International Gita Mahotsav: Know the Complete Detail of Festival and Holy Bhagavad Gita


To commemorate the birth of ‘Shrimad Bhagavad Gita,’ the sacred scripture containing God’s invaluable advice to Arjuna, the third Pandava, on the first day of the famous 18-day battle of Kurukshetra in the Mahabharata, International Gita Mahotsav is organized every year. This year the International Gita Mahotsav 2021 is being held from the 2nd of December to the 19th of December 2021.

International Gita Mahotsav 2021: Highlights

  • International Gita Mahotsav is organized from 2nd December to 19th December, 2021.
  • In this Mahotsav, scholars from 27-28 countries will participate in its competitions and events.
  • Competitions like Photography, Rangoli, Pencil Sketch, Fancy Dress Competition, and Online Quiz will be held.
  • 30 more religious sites have been discovered in Kurukshetra’s 48 kos ‘parikrama, bringing the total number of religious sites to 164.
  • The real essence of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is extracted by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

International Gita Mahotsav 2021 Date 

One of the most important days in human history was the day on which more than 5520 years ago, a brilliant flash of lightning lit up the firmament of human civilization. The message of the Bhagavad Gita, given by Kaal Brahml himself on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

According to the traditional Lunar calendar, the Shukla Paksha Ekadashi, i.e., the 11th day of the Margashirsh month of the Shukla Paksha which is considered to be the birthday of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. This year the International Gita Mahotsav will be observed from the 2nd of December to the 19th of December 2021. 

International Gita Mahotsav 2021 Events & Celebration

Manohar Lal Khattar, Haryana’s chief minister, announced on Wednesday that the International Gita Mahotsav 2021 will be held in Kurukshetra, with thousands of people expected to attend both online and offline. Many programs will be held at seventy-five religious sites in Kurukshetra’s 48 kos parikrama.

CM stated that the Gita Mahotsav had given Kurukshetra a new identity. He said that Gita Mahotsav was now celebrated internationally, with scholars from 27-28 countries participating in the most recent event. During the previous events, six countries’ high commissioners were present. CM Khattar states that 30 more religious sites have been discovered in Kurukshetra’s 48 kos ‘parikrama, bringing the total number of religious sites to 164. He also says that special trains will run from Mathura and Haridwar to Kurukshetra to transport devotees and visitors to the International Gita Mahotsav 2021.

Kanwar Pal Inaugurated the Saras and Crafts Fair

On Thursday evening, state Tourism and Education Minister Kanwar Pal inaugurated the Saras and Crafts Fair to kick-start the International Gita Mahotsav-2021 celebrations amid chanting of shlokas’ on the banks of the Brahma Sarovar. The participants were greeted with a rousing welcome by artists from the North Zone Cultural Centre in Patiala and the Haryana Kala Parishad.

International Gita Mahotsav 2021 Partner Countries

Apart from India, scholars from 9 countries including Australia, Mauritius, Canada, England, Japan, Nepal have arrived at this International Gita Seminar. Ambassadors of Myanmar, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, and Bangladesh have also been approached for the International Gita Mahotsav.

International Gita Mahotsav 2021 Registration

Several events and competitions are being held during the International Gita Mahotsav 2021. Interested participants can register themselves for different events and competitions like Photography, Rangoli, Pencil Sketch, Fancy Dress Competition, and Online Quiz at

International Gita Mahotsav 2021 Online Quiz

A quiz about the International Gita Mahotsav 2021 is going on. A link is posted on International Gita Mahotsav, 48 Kos Kurukshetra, and for this competition. A link is also placed on the district information and public relations officer’s digital media sites in Kurukshetra. During the competition, an inquiry about the holy religious text Gita, as well as the recitation of Gita’s teachings will be made. The winners of these competitions will receive citations along with the prize money.

International Gita Mahotsav History & Significance

The Srimad Bhagavad Gita is God’s message to humanity. Through the Bhagavad Gita, God has revealed the most secretive and profound knowledge. It is a dialogue between Shri Krishna and Arjun that consists of 700 verses and 18 chapters. These verses were spoken on the battlefield of Kurukshetra during the Mahabharata. The most important feature of the Bhagavad Gita is that it contains information about the Supreme God as well as the path to salvation and thus the end of the cycle of birth and death.

