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Kabir Saheb Comes in All Four Ages (Yugas)

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Dear readers, as we all know we are living in the fourth and the last yug, Kalyug and everyone here seems to be considering accumulation of more and more money as their prime goal regardless of the way of accumulating it. But, what after death? You cannot take even a single penny with you. All you can take is the sins accumulated while accumulating those false wealth. A satisfied life is what everyone desires but no one seems to be achieving the feat. Only the shelter of the Supreme God Kabir can take us out from these concentric circles of problems laid by Satan (Kaal Brahm) around us. For propagating this True Spiritual Knowledge about the way to end all our problems, Supreme God Kabir comes down from His heavenly abode Satlok on to this planet Earth in all the four yugas. Let’s explore the blog to know more. 

The Divine Act of Supreme God

One of the characteristics as mentioned in Holy Scriptures about Supreme God Kabir is His way of nurturing everything everywhere. For that purpose, He comes down from Satlok (Shri Nanak ji referred to this as Sachkhand) and appears in every yug so as to impart the wealth of True Spiritual Knowledge for all His pious souls. Not only on Earth and not only humans but on all the realms and for all the living creatures, He is the one Who is taking care of everything. 

Holy Geeta ji chapter 15 verse 17 says:

UttamH, PurushH, tu, anyaH, Parmatma, iti, udahrtH,

YaH, loktryam , aavishya, bibharti, avyyaH, iishwarH ||17||

Translation: The Supreme God is, however, someone else other than the two aforesaid Gods, Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush, who by entering the three loks, sustains everyone and is called as the Eternal Parmeshwar Parmatma (Immortal Supreme God).

There have been many speculations about the identity of Kabir Saheb like Who was He? Is Kabir a Sufi saint? Is Kabir a God? What did Kabir say about God? Who is the father of Kabir Das? When was Kabir born? Where did Kabir live? What are the main teachings of Kabir? And What is Kabir still respected for? 

So let us start finding out about the life of Kabir Saheb in all the four ages. Supreme God Kabir says in His Holy Suksham Ved (the Holy Fifth Veda) about His identity in all the four ages:

Satyug mein Sat Sukrit keh tera, Treta Naam Muninder Mera |

Dwapar mein Karunamay kahaya, Kalyug Naam Kabir Dharaya ||

Kabir Saheb in the First Era Satyug

As told in the holy verse of Kabir Saheb mentioned above that He came with the name of SatSukrit in the era of Satyug. He did the divine act of appearing by Himself as an infant without taking birth from a mother’s womb on the flower of lotus in a lake. He was found there by a childless brahmin Vidhyadhar and his wife Deepika on his way back from their relatives. After taking Him from there to their home, by the inspiration from Kabir Saheb Himself, He was being nurtured by the milk of a maiden cow (as per Holy Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9). 

He then did the divine play of receiving education from Gurukul. And, upon encountering the wrong translation of verses of Holy Vedas, He objected and soon He was asked to leave the Gurukul. Thereafter, He went to Manu Rishi (who was believed to have taken spiritual knowledge from Lord Brahma) and told him about his incomplete spiritual knowledge but he didn’t take Him seriously and named Him Vamdev. 

Kabir Saheb with Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

When Kabir Saheb came in the first satyug, He, in the form of Agni Rishi, first went to Brahma ji and narrated to him the actual creation of the universe. Then, He went to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiv and did the same. They all accepted Him and greeted Him with great respect. Upon seeing this, Kaal was frightened that how his system of eating 1 lakh subtle bodies of humans daily would work if these three took the refuge of God Kabir? And, by Kaal’s inspiration to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv, they neglected the knowledge given by Lord Kabir upon His next arrival but greeted Him with great respect as earlier. Kabir Saheb says:

Aadi ant Humara nahi, Madhya milawa mula| 

Brahma ko Gyan samjhaya, Dhar pinda asthool ||

Shwet bhumi ko Hum gaye, Jaha vishnu vishmbhar nath| 

Hariyam heera naam deyh, Asht kamal dal swanti||

Hum baeragi brahm pad, Sanyasi mahadev| 

Soham naam diya shankar ko, Kare Humari sev||

Kabir Saheb in the Era of Treta Yuga

Kabir Saheb always comes to Tretayug with the name Muninder Rishi. Treta Yuga wasn’t only about Ramayan, rather it was Supreme God Kabir in the form of Muninder Rishi who solved the hurdles of Shri Ram in getting his wife Sita back from the cage of Ravan. 

