the creation of the Universe.

Garibdas Ji explained in His Amritwani, Raag Kalyan, gave the evidence that The Supreme Power never takes birth from the womb of a mother and has no Family. He comes on the Earth to make people aware about His reality from the Scriptures. Either He (Kabir Saheb Ji) comes Himself or sends His Authorised and True Saint.

Teen charan Chintamani saheb, Shesh badan par chhaaye |

Maata, pita, kul na bandhu, Naa kinhe janani jaaye ||

Who Is That Baakhabar?

There are several pieces of evidence mentioned in different holy books (Quran, Bible, Gita Ji, Vedas, Puranas etc.) which describes the identity of a True Saint. Kabir Saheb Ji gave the description of that Saint while explaining to His dear disciple Dharamdas Ji. He (Kabir Saheb Ji) said that He (The True Saint) will tell the path of True Bhakti. All the saints and mahants will quarrel with Him. This will be His identity. The lines are as follows:

Jo Mam Sant Sat Updesh drdaavae| 

Vaake sang sabhi raad badaavae||

Ya sab sant mahantan ki karni|

 Dharmdas Main to se varni||

At present, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is facing the same situation. He (Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji) only is providing the True Devotion with evidence from the Holy Books to the devotees. Also, the other saints and mahants are against Him (Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj) because devotees are becoming aware about the actual and real knowledge mentioned in our scriptures. As a result, people are leaving the fake Gurus and taking the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

One more evidence about the complete Saint is mentioned in Yajurveda 19 Mantra 26. It is evident that the complete Saint will tell His devotees to do sadhna three times a day. He is the well wisher of the entire world. From the above evidences, it is clear that one should not waste time in doing wrong practices which nowhere are mentioned in our scriptures. And should take the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj since all the evidence relate and describe Saint Rampal Ji as the authorised Saint at present.

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