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A craft fair is planned every year that lasts about a week. People take part in Gita readings, yajna, dance, bhajans, dramas, aartis, and other activities. The Gita Jayanti Samaroh fair has grown in popularity over the years, and a large number of pilgrims visit Kurukshetra during the event to take part in this gathering. Seminars and discussions led by Hindu priests and eminent scholars shed light on the holy book’s many facets and its long-term influence on humanity. Children compete in Gita reading competitions and stage plays to showcase their skills and stimulate their interest in reading the Gita. The public is given Pamphlets, leaflets, and books containing the essence of the Gita.

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita’s True Essence

By entering the body of Shri Krishna Ji, Kaal God (also known as “Brahm” in Vedas and Gita) narrated the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to Arjun. When the giver of Gita’s knowledge revealed his Virat form in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11, Arjun began to tremble and became terrified. It’s also worth noting that Shri Krishna was Arjun’s brother-in-law because Krishna’s sister Subhadra married Arjun.

Who Is the Knowledge-Giver of the Holy Bhagavad Gita?

In Chapter 11 Verse 31 and 32, when the Gita’s giver of knowledge revealed his ferocious Virat form, which had a thousand arms, Arjun exclaimed, ‘O Lord! ‘Who are you? I cannot identify you. You are eating hosts of gods who are fearfully praying to you with folded hands. Thousands of great sages and Siddhas are offering you auspicious prayers for their safety.’ The giver of Gita’s knowledge says, ‘O Arjun! I am Kaal, I have now manifested, i.e. I have entered Shri Krishna’s body. Everyone will be destroyed by me. Even if you do not fight, the opposition’s entire army will be destroyed.’ This demonstrates that Kaal has uttered the knowledge of the Gita by entering Shri Krishna ji’s body. Shri Krishna Ji had never previously stated that he is Kaal.

True Saint and True God in Holy Gita

Kaal Brahm asks Arjun in Chapter 4 Verse 34 to find the refuge of a Tatvdarshi Sant for complete spiritual knowledge. According to Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 1 to 4, a Tatvdarshi Saint is a saint who can explain the upside-down world-like tree. Here are some of the eye-opener Shlokas of Bhagavad Gita explained by that well-versed Tatvdarshi Saint that do take us to the True Essence of Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita Ji

  • In Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 16 and 17, the narrator of the Gita makes a clear statement about another Supreme God. 

द्वौ, इमौ, पुरुषौ, लोके, क्षरः, च, अक्षरः, एव, च,

क्षरः, सर्वाणि, भूतानि, कूटस्थः, अक्षरः, उच्यते।।16।।

उत्तमः, पुरुषः, तु, अन्यः, परमात्मा, इति, उदाहृतः,

यः, लोकत्रायम् आविश्य, बिभर्ति, अव्ययः, ईश्वरः।।17।।

Meaning: In this world, there are two types of Gods, Perishable and Imperishable. Likewise, in these two loks, the bodies of all the living beings are said to be perishable and the soul, imperishable. The Supreme God is, however, someone else other than the two aforesaid Gods, Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush, who by entering the three loks, sustains everyone and is called as the Eternal Parmeshwar Parmatma (Immortal Supreme God).    

  • Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 verses 23 and 24 forbids worshipping against the injunctions of Holy Scriptures. 

यः, शास्त्राविधिम्, उत्सृज्य, वर्तते, कामकारतः,

न, सः, सिद्धिम्, अवाप्नोति, न, सुखम्, न, पराम्, गतिम्।।23।।

तस्मात्, शास्त्राम्, प्रमाणम्, ते, कार्याकार्यव्यवस्थितौ,

ज्ञात्वा, शास्त्राविधानोक्तम्, कर्म, कर्तुम्, इह, अर्हसि।।24।।

Meaning: He who, abandoning the injunctions of the scriptures, acts according to the whimsical desires, neither attains siddhi/perfection, nor supreme state/salvation, nor happiness. Therefore, in the state of what should be done and what should not be done, Scripture is the only evidence for you. Knowing this, only those acts should be performed, which are in accordance with the ordinances of the scriptures. 

