Goa Liberation Day 2023: How Goa Got its Freedom from Portuguese?


Last Updated on 16 December 2023 IST: Every year on the 19th of December Goa Liberation Day is observed. In 1961, Goa was finally liberated from Portuguese Rule resulting in complete independence of the Indian Subcontinent. But are we completely liberated yet? In this article, Know about the real liberation from the vicious cycle of birth and death.

Goa Liberation Day 2023: Highlights

  • Every year on the 19th of December, Goa Liberation Day is observed.
  • Goa was liberated from Portuguese Rule on 19th of December, 1961.
  • Goa is the last state of India to liberate itself from European Colonists. 
  • Goa is observing its 61st Liberation Day. 
  • Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is the real liberator of the entire world. 

Goa Liberation Day: History & Significance

Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for more than 450 years, making it an important port for trade and military operations. While there were revolts against Portuguese rulers and policies in the 18th and 19th centuries, the movement for Goa’s independence gained traction on June 18, 1946, when socialist leader Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia joined the freedom movement with many young Goans. Goa Revolution Day is now observed on this day.

Even after India gained independence on August 15, 1947, Goa remained under Portuguese rule for another 14 years. Following India’s independence from the British in 1947, calls for Goa’s independence resurfaced. Following a series of agitations by freedom fighters, India attempted to peacefully liberate Goa through diplomatic channels. The Indian government, led by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, sent its armed forces to the coastal state as a last resort, and the Portuguese surrendered on December 19, 1961, and Goa was liberated. This was also the time when the Portuguese, the last European colonists left India.

What Was ‘Operation Vijay’?

Operation Vijay, possibly India’s first tri-service operation, was tasked with liberating the Portuguese territories of Goa, Daman, and Diu. While the Indian government had been preparing for military action since December 1, 1961, it culminated in a 36-hour military operation that began on December 18, 1961 and ended on December 19, 1961.

The Indian Air Force bombed the Portuguese airbase at Dabolim as the army advanced into Goa from the north and east. The Indian Navy was tasked with defending the Anjadip island off the coast of Karwar from hostile action by Portuguese warships, as well as securing access to the Mormugao harbor.

By the evening of December 19, 1961, Indian armed forces, led by the army and backed by the air force and navy, had outnumbered and overwhelmed the Portuguese. The surrender document was signed by Portuguese Governor General Vassalo De Silva. Goa was then taken over by the Indian government.

How Can the World Be Liberated?

All the living beings are infected with an incurable disease called birth and death. The entire world can only be liberated from the vicious circle of birth and death by finding and taking the refuge of an enlightened spiritual leader. Because there is only one possible cure to this suffering, which can only be made available by an enlightened spiritual teacher who knows the true way of worship of the creator God. 

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Is the Liberator of Everyone

Right now, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is enlightened with complete spiritual knowledge and real way of worship. Only He is authorized to provide Moksh Mantras which is the only medicinal cure that can end birth and death of a living soul. All the human beings should take Naam Initiation (Naam Diksha) from Him without wasting any time, as human life is a precious deal.

FAQs Goa Liberation Day 2023

Why is Goa Liberation Day celebrated?

December 19 is considered as one of the most significant days in Goa’s history. It commemorates India’s complete Independence as well as the liberation of Goa from Portuguese rule. 

When was Goa liberated?

19 December 1961.

3. Does Goa have 2 Independence Days?

In theory, yes. Being a state in the Republic of India. Goa celebrates 15 August as the Independence Day of India and 19 December as Goa Liberation Day. 

4. Who owned Goa before India?

Portugal ruled Goa until 1961.

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