Who Was the Father and Mother of Kabir Saheb in Treta Yuga? 

Kabir Saheb did the same divine play of appearing as an infant on a lotus flower. He was found in that state by a childless couple named Vedvijy and his wife Surya in a lake on a lotus flower on their daily routine of performing some household chores there. As written in Holy Rigved Mandal no 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9, while growing up He was nurtured with the milk of a maiden cow. While growing He started delivering the wealth of True Spiritual Knowledge or TATVGYAN amongst His pious souls. But, because of those false priests and sages inspired by Satan(Kaal Brahm), people didn’t take Him seriously. 

Whom Did Muninder Rishi Meet? 

People from Hindu religion knew Tretayug because of Lord Ram and his struggle to get his wife Sita back from the cage of Ravan. But, the hidden part was the part where Kabir Saheb came in the form of Muninder Rishi and took His pious souls into His refuge by imparting the wealth of true spiritual knowledge. The pious souls includes:

  • Nal and Neel, who were considered to be the architects of the bridge to Lanka but it was done by the grace of their Guru Muninder Rishi. Nal Neel took the refuge of Muninder Rishi when His blessings cured their physical and mental illness and they recognized that He is indeed the Supreme Power.
  • Secondly, Hanuman ji took refuge under Muninder Rishi. He first met him on his way back to Lord Ram after meeting Sita for the first time in Lanka. But, Hanuman ji took His refuge after the war between Lord Ram and Ravan was over. Muninder Rishi asked a few questions to Hanuman ji about his belief of considering Lord Ram as the Supreme Almighty, to which he had no answers. Hanuman ji witnessed Satlok by His grace and soon recognized Muninder Rishi as the Supreme Power and took refuge under Him and got his welfare done. 
  • Thirdly, He took the wife and the brother of Ravana, Mandodari and Vibhishan respectively in His refuge. He did so by inspiring His disciple Chandravijay and his wife Karamvati. Karamvati, who was a servant at Mandodari’s palace, explained to her about Guruji’s wealth of True Spiritual Knowledge. This further inspired Mandodari and then Vibhishan to take the refuge of Muninder Rishi. 

Kabir Saheb in the Third Era Dwaparyug

As said in the Holy verses of Kabir Saheb, He came with the name Karunamay in Dwaparyug. Let us read about Him. 

Who Were the Father and the Mother of Kabir Saheb in Dwaparyug?

Again in this age as well, He performed the divine act of appearing as an infant on a lotus flower in a lake. He was found by an aged childless Valmiki Kalu and his wife Godavari who took Him home and upon His nourishment, they found He was not eating anything. Because they weren’t aware about the nourishment of the Almighty God, this thing worried their parents. 

Nourishment of God Kabir in Karunamay Form

By the inspiration of Kabir Saheb Himself, Lord Vishnu came there in the form of a rishi. Both Kalu and Godavari were afraid and didn’t want to lose their only child, hence, pleaded before the rishi to guide them correctly. Kabir Saheb inspired Lord Vishnu to convey a message to their parents that He will be receiving His nutritions from the milk of a maiden cow. Hence a maiden cow was brought up by Kalu and soon He was nurtured with that as told about the identity of the Supreme God in Holy Rigved Mandal no 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9.

Who Got the Refuge of God Kabir? 

From the start Kabir Saheb in the form of Karunamay started giving His true spiritual knowledge to His pious souls about the identity of Supreme God and thus exposed all fake sects. Kabir Saheb along with His parents moved to the place which is now Kashi in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh after a few years. There He took pious souls into His refuge that includes:

  • Kabir Saheb in Dwaparyug took His pious soul Supach Sudarshan into His refuge and took his soul to Satlok for 3 days. Because of his inclination towards God, he attained benefits from God Kabir which were a dream for the rest of the people. 

Dwaparyug was known for Lord Krishan, Mahabharat and Supach Sudarshan. In an Ashwamegh Yagy, which was done by Pandav’s as per the directions of Lord Krishna to destroy the sins of Pandav ‘s accumulated after killing thousands of people during Mahabharat. All the rishi, maharishi, saints, 33 crore deities including Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv were called to have a meal there and by that grace a Shell(Shankh) was expected to sound melodiously as the meal gets over as a trademark of success of that meal and Yagy. But, it didn’t happen as expected. Upon Lord Kabir’s inspiration Supach Sudharshan was called and He took the meal, made the shell sound as loudly as it can and made the event successful. In actuality, it was Lord Kabir in the form of His disciple Sudarshan who came there to make the event a success. 

