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Ramzan festival 2020: Know about Baakhabar Saint on Ramadan


Today we are going to share information about Ramzan (Ramadan) festival 2020, like What is Ramadan (Ramzan), When is Ramadan in 2020, What is the meaning of Ramzan Eid or Eid al Fitr?, Why does the Muslim community observe fasting?, what are the best quotes on Ramadan (Ramzan) Festival 2020 for sharing, etc

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What is Ramzan (Ramadan)?

Ramzan or Ramadan (Ramadan is the Arabic or Wahabi word that describes the holy month while Ramzan, which is used more in India, means the same thing but is a Parsi word that traces its heritage back to Persia) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar in which the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Muslim population generally fast during this month which is also considered as one of the five pillars of Islam. There are five pillars of Islam

  1. Shahada
  2. Salah
  3. Roza(Fasting)
  4. Zakat
  5. Hajj.

Ramzan (Ramadan) is a month of fasting from dawn to sunset. The pre-dawn meal before the fast is called the suhur, while the meal at sunset that breaks the fast is the iftar. During Ramzan, they are supposed to avoid eating, drinking, smoking, and have unkindly or impure thoughts. According to Islam, during this month the gates of heaven are open for the entire month whereas the gates of hell are closed.

The Islamic calendar is based on lunar month because of which the month of Ramzan generally comes 11 days earlier each year and its exact date also vary from country to country depending upon in which country the moon is sighted first.

During the month of Ramzan (Ramadan) Muslims observe fast during daylight and refrain from any sinful activity. The month of Ramzan is characterized by extra prayers and charity for the downtrodden. Muslims begin their day with a modest meal which is taken before dawn; called suhoor and then they restrain from consuming anything, not even water until dusk when they consume another meal known as Iftar. Fasting is a compulsion for all age groups.

When Is Ramadan Festival in 2020?

In 2020, Ramzan (Ramadan) Festival begins at sunset on Thursday, April 23, and ends on Saturday, May 23.

What is the meaning of Ramzan Eid or Eid al Fitr?

According to the Google search result, the meaning of Eid al Fitr is “The Muslim festival marking the end of the fast of Ramadan”. It marks the end of the fasting period of Ramzan (Ramadan). It is a religious holiday and celebrated across various parts of the country.

Why does the Muslim community observe fasting?

During Ramadan, Muslims fast because according to Islamic theories, it is believed that there are a lot of poor people in the world who do not have enough food to eat. So, Muslims believe that they should fast, so that poor people can get food to eat. Fasting would also enable rich people to understand how poor people feel when they do not have food to eat.

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Now the aim of fasting seems to be empathetic towards the poor. However, it has been observed that Muslim people who are fasting during this holy month tend to eat more than their general appetite. So technically, they are not feeling what starving in real sense means. On the other hand, if fasting is done to ensure that poor people get food on their plate, then why are the poor made to fast as well?

Ramadan (Ramzan) Festival 2020: As a matter of fact, even after people fasting during Ramadan Festival 2020 for so many centuries all together, there are millions of people on the planet who are still hungry. Also, why is fasting done for just one month every year? It should be done every month for a few days or if possible, the whole year so that the poor could get food.

  • How can fasting done by one person, put food in someone else’s plate?
  • Does this really happen? Give it a thought, Liaqat is fasting during Ramzan (Ramadan).
  • Does that give the poor person living near his home the ability to buy food for himself and his family?
  • Instead of Liaqat’s fasting and believing that the poor are getting his share of food, he should buy food for that poor person and his family.
  • Fasting can never lead to God or heaven. Only good deeds can lead one to God and heaven.
  • In this world where daily life activities such as walking, eating, bathing leads to sin knowingly or unknowingly how can one conduct good deeds?
  • In such a scenario, how can one be sure that by mere fasting one can reach heaven? During Ramzan, the Muslim community consumes meat, fish, etc.
  • Is it the order of Allah to eat meat?
  • Prophet Muhammad never consumed meat.

