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Coronavirus (COVID-19) News Updates: World Report On CoronaVirus

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Corona Virus is one of the most rampant and worst pandemics faced by the entire mankind today. In a very short duration, it has spread like wildfire, taking it’s toll in almost 204 countries around the world. No specific medicine or vaccination seems to have been developed to cure this deadly disease. Here is LIVE WORLD REPORT ON CORONAVirus and CoronaVirus News updates Stats.

WHO is persistently conducting researches in order to develop drug treatments to cure and control it’s spread, but it’s a long way before it could reach the common man. According to the Weather Channel India, If not all, the most transmission of the virus thus far has been observed to occur when an individual comes in contact with respiratory droplets and droplet nuclei emitted by infected persons through coughing, sneezing, talking and direct/indirect touching. (source: Twitter handle).

Origins of COVID-19

This malefic virus is said to have emerged from scientific labs in Wuhan city in the central Hubei province of China in December 2019, first death case was reported on 11th January 2020. An ugly dance of death came into light when corona cases spread rapidly and the Chinese government was unable to control or effectively cure people. After much research it was found out that the people infected from this virus were mostly residents of Huanan city’s seafood market. The market gained world’s attention after being identified as a possible point of origin of the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.


  • As per the statistics shared by WHO on 6th April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases worldwide were 1,274,967 and total deaths were 69,501.
  • This number is constantly increasing and changing day by day, with Italy, Spain and the US are being worst-affected countries.


India is following the 21days lockdown period and maintaining social distancing among people. It has reached 13th day-down which started by Janta curfew on 24th March 2020. All Borders are sealed. Travelling is banned. In India,

The total number of cases has climbed to 4067 and the death toll to 109, which is a great matter of concern.

■ As on 1st April 2020

Assam and Jharkhand reported their first confirmed positive case. While Andhra Pradesh reported 43 new cases. Cases in Rajasthan and MP are 179 & 19 respectively, where as in Delhi the count crossed 150.

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In good hope to cure Corona the Prime-minister, Narendra Modi has urged people to light earthen lamps, candles, Diyas, and torches at 9 PM on 5th April 2020 for 9 minutes and to switch off the lights of their house. In his earlier speech as well, Modi Ji had insisted people to do activities like clapping, clanging plates, shelling conch and ringing bells which was seriously done and was seen across the nation. But his idea was rejected by MP Sanjay Raut and he tweeted:

” Dear Prime Minister, this could only happen because you turn on the atmosphere of fear and worry into a festival like an event. If the government will show seriousness, people will act accordingly.”

His tweet sure shows practicality! Due to this act of Modi Ji, there was a trend on Twitter that Modi Ji is superstitious.


America is really under serious threat, evident from Donald Trump’s statement mentioning that the coming two weeks are going to be very difficult for the Nation. Trump gave vent to his concerns by saying up to 2.30 million Americans could die and if people do not take the social distancing seriously then it can reach 10 to 15 million.

■ According to the news, it is one of the biggest disasters in America has faced in the past 100 years.


Senseless human activities have destroyed Nature to such an extent, that now nature taking it’s revenge. Do we really have the answer of – HOW TO PREVENT OURSELVES FROM THIS DEADLY DISEASE?

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If we focus on the epiphany of this disease then it gives us the basic idea that Coronavirus has turned voracious due to widespread karmic downturn and mindless living with no focus on spirituality. This predicament can be only eradicated through souls turning towards spirituality, as right now even scientific advancements seem to fall short in bringing things under control.


Various astrologers have made prophecies for 2020 in regard with the spiritual revolution which will start in India.

According to Professor Harare of Israel

a divine great man from India with humanitarian thoughts will create strong roots for spiritual revolution before the year 2000, and the entire world will be bound to listen to his thoughts. There would be Presidential rule in most states of India, but later on, the onus of leadership will lie with brave devout people, who would be followers of a religious organization.

According to a woman astrologer from Hungary “Boriska”

an Indian prophet will develop human virtues as a result of his successful struggle against materialism. This spiritual person would have a very large following of common people, who would convert from total materialism to spiritualism.

Florence has written in her book “Golden Light of New Era” about the Saint in North India, his energy will imbibe new inspiration in the consciousness of the world and shall help control/balance the deteriorating balance of Prakriti or Nature which are indeed the qualities of GOD.

His spiritual thinking shall be so revolutionary, that his powerful, progressive thoughts will troubleshoot all world problems, prodding all towards the wellbeing of the entire world. In this way, slowly but surely, people will get directed towards spirituality, shall be enlightened with spiritual knowledge and experience heavenly happiness on Earth.

After reading the above prophecies, one can reverberate in the positivity that Supreme God himself descends on earth when bad karma takes over the Good karma of the earth. We would like to inform our readers that all of these prophecies only befit TATVADARSHI SANT RAMPAL JI MAHARAJ JI, the one and only spiritual Guru whose mission is to unite the entire world under one banner with his spiritual knowledge about the one indestructible Supreme Kabir Saheb ji.

Sant Rampal Ji has given evidence from our Holy Vedas. It is mentioned in Rigveda Chapter 10, hymn 161 verse 2 that Supreme can increase the lifespan of a human being and cure any incurable disease.

Also mentioned in Yajurveda that Supreme God can forgive the sins of his devotees, destroy deadliest of sins, even the sins done in past lives or the current one.

Incurable diseases like Coronavirus can be treated only when one goes in the refuge of Sant Rampal ji and take initiation (Naam daan), which is proven from holy scriptures. The true bhakti of God Kabir as given by Sant Rampal ji is the only way to cut past karmas, the real reason for human beings becoming victims of macabre consequences – untimely death, poverty, diseases, and unhappiness in life.

Sant Rampal ji has said the below speech (Shabd) in his discourse;

Satguru sharan mein aane se aaee tale bala, je mastak mein soolii ho, vo kaante mein tal jaaye.

The above line means that being in refuge of true Tatvadarshi Guru (Saint), piles of sins are converted to dust. As an example given by Sant Rampal Ji, if a person is destined to die, then he will just have minor injury instead of dying.

Humanitarian works of Sant Rampal ji

Sant Rampal ji has said below-mentioned slogan and his huge number of followers are ardently embodying it and helping mankind in such a bizarre situation.

Our Race is living being,
Humanity is our religion
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian,
there is no separate religion.

Disciples of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, apart from helping society regain it’s former glory by eradicating social ills, have also sent suggestion/feedback letters to PM Narendra Modi, to urge him to take the guidance and refuge of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to eradicate this pandemic Covid19, aided by the spiritual powers of the Supreme Lord Kabir.

We sincerely hope the Prime Minister heeds these suggestions, and be instrumental in leading the country out of an even bigger disaster looming large on our Country and its people.

To know the majesty and spiritual knowledge of the Supreme Lord, we should watch the discourse of Saint Rampal Maharaj Ji on Sadhana Channel at 7.30-8.30 pm daily.

Note: The number of CoronaVirus cases are massively increasing and changing worldwide each day. Please refer WHO website for the latest health and case updates on Covid19.

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