Is Shri Krishna the Supreme God?


Janmashtami is a festival that is celebrated throughout India  to commemorate the birthday of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu. Shri Krishna was born in jail in Mathura to Devaki and Vasudeva.
Lord Krishna was supposed to kill Kans (his maternal uncle) and fearing his death Kans had put his sister Devaki and her husband in jail, where he killed all the seven children Devaki gave birth to. When she conceived Shri Krishna and gave birth to him in the midnight, Vasudeva sneaked the newborn out of the jail to Nandlal’s place in Gokul in the night and brought their new born baby girl to the jail. Upon learning, Kans came to kill the eighth baby too, but the baby girl flew out his hands and warned him regarding the birth of an incarnation of Vishnu and his killer. Following this Kans sent many demons to kill Krishna but failed every single time. Eventually when Krishna came to know about his mother and father, he killed Kans and released them from the jail. Witnessing these events, people all around Mathura and Gokul started treating him as God.
Krishna, being an incarnation of Vishnu, had majestic powers due to which people were convinced that he was God.

Who is God?

God is the one who loves his children unconditionally and does everything to ensure that they do not suffer from any kind of sorrow and ultimately attain salvation.
God is the only one who is capable of forgiving our sins, extending our life span and giving us everything that is beyond our destiny.

Is Krishna The Supreme God?

Everyone believes that Krishna is the Supreme God. But it is not true. Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu and in Devi Bhagavat Puran it is clearly mentioned that all the three demigods; Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are not immortal and they too are in the cycle of birth and death. Whereas, vedas tell that Supreme God is eternal and that he is free from the cycle of birth and death. He lives in Ritdhama – a place which has its own light and is eternal. Vedas also say that when God descends on earth, he never takes birth from a mother’s womb. He directly descends in the form of a human baby on a lotus flower and is fed by maiden cows.

Shri Krishna was born from a mother’s womb. This proves he can’t be termed as Supreme God.

If Shri Krishna was really the Supreme power why he could not save his nephew Abhimanyu from death during the Mahabharat?

People say that Shri Krishna gave the knowledge of Bhagavad Geeta. If Shri Krishna gave the knowledge of Bhagavad Geeta, then why he denied giving Geeta gyan to Arjun after Mahabharat? The reason for this is simple, he never gave the knowledge of Bhagavad Geeta.
If it was the case, then why in Geeta Adhyay 18 shlok 62, he asked Arjun to take refuge of some other God?
Why will Supreme God call his worship ‘the worst’ in Geeta Adhyay 7 shlok 18?
Why is Shri Krishna pointing towards another God in Geeta Adhyay 18 shlok 66?

Today, all the priests are preaching opposite to what is written in Geeta. If you really want to know the real meaning of Bhagavad Geeta, find answers to many such questions as listed above, and know who is the Supreme God. Please listen to the Spiritual discourses by “Sant Rampal ji Maharaj” or get a free copy of “Geeta Tera Gyan Amrit” from

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