CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Latest News Updates: The Tokyo Olympics Games Postponed to 2021


We know that the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the new cases of the Coronavirus are increasing exponentially worldwide. Get the Latest News Updates on CoronaVirus (COVID-19)

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Highlights Points:

India enters 3rd day of lockdown.
■ Covid-19 positive cases rose to 753 whereas toll reached 18 in India. 67 people have recovered. Kerala and Maharashtra are at the top with 137 and 135 cases respectively.
■ Globally positive cases crossed 5 Lakh mark while the death toll crossed 24,000.
■ Lockdown impacted on Bihar migrants the most.
■ The government declared Rs 1.7 trillion stimuli to help nationals, says “No one will go hungry”
■ RBI to declare more concessions today
■ Moody’s slashes India’s GDP growth to 2.5% in 2020 from an earlier estimate of 5.3%

Origin of Novel Coronavirus

Novel coronavirus cases emerged in a port city of Wuhan in central Hubei province of China in December 2019. On December 31, 2019, China informed “The World Health Organization (WHO)” about unusual pneumonia cases of the unknown viruses in Wuhan. It came to the knowledge that the people infected from this virus belonged to the city’s Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. The first death of 61 years old man took place in the seafood market from this virus.

Latest News Updates on CoronaVirus (COVID-19): The treatment did not improve any symptoms and the person died due to heart failure. Within a week more cases appeared in Thailand and Japan. Later South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Australia, the United States, and Nepal confirmed similar cases. The death toll in China surpassed the SARS epidemic 2002-03 with more than 800 deaths and 37000 infections on February 9, 2020.

WHO declared Covid-19 a Worldwide Pandemic

On February 11, 2020, WHO announced the name of the novel virus as 2019-nCoV and identified as belonging to the coronavirus family that includes SARS. It spread through being in proximity to an infected person and inhaling droplets generated from cough or sneeze or touching a surface infected from the droplets. With 168 in Italy and 54 in Iran, both countries recorded the highest death toll in a single day on March 10. Many other countries were in the grip of infection. WHO declared Covid-19 a worldwide pandemic on March 11, 2020.

CoronaVirus (Covid-19) Worldwide Today


  • Over 5 lakhs confirmed infection cases and over 21,000 confirmed deaths Covid-19 have spread in 196 countries worldwide
  • Nearly 1.1 lakh people have recovered so far from this deadly infecting virus.
  • Currently, the active case is more than 3 Lakhs whereas serious or critical cases are near 15,000.

Corona Virus Updates-Italy surpassed China

  1. Italy has come out to be the worst affected country with more than 74,000 confirmed cases and more than 7,500 confirmed deaths.
  2. It has surpassed China where it originated and had confirmed deaths 3,291 of 81,727 confirmed cases.
  3. China has controlled to a great extent and for the last 3 days, no new case has emerged except few imported cases of Chinese people returning home.

Latest News Updates on CoronaVirus (COVID-19): The situation has reversed, now more cases have emerged outside China. China has offered help to five countries including Italy, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, and Cambodia and sent medical experts to help combat the coronavirus crisis. According to China’s National Health Commission confirmed cases in the region of Macau are 19 whereas Hongkong reported 273 confirmed cases including 4 deaths.

COVID-19 NEWS Updates-South Korea excelled but resurge

The Republic of Korea took immediate steps and could control 126 fatalities out of 9137 cases. Generally, the Covid-19 attack is fatal for elderly people. But Pohang Medical Centre Korea cured a 97 years old woman in two weeks’ time of Covid-19. South Korea has made it compulsory for overseas people to install an app to monitor them while they are in isolation. While writing this report South Korea has surged again with 104 new cases and five more deaths.

The Tokyo Olympics games postponed to 2021 due to Corona Virus

  • Japan’s national death toll is 45 with 1300 infection cases.
  • 7 people died and 712 people reported coronavirus positive on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship docked at Yokohama.
  • Japan is setting up special headquarter on coronavirus and can declare a state of emergency.

Japan and IOC have agreed to postpone The Tokyo Olympics games to 2021, those were scheduled to begin in late July this year.

Corona Virus Latest News Updates-South-Eastern Asia

■ Singapore is also winner by limiting its death toll to be 2 among 558 infections. According to the Corona Virus Latest News Updates Thailand has got more than 1000 infected cases and implemented strict measures including the closure of the border to everyone. Indonesian Health Ministry informed 103 new cases totaling 893 cases with death toll 78.

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Malaysia’s infected cases rose to 2000 with 23 deaths. The Malaysian government has extended restrictions on travel until April 14. As per the Philippine Medical Association, 9 doctors died due to a lack of protection for health workers.

Europe the worst hit to COVID-19

Many European countries are unable to control the spread of Covid-19. Spain, France, and England are also the worst hit. Spain is second-worst affected country in the world after Italy recorded more than 650 casualties in a single day with a total of 3647 deaths and 49,000 cases.

■ Spain parliament has extended state of emergency and nationwide lockdown for another two weeks. France confirmed more than 1,300 deaths and 25,000 cases.

The United Kingdom is also the worst hit with 466 deaths and 9640 confirmed cases. According to the British Health Minister, 560,000 people have volunteered to help the National Health Service and vulnerable people hit by the current crisis. Germany however infected to a high number of 37,323 but controlled deaths to 206. Netherland is also hit badly with 6440 cases and 356 deaths. Switzerland registered 10,897 cases with 153 deaths.

CoronaVirus News Updates about Iran

According to the Iranian Health Ministry, the death toll raised to 2,077 and 27,000 virus-infected people. Approximately 10,000 people have recovered from the Coronavirus. Iran has imposed a ban on intercity travel amid fears of the second wave of coronavirus infection.

CoronaVirus News Updates about Iran: The universities and schools shall remain closed for an extended period. Iranian Government has warned the violators to face legal consequences.

Coronavirus Updates about AMERICA

The United States of America is now becoming the epicenter of Coronavirus. The virus infection is spreading at an alarming level of 69,000 infection cases with more than 1000 deaths.

President Trump doesn’t want to declare lockdown in the country to avoid fall in economy and the cases are increasing exponentially. US Senate passed a huge amount of USD 2 Trillion to aid workers, businesses and the healthcare system.

■ Mexico reports 475 confirmed cases and six deaths from coronavirus. They have suspended all non-essential activities in the country.

SAARC Nations

South Asian countries are also making the best efforts to meet the situation. Pakistan is hit with more than 1000 cases and 8 deaths. Bangladesh has registered 39 cases and 4 deaths. Afghanistan has registered 79 cases with 3 casualties. Bhutan is doing well with only 2 cases.

Latest News Updates on CoronaVirus (COVID-19): The Maldives has got 13 cases while Nepal 3 and Sri Lanka 102 cases. Indian prime minister has convened a meeting with SAARC nations and offered all possible help in fighting the coronavirus. SAARC nations have also set up a fund to meet with any emergency.

India LockDown Due to the CoronaVirus Outbreak

On March 24, 2020, the Indian Prime Minister announced:

“In order to protect the country, and each of its citizens, from midnight tonight, a complete ban is being imposed on people from stepping out of their homes.”

This nationwide lockdown is effective for the next 21 days until April 14, 2020.

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) on March 26, 2020, stated 602 Indians and 47 foreign nationals COVID-19 or CoronaVirus cases have been reported in India. These include 44 who have been cured/discharged, 1 who has migrated and 16 reported deaths. Lately, a total of 753 confirmed cases have been reported with 18 deaths and 67 recovers. Efforts are being made for hospital isolation of all confirmed cases, tracing and home quarantine of the contacts.

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