In the sacred speech (Vanni) of Saint Garibdas Ji:

||Garib, Nabi Muhammad Namskar hai, Ram rasul kahaya, Ek lakh asshi ku sogand, jin nhi kard chalaya||

||Aarsh kursh par Allah Tekht hai,khalik bin nhi khali, Ve Paigamber paak purush the,Saheb ke Abdali||

Meaning: – Saint Garib Das Ji is saying that I highly respect Nabi Muhammad who never consumed meat in his entire life. None of his 1.8 lakh followers, ever consumed the flesh of any animal. It means that Hazrat Muhammad, the messenger of God, to whom the Holy Quran was revealed, never ate any animal, nor did he ever allow his followers, to consume the meat of any animal. This also proves that sacrificing the animals or consuming their meat is not allowed even by the prophet Muhammad.

The Story of bringing a Dead Cow back to Life

Since Ramadan is a month in which the holy Quran got revealed to prophet Muhammad, doesn’t it become necessary to follow the belief of prophet Mohammad and refrain from any kind of meat-eating? Prophet Mohammad was a very virtuous soul upon whom Allah bestow his mercy and gave him the Holy Quran.

Ramadan festival 2020: When he did not touch meat throughout his life, then why do Muslims consume it so happily? Prophet Mohammad killed only one cow all through his life and that also got resurrected back to life by him. So technically speaking, prophet Mohammad did not kill any living creature at all. Can all the Muslims who kill animals bring them back to life? If they cannot, they do not have any right to take their life under any circumstances

How to celebrate Ramzan (Ramadan) eid?

According to the Holy Quran Sharif: In Surah Al Furqan 25:58 & 59 – Prophet Muhammad’s God is referring to some other Supreme God and is asking Prophet Muhammad to sing the glory of Allah Kabir who is immortal and is worthy to worship. He is the same God Kabir, who created the entire nature, whatever is between the Earth and Sky in six days, and on the seventh day, sat on the throne in His Eternal Place (Satlok), above.

Ask a (Baakhabar – one who is fully acquainted with Him) Tattavdarshi (True Saint) for the information about Him. To know about the real knowledge of that Supreme God and how one can attain Him, ask a Tattavdarshi Saint (Baakhabar) i.e. taking initiation from a Bakhtiar (true saint) and worshipping the true God – “Allah Kabir” is the only way to salvation. So we should celebrate Ramadan by doing True Worship of Allah Kabir.

Spiritual Quotes for Ramadan Festival 2020

Until a person is hungry, he can’t focus on god”.

Ramadan Festival 2020 quotes

Observing fast (sawm) during Ramadan is not the right way to follow Islam.

Ramadan Spiritual quotes

Your fasting goes in vain if you eat Allah’s animals in the night”.

“Fasting In Ramadan is not just state of remaining hungry and thirsty but it means to purified the soul and realizes closeness and nearness with Allah hu Kabir”

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Instead of unreasonably staying hungry, we should follow the Injunctions of the Holy Quran and take the shelter of the Bakhabar Saint”.

Who is a Baakhabar Saint? And How to identify him?

In Holy Quran Sharif, (Surah 42, Aayat 1) the giver of the Holy Quran has told the three codewords (Aan Sin Kaaf) to attain the Almighty Allah Kabir. According to both these scriptures, only a True Saint/Bakhabar will reveal the secret of these three mantras.

He made it clear that the saint who will reveal the secret of these three mantras will be the truly enlightened saint. He will be acquainted with true spiritual knowledge which no other saint would have given before him. He is the one who will help the masses understand the deep secrets hidden in the Holy Scriptures and thereby identify Almighty.

Ramadan festival 2020: At present, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only saint, who is playing the role of an enlightened saint. He is the true representative of the Supreme God and tells the way of worship that leads to Allah (God). This Ramzan (Ramadan), it’s our humble request to everyone to recognize the true God and true saint because human life is very precious and for that one must read, listen and understand the complete spiritual knowledge.

A soul attains the human body after going through 8.4 million life forms. So, it is our prime duty, to find an enlightened saint in human form and attain salvation. It’s the only opportunity to worship true god and free ourselves from the cycle of birth and death and live in eternal peace forever. For more information listen to his spiritual sermons on Sadhna TV channel from 7:30 pm onwards daily. If you wish to take Initiation from Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, kindly fill the Online Naam Diksha Form

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