  • It is written in the Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 17 Shlok 23 that

ॐ, तत्, सत्, इति, निर्देशः, ब्रह्मणः, त्रिविधः, स्मृृतः,

ब्राह्मणाः, तेन, वेदाः, च, यज्ञाः, च, विहिताः, पुरा ।।23।।

Meaning: ॐ/Om mantra of Brahm, Tat – this is coded mantra of ParBrahm, Sat – this is coded mantra of Purna Brahm. In this way, there is direction of rememberance of three types of mantras of Purna Parmatma, and in the beginning of nature, based on that very Tatvgyan, the scholars created Vedas and yagya etc. They used to worship according to that.   

This Mantra must be obtained from a Tatvdarshi Sant. 

  • The Tatvdarshi Sant is mentioned in Gita Adhyay 4 Shlok 34 and Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 1 to 4 in which the identity of Tatvadarshi Saint has been described. It is written in Adhyay 15 Shlok 4: 

ततः, पदम्, तत्, परिमार्गितव्यम्, यस्मिन्, गताः, न, निवर्तन्ति, भूयः,

तम्, एव्, च, आद्यम्, पुरुषम्, प्रपद्ये, यतः, प्रवृत्तिः, प्रसृता, पुराणी।।4।।

Meaning: {When one finds the Tatvdarshi saint mentioned in Gita Adhyay 4 Shlok 34, Adhyay 15 Shlok 1} after that one should properly search for the supreme place i.e. Satlok of that Supreme God. Having gone where, devotees do not return to the world. 

How Can We Attain Salvation?

The true teaching of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is ‘how to avoid life’s birth and death cycle’ by practicing true worship to achieve complete salvation, which is hinted at by the three mantras ‘om-tat-sat.’

Here are some more noteworthy Shlokas:

  • Shri Krishna instructs Arjun in Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 18 Mantra 62 to seek refuge in the God by whose grace he will be completely liberated and attain Supreme Peace and Eternal Place Satlok. Similarly, it is stated in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 15 Mantra 4 that after locating a Tatvdarshi Saint, one should perform worship as directed by Him according to the scriptures.
  • It is written in Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 18 Shlok 64, that Kshar Purush Kaal Brahm also worships Param Akshar Brahm who is the Supreme God. Because God Brahm, Gita’s knowledge-giver, said in Holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 4, ‘I am in the refuge of that same Aadi Purush Parmeshwar.’ Eternal Salvation and complete liberation are only attained by performing His worship.
  • In Adhyay 18 Shlok 66 Kaal Brahm asks Arjuna, 

सर्वधर्मान्, परित्यज्य, माम्, एकम्, शरणम्, व्रज,

अहम्, त्वा, सर्वपापेभ्यः, मोक्षयिष्यामि, मा, शुचः।।66।।

Meaning: Relinquishing all my religious practices in me, you go in the refuge of only that one unique i.e. Complete God. I will release you from all the sins. You do not grieve.

  • In Adhyay 8 Shlok 9 it is written that

कविम्, पुराणम् अनुशासितारम्, अणोः, अणीयांसम्, अनुस्मरेत्,

यः, सर्वस्य, धातारम्, अचिन्त्यरूपम्, आदित्यवर्णम्, तमसः, परस्तात्।।9।।  

Meaning: Kavirdev i.e. Supreme God Kabir who becomes famous as a poet, He is immemorial, controller of all, subtler than the subtlest, inconceivable, perpetually radiant like the sun. He who (does sumiran of) remembers that Sachchidanandghan Parmeshwar (the true happiness-giving Supreme God) beyond the darkness of ignorance.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji Is the Only Tatvdarshi Sant of the Present Time

Today, when the entire world is witnessing International Gita Mahotsav 2021, there is no one out there who knows the real meaning and true essence of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. According to the Gita itself, only a Tatvdarshi Saint can extract its true essence. Almighty creator God Himself appears on earth with ethereal spiritual knowledge (Tatvgyan) and acts as a Tatvadarshi Saint. 600 years ago in the year 1398 Almighty God Kabir Himself appeared and acted as a Tatvadarshi Saint. 

This time God Kabir Himself has incarnated again in the form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj who has unraveled the mysteries and truth of all the holy scriptures including Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Devotees who are searching for God should read the real essence of Holy Shrimad Bhagavad extracted by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

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