Indian Air Force Day 2021: Know How IAF Is Celebrating Its 89th Anniversary


Indian Air Force Day 2021: Indian Air Force, one of the arms of the Indian Armed Forces, will be celebrating its 89th anniversary on October 8th. Complete rehearsal for the air display show was performed on October 6th at the Hindon base in Ghaziabad. Read the full story to know about it in complete detail.

Air Force Day Highlights

  • Every year Air Force Day is celebrated to honor the contributions of the Air force as a part of the armed forces of the nation.
  • This year Air forces will be holding an air show to mark the event.
  • The rehearsal of the air show was performed by the air force on October 6th at Hindon base in Ghaziabad.
  • The famous aircraft Rafael will also be showcased in the air show.
  • Along with the security of the nation via air, the selfless working of the Indian Air Force at the time of natural calamities are the acts of the air force to be appreciated on this day.
  • Adoption of True Spiritual Knowledge given by Supreme God Kabir is the conclusive and peaceful solution to end any sort of dispute.

About Indian Air Force (IAF)

One of the most critical and important parts of the Indian Armed forces is the Indian Air Force whose primary motive is to secure the nation’s airspace and conduct aerial activities during wars and conflicts. Also known as Bharatiya Vayu Sena, Indian Air Force holds the strength of 1,39,576 personnel as on 1 July, 2017 with the President of India holding the rank of Supreme Commander in the Indian Air Force.

History of Indian Air Force Day

Every nation celebrates its own Air Force Day. India observes its Air Force Day on October 8th every year. Establishment of this day came under British rule in 1932 as an auxiliary air force of the British Empire which was also used in World War II with the prefix of ‘royal’ to its name. However, after gaining independence and transition to republic in the year 1950, the term Royal was removed from the title of Indian Air Force.

Since 1950 Indian Air Force has been engaged in many wars including four wars with Pakistan and one war with China. Along with this the force has conducted various other operations namely Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus and Operation Poomalai. Along with these operations, IAF has also been engaged with the United Nations peacekeeping missions.

Celebrations of Indian Air Force Day 2021

The 89th Indian Air Force day 2021 will be celebrated in grand style at Hindon Base in Ghaziabad in the presence of IAF Chief and senior officials of three armed forces. Full Dress Rehearsals (FDR) of the airshow were held on Wednesday, 6th October, pictures and videos of which were shared by social media. The following will be the highlights:

  • One of the major highlights will be the Akash Ganga team dropping out of An-32 transport aircraft, with their colorful canopies at 8:00 AM.
  • Following it there will be a major flypast by some of the classic and modern transport and frontline fighter jets with the IAF.
  • The most recent highlight of India’s purchase, the aircraft Rafale, will also be showcased in the airshow. The ceremony will conclude at 10:52 AM with an aerobatic display.

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According to a release on the day of 8th October, the aircraft will be flying at low levels at some places which are Wazirpur bridge, Karawal Nagar, Afjalpur, Hindon, Shamli, Jiwana, Chandinagar, Hapur and Pilkhuwa. People are requested not to throw anything in the air as the birds will cause a disturbance to the aircrafts.

Some Facts About Indian Air Force (IAF) on Indian Air Force Day 2021

  • The Indian Air Force (IAF) is ranked fourth largest operational air force globally after America, Russia and China. 
  • It has over 1,39,576 active personnel and 1,40,000 reserve personnel as on 1st July 2017. It also possesses over 1850 aircrafts.
  • IAF has always been more active than any other force in relief operations. It played its role in the Gujarat cyclone (1998), Tsunami (2004) and floods in Northern India. However, there is a record named after the IAF on rescuing approximately 20,000 in operation ‘Raahat’ during Uttarakhand Floods.
  • The centre for celebration of Air Force Day, Hindon Air Force Station in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh is the largest airbase in entire Asia. It is also the 8th largest globally.
  • IAF has also been part of major operations mentioned above and engaged with the United Nations in peacekeeping operations.
  • IAF also includes women personnel in their squad which in turn promotes gender equality in the field of Air force as well. Even the Rafale team of the IAF has a woman pilot.
  • The Indian Air Force has its motto as ‘Nabham Sparsham Deeptham’ which means ‘Touch the sky with glory‘ which has been taken from the eleventh chapter of Holy Bhagavad Gita . Coincidentally the revelation about the actual narrator of Holy Geeta ji has also been made in verse 32 of the eleventh chapter as well, who is Satan(Kaal Brahm) not Shri Krishan.

IAF Rank Structure and Aircraft Inventory

Marshal of The Indian Air Force is the highest rank in IAF which is being granted to the President of India after exceptional service during wars. The only person to achieve this rank is MIAF Arjan Singh. Chief of the Air Force is the head of the Indian Air Force holding the rank of Air Chief Marshal. Further it is followed by Air Marshal, Air Vice Marshal, Air Commodore, Group Captain, Wing Commander, Squadron Leader, Flight Lieutenant and Flight Officer followed by Junior Commissioned Ranks and Non Commissioned Ranks.

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The aircraft inventory of India includes aircraft from Russia, Britain, France, Israel, America and India origin with Russia being the major of them in number. However the exact number of aircrafts and equipment with IAF cannot be determined with available open sources.

Credit: ANI News

But there are estimates taken out internationally which reveals its counting to be around 1850 with over 900 combat capable aircrafts available. Some of the major names from the inventory are Dassault Rafale, Sukhoi Su-30MKI, Mikoyan MiG-29, Dassault Mirage 2000, HAL Tejas, SEPECAT Jaguar, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21.

True Spiritual Knowledge Is the Only Way Out to Any Dispute

Everyone knows and some of us have witnessed the development of technology in front of our eyes in the past 60-70 years which is considered to be a treat for the eyes. But rather to our surprise we have misused this gift of technology by Supreme God Kabir for our destruction by making explosives and war material with the name of protection. It is the need of the hour for us to understand that war cannot give us anything. Indulging ourselves in wars is an act of Satan (Kaal Brahm) performed through us for destruction. And, without the awareness of True Spiritual Knowledge one cannot understand this.

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