  • Kabir Saheb took Queen Indermati into His refuge who was a pious soul since her birth and had complete faith in God. Indermati was the wife of King Chandravijay in Dwaparyug.

Kabir Saheb in the Era of Kalyug

We are currently living in the middle phase of the fourth era, Kalyug and Kabir Saheb appeared with His original name Kabir in this era in the starting phase of Kalyug. Being the overall controller of the entire universe, Kabir Saheb came and lived the life of a weaver so as to set an example for us that only this much is enough in this cruel world of Satan (Kaal Brahm). 

When and Where Kabir Was Born? 

It is a myth that has been made to spread into society by those false priests and sages who are themselves deprived of the wealth of true spiritual knowledge. Kabir Saheb was never born, He appeared Himself as an infant on the holy land of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India in the year 1398, approximately 600 years ago. 

How Many Years Did Kabir Das Live? 

Kabir Saheb stayed there in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh for 120 years and in the year 1518 A.D., He departed to His heavenly abode Satlok with His body, only flowers were found behind. 

Who Were the Father and Mother of Kabir Saheb in Kalyuga? 

Like in every age Kabir Saheb appeared on the flower of lotus by Himself and was found by a childless couple Neeru and Neema. Neeru and Neema felt very fortunate to have found Him as they were childless. They thanked Lord Shiv as they considered him as the almighty power because of lack of True Spiritual Knowledge. 

Nurturing of God Kabir Saheb

As revealed in Holy Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9 about the nurturing process of the Almighty God, Kabir Saheb was nurtured in the same way from the milk of a maiden cow. For approximately 21 days Kabir Saheb didn’t eat anything which terrified His parents and then by God Kabir’s inspiration Lord Shiv came in the form of a rishi and conveyed the message that He will be nurtured by the milk from a maiden cow. And that’s how Kabir Saheb had His nourishment. 

What Is the Philosophy of Kabir? 

Kabir Saheb always hailed about a single God and exposed all false sects irrespective of religion. In every age He came and imparted the same true spiritual knowledge to His pious souls. Kabir Saheb was recognized as a poet initially by the people as He started delivering His wealth of True Spiritual Knowledge through phrases and poems (as written in Holy Rig Veda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 17) but as the time goes, He proved via His divine demonstrations that He is indeed the Supreme God to whom people are searching from ages.

Who Took the Shelter of Kabir Saheb? 

Kabir Saheb Himself came and showered His divine grace to some of the pious souls and granted His refuge so as to make them aware about His actual identity. These souls later played the role of a witness who then delivered the wealth of True Spiritual Knowledge on His behalf. Amongst these pious souls were:

  • Respected Dharamdas Ji
  • Respected Guru Nanak Dev ji
  • Respected Sant Malookdas ji
  • Respected Gheesadas Saheb ji
  • Respected Sant Dadu Das ji
  • Respected Garibdas ji Maharaj
  • Respected Swami Ramanand ji

Kabir Saheb took Swami Ramanand ji into His refuge by adopting him as His Guru but in actual God Kabir is the Guru of all the souls including Swami Ramanand ji also. 

Kabir Saheb in this Prime Time of Kalyug 

This middle period (God Kabir divided Kalyug in three phases; current, is the middle phase) of Kalyug has been already declared by Kabir Saheb Himself in His Holy Kabir Sagar or Suksham Ved that it is the peak time of attaining salvation i.e., freeing oneself from the cycle of birth and death. 

For that purpose Kabir Saheb has made a provision in the form of His Complete Saint Who is no less than Kabir Saheb Himself. He is none other than Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj currently present on the holy land of Haryana, India. He has proved via His method of devotion and benefits received by His disciples that He is Kabir Saheb Himself who has once again came into this cage of problems so as to comfort us anyhow by providing us salvation (our only need now) and that’s what a TRUE FATHER and AN ABSOLUTE GOD is all about. To know more about Right way of worship please listen to His spiritual discourses on Sadhana tv channel from 7:30pm onwards or visit Satlok Ashram YouTube channel To take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj please click here to fill the initiation form.

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