Identifications of Supreme & Almighty God Kabir Saheb


Kabir Saheb is one of the most renowned saints of ancient India. But Kabir Saheb is not just a saint He is the Supreme Almighty God who magnified this through His divine acts. Because we are entrapped under Satan’s trap here we are not able to recognise Kabir Saheb as our sole father. But it is not only true and it is mentioned in our Holy Scriptures also which makes it easy for common people like us to adopt the right path of spirituality. But out of our grave ignorance we have ignored our holy texts also. And to wake our soul up Supreme God Kabir comes down from His abode to this Earth so as to reveal His identity and expose the trap of Satan(Kaal Brahm). So let us bring up some of those identifications of Kabir Saheb which will help us in identifying Him as Supreme God as only God is capable of revealing His exact identity.

Kabir Saheb Descends in All Four Yugas

As we all are aware that time period is divided into 4 eras or yugas which are Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga and Kalyuga. It has been observed that people’s faith in God decreases as we go from Satyuga to Kalyuga and things like cheating, dishonesty, intoxication, etc, increases among the people. And to rejuvenate people’s faith in God, Supreme God Kabir Sahib comes down from His heavenly abode Satlok to this planet Earth in every yuga with a different name and identity. Kabir Saheb says:

Satyug Mein Sat Sukrit Keh Tera, Treta Naam Muninder Mera |

Dwapar Mein Karunamay Kahaya, Kalyug Naam Kabir Dharaya ||

This act is being done by Him to impart His true spiritual knowledge about His actual identity and expose the trap of Satan (Kaal Brahm) to us. He does this by appearing by Himself on a flower of lotus and consequently He is found by a childless couple with different names in different yugas. Further He is being nurtured by the milk of a maiden cow in every yuga. This characteristic of the Supreme Almighty is also mentioned in Holy Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9 that He is always nourished by the milk of a maiden cow. He demonstrates the right of way of living to us by living the life of an ordinary man. And alongside reveals His spiritual knowledge to us through different ways. 

He appeared by Himself by the name of SatSukrit, Muninder, Karunamay and Kabir in Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga and Kalyuga respectively. Further He was found by childless couple namely Brahmin Vidyasagar and wife Deepika (Satyuga), Rishi Vedvigy and wife Surya (Tretayuga), Valmiki Kalu and wife Godavari (Dwaparyuga), Neeru and his wife Neema (Kalyuga). 

Kabir Saheb Disclosed the True Creation of the Universe to us

One of the major characteristics of the Supreme Almighty is the knowledge He gives about the creation of the universe created by Him as He is the one who can exactly reveal this. Kabir Saheb not only revealed the creation of the universe but also explained the situation of each and every living being here. Holy Geeta ji chapter 15 verse 1 to 4 clearly reveals the structure of the universe in the form of an upright tree with its root as the Supreme Almighty God Kabir. And Kabir Saheb demonstrated those four verses with His single verse.

Akshar purush ek ped hai, Niranjan baki daar |

Teeno deva shakha hai, paat roop sansar ||

Many renowned saints including Sant Garibdas Ji from Haryana, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Shri Dadu Saheb Ji, Shri Maluk Dass Ji, Shri Ghisa Saheb Ji, Shri Dharamdas Ji and many others gave proofs in their sacred verses that Kabir Saheb met them and showed them their heavenly abode Eternal Place Satlok where He is crowned as the Supreme God. Because of their meeting with the Almighty, they have also testified to Kabir Saheb as the Supreme Almighty. 

Respected Dadu Saheb ji said:

Or sant sab koop hai, Kete jharita neer |

Dadu agam apaar hai, Dariya Sat Kabir ||

Respected Maluk Dass ji said:

Chaar daag se Satguru nyara, Ajaro amar sharir |

Dass Maluk saluk kehat hai, Khojo khasam Kabir ||

Respected Garibdas ji Maharaj from Haryana said:

Ananat koti brahmand ka ek rati nahi bhaar |

Satguru purush Kabir hai, Kul ke sirjan haar ||

Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji said on Page 721 of Holy Guru Granth Saheb: 

Hakka Kabir Kareem tu, Beaeb parvardigar |

Nanak bugoyad janu tura, Tera chakra pakhak ||

Only Kabir Saheb is the Destroyer of Sins!

The world is heavenly mistaken about the fact that sins of a devotee cannot be destroyed in any case. Kabir Saheb is the first one who perfectly claimed this statement as false because only Supreme God could do this. He questioned the prevailing rituals followed blindly into the society by asking that if our sins cannot be destroyed then what is the use of doing worship? He further said a method of worship is said to be true only and only if it can end the sufferings of the devotee otherwise it is useless. 

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And it has been testified in Holy Yajurveda chapter 8 verse 13 and chapter 5 verse 32 that Supreme Almighty Kabir Saheb is the destroyer of the sin and can destroy any sin of His devotee. Further it has been also said in Holy RigVeda Mandal 10 Sukt 161 Mantra 1,2 and 5 that He can also extend the life of His devotee to 100 years for doing worship. These proofs along with Kabir Saheb’s claims clearly justifies His statement and proves that He is the Supreme Almighty Invincible Power.

Jam jaura jaase dare, mite karam ke lekh |

Adli adal Kabir hai, kul ke Satguru ek ||

Kabir Saheb Comes to Meet His Pious Souls

It has been certified from Holy RigVeda Mandal 9 Sukt 82 Mantra 2 that Kabir Saheb comes from His native place Satlok to end the sufferings of His pious souls. It is again an identification of the Almighty God Kabir who shows mercy towards all His pious souls. And it generates trust into the eyes of a pious devotee. There are many such examples from every yugas that clearly states this as an identity of Supreme God Kabir. For instance, Draupadi from Dwaparyuga, Hanuman ji, Seu and Samman, Mirabai, Ranka Banka and many others are such examples.

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We all are aware of the story of Draupadi that God averted the stripping of her saree by dushasan by extending his saree cloth to infinite length. But aren’t aware of the story that helped her with such a grace from God. Draupadi was a pious soul and was a devotee of Kabir Saheb in her previous births. And Draupadi once helped a old man (who was Kabir Saheb Himself) who was inside a lake by giving Him one piece of her expensive cloth to cover up His body (as His clothes were lost due to some reason). This charity of a single piece of cloth to the right man helped her with the extension of her saree cloth when Dushasan started to strip it.

Garib, Mahima suni nij naam ki, Gahe Draupadi cheer |

Duhashanse pachi rahe, Annt na paya beer ||

Kabir Saheb helps us by refining our karmas first through some of His divine acts which later gives us extraordinary benefits that we cannot imagine. That’s why it is said not to question the process of God, we may or may not understand it but it is always for the good. And is the characteristic of the Almighty God Kabir Himself only.

The Present Personification of Kabir Saheb

Around 600 years ago when Kabir Saheb appeared in Kalyuga, He wrote about the arrival of His descendant after 5505 years of Kalyuga. 5505 years of Kalyuga has passed in the year 1997 and His word came true. In the present time Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj from Haryana, India is His descendant who is the present personification of Kabir Saheb. It is because He has been enlightening the same path as enlightened by Kabir Saheb 600 years ago. And also presenting the same path of worship as done by Him. 

Moreover, it is because of the true spiritual knowledge given by Him, He is the only truly enlightened Saint present for us now. And the method of worship given by Him is not only giving us freedom from our sins but giving us a way towards achieving salvation. So it’s our duty now to take this path with full trust and hold His hand to attain salvation and happiness one can wish for.

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